Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 330

Chapter 330

Chapter 330

On the way back, Yan Tianhens expression seemed odd.

Why doesn’t your expression look good today? Lin Xuanzhi pinched Yan Tianhens face, Who bullied my family’s Ah Hen?

Yan Tianhen said with great solemness, Dage, I have calculated that you have opened a total of nine shops in the East Continent, three each for materials, medicinal pills, and equipment. Not to mention the steep rental cost. Also, the purchase of those goods is a huge expense. Dage, you never asked me for any money from beginning to end. I remember that the money on you was almost spent last time when you bought things for my master. Moreover, this is your private property. The Lin family will definitely not pay for it.

Lin Xuanzhi suddenly understood what Yan Tianhen had been doing with his fingers all day long. He couldnt help but laugh, Why do I need to use your money? My dad left behind a lot of money, and I borrowed some money from the currency shop. Besides, of these nine shops, six are shops left behind by my dad that have been rebuilt and reopened. It wont cost me much money.

Yan Tianhen still pouted, You dont let me worry about anything and tell me nothing. I always feel left out. Id like to help you too, but youve done everything yourself. When you were talking about business with those elders and uncles, I couldn’t understand anything and give any inputs.

Lin Xuanzhi soothed Yan Tianhens head, Who said you can’t give any inputs? These things are too jumbled and time-consuming, but they aren’t too high in technical content. I dont want you to bother with them. However, these properties are the only ones out in the light. Some of our businesses in the dark will be put on the agenda. At that time, I want you to come into contact with these things.

Yan Tianhen came to his senses and looked at Lin Xuanzhi with burning eyes. What are these businesses in the dark?

For example, scouting for information, accepting tasks, etc. Lin Xuanzhi explained.

Yan Tianhens eyes brightened, It sounds very technical.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, It definitely is.

Yan Tianhen was immediately happy, It seems that in my Dage’s heart, I am indeed a smart person suitable for solving such high-end affairs. I misunderstood my Dage.”

Lin Xuanzhi,

As long as you’re happy.

Yan Tianhen suddenly became excited, Speaking of scouting for information, Maomao especially has potential. He can understand bird language, and he’s also the king of birds. He said that when he was in the Nine Lands, he was in control of all of the information in the world. Although he can’t do that now, he can still understand bird language Oh, I also think that brothels are good gathering places for information. The stories I listened to said that a lot of rumors leak from the pillow side. So how about we also open a brothel?

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and cast Yan Tianhen a sideways glance. You’re very clear about this.”

Yan Tianhen patted his chest proudly, Of course. I’ve seen a lot.

You know a lot about brothels, yet you still feel quite proud?

Immediately, Yan Tianhen cheekily smiled and blinked innocently at Lin Xuanzhi, Yuyang Gege told me.

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, Hahaha.

Duan Yuyang, who was far away in Breaking Sword Peak, sneezed and felt inexplicable chills run up his spine.


What? You want to commandeer this king to be your scout?” Feng Jingyu stared at Lin Xuanzhi in shock. He suspected that there was something wrong with his ears. Otherwise, there was something wrong with Lin Xuanzhi’s head.

Of course, Lin Xuanzhis brain was more likely to have problems.

Lin Xuanzhi’s expression was as usual, I think His Majesty the West Monarch has great experience in this field. After all, he is in charge of all birds, and birds are good at scouting for information.

Feng Jingyu slapped the teacup in front of Lin Xuanzhi and jumped angrily, I am the grand West Monarch

For the time being, however, you’re freeloading. Lin Xuanzhi calmly replied.

Feng Jingyu choked.

Although he was a freeloader, he didn’t only freeload!

Feng Jingyus momentum was a bit weak, but he still retorted, I dont eat much. Plus, Im so small; won’t your conscience hurt if you make me do hard labor?

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, Although you’re small, the amount spent on you is the largest. You won’t drink anything other than water from the sweet springs and won’t eat anything other than the fruit produced from bamboo. The bamboo you consume and the spring water you drink cost nearly 20 gold a day.

Feng Jingyus momentum completely weakened. He chirped twice and said with many grievances, Isn’t it only 20 gold? When this king was in the West Imperial Palace, the daily expenses were calculated by spirit stones.

Lin Xuanzhi just smiled and stared at him, saying nothing.

Feng Jingyu withered.

In other words, Feng Jingyu’s expenses were bigger than any of them.

Although Feng Jingyu had no father or mother since he was a child, he hadn’t suffered at all with regards to food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Although he was now down and out, he still brought along his former habits.

On the bright side, Feng Jingyu didn’t care much about anything except eating.

However, his daily food consumption alone was not something ordinary people could afford.

Those bamboo fruits and spring water must be bought through special channels. Ignoring the expensive price for now, if the quality wasn’t good, then Feng Jingyu wouldn’t eat it! As a result, Lin Xuanzhi could only choose spring water and bamboo fruits of the best quality for him, sharply increasing the cost.

But in reality, Feng Jingyu couldn’t be blamed for being picky about food.

It was indeed true that he could only eat this kind of thing in order to maintain his bodys spiritual Qi and normal physical strength. In addition, it was to recover his cultivation as early as possible.

Feng Jingyu bitterly stated, I really can’t just freeload? Although I eat a lot, I’ve calculated that compared to those magic treasures on Ah Hen, even a fraction of what I’ve spent isn’t as costly.”

Lin Xuanzhi said unfathomably, The only one who can freeload is Ah Hen. Do you want to replace him?

Feng Jingyu shuddered, No, absolutely not. Dont assume that a honey trap will work on me. Even if you look good, you’re not my type.

Lin Xuanzhi airily replied, I know. Ling Chigu’s your type.

Feng Jingyu suddenly froze.

Lin Xuanzhi went on, What? Am I wrong?

Feng Jingyu blushed, clawing at the tabletop as he refuted angrily, Rubbish! Only a ghost would like Ling Chigu, that dead fool who only knows how to be stupidly loyal! Don’t play matchmaker for this king!

Oh. Lin Xuanzhi answered coldly, I saw you lean close to him every day and thought you liked him.”

Feng Jingyu took a deep breath, Dont talk nonsense. This king just thinks he is so stupid and looks funny, so I teased him. What liking himHow can this king like him, a bastard whose entire brain is full of shit?

Bastard? The way Lin Xuanzhi looked at Feng Jingyu was more profound.

Feng Jingyu chirped twice and pretended to be stupid.

After jumping a few times, Feng Jingyu collapsed on the table, cursing, Damn it, its too embarrassing and stupid. It’s just trying to scout information for you. Whats the big deal?”

Lin Xuanzhi curled his lips up, This would have been resolved faster if only you agreed earlier.

Feng Jingyu rolled his eyes at Lin Xuanzhi, However, this king will return to the West Land sooner or later. At that time, arent you afraid that I will run away with your men? You are quite at ease with me.

It will be sooner or later. Lin Xuanzhi didn’t take it seriously, We’ll leave the Nine Lands’ matters for when we actually arrive at the Nine Lands. I don’t believe you can cause any big waves. After all, Ling Chigus current contract is with Ah Hen, and he is bound to follow Ah Hen.

Feng Jingyu jumped up at once, his eyes flashing a golden flame. He stared at Lin Xuanzhi and said with an aura totally inconsistent with his voice, What do you know?

Lin Xuanzhi went on calmly, What do you have to be nervous about? I just accidentally saw you secretly peck Ah Gu’s mouth with yours.

Feng Jingyu,

This motherfucking a # $%

Feng Jingyu wanted to give Lin Xuanzhi a middle finger of contempt, but his claws were not as flexible as human hands.

Feng Jingyu didnt want to listen to Lin Xuanzhi, If you want to know something, just ask this king directly. If this king is in a good mood, I’ll help you.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, In addition, I will send someone to be responsible for this together with you in a few days.

Feng Jingyu was shocked, Who? Do I know him?

Lin Xuanzhi replied, You shouldn’t know him, but you will soon.”

You don’t say.

Lin Xuanzhi smirked, I hope you can finish teaching him as soon as possible so that you can be free.

Feng Jingyu snorted contemptuously, This kings West Imperial Palace boasts knowing everything about the world, which is even better than those prophet family disciples. There’s nothing that this king doesn’t know in the Nine Lands, but this king can only achieve such a situation thanks to the unique talents of the bird clan. This is absolutely beyond human learning. You want him to learn my skills 100%, but that is impossible.

The bird clan had small bodies, and there wasn’t anywhere that they couldn’t sneak into. Their numbers were large and also weren’t easy to detect, which gave them the natural advantage when scouting for information.

The reason why Feng Jingyu was able to control information from the imperial court all the way to the countryside was thanks to the bird clan’s advantages.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t worry about it, In order to gather information, one must find out who to look for, how to find out the connection between these people, how to establish such a network, how to connect between each contact point, etc. These are all crucial details. Human beings have their own ways of getting information. I dont need him to learn the bird language.

Feng Jingyu tutted, This is a technical job. My spies in the Western Palace were handed down from the West Monarchs through the ages and cannot be easily copied. However, this king would like to see how long and how far you want to build your intelligence network.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled faintly, It should not disappoint you.

Feng Jingyu replied, Anyone can talk big. If you can’t get them done when the time comes, then its you who will be humiliated.

Lin Xuanzhi thought,He’s standing on the shoulders of his predecessors to walk forward. If he can’t even do this much, then he probably won’t even have the qualifications to go to the Nine Lands.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and suddenly changed the subject, Which clans cultivation method is theTeal Lotus Nine Styles?

Feng Jingyu was shocked for a moment. Then his eyes sank and he cocked his head, I wont tell you.

Lin Xuanzhi pursed his lips, You dont know, do you?

Feng Jingyu exclaimed, Bullshit, how can I not know? Everyone in the Nine Lands knows whose clan that belongs to.”

So, theTeal Lotus Nine Stylesreally comes from the Nine Lands.

Feng Jingyu,

Mother, you set this king up!

Feng Jingyu said vaguely, It doesnt matter even if I tell you. The core secret manual of the East Land’s Xuan clan is thisTeal Lotus Nine Styles. However, the East Kingdom has always had little contact with the outside world, and the palace of the Xuan clans East Sovereign is also in the secluded Mist Sea Immortal Island, so I dont know much more about theTeal Lotus Nine Styles. However

Feng Jingyu blinked, It’s said that twenty years ago, the Xuan clan issued an Azure Flame Order saying that theTeal Lotus Nine Stylesenshrined in the Xuan clan ancestral hall was stolen and they were paying a heavy reward for the thief. However, the thief appeared to have disappeared without a trace. Now the price of the Azure Flame Order is as high as tens of thousands of spirit stones.”

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