Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 335

Chapter 335

Chapter 335

Du Qiying, however, wasn’t as shallow as the other male cultivators on Broken Sword Peak. He took the initiative to approach Lin Yufan because of the relationship between Lin Yufan and Lin Xuanzhi Lin Xuanzhi attached great importance to this Lin clan elder sister.

When Lin Yufan saw that someone was blocking the way, he cast a cold glance at Du Qiying, Senior Martial Brother Du, what can I do for you?

” Du Qiying received a tactful rejection and felt somewhat awkward, but he still tried to keep up a facade, I went out and came across a martial sister from my sect, so I came up to greet you.

Lin Yufan knew about the conflicts between him and Lin Xuanzhi, so he didn’t give him any face at all. He spoke abruptly, Now that you’re done greeting me, Ill leave first.

Du Qiying,

At this time, Lin Yurou walked over with Tong Le.

Between them, Lin Yurou still held magic treasures and medicinal pills in her hand. Lin Yufan glanced at them. These items were all expensive and were definitely not things that Lin Yurou could afford with her current financial resources.

Upon seeing Lin Yufan, Lin Yurou’s expression didnt look very good, but she still maintained her smile and hid her items behind her. Elder sister, why are you outside?

Lin Yufan cast a cold glance at Lin Yurou, What’s that in your hand?

Although Lin Yurou was somewhat afraid of Lin Yufan in her heart, she was still a little girl and was used to being competitive in front of Lin Yufan. Moreover, the items in her hands really satisfied her vanity.

Therefore, Lin Yurou held out the two magic treasures and two bottles of medicinal pills in her hand and smiled from ear to ear. She replied sweetly, Elder sister, this is a gift from Senior Martial Brother Qiying.

Lin Yufan responded coolly, You don’t get a reward if it’s not deserved. Do you have no qualms about taking other people’s gifts? You’d better return these things back to Senior Martial Brother Du.”

Du Qiying cut in with a dark expression, I have no reasons to take back what I’ve gifted out.

Lin Yurou stated flatly, If that’s the case, then how much is this in total? You should think of some way to return it to Senior Martial Brother Du.

Lin Yufan thought to himself,So she has already changed her way of addressing Senior Martial Brother Qiying. It seems that Du Qiying has really deceived Lin Yurou a lot this month.

Lin Yurou’s expression suddenly looked a little ugly.

With a smile on his face, Du Qiying explained, Junior Martial Sister Yufan, what you said is unpleasant. Yurou is both my junior martial sister from the same sect and also a kindred spirit. Today I went down the mountain to purchase goods and happened to run into Junior Martial Sister, so I naturally wanted to give some meeting gifts as a gesture of goodwill.”

Lin Yufan looked at the brand-new hair accessories on Lin Yurous head and couldn’t help sneering in his heart. Senior Martial Brother Du, one who is unreasonably solicitous is hiding evil intentions. You went down the mountain to buy goods. What did Lin Yurou come down for? You guys ‘just so happened’ to bump into each other? Lin Yurou, dont forget that you are a girl. Senior Martial Brother Du is a man who has a fiance, not one you can boldly covet.”

Lin Yurou and Du Qiying were humiliated by Lin Yufan, who spared no consideration of their reputations. Their expressions turned a mixture of green and white, which looked very beautiful.

Du Qiying said angrily, In your heart, am I such a vile person who is either a rapist or a thief? You are using a petty person’s heart to measure a gentleman’s generosity!

Lin Yufan leisurely replied, I dont deny that I am a petty person, but you are no gentleman. If you want to pretend to be a gentleman, at the very least, you shouldn’t be lustful. I used to have a good impression of Senior Martial Brother Du, but your actions have aroused my suspicion. There are eyes everywhere, Senior Martial Brother Du should conduct oneself well.

Du Qiying was full of anger. He originally thought that Lin Yufan was very beautiful and unique, so he wanted to seduce her into his harem and use her. However, he didnt expect that after this confrontation, he realised that Lin Yufan was actually such an inconsiderate person who was really difficult to deal with and wasn’t afraid of death!

Du Qiying’s mood dissipated all of a sudden, as he no longer held even an ounce of tender feelings for the fairer sex with regards to Lin Yufan.

Du Qiying stared at Lin Yufan with a sullen face, You actually dare to lecture me?

Lin Yufan felt that Du Qiying was rather quick to lose his cool and couldn’t even be compared with Tong Le, who was close by.

He slightly curled up his lips with some obvious disdain, How can that be? I’m not your mother; what responsibility do I have, for me to waste my time lecturing you?

You Du Qiying was infuriated.

When Tong Le saw that Du Qiying wanted to hit a woman, he stepped forward to ease the atmosphere, Senior Martial Brother, dont argue with women. We still have other things to do. Let’s deal with them first.

Du Qiying saw many passers-by looking this way, so he repressed his anger with his last remaining bit of rationality. He gritted his teeth, Wait till we get back to the sect. We will talk about everything then.

Lin Yufan nodded. Senior Martial Brother, take care. Lin Yurou, go back together with me.

Lin Yurou paused, I went down the mountain together with my senior martial brother. Why should I go back with you?

Lin Yufan looked at Du Qiying intensely, Happened to bump into each at the foot of the mountain by chance, huh? If you want to tell a lie, why dont you coordinate your stories beforehand?

Du Qiying’s lie was exposed in public, so he was humiliated for a while. Yet the person who revealed his lie was none other than Lin Yurou. Du Qiying couldn’t help but complain that Lin Yurou had no brain.

Lin Yurous expression changed. Just as she wanted to explain and fix the situation, she heard Lin Yufan’s words, Im going to visit my family these two days. If you want your father to know that you are close with a man who has a fiance and that you’re coveting other peoples things”

I didnt! Lin Yu angrily denied and her small face reddened.

It’s best if you didn’t. Lin Yufan expressionlessly replied. What are you doing, still following Senior Martial Brother? Why aren’t you returning the items?

Not long ago, Lin Yurou had also encountered a similar situation and had lost a lot of face in public. Moreover, Du Qiying had helped her everywhere these days and was also gentle and generous, plus he held a high position on Broken Sword Peak. This made it very hard for Lin Yurou to not be moved by Du Qiying.

Being humiliated in front of someone she liked, Lin Yurous eyes turned red and was on the verge of crying.

Tong Le thought,This Lin Yufan truly is a rose with thorns, very prickly. I’m glad that I haven’t done anything to offend Lin Yufan.

Du Qiying’s expression immediately darkened, Lin Yufan, you’re trying to control too much.”

Lin Yufan cast him a sidelong glance, I’m taking care of my sister. It’s not like I’m trying to control you.

Du Qiying,

Since this was out of his jurisdiction, it would not be his place to say anything. Hence, he really had nothing to say.

Lin Yurou saw Du Qiyings expression getting worse and feared that Lin Yufan would say something else that Du Qiying didnt want to hear, so she hurriedly told Du Qiying, Senior Martial Brother Qiying, Id like to say a few words to my elder sister first. You and Senior Martial Brother Tong should go shopping first. I’ll see you at the sect.

Du Qiying was eager for an excuse to get out of this embarrassing situation and stay far away from Lin Yufan, this inconsiderate woman. He nodded, Ill go first. You keep the things. Since I have given them to you, there is no reason to take them back again. After he finished saying that, Du Qiying pulled Tong Le and left before Lin Yufan could say any more shocking words.

Lin Yurou frowned, Elder Sister, Senior Martial Brother Qiying was kind enough to help me. You’re deliberately making trouble out of nothing!

Lin Yufan sneered, Help you with what? Help you become an inner-door disciple?

Lin Yurous eyes turned slightly. With one glance, people could tell that Lin Yufan had guessed correctly.

However, Lin Yurou whispered, Since when was it so easy for anyone to become an inner-door disciple?

Lin Yufan continued to chuckle coldly. If he really wants to help you enter Broken Sword Peak’s inner door, it’s not impossible.

Lin Yurous face was brimming with excitement, but that was immediately doused by Lin Yufan’s next words.

But, why should he help you? Because of your good looks? Or is it because you have the talent worthy of his help? Lin Yufan spoke bluntly, leaving no face at all, and was especially callous. If you didn’t have the same surname as the young master, lets see if Du Qiying will give you a second look! If you are deceived by such a small favor, then your parents will truly have raised you for 20 years in vain!

Lin Yurou was utterly humiliated and her face seemed to be on fire, burning with pain.

However, Lin Yurou didn’t believe that Lin Yufan’s words were for her own good but maliciously speculated on Lin Yufans intentions. She had always been better than Lin Yufan everywhere. The matter of Lin Yufan being an inner-door disciple was one of the few things that Lin Yufan had been able to hold above her in all these years, which made Lin Yurou hate him to death.

Lin Yurou raised her head and glared at Lin Yufan, who was one head taller than her. She gnashed her teeth, Lin Yufan, don’t tell me you’re jealous that I have someone who likes me? No one likes your eccentric temperament. You had it coming. I dont need your fake kindness nosing into my affairs!

Lin Yufan looked at Lin Yurou like he was looking at an idiot. I dont have any kindness for you. However, if you dare to do anything behind our backs, even if I don’t deal with you, the young master will never let you go easily. You’re on your own.”

After he said that, Lin Yufan walked around Lin Yurou and headed for the front.

Lin Yurou stamped her feet with hatred, a ferocious expression on her face. She looked like she couldn’t wait to gnaw Lin Yufan to death.

Du Qiying stormed towards the sect gate. He didn’t even want to buy anything anymore.

Tong Les heart was also full of gloom. Recently, he had finally managed to coax Du Qiying into a good mood after much difficulty, and Du Qiying promised to bring him today to buy a forged engraving pen that Tong Le had taken a fancy to for a long time. Unexpectedly, they met Lin Yufan just after buying Lin Yurou what she wanted.

Looking at Du Qiying being like this, he was definitely not in the mood to continue shopping today. Tong Le also didn’t dare to callously say anything that Du Qiying didnt want to hear at this time. He could only silently follow Du Qiying and return to the sect together.

For Tong Le, he got nothing out of this trip. When it came to the two Lin family sisters, Lin Yufan and Lin Yurou, it could be said that he had a lot of opinions about them.

Returning to his room, Du Qiying violently slammed the door.

Tong Le came over, Why are you wasting your energy being angry about that kind of person? Lin Yufan is no more than a small plaything that just entered the inner door.

Du Qiying was extremely furious, What do you know? Do you think that Lin Yufan represented herself today? Lin Yufan is someone whom Lin Xuanzhi used his quota to directly send through the sect’s inner door. She should be Lin Xuanzhis supporter. She actually dared to treat me with such an attitude. Damn it. It must be Lin Xuanzhi who’s encouraging her to do that in the dark.

Tong Les eyes flashed with a bright light. He thought for a moment, There is some truth in what you said. Say, when Lin Yufan went down the mountain today, who did she meet and what did she do?

Du Qiying repressed some anger. How do I know? Every disciple has the chance to go down the mountain three times a month. There are many things they can do.

Recently, Lin Xuanzhi has been enjoying the limelight.

Du Qiying looked displeased. He spoke with lowered eyes, He’s always been good at taking the limelight. Of all times that he could have chosen to advance his cultivation level, he just had to choose this time when the sect will be holding its once-every-three-years entrance exam. He even caused such a big ruckus who knows if he deliberately used some methods to create that ruckus.”

Tong Le nodded, pandering to Du Qiying, Yeah, that lightning tribulation had been circling for an entire month and didn’t ever strike once. Besides, how can he attract a lightning tribulation if he hasn’t even reached Profound Realm? It must have been some kind of trick to make the new disciples who dont understand anything look at Sinking Sword Peak with special respect.

When he mentioned this, Du Qiyings mood became even worse.

Thanks to Lin Xuanzhi, many of the disciples who participated in the sect entrance examination all saw that scene and decided to enter Sinking Sword Peak to cultivate, one after another. This led to the fact that, although Broken Sword Peak didn’t accept any utterly worthless disciples, it wasn’t able to acquire any top-notch geniuses from the batch of new disciples this year either.

Especially Jian Yunxi and Liu Zhaoyue, these two reclusive family disciples, Du Qiying had heard that they had shamelessly followed Lin Xuanzhi as his pages.