Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 325

Chapter 325

Chapter 325

Duan Yuyang raised his eyes and smiled at Yuan Tianwen. That’s right, Laozi is now the head of the Duan family. I’m afraid no one in my generation is better than me, right?

Right now, the young masters in the same generation as him, like Lin Xuanzhi and Yuan Tianwen, were only young masters at most. They had the family head and elders on top of them, yet this Duan Yuyang now held the title of master of a first-class family. If word got out, who knows how many people would admire and envy him.

The so-called “every cloud has a silver lining” was just like this.

Yan Tianhens eyes brightened, Congratulations to Yuyang Gege! Now that you’re in charge of the Duan family, you won’t be bullied anymore!

Naturally. Yuan Tianwen declared with extreme confidence, There’s never been any possibility of my Yuan family’s wife being bullied by others. The entire Duan family is merely a first-time meeting gift from my two fathers. In the future, everything in the Yuan family will be yours.”

Duan Yuyang was stuffed with a mouthful of sugar and almost choked. He pushed Yuan Tianwen and deliberately put on a straight face, Get lost, get lost. What nonsense are you talking about?

Yuan Tianwen smiled.

Yan Tianhen looked at them being so sweet and couldnt help admiring them. He didnt know when he and his Dage would be able to get the blessing of their dad together.

Lin Xuanzhi noted Yan Tianhens envious expression in his heart, secretly took his hand, and gave a reassuring squeeze, When we go to the Nine Lands, the first thing we’ll do is to look for Dad.

Yan Tianhen asked with surprise, Dage, you can tell that I’m thinking about Daddy?

Lin Xuanzhi smiled slightly, Whatever you think is written on your face, how can I not see it?

Yan Tianhen rubbed his face.

Duan Yuyang saw this and joked, Im afraid that even if Uncle Lin knows about the matter with you two and wants to beat someone, the one he’ll beat is still Lin Xuanzhi, not you.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Very likely.

Yuan Tianwen frowned slightly, If I may be so presumptuous as to ask, your dad, he

Lin Xuanzhi answered, He’s still alive, and he should be in the Nine Lands at this time. This matter involves the reclusive families in the Five Continents. We might as well talk about it in the room.

True. Yuan Tianwen agreed, Yuyangs body is not suited to standing for a long time either. lets go in first.”

A line of people walked towards the grand and majestic private residence of Young Peak Master Yuan, which was full of beautiful glazed tiles.

Lin Xuanzhi simply and comprehensively spoke about his experiences these few days. To him, both Duan Yuyang and Yuan Tianwen were trustworthy people. Nothing more needed to be said for Duan Yuyang. Lin Xuanzhi knew that in the last life, Duan Yuyang never betrayed Yan Tianhen, even till the end, and Yuan Tianwen was an honest-to-gods henpecked husband.

Although Yan Tianhen had already told Duan Yuyang some matters when Lin Xuanzhi was in secluded cultivation before, it was not comprehensive.

The Liu and Jian families I knew that it wouldn’t be anything good when they suddenly came out of isolation and entered Profound Sky Sect. Yuan Tianwen narrowed his eyes.

If it didn’t involve important matters, then how could the only two reclusive families we currently know about simultaneously come out of isolation?” Duan Yuyang knocked on the tabletop thoughtfully. It’s unclear whether their purpose is the barrier around the Five Continents or Uncle Lin and Ah Hen.

Perhaps both. Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen, However, I wont give them the chance to approach Ah Hen.

Yan Tianhen blinked, I really dont care. They act as though they don’t see me every time I meet them. And I always feel that there is only each other in Liu Zhaoyue and Jian Yunxi’s eyes.

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a moment. It was indeed like this. True.

Duan Yuyang was slightly curious, I heard that you asked those two reclusive family disciples to clean the courtyard for you? They really didn’t give you any trouble?

“A portion of my Catching Star Pavilion will be destroyed every day. The two of them probably treat my residence as a training ground. Lin Xuanzhi replied calmly, However, I have already made preliminary agreements with them. Both of them will provide double the compensation for whatever they destroy and find a way to restore it to the original state.

Duan Yuyangs eyes turned and he was immediately delighted. He patted his thigh, You are really good. You simply let them keep themselves busy, so you dont even have to painstakingly arrange any tasks for them. They can find a lot of trouble for themselves.”

Lin Xuan smiled without saying a word.

Yuan Tianwen was originally lost in thought, but he then looked up at Lin Xuanzhi. Even the reclusive families’ elders couldn’t break through the Five Continents’ barrier. It seems that the Five Continents have indeed been sealed off.

Lin Xuanzhi nonchalantly stated, There are always solutions, it’s just that the time isn’t right.

In his previous life, the Five Continents’ barrier indeed loosened, and Lin Xuanzhi also found a way to break it, but he was already in a soul state at that time, plus he was downhearted and filled with the desire to repair the Revert World Mirror. Naturally, he was too lazy to bother with that.

Everything was different in this life.

Not only did he want to break the Five Continents’ barrier, but he also wanted to take Yan Tianhen with him and slaughter their way back to the Nine Lands to retake everything that used to belong to Yan Tianhen.

Duan Yuyang asked, Brother Tianwen, is there any elder in the Yuan family about to reach the highest cultivation that the Five Continents can bear?

Yuan Tianwen shook his head, The Yuan family’s most powerful elder is still in secluded cultivation. His cultivation before he entered closed-door cultivation was peak Unified Spirit Stage of Profound Realm. In reality, even I dont know what his realm currently is.”

He glanced at Lin Xuanzhi. Doesn’t your Lin family also have a First Elder in secluded cultivation right now?

A dark color flashed through Lin Xuanzhis eyes, I now suspect that First Elder has already fallen.”

His guess was also justified. After all, in his last life, he never saw First Elder leave secluded cultivation, even when the Lin family collapsed.

In this world, only one thing was more important than the collapse of the entire family, which was the critical moment when one made a breakthrough and ascended. However, at that time, there was no sign of anomalies appearing in heaven and earth. Obviously, the First Elder had not yet reached the point where he had to sacrifice the family to fulfill himself. As a result, there was no other excuse except that he had already fallen.

Duan Yuyang sucked in a cold breath of air, If First Elder really died, then the Lin family will be in turmoil.

Yes.” Lin Xuanzhi nodded with slight seriousness, So none of us need to mention this matter anymore.”

The other people in the room also nodded. With profound meaning, Yuan Tianwen reminded, You should also plan ahead.”

Lin Xuanzhi sighed, Naturally.

The four of them got together again and complained about the Liu and Jian families’ lack of integrity from beginning to end. Most of the time, Yan Tianhen expressed his anger and displeasure.

According to Liu Zhaoyue and Jian Yunxi, those powerful figures in their families were hiding nearby at that time. Although they didnt actually attack, they definitely held ideas about taking advantage of the situation for their own gains. If Lin Zhan hadnt been lucky and narrowly escaped, there was no guarantee that the two families wouldn’t take advantage of his dire situation.

Therefore, Lin Xuanzhi quite disliked those two boys from the reclusive families.

However, he wouldn’t drive them away either. Even for the sake of Sinking Sword Peak’s overall strength, he still had to let the two boys remain registered under Sinking Sword Peak’s name.

After they finished ridiculing the reclusive families, the topic was turned to Duan Yuyang again.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, Do you intend to enter Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest in person?

Yuan Tianwen’s eyebrows moved, Of course there are plans. If we can’t rely on other people, then we can only go there by ourselves. However, my father is still not giving the clear. He said we should wait a little longer.

Duan Yuyang also nodded, That’s right. After all, the risks are too high, and there’s still a year and a half to go before the child is born. I’m not in a hurry. I might as well use this period of time to improve my cultivation first so that I can also have more confidence.

Lin Xuanzhi spoke up, When you plan to leave, please also call me along.

Yuan Tianwen was surprised, You want to go in person?

Lin Xuanzhi remarked nonchalantly, More people, more support.

Yuan Tianwen cupped his hands, Then I will thank you in advance.”

No matter what the reason and no matter whether he’ll truly go or not, that Lin Xuanzhi can say such words at this time meant that Yuan Tianwen had to accept this favor.

Yan Tianhen blinked, If Dage goes, I’ll go too.

Duan Yuyang frowned, What are you getting involved for? Young children playing house just be a good kid on Broken Sword Peak and cultivate.

Yan Tianhen pouted, I’m almost fourteen years old.

Duan Yuyang nodded. So you do know that you’re not fourteen years old yet.

Yan Tianhen,

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Let’s talk about this later. Whether Ill take you along or not depends on how high your cultivation is when the time comes. If Ah Hens cultivation has been stagnant, I dare not casually take you into such dangerous places.”

Yan Tianhen was a little anxious, But, once I cultivate, I can only cultivate the demonic path. I’m afraid that one day I will become a complete demon.

Lin Xuanzhi nonchalantly spoke, What about it? Ah Hen, to cultivate is to follow your heart and free your nature. Even if you’re a demon, you’re still the kindest and cutest demon in this world. What are you afraid of when you have Dage?

Yan Tianhen opened his mouth and closed it multiple times, gazing at Lin Xuanzhis pair of clear, bright, and gentle eyes, his heart pounding wildly.

Yes, what was he afraid of?

If even Lin Xuanzhi didn’t mind what he’d turn into, then why would he hesitate to advance his cultivation just because of his own misgivings?

Although pulling weeds could also improve his cultivation, it wasn’t the most correct way. More importantly, Yan Tianhen couldn’t improve his actual combat ability at all by pulling weeds.

How important was actual combat ability? Just look at Lin Xuanzhi.

He was invincible among cultivators of the same level not only because of his extraordinary talent on the sword path, but also because he never committed the stupid mistake of only learning through theory and not through personal experience. Every year, he went out to gain experience and train himself, never slacking off.

Yan Tianhen didn’t have a firm will and was easily influenced by Lin Xuanzhi. Before, he said that he was unwilling to cultivate, so he threw both theImperial Corpse Technique and Ancient Divine Devil Dance to the back of his mind. At this time, once Lin Xuanzhi cheered him on, he changed his mind again and decided to start cultivating with great concentration after he returned to Broken Sword Peak.

Therefore, Yan Tianhen nodded with vigor, Dage, Im going to take Ah Gu up the mountain with me to try to improve our cultivation together.

Lin Xuanzhi revealed a happy expression, I will go with you together to Broken Sword Peak during this period of time.

Esteemed Lan Yue is willing to let you go?

Lin Xuanzhi asked back, If he doesn’t let me go, then does he want me to stay on Sinking Sword Peak and discipline Liu Zhaoyue and Jian Yunxi every day?

Yan Tianhen,

Thats true.

The four people chatted for a long time. Just when Lin Xuanzhi was ready to leave with Yan Tianhen, Han Jin walked over.

This little child, with a wooden sword in his hand, held composure and calmness on his delicate facial features, which didn’t match his age.

Han Jin saw Lin Xuanzhi and was obviously surprised, but he soon quickened his steps and walked up to Yuan Tianwen.

Young Master, I’ve finished my task for today.

Yuan Tianwen ordered, Go and practice the Basic Sword Techniques again.

Han Jin paused, then looked at Yuan Tianhen, But I’ve already finished it.

Yuan Tianwen asked, So?

Han Jin,

He had a lot of tasks every day. For a child of only seven or eight years old, he was completely overburdened. He only barely managed to complete all the unreasonable tasks assigned to him by Yuan Tianwen with much effort. Originally, he wanted to lie in bed and do nothing. Unexpectedly, Yuan Tianwen wanted to assign him additional tasks!

Duan Yuyang looked at Han Jins face, which endured everything silently. It was probably because his maternal love was full to bursting recently, so he spoke softly, Tianwen Ge, let’s take it step by step, Ah Jin is also tired

Yuan Tianwen looked down at Han Jin and asked, Are you tired?

Han Jin rolled his eyes in his heart; couldn’t Yuan Tianwen see the beads of sweat on his forehead? His clothes were all drenched!

Han Jin nodded.

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