Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 319

Chapter 319

Chapter 319

Jian Yunxi shook his head, Yan Tianhen has too many magic treasures on him. I cant even see his aura and true cultivation level. What else can I see?

Liu Zhaoyue also felt the same and nodded, I thought I was the only one.

Jian Yunxi and Liu Zhaoyue glanced at each other, their moods conveyed in tacit understanding.

However, I can see that Lin Xuanzhi is very concerned about this Didi of his. Jian Yunxi added.

Liu Zhaoyue nodded with the same feeling.

The number of magic treasures on Yan Tianhen could be described as simply terrifying.

Liu Zhaoyue took a deep breath and looked at Jian Yunxi. He suddenly curled his lips up, Jian Yunxi, I dont think there are many people in this sect qualified to spar with me. You are one of them. During these days in the sect, you may as well practice the sword with honorable me.

Jian Yunxi said expressionlessly, You, beg me.

Liu Zhaoyue, ..

Beg your uncle!

Come, fight!

Fight fight fight fight!

So the two people picked up their brooms once again and began a spar in which both sides eagerly wished to stab the other to death with a broom.

In the room, Lin Xuanzhi closed the door.

Behind him, Yan Tianhen curled his lips and muttered repeatedly, Dage, do you know how dangerous your secluded cultivation was this time? You actually spent a whole one month and three days in closed-door cultivation! How long is this? I havent been separated from you for so long ever since you came back to the Lin family’s residence! Oh right, when you were in closed-door cultivation, the sect entrance examination already finished up. Of the Lin family participants, besides those few useless ones, the several people you thought highly of all entered. It’s just that Lin Yurou and Lin Yufan were accepted into that dirty Broken Sword Peak bastard’s door, but they’re all merely inner-door disciples. Oh, alsommph!

Yan Tianhen hadn’t even finished speaking yet before his chatterbox mouth was blocked by Lin Xuanzhi.

He was directly pressed against the wall, and Lin Xuanzhi held him up by his waist. Yan Tianhen consciously clamped his legs around Lin Xuanzhis waist and hooked his arms around Lin Xuanzhis neck, feeling the other party’s somewhat frantic kiss.

This kiss was different from before.

Lin Xuanzhi always kissed him gently and lightly, just like a dragonfly lightly touching the water. Never before had there been such a violent and tempest-like attack.

Yan Tianhen was brought into Lin Xuanzhi’s rhythm. He was kissed by the other party from constantly-changing angles. This fanatical intimacy made Yan Tianhen shiver from the bottom of his heart.

Lin Xuanzhi seemed to want to break even with the kisses he missed in one go. He changed different ways to kiss Yan Tianhen. He didnt know how long passed before he realized that he couldn’t even feel Yan Tianhen’s breath.

Lin Xuanzhi,

Lin Xuanzhi let go of Yan Tianhens mouth, settled the person against the wall, and propped up Yan Tianhen’s body with his hands. Yan Tianhen looked as if his bones had turned soft. He looked down at Yan Tianhens rosy red and dumbfounded expression and couldnt help laughing, How can you not know how to breathe? So rusty.

Yan Tianhen blushed and realized what Lin Xuanzhi was saying. He couldnt help feeling somewhat annoyed, Im not rusty. You clearly didnt give me a chance to breathe. After all, I’m someone who’s been to a brothel before!

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help laughing, It seems that there are still some things that cant be done just by looking. We need to practice more.

Morepractice? Yan Tianhen blinked a few times, Practice what?

Lin Xuanzhis eyes were slightly deep, and he chuckled in a low voice, Ah Hen, when will you grow up?

Yan Tianhen blushed. I also want to grow up faster so that I can be together with you.

We are together now.

Yan Tianhen bit Lin Xuanzhis rosy lower lip and whispered, I was talking aboutthat kind of being together.

Lin Xuanzhi slowly took a deep breath, Ah Hen, I dont want to be a beast, but you should also have some apprehension yourself. Arent you afraid that one day, I won’t be able to resist and will take you in advanceEn?

Yan Tianhen’s heart was terribly tickled by the last nasal tone, which rose in pitch. He giggled playfully, Even if Dage really is a beast, I’m still not afraid.

Mere words on paper. Dont shout about being scared when the time comes.

Whoever shouts is a little dog. Yan Tianhen readily promised.

Lin Xuanzhi laughed again.

He found out that his family’s Ah Hen really wasn’t afraid of death.

However, he truly wasn’t a beast, so he didn’t have any messy ideas at all about this body that hadn’t yet matured. At most just kissing, hugging, and holding him high.

The two people hadn’t seen each other for a long while, so they enjoyed each other’s warmth and intimacy. After a long time, Lin Xuanzhi finally dropped Yan Tianhen on a soft collapse by the window.

“I thought it was only seven or eight days, but unexpectedly, it’s been over a month. When Lin Xuanzhi was holding Yan Tianhen, he clearly felt that Yan Tianhen had lost a lot of weight, and his originally-skinny frame became more pronounced. He couldnt help but feel heartache while feeling extremely upset at the same time. Why did he have to enter closed-door cultivation and start refining equipment without any warning? Even quickly coming out to inform Yan Tianhen in advance was still better than this.

It was my thoughtlessness that made you so worried.

Yan Tianhen felt like that miserable one month seemed as slow as a year, and his mood was nervous all the time, but now that he saw Lin Xuanzhi safe and sound, he didnt want to think about anything.

Yan Tianhen smiled, It’s not Dage’s fault. It’s just that the cloud and lightning tribulations really scared me.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, I also didnt expectHowever, I havent been cultivating for this entire month. I also refined a magic treasure.

Yan Tianhens eyes lit up, What is it?

Lin Xuanzhi took out the pill furnace from his storage bag.

At first sight of the pill furnace, Yan Tianhens eyes instantly widened in surprise whether it was from the chubby shape with its smooth and unique body, or from the vines twined around it and the engraved dark line patterns, it was completely in line with his aesthetic!

Whats more, when Yan Tianhen scooted closer to study this pill furnace, he actually saw two little tigers chasing their tails as well.

Yan Tianhen tightly held onto the pill furnace, Dage, is this for me? It is, isn’t it?

Lin Xuanzhi saw that Yan Tianhen’s heart was very fond of the pill furnace and naturally couldn’t help feeling happy and proud. Who else but you can make me take the utmost pains to craft a magic treasure with meticulous care?

Yan Tianhen heard these sweet words and couldnt help beaming with happiness. He couldnt wait to give Lin Xuanzhi a fierce kiss.

Yan Tianhen bent his fingers and knocked on the top of the pill furnace, listening to the lingering echo, and knew that there was a universe hidden inside the pill furnace, so its space capacity was bound to be large. He then used spiritual Qi to explore again. Suddenly shocked, he gaped at Lin Xuanzhi.

Treasure tool?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Treasure tool, and it should be top-grade.

Hiss Yan Tianhen sucked in a breath of cold air and his hands didn’t even know how to let go.

Top-grade treasure tool?

What did this mean?

In the entire Five Continents, the number of craftsmen who could refine treasure tools probably numbered less than ten, not including those craftsmen who had been living in isolation for many years and whose life or death was unknown. Moreover, many craftsmen who reached that kind of position didn’t even easily craft anything anymore.

Furthermore, he’s afraid that those craftsmen’s ages were at least several times that of Lin Xuanzhi’s.

Lin Xuanzhi was only 17 years old and hadn’t even reached his 18th birthday yet.

If people knew this!

It was better not to let people know.

Yan Tianhen started frowning, looking worried after his initial excitement and happiness. He looked at Lin Xuanzhi, Dage, you’re already a Teal Soul craftsman now?

Lin Xuanzhi stretched out his hand and touched the marks piled up on Yan Tianhens forehead. Dont frown at your age. Craftsmen who aren’t at Teal Soul yet cannot refine treasure tools. Naturally, I am already at Teal Soul.

Yan Tianhen smoothed out his frown, held Lin Xuanzhis waist, and laid down on his chest, Then what will you do in the future? If we let people know

In the short term, I don’t plan on letting others know.” Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Moreover, do you think that treasure tools can be refined so easily? It took me an entire month to refine this one treasure tool that wasn’t too difficult to craft in the first place, and I also borrowed the Small Mingyin flame’s power to succeed in one stroke.

When refining the treasure tool, his entire bodys soul force had been exhausted many times over. He was so exhausted that he could hardly lift his hand. If he didn’t have the Small Mingyin flame beside him, which happened to be suitable for refining poison pill furnaces, he didn’t dare to guarantee that he could finish refining it in one sitting.

Moreover, the birth of a top-grade treasure tool was bound to be closely related to the anomalies in heaven and earth that had been hovering around for many days and attracting lots of spiritual Qi over.

The combination of favorable weather, favorable geographical conditions, and favorable human conditions finally led to the birth of this unique top-grade treasure tool pill furnace.

It was absolutely impossible for Lin Xuanzhi to forge an identical pill furnace right now.

Lin Xuanzhi also felt that his luck wasn’t bad, as everything went smoothly.

The most important thing was that when he became a Teal Soul craftsman, he gained the possibility of crafting treasure tools and could even upgrade the magic tools he previously refined into treasure tools.

This was very important to Lin Xuanzhi.

Magic tools and treasure tools were completely separate realms, just like how high-grade and top-grade were also separate realms.

That Lin Xuanzhi was able to refine even a single top-grade treasure tool proved that he was fully qualified to stand at the top of the Five Continents craftsmen.

As long as he stood there, he would never lack followers.

Lin Xuanzhi dispelled Yan Tianhens worries and turned the conversation around. Ah Hen, what do you think of my sudden possession of craftsmen soulfire?

Hearing this, Yan Tianhen paused, straightened up, and looked up at Lin Xuanzhi with his neck tilted, Of course I thought about it. At first, I thought my Dage had practiced some amazing demonic technique, but soon I found that there was not a trace of demonic Qi in your body. Later, I thought that you should have come across some extraordinary opportunity. Thats why you became so incredible overnight. However, now I think that it doesnt matter what it is.

Lin Xuanzhi thought that although Ah Hen had never asked or said anything, he did have his own thoughts in his heart.

Lin Xuanzhi pointed to his head, There is a soul plate inside.

Yan Tianhen paused. Soul plate? What’s that?

You can also call it a separate pocket dimension, but the other incredible thing about this soul plate is that it has a wisp of a soul in it, and it’s very knowledgeable. All the knowledge I know about crafting came from that soul, and the soulfire that I awakened was also due to this Soul Plate’s influence.

Yan Tianhen was dumbfounded and suddenly reached for Lin Xuanzhis forehead and touched it.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at his actions. He grabbed Yan Tianhen’s hand, I don’t have a fever, and I’m not spouting nonsense. What I said is true otherwise, do you really think I can become so powerful without any cause?

Yan Tianhen digested it for a while, then frowned, Dage, you said that the soul plate is in your sea of consciousness now?

That’s right.

Yan Tianhens expression was slightly solemn. What’s more, it still has a wisp of a soul? The kind that’s knowledgeable and talkative?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded.

How old is it then? Does it have a physical appearance? What’s its temperament like? What about moral character? From whence did it come from? Is it married?

Lin Xuanzhi, ..

He understood all the previous questions, but what did the last sentence mean by ‘Is it married’?

Before Lin Xuanzhi could answer, Soul Plate shouted in his sea of consciousness, This little brat whose entire mind is full of dirty thoughts, how can this Venerable take a fancy to this kind of immature brat who’s still wet behind the ears? Is this Venerable the kind of superficial person who only looks at appearances? You’re looking down on people too much!

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