Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 323

Chapter 323

Chapter 323

That’s ridiculous! Even if they don’t give face to the monk, they must still give face to the Buddha. Those people dare not even beat your dog. Can’t I have a son? What do they really dare to do to him?” Lin Zhan sarcastically snarked, “You are the East Sovereign whom even the Royal Heavenly Capital’s Yan family dare not provoke. Don’t tell me that you’re afraid of them? Dont make such a lame excuse. I wont believe anything you say.

You have to believe it. The East Sovereign sighed slightly. Everything was wrong from the very beginning.

When one step was wrong, the next was also wrong. If the Heavens had already doomed everything, why did he bother trying to go against the Heavens?

The East Sovereign looked at Lin Zhans face, which was exactly the same as many years ago. In the end, he didn’t say anything.

He was neither good at showing vulnerability nor could he convince Lin Zhan with the little information he could reveal. It was useless to say more, so he might as well say nothing.

Lin Zhan didn’t face him, stubbornly refusing to look at him.

The East Sovereign whispered, Ah Zhan, there are many things I can’t explain to you now, but I have never married nor had any other children. However, my eldest son is very important and is involved in a lot of things now. I hope you can tell me where he is.

Lin Zhan turned around and angrily said, Didnt you already send the Thirteen Temple Guards?”

If the Thirteen Temple Guards could find your location so easily, why hadn’t I been able to locate you for 20 years? I’ll be honest. The reason why I know that I have a child is because today, I sensed that the inheritance of theTeal Lotus Nine Styleshad some movements. I could feel my bloodline Ah Zhan. It has been two years since you came from that Lower Realm.”

Lin Zhan was shocked, I slept for such a long time.

He remembered waking up only three months ago.

Long enough, indeed, replied the East Sovereign.

Lin Zhan looked at him intently, Sovereign, I dont believe you, so I cant tell you where he is. You’re out of luck.

The East Sovereign looked at him for a moment and said softly, Whether or not you believe me, I will still do my best to protect his safety.

Lin Zhan sneered, I already feel extremely fortunate that you didnt send someone to kill him. I dare not bother His Majesty the East Sovereign.

The East Sovereign knew that there was nothing more to talk about. After a while, he said, Well talk about the child later.

Lin Zhan’s attitude was tough, There’s no need, I’ll never tell you.

The East Sovereign wasn’t concerned, During this period of time, I need to go on a long trip. You will first live in this lotus sea mirage. If you feel bored, you can communicate with me at any time.”

Lin Zhan rolled his eyes. Who wanted to communicate with you?

The East Sovereign took a good look at his face.

Lin Zhan didn’t know whether he was laughing at himself or at the East Sovereign, The Sovereign manages everything every day so it’s rare to see him. I should be grateful that he deigns fit to grace me with his presence at intervals. How can I dare to be an eyesore in front of him? That would be a gross overestimation of my own capabilities akin to courting death.”

These words were probably the thoughts of the children who served him. The East Sovereign was an inviolable god in their minds, while he was a puppet who should not entertain any ideas about him.

The East Sovereign quietly said, I didnt want to see you before, because there was too much misunderstanding between us, and I had a grudge against you in my heart. Now that the misunderstanding has been resolved, I will not treat you like that again. I will send you more suitable people to serve you.

Its none of other peoples business. Lin Zhan replied, Those were just my own thoughts. Besides, didn’t you say that I should reflect and not leave this damn place for three years?

I was just angry then. You always remember my angry words clearly. This lotus sea mirage is formed from my sea of consciousness and is the safest place I can provide for you. If there’s even the slightest fluctuation here, I’ll notice immediately. Your safety is the first priority for me. After a while, I will take you out for a walk.”

Lin Zhans heart was a little sour, but he was also touched by some inexplicable feelings. He curled his lips, Who wants your protection?

The East Sovereign drew Lin Zhan into his arms with a sigh and kissed him on the forehead. Ah Zhan, it’s not easy for us to reunite. Over the years, you have also suffered a lot. In the days to come, you’ll have me for everything.

Lin Zhans eyes were faintly red. He was greedy for this precious tenderness and could not speak.

So be it.

Lin Zhan was completely exhausted. He had no energy to guess what the East Sovereign had done in vain and for what purpose. However, for the sake of Lin Xuanzhi, he would not dare offend the East Sovereign.

After a long time, Lin Zhan whispered, Okay.

The East Sovereign never quarreled with others, and it was very difficult for other people to change his decision. The East Sovereign’s domineering personality was also something he had never seen from other people before even if he was gentle, he still couldn’t tolerate disapproval.

Lin Zhan only hoped that the East Sovereign would have an iota of sympathy and care for him. Even if he only had an iota of sympathy, Lin Zhan would have the chance to save Lin Xuanzhis life from the East Sovereign.

As long as the East Sovereign couldn’t find Lin Xuanzhi, Lin Zhan believed that with Lin Xuanzhis intelligence and talent, as well as his unpredictable and powerful luck, he would one day be able to break through the barrier of the Five Continents and soar to the Nine Lands.

By that time..

Lin Zhan lowered his eyes and clenched his fists slightly.

The things that Lin Xuanzhi should rightfully obtain, he won’t be cheated of a single one.


After refining the treasure tool for a whole month, Lin Xuanzhi almost fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. Yan Tianhen sat next to him and watched him quietly, feeling extremely satisfied and happy in his heart.

Soon after, Yan Tianhens tense nerves were completely loosened, and a strong sense of exhaustion hit his heart. He also took off his robe and laid down beside Lin Xuanzhi, hugging his arm and falling asleep.

This rest was not short. When Yan Tianhen woke up, it was already three days later.

Lin Xuanzhi was sitting by his side, playing with the forged engraving pen in his hand. The forged engraving pen twirled rapidly between his slender fingers, almost forming a shadow.

Yan Tianhen opened his eyes wide and leaned on Lin Xuanzhis shoulder for a while, Dage likes this forged engraving pen very much, doesnt he?

Lin Xuanzhi replied, Very much. It is very convenient to use.

Yan Tianhen sourly said, You’re not thinking about someone just from starting at it, are you?

The twirling forged engraving pen stopped instantly.

Lin Xuanzhi turned his face and looked down at Yan Tianhen, who showed an innocent expression. He couldnt help but smile and cup his face. What are you thinking about inside that melon seed brain of yours? This forged engraving pen was brought down from the sacred wood of a Divine Parasol tree. Do you mean to say that when I look at it, I think of Feng Jingyu, that boy?

Yan Tianhen laughed and clapped Lin Xuanzhis hand, grabbing his fingers to play with, Dage, dont think you can fool me by deliberately confusing this and that. Who am I talking about? Dage should know.

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrows, What am I confusing? Ah Hen, how can I know? You have countless thoughts.

Yan Tianhen was still a little complacent, I used to think that there was something fishy between you and the Bai family’s young master that couldnt be explained. But I was stupid at that time and couldnt understand what it was. Besides, I didnt have this kind of relationship with you yet when I could be jealous out in the open, so I didnt say anything.”

Mm, you dont say anything, but you make trouble with me and dare to run away from home. Lin Xuanzhi curled his lips, I remember there was someone who was so angry, he threw all of the magic tools on his body to the ground and stomped on them.

Yan Tianhen blinked vigorously, Who is it? It’s definitely not me. I am very clever and sensible.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and pulled Yan Tianhen up. All right, let’s not discuss old scores. We still have so many things to do now and in the future.

Yan Tianhen nodded, Thats true.

Although it was only a few months ago, Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed when he recalled it. How could he have been so childish at that time? He held a grudge against Lin Xuanzhi and sulked just because of a few provocations from Lin Yaer. It truly was dark history.

So, it was not until Yan Tianhen followed Lin Xuanzhi to Breaking Sword Peak to find Yuan Tianwen and Duan Yuyang that Yan Tianhen suddenly realized one problem

Shit, he had clearly wanted to question Lin Xuanzhi about Bai Yichen!

But Lin Xuanzhi had actually fooled him!

However, this kind of thing could only be mentioned once in a while, and Yan Tianhen himself didnt want to hold a grudge over it. Whats more, he also just thought that there was something strange between Lin Xuanzhi and Bai Yichen, but he really couldn’t say whether that kind of strange was romantic or not. It was very ambiguous.

In the blink of an eye, they arrived in front of Breaking Sword Peak.

Over the years, the exchange between Breaking Sword Peak and Sinking Sword Peak had not been much. Although they were the three peaks of Profound Sky Sect, most of the time, they swept the snow in front of their own doors and didn’t communicate with each other at all.

When Lin Xuanzhi was the head of the Four Swords of Profound Sky before, he only had a few interactions with Yuan Tianwen.

However, it was good that Breaking Sword Peak and Sinking Sword Peak weren’t close but weren’t distant either and had no conflicts, so it was still normal to visit them.

When Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen just arrived at the inner gate of Breaking Sword Peak, they were respectfully led in.

Young Peak Master has long said that you’ll come over in the next few days, and he has already asked us to wait here. Young Peak Master lives in the Luojia courtyard at the peak where Young Peak Master’s spouse also lives. The smiling disciple talked to them along the way and occasionally took a peek at Lin Xuanzhis face.

Lin Xuanzhi turned a blind eye to it, or he was used to it.

When they came to Luojia courtyard, it was not so much like a courtyard but a mansion at first glance. Looking at the carved beams, painted walls and blue tiles, one could feel a rich and luxurious aura from staring at it.

Yan Tianhen was dazzled and tugged at Lin Xuanzhis sleeve. Yuan Tianwen is so rich. This Breaking Sword Peak was really willing to spend money on this house.

Although Lin Xuanzhi’s Catching Star Pavilion was also extremely lavish and beautiful, compared to here, it could only be described as light and elegant.

Even the ancestral home of the Lin family had not been built like this.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, The Yuan family is the richest elite family in the whole Western Continent. Uncle Su is also a good businessman, so they are very rich. This house is nicely built, but it’s nothing to them.

Yan Tianhen was somewhat envious, Yuyang Ge really married into a rich family.

The disciple couldn’t help laughing, Yes, I came to the sect early. Before Young Peak Master came to Breaking Sword Peak, our entire peak was poor and couldn’t even make any clothes. The new disciples either had to pay for their own robes or wore the old robes when the senior martial brothers grew out of them, which made it pretty miserable. Then our Young Peak Master arrived. That day,tsk tsk, was really a good day.”

Yan Tianhen laughed, Hahaha, I told you that Breaking Sword Peak is now the richest of the three peaks. Moreover, I also heard Daddy say before that of the three Young Peak Masters of Profound Sky Sect, Breaking Sword Peak’s Young Peak Master is the most popular. No one dares to compete with him, because he is the god of wealth.

Upon hearing this, the disciple replied solemnly and seriously, Although that is one reason, we genuinely admire Young Peak Master as well. For a long time, he had a cold face and was always silent, but he had a good heart. There was a disciple of Breaking Sword Peak who was being bullied outside. After hearing this, Young Peak Master brought his sword to get justice for him. Moreover, our Young Peak Master also invites a broad range of disciples even if they are of low status and have no family to support them. He’s willing to accept them into his gate.”