Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 317

Chapter 317

Chapter 317

Wan Yitong looked at Yan Tianhen sympathetically as he propped up his chin. Didnt your master teach you a meditation method before?

Yan Tianhen nodded, his tone incomparably bitter, Yeah, every day I have to recite the secret manual my master taught me three whole times from beginning to end and pull out all the weeds on Sinking Sword Peak. Now there are no more weeds to pull out.

Wan Yitong,

Duan Yuyang, .

Truly, what a pity!

How come I feel a little sad but also feel like laughing?

Although Yan Tianhen’s restless mood remained shaken up all day long, he didn’t suffer a decline in his cultivation speed with Esteemed Huai Yu keeping him under control. This made Duan Yuyang feel that Yan Tianhen really needed a master willing to give him tough love!

Wan Yitong patted Yan Tianhen on the shoulder, Ill go and see if there are any more weeds on the nearby mountaintops that haven’t been cleaned up yet. It’ll save you the trouble of having nothing to do and letting your imagination run wild.

Yan Tianhen weakly nodded.

After Wan Yitong left, Yan Tianhen lifted up his spirits and stared blankly at Duan Yuyangs abdomen, wanting to see whether or not there was a fully-developed baby inside.

Yuyang Gege, how is my big nephew?

Duan Yuyang rubbed his stomach, Alright; it didn’t create that much disturbance. Dad found me many spiritual pills and miracle medicine, so at least he preserved this boy’s life.

Ah, he was already calling Su Mo “Dad”. It seemed that they got along very well.

“Then can the poison inside your body be cured?

Duan Yuyang sighed a little, Not yet, we’re two herbs short. It can only be alleviated for the time being, not eliminated.

Yan Tianhen asked with a frown, What herbs do you need? Let me see if my master has any.

Duan Yuyangs heart warmed and he smiled, I dont think so. Dad has already visited Profound Sky Sect to ask for medicine, but he didn’t find any. It’s said that the two medicines have already gone extinct in the outside world, and the only existing herbs grow in West Continent’sMyriad Beasts Demonic Forest. He intends to travel to the West Continent to take a look.

Yan Tianhen took a slight breath, Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest,that’s not a good place. It’s said that there are great mountains, deep ravines, and hidden pools. There are even ancient trees tall enough to reach the heavens and countless demonic beasts and monsters. It’s exceedingly dangerous. Many people never leave once they enter the forest.

Yeah, Duan Yuyang also nodded, so Dad is planning to leave this matter to mercenary groups.

Yan Tianhen thought of the Cloud Summit mercenary group. Ever since the last time when he saw Qi Yun, there was no news of them for the next month.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help frowning, Mercenary groups aren’t very efficient; you should choose them carefully.

Duan Yuyang smiled, Although I am physically in Profound City, I heard that you and Lin Xuanzhi went looking for trouble with Yongtai Manor?

Yan Tianhen was filled with indignation. Dont even mention it. Although we took the initiative to attack them, the root cause of the problem is on them.

Duan Yuyang asked, What happened?

Yan Tianhen had been holding in a belly full of anger recently. He finally found a person whom he could freely complain to, so he carefully told Duan Yuyang the details from beginning to end.

Duan Yuyang was also willing to listen to Yan Tianhens rant. In this way, firstly, he learned about how Yan Tianhen had been doing recently, and secondly, he could let Yan Tianhen, this chatterbox, forget about Lin Xuanzhi for the time being.

Three days later.

The last forged stone had all its spiritual Qi exhausted and turned into a grayish-black waste. A pill furnace with six openings entwined with scarlet vines and fruits on the outer surface was formed and was quietly lifted up by spiritual Qi in front of Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi slowly opened his eyes, palms up, and turned his fingers slightly. The pill furnace began to slowly rotate in the air.

The pill furnace’s outer surface was a matte dark purple, with three legs below. The design looked adorable and even somewhat cute.

In fact, magic treasures didn’t have standard shapes. Depending on what shape the craftsman had in mind when refining the equipment, even if it was the same person, the magic treasure refined wouldn’t be exactly the same, just like this pill furnace.

En, it suits my family’s Ah Hen very well.

Lin Xuanzhi thought with satisfaction.

When he crafted items, he mostly followed his heart; valuing results first and design second. Therefore, most of the magic treasures refined from his hands were elegant and unadorned, clean and simple after being washed.

However, every inch of this pill furnace, from inside to outside and from top to bottom, was meticulously and delicately crafted. Lin Xuanzhi spent three whole days just on the dark line patterns on the outer wall, let alone the other more precise structures and fusion processes.

Although he didn’t have any distractions when he crafted the equipment, it wasn’t like his mind was empty of all thoughts. When he was designing the general shape of the pill furnace, he thought of Yan Tianhen.

What kind of pill furnace was suitable for Ah Hen?

Is it longer? Is it rounder? Is it shorter? Is it fatter?

Lin Xuanzhi pondered over and over again, changed again and again, and eventually finalized this pill furnace’s design.

The truly powerful magic treasures, just like sword cultivators’ swords, must be tailored for the user in order to be the most suitable and the best. Lin Xuanzhi felt very satisfied.

Now, you’re already a Teal Soul first stage craftsman. Soul Plate’s tone was extremely complex.

Lin Xuanzhi was slightly stunned, I didnt even realize that my soulfire cultivation is higher than my spiritual root cultivation.

Teal Soul corresponded to Primary Realm’s Calcified Bones Stage and Condensed Pulse Stage, which meant that the offensive, defensive, and auxiliary items that he refined could at most withstand a full-powered blow from cultivators at these two stages, yet his own cultivation, was no more thanHardened Body Stagethird layer. This kind of situation wasn’t common, but Lin Xuanzhi guessed that it should be because he forcibly suppressed his cultivation to the peak of Hardened Body Stage instead of allowing himself to directly breakthrough to the Primary Realm.

After Primary Realm, although his Dantian Qi Sea would be able to absorb and contain more spiritual Qi and his spiritual root would also strengthen, his foundation would not be stable enough. Similarly, his understanding of sword techniques and sword forms weren’t up to the Primary Realm’s standards at all. Therefore, Lin Xuanzhi would rather give up the opportunity at his fingertips to gain a glimpse of the Primary Realm than to spoil things through excessive enthusiasm.

Soul Plate was somewhat calm about this strange sight. In the Myriad Dao Era, there were countless situations like yours. Although your talent is high, it’s only so in this era; there’s nothing to be proud of. If this was in the past era, people like you, who traveled around outside, would have been chased and hacked at.

Lin Xuanzhi didnt mind Soul Plate’s verbal beat down very much. Instead, he lifted the corners of his mouth slightly, I never dared to be proud.

Soul Plate snorted, Originally, you could have used this great opportunity to directly absorb and refine the Small Mingyin Flame. Why did you miss this opportunity for nothing?

Lin Xuanzhi replied, It’s not time yet.

Think it over for yourself, this flame is one of heaven and earth’s extraordinary flames and cannot be easily obtained. If it ultimately became a dowry for some stranger, you’ll be the number one fool in the world.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded as he put away the pill furnace, Youre right. I think so too.

Soul Plate,

You know nothing!

After Lin Xuanzhi acquired the Small Mingyin Flame, he first left the Small Mingyin Flame in the original box and stuffed it into his storage bag, then stuffed it into Soul Plate’s pocket dimension, as if he didn’t intend to refine or subdue it at all. This made Soul Plate somewhat unsure of Lin Xuanzhi’s plans.

Before leaving Fierce Gale Cliff, Lin Xuanzhi asked, What do you think about what I said earlier?

If Soul Plate had a physical body, he definitely would have rolled his eyes.

After a while, he reluctantly responded, Forget it; considering the fact that you’re more or less a good sprout, this Venerable will allow you to enter this Venerable’s space for the time being. However, you need to bring more things full of spiritual Qi inside. Otherwise, I’ll definitely kick you out.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, This is natural. However, I have one more matter to discuss with you.

What is it? Soul Plate was immediately alert. As long as Lin Xuanzhi, this brat, had something that he wanted to discuss with Soul Plate, it definitely wouldn’t be a good thing.

I plan to tell my Didi about you after I leave Fierce Gale Cliff.

Soul Plate froze for a moment. Are you crazy?

Lin Xuanzhi patiently explained, I am destined to be husband and wife with him in this life. The one I trust the most is him, and the one I love the most is also him. One of my greatest secrets now is rebirth and the other is you. I hope I can share everything I have with him. Besides, my Didi has always doubted me in his heart. I just hope that he can be more comfortable around me.

Soul Plate was silent for a moment before saying, Lin Xuanzhi, in reality, most Dao companions have secrets that cannot be known by each other. Besides, to be honest, I should already be considered your last hiding place. Think hard about this. Must you tell Yan Tianhen of my existence?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded without hesitation, Naturally, Ive already thought it over long ago. I didnt mention this before because you were too weak to be of much use to me, even more so to Ah Hen. Now

Soul Plate was so angry that he almost fainted and cursed, Your grandmother! Laozi has had enough of you!

Then he added, Whatever you want. In any case, if you two ever break up, I won’t be the one being oppressed.

Thank you.

Even if Soul Plate didn’t agree today, he would still reveal this to Yan Tianhen for one reason only now that Soul Bead had already become a Soul Plate, he would be able to enter this space in a few days.

He hoped that Yan Tianhen could come and see with his own eyes where Lin Xuanzhi stayed for a thousand years in his last life.

Before leaving the cave, Lin Xuanzhi suddenly realized that he was naked and had no clothes covering his body at all. He slapped his forehead and realized that his clothes had already long been blown up by the spiritual Qi from his body and the violent Qi from the surroundings when he advanced to Hardened Body third layer. He’d actually been naked for so long. Truly, he was lucky that no one else was here, otherwise, he would have lost all his face.

Lin Xuanzhi calmly took out a set of clean Daoist robes from his storage bag. After dressing neatly, he opened the cave door and went out with his sword in hand.

It was a dark night in Fierce Gale Cliff just now.

However, it was a clear day outside.

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrow, slightly surprised, Why are so many people here?

Looking around, not only were Yan Tianhen and several senior martial brothers there, but Duan Yuyang, Yuan Tianwen, Su Mo, and Esteemed Huai Yu were all waiting outside in various postures.

When they saw Lin Xuanzhi, everyone stared at him with wide eyes.

Yan Tianhen was particularly excited. Originally he was eating roasted chicken. As soon as he saw Lin Xuanzhi, he paused, then shouted Dage and threw away the roasted chicken. His entire person flew towards Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi held Yan Tianhen in his arms.

I came out late. Lin Xuanzhi whispered, I’ve made you worry.

Yan Tianhen shook his head vigorously. Everything was fine as long as Lin Xuanzhi was safe.

Esteemed Huai Yu saw this scene and pouted, very upset while also feeling stifled in his heart. The brat probably wouldn’t be this nervous even if his dad died.

I told you that he’d be just fine, but you still had to stay at Sinking Sword Peak for so long. Esteemed Huai Yu remarked with some dissatisfaction.

Duan Yuyang also let out a breath of relief and told Yuan Tianwen next to him, I told you, good people don’t live long, but bad ones survive for thousands of years. No matter how you look at it, Lin Xuanzhi will have to live to 800 years for things to be normal.

Yuan Tianwen nodded repeatedly like a henpecked follower, “You’re right, you’re right.

Duan Yuyang speechlessly rolled his eyes.

Rose: I pity the chicken