Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 346

Chapter 346

Chapter 346

I was forced by my master. Yan Tianhen sighed, He runs outside almost every day, leaving me behind to watch his home on the summit. If I cant learn this set of arrays allowing one to enter or leave, Im afraid Ill either be suffocated to death on the summit, or I wont be able to enter again once I’ve stepped out of this array.

Yuan Tianwen chuckled, It seems that strict teachers produce brilliant students. Sometimes it does seem necessary to apply some pressure.

Yan Tianhen,

He didn’t want to be pressured at all.

Yuan Tianwen changed the subject, I visited you today because I have something urgent to discuss.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, If you can spare time to find me, then it must be a matter of urgency. Otherwise, you’d still be clinging to Yuyang right now.

Yuan Tianwen smiled. It can’t help it, who let Yangyang be unable to leave me?

Yan Tianhen felt that he had been flexed on by Yuan Tianwen.

Yuan Tianwen didn’t waste time either and got straight to the point, The medicinal pills that Ah Hen asked me to auction a few days ago have already been auctioned out. As soon as these Hardened Body Pills appeared, the bidders were eagerly snatching them up. Afterwards, many people had been asking me persistently where these medicinal pills came from.

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes slightly, You didnt tell them, did you?

Yuan Tianwen replied, Naturally. I’m not a careless person. Moreover, I’ve also told you about this matter before. Since you believe that it’s better to not let Ah Hen be exposed to people, of course I’ll pay more attention to that.”

Yan Tianhen stared at Yuan Tianwen eagerly. He cared little about whether he had been exposed or not, but what he truly cared about was how much money he made.

Yuan Tianwen handed Yan Tianhen a treasure card, Four top-grade Hardened Body Pills. Ten high-grade Hardened Body Pills, a total of 8 million gold.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help gasping and feeling that his hands were very heavy. What did you say the total was?

Lin Xuanzhi was also slightly surprised, Eight million gold is a much higher price than I expected.

Yuan Tianwens family also ran auctions as a business, so he naturally understood the market better than Lin Xuanzhi.

Generally speaking, Hardened Body Pills wouldn’t be able to sell at this price, but then again, top-grade Hardened Body Pills are extremely rare. As such, being auctioned at any price is still possible. It all depends on how much the bidder values this medicinal pill.”

Yuan Tianwen curled his lips slightly, Obviously, the bidders this time care very much about these pills, and I also used some small tricks to auction off all these pills together, so the price was higher.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. Thank you very much. Of this money, you guys should take a share.

Yuan Tianwen waved his hand, That won’t be necessary. Ah Hen is family; let’s not keep such a clear account.”

Yan Tianhen frowned, How can this be? As the saying goes, brothers should clearly settle accounts between them. You guys worked hard. In the future, there will be more opportunities for me to give you medicinal pills to auction off. If you do this every time, I will feel uneasy.

Yuan Tianwens eyes were warm as he smiled, Of the two medicinal pills you gave Yangyang, one is a top-grade Foundation Pill, and the other is a top-grade Hardened Body Pill; these are already priceless. If I take another share, then I will be the one who feels uneasy. As for the future, we can discuss it later.”

Yan Tianhen still wanted to explain something, but Lin Xuanzhi patted him on the back, so he swallowed those words.

Yuan Tianwen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, then at Yan Tianhen, Someone from the Alchemist Alliance approached me to inquire about the alchemist who refined this. They believe that such a high-quality alchemist should be absorbed into the Alchemist Alliance as soon as possible to benefit the entire Five Continents’ cultivators. What do you two think?

Lin Xuanzhi responded, I think that Ah Hen is still too young to take on such important responsibilities. Well consider again when he’s older.

Yuan Tianwen nodded, I told them that a masked senior with a gruff voice gave me these pills and that I’m afraid he was a rogue cultivator who doesn’t leave his abode easily. I was barely able to fool those people from the Alchemist Alliance.”

Although the Alchemist Alliance’s reputation had always been good, it was still hard to guarantee that there wouldn’t be those kinds of envious fellows who loved to sabotage others. If a tree is taller than the forest, then the wind will certainly destroy it. With Yan Tianhen’s intention of simply making money rather than becoming famous, having him hide behind the scenes would be the safest option.

Lin Xuanzhi was very satisfied. That explanation is also good. Those Alchemist Alliance people will not dare to casually have any ideas about Ah Hen again. After all, rogue cultivators are known for their bad tempers. Its just that your Yuan family will be troubled.

In order to protect the identity of such a universally shocking alchemist, the Yuan family would have to expend a great deal of effort, and these actions would all take place behind the scenes.

Yuan Tianwen was unconcerned. Speaking of which, my Yuan family is still benefiting from Ah Hen. Now everyone knows that my Yuan family has connections with an alchemist who can refine 14 Hardened Body Pills in one sitting. Many families have become restless lately, showing kindness to my Yuan family one after another. My dad has also taken the opportunity to seek many benefits.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help grinning, Truly, Uncle Mo never forgets to do business, no matter the situation.

Lin Xuanzhi also laughed, Indeed, Uncle Mo is very incredible at doing business.

True, I can’t deny that. My dad alone laid the foundation for half of the Yuan family’s fortune. Yuan Tianwen also admired Su Mos business acumen.

Tianwen Gege, in the end, who did you sell those 14 medicinal pills to? Yan Tianhen asked curiously.

Yuan Tianwen glanced at Lin Xuanzhi, Don’t feel uncomfortable when I say it. In the end, Daoist Yi Dao bought those pills.

Yan Tianhens expression darkened. He could still remember how Daoist Yi Dao had once treated his Dage with such cruelty.

The corner of Yan Tianhens mouth twitched and he regretfully lamented, If I had known, I wouldnt have auctioned them off. I let that scoundrel benefit for no reason.”

However, Lin Xuanzhi spoke in a level voice, It’s the same, no matter who buys it. After all, the money would still be in our hands.

Yan Tianhen took a deep breath, Daoist Yi Dao can spend 8 million gold so casually, especially when there is something he wants to buy. He really is rich.

Im afraid that after this single transaction, almost all his savings over many years were depleted. Lin Xuanzhi was still familiar with Daoist Yi Dao’s financial situation.

Yuan Tianwen frowned slightly, I just dont understand. He only has a few core disciples. Why does he need so many Hardened Body Pills?

Hardened Body Pills were rare and expensive, plus one could only take one pill in their entire lifetime. Apart from sects and families, few people would buy so many in their own name.

Firstly, there was no need. Secondly, if one’s strength wasn’t up to par and had so many miraculous pills on them, they could easily lose their life.

Daoist Yi Dao hadn’t accepted any core disciples for a long time, and he also wasn’t the kind of person who felt happiness from helping others. It was indeed puzzling why he wanted to buy so many Hardened Body Pills at one time.

Perhaps he has another use for it. Lin Xuanzhi guessed.

Yuan Tianwen nodded, It’s good as long as you’re aware of this matter.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded.

Yuan Tianwen continued, I came over this time because my master entrusted me to ask Esteemed Huai Yu for some spiritual herbs.”

Yan Tianhen answered, My master is not here, but he said that when he’s not here, I will manage these spiritual herb fields. Whatever you want, I will gather them for you.

Yuan Tianwen raised an eyebrow, Esteemed Huai Yu really trusts you.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose. Who let me be so incredible? None of the spiritual herbs I pulled out have been damaged.”

Yuan Tianwen looked at Yan Tianhen with profound meaning, If you were to give me the spiritual herbs so easily, when Esteemed Huai Yu returns, wont you be blamed?

Yan Tianhen laughed, I don’t think so. In fact, I’ll let you in on this secret: my master has so many spiritual herbs here that even he himself doesnt know how many spiritual herbs there are.

Yuan Tianwen,

Indeed, he was a true local nouveau riche.

After collecting the herbs for Yuan Tianwen and sending him out of the fog forest, Yan Tianhen decided to see things through to the end and began to carefully collect the seeds of mature spiritual plants in the spiritual herb fields.

After collecting a hundred or so seeds, Yan Tianhen pulled Lin Xuanzhi along and entered the soul plate’s space together. Although they only put them into the pocket dimension a short while ago, the two grass-swallowing worms had already cleared an acre of land.

Those weeds also had all their spiritual Qi sucked out and turned into clumps of dried grass that fell into the fields.

Yan Tianhen was amazed. He felt that he still needed to listen to Lin Xuanzhi and buy more grass-swallowing worms.

Ling Chigu stood beside the piece of land where the weeds had been cleared away. He expressionlessly stared at the two grass-swallowing worms the size of his forearm, which were struggling to drill through the land while giving off screeching noises.

Yan Tianhen called Ling Chigu once, Ah Gu, will you help me plant the spiritual herbs?

Ling Chigu walked directly towards Yan Tianhen in silence. He took a handful of seeds from Yan Tianhen’s hand and bent down to start digging holes into the ground.

Spiritual plant seeds were all quite large, and they looked colorful and very beautiful.

Ling Chigu first stood by and watched how Yan Tianhen planted the seeds. After observing once, he learned it methodically; his actions were fast and accurate.

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help secretly sighing,Ah Gu truly is someone who used to be a little general. He has a unique aura, even when planting spiritual herbs.

First level spiritual herbs grew fast. It would take only two months to mature outside. In the soul plate, how long did it take to mature? This matter needed to be verified.

After Yan Tianhen finished planting the spiritual herbs, he looked around and left the soul plate’s space.

Today, he still didn’t see the owner of the soul plate.

However, there’s no hurry, as there was still ample time. There would always be plenty of opportunities to meet him in the future.

Lin Xuanzhi couldn’t remain on Broken Sword Peak for too long. On the evening of the same day, he left Broken Sword Peak and went to Sinking Sword Peak.

As soon as he emerged from the dense fog forest, Lin Xuanzhi met several people whom he didn’t want to see.

Du Qiying had been wandering outside the fog forest. He wanted to enter it, but he didn’t know how. Beside him stood his junior martial brother Jing Luo and the Lin family’s Lin Yurou.

This was their first time meeting each other since Lin Xuanzhi returned to Profound Sky Sect. Du Qiyings expression changed slightly, then he put up a facade and walked towards Lin Xuanzhi. He smiled warmly, Junior Martial Brother Lin, things are very busy in the sect these days. I never had much time to visit you and didn’t know how you’re doing these days.

Lin Xuanzhi didn’t answer but merely gave him a light glance. Esteemed Huai Yu is not here, so you should come back another day.

Du Qiying saw that he did not give face at all and his expression turned a little ugly. However, thinking of what his master entrusted him to do, he said steadfastly, Esteemed Huai Yu is not here, but Yan Tianhen should be here. Master asked for some spiritual herbs and sent me to pick them up.

Lin Xuanzhi said casually, These spiritual herb fields were raised by Esteemed Huai Yu himself. Ah Hen can’t decide for him. You can make plans after Esteemed Huai Yu returns.”