Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 320

Chapter 320

Chapter 320

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Ah Hen can be rest assured that even if this soul plate doesn’t have pure intentions towards me, my taste isn’t so heavy. I think this soul plate is at least 800 years old and I cant chew on a handful of old bones.

Yan Tianhen was immediately at ease, thinking what Lin Xuanzhi said was very reasonable.

Who’s the old bones? Your mother, say it clearer!

Oh, Im sorry I nearly forgot. You dont seem to have any bones.

Soul Plate, .

Soul Plate continued to shout at Lin Xuanzhi, feeling greatly insulted. Lin Xuanzhi thought it was too noisy, so he quickly encased the soul plate in his Dantian sea, letting it squat alone in the darkroom.

The world was at peace once more.

When Yan Tianhen discovered that Lin Xuanzhi was still the closest person to him, he was once more very happy, although he was a little bit jealous.

Without this soul plate, his Dage wouldn’t have had all of his recent luck.

Yan Tianhen cheerfully asked, Where did this soul plate come from?

Lin Xuanzhi answered, I dont know. It never mentioned its origins, but it knows a lot and it must belong to the Nine Lands. As to why it appeared in my sea of knowledge

After a pause, Lin Xuanzhi said in a slow voice, Perhaps from the soul plate’s perspective, I am the most suitable host.

At this point, he lied.

It’s not that the soul plate had found him, but that in his last life, Bai Yichen took Lin Xuanzhi’s soul along and found the soul plate, which was sealed in some unknown location.

In this life, the reason why the soul plate appeared in Lin Xuanzhis sea of knowledge was that he made a contract with the soul plate before using the mirror to turn back time. It was a contract that defied time and space.

Yan Tianhen was not suspicious, nor would he ever doubt Lin Xuanzhi’s words. For one thing, he believed Lin Xuanzhi with all his heart. And in his opinion, since Lin Xuanzhi was willing to tell him such an important thing, there was no need to cast any doubts on him.

However, Yan Tianhen didn’t know how much Lin Xuanzhi feared his rejection. One day, he would find out the secret of his rebirth.

Yan Tianhen blinked and smiled, It must be because this soul plate thinks Dage has great talent so he chose you. It’s just that he has given Dage so many benefits that it seems odd. Can he hurt Dage?

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, Of course not. He and I have already entered into a contract. To a certain extent, I can control him. Moreover, as my cultivation increases and he absorbs the nutrients he needs, his level can improve too. We have a mutually beneficial relationship so he doesnt need to hurt me.

Yan Tianhen nodded, Im relieved.

Lin Xuanzhi added, The soul plate has a pocket dimension. I can show you someday.

As for today, he had been a refining treasure tool without sleep for a whole month. He was already too tired to deal with so many people and had only been warm with Yan Tianhen for so long through sheer willpower.

It took soul power and spiritual Qi to enter the soul plate. Lin Xuanzhi was afraid to try it so casually since he could lose face if he couldn’t control himself and passed out halfway.

Yan Tianhen replied happily, Well, I havent seen this tiny space yet. I dont know what it will look like.

When he thought of the desolation he saw during his first time entering the soul plate in his previous life and remembered what Yan Tianhen learned under Esteemed Huai Yu’s teachings, Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t help but laugh mysteriously, I won’t let you down.

So Yan Tianhen nodded with great anticipation. What he didn’t know was that in the near future, all the weeding work would be pushed to him.

In the Nine Lands.

There was a square on a small pavilion that rested in a lake full of lotus flowers.

Lin Zhan lay on the soft couch with eyes closed. His eyelids moved twice from time to time, apparently not asleep.

Beside him were two servants, sitting quietly on their knees, afraid to make any sound.

Water vapors filled the air and the distant mountains and rivers looked ethereal, creating picturesque scenery that made people drunk and forget to return as if they had become the people in the painting.

Butterflies fluttered around the pavilion and quietly fell on the delicate and lovely cups.

Where is the sovereign? Why hasnt he come here at this time? Lin Zhan suddenly asked.

A little boy replied, The sovereign has been busy recently, so he has no time to come here

Lin Zhan opened his eyes and sneered, Why didnt he say he was busy with government affairs when he pressed me to the bed?

The two children cowered a little, obviously frightened by Lin Zhan. These kinds of words, they couldn’t reply at allah!

Moreover, the two of them also dared not talk so easily, because before the master left, he especially told them not to say anything to this man if it wasn’t necessary.

Lin Zhan was the only one who lived in this lotus sea and was served by children. Every few days, they would change with others and todays two boys had listened to the previous servants that the master of the lotus sea could keep silent for several days when he was in a good mood. But if his temper came up, he’d torment them so much that they were reduced to sorry states. They could only rely on the sovereign showing his face to contain him.

And they really didn’t know what the master was going to do,ah.

One of the children thought to himself, the sovereign had everything in his power. Although there were no concubines nowadays, there were many people who were rushing to serve him. Those people still couldn’t get his favor, but this newcomer from the Lower Realm, who was not top-notch in terms of cultivation and appearance, how could he ask the sovereign to visit him every day?

It wasn’t easy for the sovereign to come every once in a while. This man was too greedy.

Lin Zhan sat up and looked at these two children who only reached his waist. He was suddenly enraged.

Damn it, that guy was trying to make a point by deliberately sending two small children here to watch him!

Lin Zhan had a terrible headache.

“Lotus Sea Mirage”, it naturally depended on the word “mirage”.

The lotus flowers around him were intertwined together to form a barrier he couldnt break through. And there was no need to try it as his cultivation level was far lower than that of the master here. He was only going to waste his energy trying.

However, Lin Zhan had been trapped here for a long time, and he was already going crazy.

Apart from these constantly changing boys who served him, the only other person he could see was the master here. He could only talk to himself when he wanted to speak because these boys dared not say anything to him at all.

In the Lower Realm, there was his child, his Ah Hen, his family

You tell him to come here today. I need to talk to him. Lin Zhan said with little patience.

The two children glanced at each other. One of them hung his head and dared not look at him, as he said respectfully, The sovereign said that you should be punished for doing something wrong. He gave you a time limit of three years, and within those three years, you cant make any demands of him. You can only accept it.

Lin Zhan was so angry that he could spit out blood. He rolled his eyes and thumped the soft cushion under his lower body. He gnashed his teeth, Three years! Three years later,even the daylilies would have already grown cold! You go and tell him immediately that I am not his prisoner. If he has any dissatisfaction with me, he should at least say it outright, instead of just locking me up here to screw me whenever he wants and ignore me when he doesn’t want to screw me! Damn it this will not solve any problems, it will only get worse and worse!

The child hesitated. During this period of time, the mysterious man who was brought here by the sovereign had a growing temper. He was on the verge of exploding every day. They were also scared. If he could meet the sovereign, maybe it would be better. But how could it be so easy to see the sovereign?

Another child answered in a low voice, The sovereign had always been uncompromising. If he said that he would let you stay here for three years, we’re afraid that he won’t easily change his mind. He is more likely to refuse to see you.

Lin Zhan gritted his teeth, Just tell him that Lin Zhan wants to see him. If he doesnt see me, then don’t ever think about climbing onto my bed anymore!

The child hesitated for a long time, then nodded slightly, Ill help report it to my superior, but whether he will see you, I can’t guarantee it.

Lin Zhan took a deep breath, Fine.

The child got up and stood by the waterside of the pavilion and blew a whistle. His whistle was very rhythmic and melodious.

A little while later, a young woman in a palace dress appeared on a boat, floating through the heavy lotus flowers and rippling towards the waterside.

The woman laughed heartily, Do you have any orders, sir?

Lin Zhan looked at the woman with a straight face, I want to see the sovereign.

The woman replied, All right, this handmaiden will pass the message on your behalf.

Lin Zhan looked at the pretty maid, who had served close to the sovereign before, and asked, Yu Heng, what has the sovereign been doing recently?

Yu Heng chuckled, Sir, this handmaiden can’t answer you. Can a handmaiden spy on the sovereigns daily whereabouts? If the sovereign is willing to come here, you may as well ask him yourself.

Lin Zhan sensed the implied criticism in Yu Heng’s words and immediately felt a little upset. He waved his hand, All right, you go. Remember to tell him about what kind of character I have; he knows it in his heart. If he provokes me into a rage, I would rather die than be broken.

The smile on Yu Hengs face was slightly strained, Dont be angry, sir. Otherwise, if you let the sovereign know, he will think that we didn’t serve you properly Sir, you probably understand the sovereign’s temper better than anyone else. If the sovereign is in a bad mood, he’s reluctant to do anything to you, but it won’t be easy for us servants.

Lin Zhan clenched his fist but didnt say anything.

He suddenly felt bored and motioned with his hand, Go quickly.

Yu Heng controlled the small boat again and drifted towards the depth of the lotus sea mirage.

Lin Zhan thought he would have to wait a few more days before he could see the sovereign. He didnt expect that he would come half an hour later. The peaceful aura of the lotus sea suddenly emitted dark waves as clouds began to gather in the sky.

Lin Zhan stared blankly for a moment, sitting on the soft couch and looking at the sky. His heart suddenly thumped.

It’s over, it’s over this lotus sea seemed to be connected with that person’s mood. At this time, the image of the lotus sea’s sky had a ghostly appearance. Apparently, that person’s mood wasn’t anywhere near good, was it?

Lin Zhan looked towards the depths of the lotus sea mirage again

He saw a man dressed in fine clothes which fluttered in the wind, looking like a fallen immortal that made people unable to move their sights.

But, when he approached, Lin Zhan could see that his breathtaking and perfect facial features were gloomy as if he were holding up terrible clouds, just like the sky at this time.

The man landed in front of Lin Zhan.

The two children immediately knelt on the ground and said in unison, Welcome sovereign.

The sovereign didn’t look at them. He was staring at Lin Zhan with a pair of fierce eyes, which made Lin Zhan ache all over. His heart couldn’t help feeling nervous.

Lin Zhan also stepped down from the couch and stood with his shoes on. Looking at this familiar and unfamiliar face, he couldnt help but stare at it. For a while, he forgot where he was.

Leave. The sovereign ordered.

The two children quickly withdrew and disappeared through the long corridor.

Lin Zhan smiled sarcastically, The sovereign is not a man who could easily see others. Can I only wait for your good fortune? Why are you willing to change the rules today?

There is something special today, replied the sovereign lightly.