Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 336

Chapter 336

Chapter 336

Of course, rumors needed to be investigated for accuracy, but the fact that both Jian and Liu were on Sinking Sword Peak right now was an undeniable truth.

This undoubtedly made Broken Sword Peak lose face. Daoist Yi Dao was very dissatisfied and even took his anger out on Du Qiying by scolding him. He also compared Du Qiying with Lin Xuanzhi and sighed regretfully about how he shouldn’t have wronged Lin Xuanzhi back then. This made Du Qiying resent Lin Xuanzhi even more. The more Du Qiying thought about it, the more he felt that Lin Xuanzhi did something to deliberately attract the lightning tribulation. He couldn’t help but ask in suspicion, However, how can this lightning tribulation be faked?

Tong Le explained with great confidence, As long as there’s a special magic tool to attract lightning, the phenomenon can naturally be faked, which is not difficult. Its just that such a magic tool is not easy to find, and I’ve never seen it before either. However, Im not surprised at all that he has this kind of magic treasure on hand, since Sinking Sword Peak’s Esteemed Lan Yue is shrouded in mystery.

Du Qiying was tempted. Since Lin Xuanzhi was able to fake this kind of astronomical phenomenon, then he could too. Du Qiyings vanity was at work and he had to compete with Lin Xuanzhi on everything. Now that Lin Xuanzhis reputation in Profound Sky Sect was rising with the tides, Du Qiying was envious and jealous whenever he saw it. If he could also create this kind of anomaly of heaven and earth..

With this in mind, Du Qiying narrowed his eyes, Can you find such a magic tool that attracts lightning?

Tong Les eyelids moved. I’m afraid that this will not be easy to find.

Du Qiying’s expression darkened. You must find it for me, even if it’s difficult. If Lin Xuanzhi can obtain it, then why can’t I get it?

In his heart, he wholeheartedly believed that the astronomical phenomenon Lin Xuanzhi attracted was simply the result of cheating.

Tong Le was somewhat helpless, Actually, there’s no need to attract this kind of celestial phenomenon

How can it not be necessary? Du Qiying frowned as he gruffly refuted, You didnt see how those disciples praised Lin Xuanzhi right to my face. To begin with, they believed that I snatched my Young Peak Master position from Lin Xuanzhi’s hands. They can’t wait to see me become a laughingstock all day long, damn it!

Tong Le was startled by Du Qiyings ferocious expression. He thought,For Du Qiying, Lin Xuanzhi has probably already become his obsession, the obstacle blocking his cultivation path,while simultaneously nodding repeatedly, Ill ask around for you. I think my master should know about it.”

Du Qiying took a deep breath and gazed at Tong Le patiently. Lele, I am in a difficult situation now. If I am pushed out by Lin Xuanzhi in Sky Peak Sect’s internal recommendation three years later, then my face will be completely lost!

Tong Le frowned slightly, Isnt there a rumor that Sky Peak Sect’s internal recommendation allows the celestial-level sects to directly recommend their young peak masters?

Du Qiyings eyes sank. Although there is such a rumor, no one can lower their guard before the dust has completely settled. Lin Xuanzhi has always been good at putting on an act. Moreover, none of Esteemed Lan Yue’s core disciples are easy to deal with. Perhaps they will try to acquire a quota for Lin Xuanzhi when the time comes.

Tong Le was also tempted.

The number of spots reserved for entering Sky Peak Sect through internal recommendations was extremely precious. There were only five spots in ten years. Under normal circumstances, one was reserved for Thousand Hammer Peak, one for Hundred Refinement Peak, and one for each of the other three peaks as well. They were all selected through an internal sect competition.

Sky Peak Sect had extremely high requirements and adhered strictly to the rules. It would never give out more spots at all. If Lin Xuanzhi took up one more spot, that meant one less spot for the others.

And the spot that Lin Xuanzhi would occupy was likely to be Thousand Hammer Peak’s because, at the same time, Lin Xuanzhi was also a craftsman recognized by many people.

When Tong Le thought of this, he suddenly broke out into a cold sweat. How come he didn’t have even an ounce of awareness about this impending crisis before? He just thought that because he had already become the young peak master of Thousand Hammer Peak, he could rest easy knowing that the internal recommendation spot was inevitably his.

If the spot was actually given to Lin Xuanzhi, then it wouldn’t be Du Qiying who’d lose face, but Tong Le himself!

That won’t do. Within these three years, he must find a way to completely suppress Lin Xuanzhi. It would be best if he became a good-for-nothing!

Tong Le and Du Qiying were birds of a feather who hit it off right away. Each of them began to try their best to make trouble for Lin Xuanzhi.

Du Qiying saw that Tong Le seemed to have figured out the implications, so he calmly asked, And that Zhige sword, do you have any idea on how to refine it?

Tong Les eyes narrowed slightly, I’ve already found a way to seal up what little sword soul the Zhige sword has nurtured over the years. I only need a few magic tools. When I find all these magic tools, I will completely seal this Zhige sword.

Du Qiying nodded with satisfaction, Hurry up, or else I’m afraid complications will arise if Lin Xuanzhi is allowed to recover.

Tong Le nodded. Dont worry, as long as we dont let others know that the Zhige sword is in our hands, Lin Xuanzhi will not dare to snatch it openly even if his heart is itching to do so.

Du Qiying snorted coldly, but his mood became a lot better.


After Lin Xuanzhi finished dealing with matters down the mountain, he gave a few instructions to Qing Zhu and returned directly to Profound Sky Sect. He came to the edge of the dense fog forest on the summit of Broken Sword Peak and took out the illusion-breaking bead that Yan Tianhen received from Esteemed Huai Yu, which allowed one to walk freely in the fog illusion. He came to Esteemed Huai Yus territory unimpeded.

Esteemed Huai Yu had sensed that Lin Xuanzhi had come as soon as Lin Xuanzhi appeared outside the illusion barrier. He was currently sitting on a tree with a spiritual fruit in his hand, happily munching it.

Lin Xuanzhi came over with a salute, Martial Uncle.

Esteemed Huai Yu glanced at him, Here to find Ah Hen?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Wheres Ah Hen?

Secluded cultivation.

Lin Xuanzhi calmly looked at Esteemed Huai Yu.

Esteemed Huai Yu gave atsk, Why, dont believe me? But he really did enter closed-door cultivation. He’s in the secret chamber behind the mountain. If you dont believe me, you can go outside and have a look.

Lin Xuanzhi followed the direction Esteemed Huai Yu pointed to and looked at the prominent mountain behind the spiritual plant fields. In that case, Ill take a look.”

Esteemed Huai Yu saw that Lin Xuanzhi really did start walking towards there and couldn’t help being somewhat speechless.This boy actually didnt believe his words. He’s really trying to measure the depth of a gentleman’s generosity with a petty person’s heart.

In Lin Xuanzhis heart, Esteemed Huai Yu was not very reliable. For one thing, he had been exploited by Esteemed Huai Yu and had to give him lots of things. Naturally, he held a little grudge towards him. For another thing, in Lin Xuanzhis eyes, Esteemed Huai Yu had both an air of unspeakable mystery about him, as well as the willfulness of a spoiled child. The combination of these two was very contradictory, so he couldn’t see through Esteemed Huai Yu at all. Therefore, he only believed half of Esteemed Huai Yu’s words.

Lin Xuanzhi came to the secret chamber at the back of the mountain and sensed the spiritual Qi gathered inside. He couldn’t help being somewhat surprised and also feeling uncontrollable gratification. He only turned back and returned via his original path after standing at the door for quite a while.

Returning to Esteemed Huai Yu, Lin Xuanzhi politely spoke, Since Ah Hen is in closed-door cultivation, then I will not disturb him anymore. Goodbye.

Esteemed Huai Yu paused, then jumped down from the tree and blocked Lin Xuanzhis way, He’s in closed-door cultivation, but you’re not staying beside him to accompany him in secluded cultivation, and you’re actually leaving just like that?

Lin Xuanzhi also looked puzzled. When he’s in secluded cultivation, I can’t disturb him. Why can’t I leave?

Esteemed Huai Yu’s expression was dark. Brat, you really lack kindness. When you were in closed-door cultivation, Ah Hen bitterly waited for a month outside Fierce Gale Cliff. He was so worried that he couldn’t even eat or drink anything. How come when it came to your turn, it became this indifferent appearance?

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, You cant say that. It’s not that I dont care about him, but I know that when he is refining pills, nothing bad will happen.

Esteemed Huai Yu asked unhappily, How do you know nothing will happen?

I have confidence in the magic treasure I refined.

I heard that you also refined the magic treasure Ah Hen used when he previously blew up the furnace?

Lin Xuanzhi,

That was an accident.

Lin Xuanzhi stared at Esteemed Huai Yu with a deep gaze. With Martial Uncle watching out for Ah Hen, it can’t be that you’ll just stand by and watch Ah Hen encounter an accident?

Esteemed Huai Yu,

It seems quite reasonable when you put it like that!

But though it was reasonable, that didn’t mean that Huai Yu could accept such an excuse!

Esteemed Huai Yu uttered fiercely, Try leaving if you dare!

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes slightly. Since Martial Uncle invited me to stay, then naturally, it will be impolite to refuse. However, is there a suitable place for me to live?

Esteemed Huai Yu, “.”How did it change to him inviting Lin Xuanzhi? This feeling of having the initiative fall into others’ hands is really too uncomfortable!

Esteemed Huai Yu looked at Lin Xuanzhi’s expression, which had a little smile and seemed like it harbored ill intentions no matter how he looked at it, and suddenly felt pained, as though he had invited the wolf into the house.

Therefore, Lin Xuanzhi did not leave.

He lived in Yan Tianhen’s small bamboo house at the summit of Broken Sword Peak, and in order to offset the rent, he also took care of Esteemed Huai Yu’s three meals every day.

For Lin Xuanzhi, going to the opposite mountain peak to hunt was not a difficult thing. After being reborn, he held no notion of “one’s five fingers shouldn’t touch the Yang spring water” and “a nobleman stays clear of the kitchen”. Therefore, cooking food every day was quite convenient and he even seemed to have a feeling of joy.

Lin Xuanzhi seldom barbecued the meat directly in a simple and crude manner. He preferred to stew soup. After Esteemed Huai Yu ate it, he showed his satisfaction with Lin Xuanzhis skills through the increase in his appetite.

Lin Xuanzhi would walk to the secret chamber at the back of the mountain every day. Although he couldn’t see Yan Tianhen, it was also good to be able to feel his aura.

Lin Xuanzhi was not idle either. Apart from serving Esteemed Huai Yu and satisfying his various reasonable or unreasonable demands every day, he spent the rest of his time practicing the sword.

Lin Xuanzhi practicedBasic Sword Techniquesmost of the time, but whenever he went hunting on the adjacent summit, he practiced Teal Lotus Nine Stylesinstead.

Lin Xuanzhi could vaguely sense that somewhere in his sea of consciousness, in a place that he couldn’t find right now, there was the inheritance of thisTeal Lotus Nine Styles, but he never had that feeling again ever since he advanced his cultivation level and faintly touch a corner of the manual. Fortunately, even if that was the case, it was still enough for him to take the first style’s three transformations and nine moves to a new level.

Lin Xuanzhi felt that the Teal Lotus Nine Styles was practically tailor-made for him. This set of sword techniques seemed to be elegant, valiant, and efficient, but in reality, blades were hidden within the cotton, and the moves were closely liked with one another. Every move and every style was aimed at directly taking human life; there was no unnecessary and useless showmanship involved.

Its just that ever since he found out that the Teal Lotus Nine Styles came from the Nine Lands’ Xuan clan, whenever Lin Xuanzhi practiced the sword, he couldnt stop himself from pondering.

For example, why did his dad steal theTeal Lotus Nine Styles?

For example, exactly what is the man’s position in the Xuan clan and what kind of person is he?

For examplesomeone like Lin Zhan, who loved his family he clearly knew that he was pregnant but had left so decisively exactly what happened to him?

Although he knew that it was useless to think much and that it was a waste of time, Lin Xuanzhi still couldn’t stop himself from thinking about these.

After all, this was about his dad!

The more Lin Xuanzhi thought about it, the more he felt that Lin Zhan was in a bleak situation. He couldnt wait to improve his cultivation and rush out of the Five Continents.

Yan Tianhen originally planned to leave secluded cultivation in ten days but did not expect that he would completely forget himself when practicing alchemy. It actually took him two entire months to leave the secret chamber.

During this period, Lin Xuanzhi had left Broken Sword Peak several times and returned several times.

However, the last time Lin Xuanzhi left was 10 days ago and he had not returned yet.

The first thing Yan Tianhen did when he left closed-door cultivation was to find his eldest brother.

Teacher, where is my Dage? Yan Tianhen looked at Esteemed Huai Yu eagerly as he asked.

Rose:gasp! Where’s Dage?Preparing vinegar for HY.