Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 324

Chapter 324

Chapter 324

The Peak Master of Breaking Sword Peak had always been absorbed in closed-door cultivation and had never been interested in the common affairs of his peak. Yuan Tianwen had been trained as the heir to the Yuan family since childhood, so he was adept at an early age in dealing with sect peak matters which was handy. In addition, Yuan Zheng and Su Mo had sent subordinates to assist him, so Yuan Tianwen had already become the face of Breaking Sword Peak early on.

Under normal circumstances, Yuan Tianwen’s words held the greatest authority in Breaking Sword Peak. Daoist Qing Yun, who enjoyed peace and quiet, was willing to become a figurehead Peak Master wholeheartedly.

However, it was also true that among the three peaks, Sinking Sword Peak’s Peak Master Esteemed Lan Yue had always liked to pick up disciples whenever he felt like it, and these disciples’ origins didn’t seem small either.

The vast majority of disciples chosen by Broken Sword’s Peak Master, Daoist Yi Dao, were from distinguished families. Only Breaking Sword Peak chose disciples by looking at gender, and not at their background.

On this point, Yuan Tianwen did quite well indeed.

This was exactly why he’s so popular.

However, after Yuan Tianwen took Duan Yuyang to the mountain as a Dao companion, there were many rumors in Profound Sky Sect that Yuan Tianwen didn’t accept female disciples because he liked men and disliked women.

There were also rumors that even Daoist Qing Yun only liked men too.

When Yuan Tianwen heard this, he only rolled his eyes and said nonsense with no additional comments.

After a few more steps, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen saw Yuan Tianwen pulling Duan Yuyang, followed by two tiger cubs from a moon gate.

Yuan Tianwens face didn’t look good at that moment and Duan Yuyang was also sporting a dark face. Several times he wanted to cast off Yuan Tianwens hand but was only pulled tighter along by the other.

As soon as the two cubs saw Yan Tianhen, they began to cry out joyfully, quickly rushing into his arms.

Yuan Tianwen palmed his forehead, You should take these two cubs away quickly. They are too noisy and nearly knocked down Yangyang several times. Yangyang seems to also be allergic to their fur.

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes and grumpily said, You’re still treating me like glassbah? Im just pregnant, so why are you so nervous? Besides, how strong can two cubs be? They’re just playing with me.”

Yuan Tianwen insisted, No, I’m not at ease.

Duan Yuyang was speechless, I am truly fed up with you.

Yuan Tianwen’s face was full of persistence.

Yan Tianhen patted Ah Bai on the back and nodded, Ah Bai and Hu Po are indeed a little too rowdy. I didn’t have time to deal with them at the moment. It must have been really troublesome for you.”

Originally, Yan Tianhen followed Esteemed Huai Yu to Sinking Sword Peak, leaving Ah Bai and Hu Po behind. But later on, Yan Tianhen was determined to stay at Sinking Sword Peak and follow Lin Xuanzhis movements while he was cultivating. Esteemed Huai Yu had to return by himself.

As a result, when he reached the peak, Esteemed Huai Yu found his spiritual herb fields had been gnawed into a mess by two tiger cubs who didn’t know what to do on their own.

Esteemed Huai Yu was enraged speechless that he immediately took the tiger cubs and threw them to Sinking Sword Peak.

The two cubs almost ran wild for a month until Duan Yuyang came back. When he saw the two pitiful cubs ignored and unwanted, he took them back to Breaking Sword Peak. Unexpectedly, Yuan Tianwen started to lose his temper with him again.

Meanwhile, Duan Yuyang found that Yuan Tianwen was becoming more and more childish recently.

Youre welcome. Duan Yuyang gave Yuan Tianwen a look, Dont pay attention to him. I had to take care of Ah Bai and Hu Po myself. He’s been a little stressed lately. Who knows what’s been irritating him.”

Yuan Tianwen frowned, These two white tigers are too clingy. Since they were brought back, they’ve been clinging to Yangyang even when they sleep. They’re demonic beasts. If you go on raising them like this, youll raise them to waste.”

Yan Tianhen had heard people say that about Ah Bai and Hu Po more than once. He was beginning to realize that the problem seemed serious.

These two tiger cubs hadn’t seen him in a few days but they had already made Esteemed Huai Yu lose his temper by messing up his spiritual herb fields. Yan Tianhen’s heart felt stuffy hearing their misconduct, feeling that Ah Bai and Hu Po had grown too accustomed to the ordinary days of being spoiled.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at the tiger cubs attached to Yan Tianhens arms and lightly said, I have already thought about where they should go.

Yuan Tianwen asked, What’s your idea?

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the cubs and didn’t answer directly. I heard from Uncle Su Mo that you’re going to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest in the West Continent in the near future to look for an Icy Heart Water Lotus and Colorful Caterpillar Grass.”

Yuan Tianwen nodded, his expression slightly serious, We have found many mercenary groups, but none of them are willing to accept this task, even though my father has already increased the payment to a sky-high price. The death soldiers cultivated by the Yuan family have also entered the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. But since they’ve entered, we haven’t heard from them, and so far no one has yet to come out.”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but gasp, The Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest in the West Continent is really that terrible?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, There are five death zones in the Five Continents that even Profound Realm cultivators dare not easily go to. There is one for each of the Five Continents in the East, West, North, and South, and the place of death in the West Continent is this Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. It’s said that there are not only demonic beasts, but also demonic plants, not to mention the miasma and poisonous gases themselves. When the sun and moon alternate, there will be illusions, making people unable to distinguish reality easily. This is a real death zone.”

After Lin Xuanzhi finished, Duan Yuyang and Yuan Tianwens expressions grew worse.

Duan Yuyang was quite agitated, Icy Heart Water Lotus and Colorful Caterpillar Grass are only found in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest in the West Continent, and there’s no way they can be found in the market. Otherwise, who’s willing to approach that terrible place?

Yuan Tianwen soothed, Yangyang, dont be angry. We will definitely get the antidote.

Duan Yuyang took a deep breath, I wish I could chop that bitch.

Yan Tianhen nodded, Yesah. Madame Duan is really vicious.

If it werent for Duan Fu, who poisoned Duan Yuyang for such a long time, Duan Yuyang wouldnt have had a body in this state.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, How did you finally settle the problem with the Duan family?

Speaking of this, Duan Yuyang showed a big and cheerful smile, You guys don’t know after you left Qing city, Dad sent someone to suppress the Duan family’s business properties directly. Less than a month later, the Duan family’s master took his illegitimate son and went to beg for mercy in person. But when they saw me and Dad sitting together, the master of the Duan family swore loudly and wanted to strangle me.

Duan Yuyang curled his lips, obviously only feeling happy.

Moreover, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen had already been able to detect from his address to Duan family’s master that, in Duan Yuyangs mind, the man was no longer qualified to be called father.

Yuan Tianwen felt relieved when he thought of the scene that day. Then Duan Yuyang continued, After listening to Duan Zhengde, Dad said, your ancestors really know how to name; they named you exactly what you lacked. They really wanted you to be virtuous, but I think it’s more fitting if you were called wicked

At that time, Su Mo had leisurely held a teacup in one hand and a lid in the other, casually stirring the floating tea leaves, while speaking in a way that roused people’s anger. In retrospect, Duan Yuyang couldn’t help but applaud him.

Su Mo couldn’t tolerate his own people being bullied, especially being bullied so miserably.

Duan Zhengde was really upset. Before he could speak, Su Mo added, Duan Zhengde, I think you’re possessed by a ghost. You should have found a real lady. But why did you want this kind of crooked melon and cracked jujube just to eat wild food? Don’t you think it’s tasteless? You cheated on your wife. You and Su Yulian have been together for a long time and you also gave birth to a son older than your first. Such a dirty thing, do you dare let others know about this?

Duan Yuyang, who never knew about this incident, looked at his father in disbelief.

His father had always been devoted to Su Yulian, but after being repeatedly provoked and scolded by Su Mo, his intentions about asking for help weakened. He knew that the Su family was targeting his family because of Duan Yuyang.

Therefore, Duan Zhengde no longer hid it anymore, What do you know? Xiao Lian and I really love each other. I dont need you to interfere with my familys affairs.

He then said to Duan Yuyang calmly, Duan Yuyang, the Duan family has really raised you as a white-eyed wolf for nothing. As the legitimate son of the Duan family, you dare to do such dirty things by getting pregnant and rebelling against fate. My Duan family will never tolerate such you! At first, I thought I could spare you if you repented and got rid of that bastard, but now that you’re not sorry for it, dont blame me for ignoring our father and sons affections. When I return later, I will erase your name from the genealogy of the Duan family ancestral hall!

Duan Yuyang had long expected this. He smirked, I have not been a part of the Duan family since I stepped out of your doors. Do whatever you want.”

How can he casually do that? Su Mo smiled, “Duan Zhengde, do you really think that Su Yulian, who has slept with you for more than 20 years, is a good thing? She has long been with other people and made you a cuckold husband by cheating on your wife. Im afraid this Yuhao is not your own son.

Duan Zhengde was incredibly infuriated and he roared at Su Mo in spite of his dignity.

Hearing this, Lin Xuanzhi asked, Su Yulian had an affair with someone else?

Yuan Tianwen answered expressionlessly, It’s a lie. My father purposely arranged things. He said this is the way to deal with people like Su Yulian. My father has always liked to watch the kind of play where the sandpiper and the clam fight each other, but the fisherman catches them both. If he wants to punish a person, he will never fight and kill himself.”

Yan Tianhens worship of Su Mo grew even higher.

Since Su Mo wanted a play and wanted to frame others, he naturally had to do his part.

My father found Su Yulians personal maid and threatened her into revealing every time Su Yulian went out. He used these times to insert many chances of meeting with strange men and compiled them into a book. Yuan Tianwen snorted coldly, Duan Zhengde and Su Yulian are also really interesting. The man my father pulled over to act as a lover didn’t even get to reveal many birthmarks on Su Yulian’s body before Duan Zhengde flipped out.”

Yan Tianhen thought this incredible and asked, Just talking, did Duan Zhengde believe it?

Of course its not that simple. Duan Yuyang smiled, What really turned Duan Zhengde and Su Yulian against each other was Duan Yuhaos blood. Dad didnt know what method to use, but Duan Yuhao’s lineage unexpectedly was not from the Duan family. All of a sudden, Duan Zhengde wanted to lock Su Yulian in the back mountain of the Duan family.”

Duan Yuyangs eyes sank and his face darkened. My mother was locked up there before. I learned from Su Yulians personal maid that my mother was indeed killed by Su Yulian.”

Yuan Tianwen held Duan Yuyang in his arms, Now Su Yulian is being tortured day and night in the back mountain. Duan Zhengde has also put down his authority over the Duan family in despair. Duan Yuhao has lost the title of the Duan family’s heir and has been expelled from the Duan familys gate, while you have become the real owner of the Duan family now. This is quite satisfactory.

Although, in this process, Duan Yuyang was also quite injured.