Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 342

Chapter 342

Chapter 342

This escalating price war went on for half a month. Shi Yongtai suddenly noticed that Yongtai Manor had actually been losing a lot of money, and even the stock of spiritual herbs was almost consumed.

But, it was already late.

After Yin Yang Studio passed its first half-month of opening discounts, the price of spiritual herbs returned to normal. Shi Yongtai didn’t know where they got so many spiritual herbs, but they still had enough supply to meet the demand. However, the situation in Yongtai Manor was a bit bad. Not only was there a lot of debt, but Shi Yongtai was also invited over by the Merchant Alliance elders to ““have“.

The reason was very simple. Lin Xuanzhi’s shop had only recently opened so it was alright for them to discount their prices to attract customers. However, Shi Yongtai, why did you meddle in this matter? Are you not disturbing the normal price order of spiritual herbs in Profound City? Shi Yongtai knew the reason but couldn’t explain it clearly and could only say that Lin Xuanzhi was selling the same spiritual herbs as him, which was obviously targeting him. However, how could the elders of the Merchant Alliance, who had been bribed with some of Lin Xuanzhis magic treasures and also greeted by Su Mo and the Yuan family in advance, stand on Shi Yongtais side to speak for him?

These elders not only turned a deaf ear to Shi Yongtai, but some of them also sneered at him and said that if he thought about how Yongtai Manor came into being, he would know that Lin Xuanzhis behavior was already quite kind.

Shi Yongtai was ridiculed to the point of wanting to angrily spit out blood. He left the Merchant Alliance with hatred, no longer wanting to make a fool of himself.

He wanted to find several other spiritual herbs shops and join forces to exclude Lin Xuanzhi, but he didn’t expect that they were not affected by Yin Yang Studios crazy discount. The reason for this was simply because, besides a couple of Yin Yang Studios spiritual herbs, which had produced varieties that coincided with the other shops’ goods, the rest of the herbs almost perfectly avoided those shops’ selections!

So those spiritual herbs shops were not affected at all.

How was this possible?!

Shi Yongtai refused to be misled by hearsay and went to other spiritual herbs shops. Suddenly, he found that his Yongtai Manor and the spiritual herbs sold in other shops were actually different.

It had to be said that in this world, there were many kinds of spiritual herbs, more than tens of thousands of them. In addition to the most common and basic types, the vast majority of spiritual herbs in every shop were not the same. However, when Shi Yongtai worked with Lin Zhan before, the spiritual herbs were directly obtained by Lin Zhan so he only recognized those few.

After that, he went to work alone, and the spiritual herbs were brought over by the two Houtu elders. Shi Yongtai himself had no source of goods. He would accept whatever others gave him.

However, the varieties and qualities of these spiritual herbs obtained by those Houtu elders were no different than those of Lin Zhan’s.

After Lin Xuanzhi understood this, he couldnt help but laugh.

It turned out that the vast majority of spiritual herbs produced by Lin Zhan were consistent with the spiritual herbs planted in the Lin family’s own spiritual plant fields. It was probably because he had thought of the possibility of his own spiritual herb fields being targeted before that most of the herbs planted in his private fields were of these kinds.

When the Houtu elders took over Lin Zhan’s spiritual plant fields, the varieties growing in there were naturally of those types. In the end, they had just gone around in a circle Serene Herb Manor had only changed its name, but the core had not changed at all.

After Lin Xuanzhi learned about this matter, he asked Yuan Tianwen to help him get some high quality spiritual herbs of the same kind. Then he let his current head of the inner courtyard, Ji Lanjun, supply the spiritual herbs in Yin Yang Studio with all of the spiritual plants from the Lin family’s field.

Many of the Lin family’s spiritual plants were for their own use, so they naturally wouldn’t be lax on the quality. As a result, Shi Yongtai was besieged and caught off guard.

However, this wasn’t the heaviest blow for Shi Yongtai. It was when the two Houtu elders suddenly told him that the cooperation between them had come to an end, so Shi Yongtai must take care of himself in the future.

Shi Yongtai had no time to retain them before the two disappeared without a trace.

Shi Yongtai suddenly suffered a great blow as he no longer had a supply of goods in hand. In the past two years, he relied heavily on the two Houtu elders and the mysterious master behind them. Shi Yongtai thought that he could rest easy, but he didnt expect that a crisis had long been suspended over his head.

These days, Shi Yongtai was frantically looking for sources of goods. However, the price he gave was not high enough, and the other party was not familiar with him. Naturally, they would not easily sell spiritual herbs to him.

Shi Yongtai’s life was very difficult these days.

Later on, Shi Yongtai happened to see the two Houtu elders following Qing Zhu, and believed that Lin Xuanzhi had been planning to take him down behind his back by poaching his people. He suddenly wanted to kill Lin Xuanzhi to vent his anger.

Shi Yongtai spent a lot of money and hired six killers who were wanted by several large families for committing major crimes.

Shi Yongtai’s eyes were red as he bitterly ordered the several people behind him, Go and kill Lin Xuanzhi and chop him into minced meat!

A fierce-looking killer with a scar on his face cut in, Earlier, you said that Lin Xuanzhi was only at the first layer of the Hardened Body Stage.

Shi Yongtai froze, He’s merely added two layers. He hasnt reached Primary Realm yet.

The killer sneered, You cant say that. Dont think that my brothers didnt travel through the East Continent before and don’t know anything about the situation here. When Lin Xuanzhi was in Sky Peak City, he was favored by many families because of his skill in crafting weapons. Now he has returned to Profound Sky Sect and has restored his sword cultivation. He even jumped two levels at once. Such talent and luck are formidable and outrageous.

Shi Yongtai had a dark expression as he glared at the killer severely and asked, What are you saying? Because it’s difficult, you wont do this business?

We’re willing to do it. As long as you give us money, we can kill even the King of Heaven. The killer smiled grimly, Its just that the price is not the same as the original one.

Shi Yongtai suppressed his anger and endured, How much do you want?

Three times, declared the killer.

Shi Yongtai nearly jumped to his feet, You’re demanding a lion’s share!”

Another killer looked at him coldly, If you dont want to, then forget it.

Shi Yongtai contained his temper once more and thought,It’s not easy for him to hire another killer to assassinate Lin Xuanzhi now. Whats more, he had already spent a lot of energy and money to find these people. He had already spent a lot of money in the early stage, he couldn’t end the contract with them now. If he did that, wouldn’t he be harming himself?

As a result, Shi Yongtai had to gather his resolve and swallow blood, Okay, three times is three times, but I want to see Lin Xuanzhis head fall to the ground as soon as possible!

The killer showed a satisfied expression, and his eyes flashed sinisterly, Boss Shi is so frank. Dont worry, Ill grant your request as soon as possible.”

Lin Xuanzhi returned to the courtyard with Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen took out the two grass-swallowing worms and placed them on his hand to observe carefully.

The shape of a grass-swallowing worm looked like a snail without a shell. It was soft and had a pair of antennas on its head that would shrink back when touched lightly, and the size of the worm was only a finger thick. Even if it grew up, it would not exceed the thickness of two fingers. Yan Tianhen was a little worried, Dage, these two grass-swallowing worms have to deal with a whole land of weeds. They may not be able to cope with it.

Lin xuanzhi looked at the worms, We might as well try and see how long the worms can live in the soul plate.”

In the courtyard, Ling Chigu was the only one who looked after the house and guarded the courtyard. Qing Zhu had not been found since he learned that Liu Mengchen was playing tricks in the dark. According to Lin Xuanzhi’s instructions, Qing Zhu had to send messages to him through the Voice Transmission Bell every day so that Lin Xuanzhi could make sure that the other party was safe.

As for Feng Jingyu, he was sent by Lin Xuanzhi to guide Lin Yufan and was not in the other courtyard right now.

Yan Tianhen was at ease and boldly entered the soul plate.

Lin Xuanzhi also entered, holding Yan Tianhen on his sword suspended in mid-air.

At this point, it was already dark in the soul plate. An eerie violet moon hung in the sky. It looked huge, and the light it emitted illuminated the entire piece of land.

As soon as the two grass-swallowing worms landed on the soil, they moved around slowly at first as if they were lacking energy. Then, as if they found something, they suddenly raised the front of their bodies and began to drill into the soil at a fast speed.

There was only the sound ofkachi, kachi, kachicoming from the ground as the weeds began to be devoured by the roots and fell to the ground one by one, sprawling all over the floor.

Yan Tianhen looked at these weeds that were being pulled much faster than he could do it and was immediately dumbfounded. How is this possible? Grass-swallowing worms dont have such a fast speed at all! Are the weeds that edible?

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the growing number of weeds lying on the ground with satisfaction, It is better to say that the grass-swallowing worms themselves eat the root system of weeds for a living. Besides, the weeds in the soul plate are not comparable to those outside. Even the weeds have absorbed the aura of heaven and earth and the essence of forged stones. These two grass-swallowing worms will not be the same for a long time. When they saw the benefits, they started to absorb them desperately.

Yan Tianhen was pleased to see the two grass-swallowing worms drilling into the soil with very strong fighting power. He said with a little worry, But Dage, do you think these two grass-swallowing worms will absorb too much to the point of deathah?

Lin Xuanzhi hesitated. Its possible.

The two immediately looked at each other.

Yan Tianhen suggested, Why dont we catch them first, put them in their casings, and then release them when necessary?”

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a moment, Wait a moment. According to the consistent characteristics of grass-swallowing worms, once they absorb too much spiritual Qi, they will disperse the indigestible spirit by giving birth to the next generation of grass-swallowing worms.

Yan Tianhen was stunned, Dage, do you mean you want them to have babies here?

Lin Xuanzhi replied, Two grass-swallowing worms are still too few.”

Now that they could see the size of the soul plate, it was about ten acres of land which was definitely not a small number. What’s more, because of the large area of weeds, even if the speed of the grass-swallowing worms was fast, it was still impossible to be faster than the growth rate of the weeds.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t care about these weeds in the soul plate in his previous life. After all, as his cultivation improved, the soul plate also gradually expanded. All kinds of mountains and rivers appeared, just like a real paradise, so Lin Xuanzhi did not put the initial weeds in his eyes.

Lin Xuanzhi had also tried to empty the weeds, but he later found that even if he took the weeds by the root, they still grew back every once in a while, so he no longer paid it any attention.

However, at present, his cultivation was still in the Hardened Body stage, and he could only open up such a small amount of soul space. Moreover, he wanted Yan Tianhen to use this space, so he had to find a way to make these weeds disappear.

Grass-swallowing worms could completely replace human laborers. However, they were expensive and had a short life span. Lin Xuanzhi had thought of cultivating grass-swallowing worms in his soul plate. Although it could fail, causing the death of the two grass-swallowing worms that could have devoured all the weeds, Lin Xuanzhi was still willing to give it a try.

Although Yan Tianhen felt uneasy, his trust in Lin Xuanzhi occupied a very high spot. He secretly watched two joyous grass-swallowing worms for a while and followed Lin Xuanzhi out.

The soul plate clamored at Lin Xuanzhi for forged stones, and since Lin Xuanzhi had prepared in advance with hundreds of forged stones, he threw them to the soul plate. Only then did the soul plate close his mouth.

After Yan Tianhen came out, he asked, Dage, didnt you say before that there was a wisp of a soul in the soul plate? Why haven’t I seen him inside?

Lin Xuanzhi answered, Because he’s shy.

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