Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 332

Chapter 332

Chapter 332

In order to avoid hearing what he shouldn’t or didn’t want to hear, Esteemed Huai Yu hurriedly interjected before Yan Tianhen could speak, Since we now have a suitable pill furnace, let’s get straight to it. Master will now teach you how to refine pills.

Yan Tianhen nodded excitedly, Yes, I want to learn quickly, so I can exchange them for money and help my Dage pay his debts quickly!

Esteemed Huai Yu took a deep breath and tried to ignore Lin Xuanzhis existence as much as possible, Refining poison pills is actually very simple. Ill refine them later and you can just watch. Oh, by the way, are you proficient in the simplest set of alchemist hand seals from the Profound Book of Poisons?

Yan Tianhen nodded, Last month, I practiced it hundreds of times every day. Naturally, I can now fluently pull it off from memory, even if I’m upside down.

At last, Esteemed Huai Yu was somewhat satisfied, Thats more like it.

If one heard the dialogue between the master and disciple, one would be so shocked as to drop their jaw. Alchemy was an especially difficult path. Even if the master taught the disciple by hand, it would usually take at least three to five months for the disciple to get started. However, Esteemed Huai Yu said that Yan Tianhen could learn after only watching him refine once, and Yan Tianhen actually didnt even think there was anything wrong with that

Esteemed Huai Yu turned and walked towards the back mountain, There is a secret chamber here, which is used especially for closed-door cultivation. You can also use it as an alchemists room. Compared to other places, the spiritual Qi here is much stronger. Moreover, it’s very quiet, suitable for alchemy.

Yan Tianhen nodded, Master, if I need spiritual herbs, can I get it directly from the spiritual herb field?

Esteemed Huai Yu replied, Are you joking? Do you still plan on going down the mountain to buy it?

Yan Tianhen touched his nose and felt a little happy, But the spiritual herbs here belong to Profound Sky Sect. I’m just worried about setting up a bad example. Some people might say I’m just filling up my pockets.

Esteemed Huai Yu occupied such a large mountain; of course, it wasn’t for nothing. He had to grow spiritual herbs for Profound Sky Sect every day.

This piece of spiritual herb field was said to be his, but it wasn’t his entirely. After all, every Peak would send disciples to collect the next month’s spiritual herbs, and it definitely wasn’t a small number. If Esteemed Huai Yu couldn’t supply them by the appointed time, it would be awkward. Taking into consideration Yan Tianhens previous experience of exploding furnaces, Yan Tianhen was very worried about his own ability. He wasn’t sure how many spiritual plants would be wasted this time.

Esteemed Huai Yu waved his hand sharply, You’re already my disciple. What are you afraid of? These spiritual plants are kept for fun when I’m happy. When I’m not happy, no one dares to trouble me even if I were to burn them all down. Aren’t you just using some herbs? Do you think they don’t have to pay when I send them so many pills every month?

Yan Tianhen was shocked, Master, you even need to give them pillsah?

He had never seen it before.

Esteemed Huai Yu grumpily said, Stupid. What do you think I’ve been doing in my room every day?

Yan Tianhen immediately felt a strong sense of guilt. He’d always thought that Esteemed Huai Yu had been the kind of person who spent his days leisurely and did nothing. Unexpectedly, he actually misunderstood him.

My bad, my bad.

Yan Tianhen asked curiously, Master, how many pills do you refine for them every month?

After thinking about it, Esteemed Huai Yu answered, Ten or so, I guess.”

Ah? So little?” Yan Tianhen was surprised.

Don’t just look at the quantity. The pills I make cant be compared to those from rotten streets. Esteemed Huai Yu rolled his eyes, Most of the pills I create are Profound Level pills. What I refine depends on what the sect needs at the moment.

Yan Tianhen gasped with a hiss, and murmured, Profound Level pills. Master, you’re really powerful. If you sell them, you can earn at least 100,000 gold per pill!”

Esteemed Huai Yu,

Why was his family’s Ah Hen such a money-grubber?

It must have been inherited by Yan Zhonghua, that bastard!

Esteemed Huai Yu complained secretly over and over again until his heart was satisfied, What is a mere Profound Level pill? Master can even make Earth Level pills.

Yan Tianhen was taken aback, Didnt people say that Alchemist Zhongli of Sky Peak Sect is the only one who can refine pills at the Earth Level?

Him? He’s still got a long way to go. Huai Yu said indifferently, There’s not a single true Earth Level pill in the whole Five Continents unless it was brought from outside. When an Earth Level pill is made, its energy is no less than that of Earth Realm cultivators ascending. Therefore, it’s impossible to make even one in the Five Continents.

Yan Tianhen was completely puzzled, But the pill that Maomao swallowed before was refined by Zhong Li and it was an Earth Level pill.”

Maomao? Esteemed Huai Yu looked askance at Yan Tianhen, You mean that bird you’re raising?

Yan Tianhen nodded.

Esteemed Huai Yu replied, What he swallowed was, at most, only a fake Earth Level pill.

Yan Tianhen was unconvinced, But Maomao was put in a coma for several months.”

Esteemed Huai Yu explained upright and vigorously, It’s precisely because the pill is a fake Earth Level that there are several messy side effects. The higher the level of a pill, the stronger its effects. If you swallow one now, you’ll explode and die immediately. Where’s the chance of you falling into a coma?

Yan Tianhen was still not convinced, because his family’s Maomao was not an ordinary person. He was a phoenix, a spitting fire kind of phoenix which could easily burn prairies!

Perhaps Yan Tianhens expression was so obvious that Esteemed Huai Yu looked at him and asked, Are you trying to say that your bird is different?

Yan Tianhen nodded, Maomao is much more powerful than other birds.

Come on. Esteemed Huai Yu said, In this world, there’s no bird more powerful than the phoenix. Even if a phoenix swallowed an Earth Level pill directly, it would never sleep for several months.

Yan Tianhen,

But Maomao was a phoenixah.

Yan Tianhen refused to accept this, If a phoenix doesn’t sleep for several months after swallowing an Earth Level pill, what else could he do?

I think it’ll rage and spew fire everywhere.” Esteemed Huai Yu didn’t know and touched his chin, “That guy himself is an immortal firebird, to begin with. After swallowing such a strong pill, he would most likely be even more irritable. He’ll probably burn himself as soon as he gets angry.”

Yan Tianhen,

How brutal.

However, since Esteemed Huai Yu said that, Yan Tianhen began to be swayed, pondering whether the pill Zhongli Shen refined was actually a real Earth Level pill or not.

Master. Yan Tianhen looked at Huai Yu and sighed, So, you’ve indeed been to the Nine Lands before.”

Esteemed Huai Yu,

Shit, he’d been careless.

Esteemed Huai Yu, caught lying, grimaced, So what if I’ve been to the Nine Lands? Dont think you can get carried away and show off that you have a great master who has been to the Nine Lands. Although, it really is worth showing off.

Yan Tianhen,

Why did he have to expose him? Why did he think his master would feel guilty and embarrassed for deceiving him?

Why was it that after such a long time, he still forgot how shameless his master could be?

Its my fault, its all my fault!

Before entering that secluded secret chamber in the back mountain with Yan Tianhen, Esteemed Huai Yu stopped and gazed at him deeply.

You’re certain that you want to cultivate for sixteen hours a day and practice alchemy for sixteen hours a day?

Yes. Yan Tianhen nodded and said sadly, I must make the most of my time.

The idea is good, but” Esteemed Huai Yu narrowed his eyes and suspiciously asked, There are only 24 hours a day. Where are you going to get me another eight hours?

Yan Tianhen,

Ah, it seemed that this was indeed true!

Yan Tianhen was in disorder. Why didnt he think of that before QAQ!?

No matter how many hours there were in a day, Esteemed Huai Yu was very satisfied with the change in Yan Tianhen. Of course, if Yan Tianhens change had nothing to do with Lin Xuanzhi, it would have been perfect for Esteemed Huai Yu. But what could he do ah? Esteemed Huai Yu closed the door of the secret chamber.

The secret chamber was not large, but as he said before, the spiritual Qi was very rich, so it was very advantageous to refine pills here. The wall was inlaid with luminous pearls, which brightened the place even without candles.

Esteemed Huai Yu sat down with his legs crossed and conveniently took out several kinds of alchemy spiritual plants from his storage ring.

Refining pills didn’t only require spiritual plants, but at times special materials, such as the five toxins, parts of demonic beasts, and even demonic beat cores, were used. However, the most basic ones were spiritual plants for alchemy.

Esteemed Huai Yu asked, Do you recognize these spiritual plants?”

Yan Tianhen nodded, Yes.

Yan Tianhen quickly recited the names of these spiritual plants, and also their various uses and properties according to the book ofProfound Book of Poisons.

After hearing this, Esteemed Huai Yu nodded his head, Not bad. Ah Hen, all the spiritual plants in this world can be refined into medicine pills and poison pills. It all depends on how the alchemist refines them.

Looking at Yan Tianhen, Esteemed Huai Yu continued, Do you know why others say that alchemists are the worst kind of people to provoke?

Yan Tianhen thought for a moment, Because rare things are valuable and there are few alchemists.

Absolutely wrong. So what if there aren’t many alchemists? When we meet those powerful people, these rarest things are just plain and simple in their eyes. The most important reason why people dare not offend alchemists is because if an alchemist adds a little bit of seasoning to the pill during the process of refining, outsiders wouldn’t be able to tell, but if they swallow it, it may lead to a disaster.

Yan Tianhen was suddenly enlightened, So that’s it.

Esteemed Huai Yu curled his lips, Of course. What’s so rare about this? That’s why all the aristocratic families would raise their own alchemists. They would rather spend a lot of money and invite an alchemist to be their house guest than save the money and put themselves at risk.

Yan Tianhen yearned for it longingly. If he became a famous alchemist, he would be able to help his Dage win over the aristocratic families!

However, Yan Tianhen suddenly thought of something

“But, didn’t Master say that I can only be a poison master, and that it won’t be easy for me to be an alchemist?

Yan Tianhens disappointment was beyond words.

Esteemed Huai Yu raised one side of his lips in a profound smile, A poison master is more sought after than a medicine master. For large families, it’s more important to have a poison master, who can judge whether there is a problem with foreign pills by their nose and hands alone, than have ten alchemists around. Amongst a family’s guests, a poison master is deemed as the most top-level existence across the entire Nine Lands.”

Yan Tianhen instantly felt his heart surging, as if he had successfully reached the peak of his life.

Alright, Im going to start refining now. You can watch. Esteemed Huai Yu began performing the simplest set of alchemist hand seals.

Yan Tianhen reacted, Wait.

Esteemed Huai Yu glanced at him and said darkly, If you dare open your mouth again when I’m in the process of refining pills, be careful of your skin.

Yan Tianhen made a frightened gesture, Master, you forgot to take out a pill furnace. Why don’t I lend you my Chanchan first?

What the hell is Chanchan?

Yan Tianhen brought out his own pill furnace, This one. You see, there’s a vine wrapped around the body. That’s why I named itChanchan!

Esteemed Huai Yu,

Fortunately, I didn’t let Yan Tianhen name himself back then.

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