Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 347

Chapter 347

Chapter 347

Du Qiying couldn’t maintain his expression while he thought,Who doesn’t know that you’re close to Yan Tianhen, and there are so many rumors and slanders of the two brothers who have secretly gotten together a long time ago. If you ask for it, you can naturally take whatever you want.

Wait, take whatever you want?

Du Qiyings expression had changed. He was somewhat annoyed that the Sect Master actually allowed Lin Xuanzhi to return to Profound Sky Sect and also secretly hated how Esteemed Huai Yu didn’t know what was good for him and even rejected the young alchemist child they kindly sent over. Instead, he accepted Yan Tianhen, this good-for-nothing who had zero talent.

Lin Yurou came up and spoke to Lin Xuanzhi, “Xuanzhi, at the very least, Senior Martial Brother Du is still your martial brother under the same master. You have such a good relationship with Ah Hen. If you want anything, he will naturally give it to you. We really want those spiritual herbs and have a use for them. For the sake of the Lin family’s face, you should help us.”

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but sneer in his heart,She actually went as far as bringing out the Lin family’s face.

Lin Xuanzhi flatly responded, The Lin family’s face; I, as the Young Master, have yet to even use it, but you’re making use of it so lightly.”

Lin Yurou was suddenly ridiculed and was stunned for a while.

As soon as Du Qiying opened his mouth to say something, Lin Xuanzhi continued, I remember that you entered the outer door. How is it that many people told me they’ve seen you enter and leave in pairs with the inner-door disciples every day?

Lin Yurou smiled and glanced at Du Qiying bashfully. She answered somewhat proudly, I’m an inner-door disciple now, and even my dorms have changed. This is all thanks to Senior Martial Brother Du. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how long I’ll have to stay as an outer-door disciple.

Have you learned all the outer-door cultivation techniques? Lin Xuanzhis voice was a little cold. Outer-door and inner-door disciples learn different topics every day, but they are all differentiated according to the disciples’ cultivation levels and talent. Now that you’ve entered the inner door, you may as well weigh yourself carefully to see if it’s appropriate to enter the inner door with your strength.”

The moment Lin Yurou heard Lin Xuanzhis contempt for her cultivation level and talent, she immediately became furious, flying into a rage out of humiliation. She clenched her fist, How can you know my actual strength? Lin Yufans cultivation may be slightly higher than mine, but it’s not much higher. How can you know that she’s definitely stronger than me?

Lin Xuanzhi curled his lips up, Because I am the Lin family’s Young Master and you’re not.”


With a disgruntled expression, Du Qiying cut in, Xuanzhi, how can you be so unreasonable and oppress people with your status?

Lin Xuanzhi replied nonchalantly, Not only will I oppress people with my status, but I will also oppress people with my cultivation. Does Senior Martial Brother Du want to give it a try?

Du Qiying took a deep breath and spoke angrily, I have nothing to say with you,Xiaorou, lets go.

Lin Yurou assented and gave Lin Xuan a glare full of hidden bitterness before walking towards the foot of the mountain with Du Qiying.

Lin Xuanzhi stood behind and stared at them for a moment. He then took out a Voice Transmission Bell, If Lin Yurou continues like this, I’m afraid there will be a problem.

Not long after, the Voice Transmission Bell rang with Lin Yufan’s indolent voice

Oh, if something goes wrong, then it goes wrong. What does it have to do with us?

Lin Xuanzhi thought,He’s afraid that Lin Yufan truly despises Lin Yurou so much that he doesn’t care one bit about her, even out of personal considerations.

However, as the Young Master of the Lin family, he still couldn’t allow Lin Yurou to cause a disaster.

Thus Lin Xuanzhi responded, If she causes a great disaster and brings shame to the Lin family or my reputation, I will hold you responsible when the time comes.”

Lin Yufan,

Even if one sits at home, disaster will still strike from the heavens.

After a moment of silence on Lin Yufan’s side, Lin Xuanzhi heard him say, Its not hard to make Lin Yurou keep a low profile either. It just so happens that in the news I received these two days, one of them is about He Cailing, the Eldest Martial Sister of Broken Sword Peak. She is currently in the Central Continent training and gaining experience. I’ll think of a way to expose Lin Yurou and Du Qiyings ambiguous affairs to her. As Du Qiying’s fianc, He Cailing will not laugh it off.

Speaking of which, Lin Xuanzhis relationship with He Cailing was considered adequate. It’s just that Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t sure whether or not He Cailing was involved in the events in Yunqi Grotto Heaven, and she was also Du Qiyings legitimate fianc, so her identity was somewhat awkward. Thus, Lin Xuanzhi did not contact her very often.

Recalling He Cailing’s temper, Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes slightly. Lin Yufan, I find that you are truly a devious scoundrel with an honest demeanor.”

Lin Yufan laughed coldly, No matter how bad I am, I’m still not as bad as you, Young Master.

Technically, he didnt want to care about Lin Yurou’s matter at all. If it wasn’t for Lin Xuanzhi using his status as Young Master to coerce him into doing something about it, he would have disregarded Lin Yurou’s existence.

Lin Xuanzhi nonchalantly replied, As it should be.”

Lin Yufan,

As soon as he put away the Voice Transmission Bell, Lin Xuanzhi turned his face and saw Yan Tianhen coming out of the fog forest.

Dage. Yan Tianhen poked his head out and looked around, It seems that there was someone outside this fog forest just now, who had come to look for spiritual herbs.”

There was a string of wind chimes hanging under the bamboo hut’s eaves. If there was someone outside the fog forest, the wind chimes would ring by themselves even without wind, informing the people inside that someone had come to visit.

Lin Xuanzhi answered, It was Du Qiying, who brought Lin Yurou with him to ask for spiritual plants. I sent them away.

Lin Yurouah, I recently heard many rumors about her. The disciples of Broken Sword Peak all discussed behind her back, saying that Lin Yuroustable manners were too ugly, as though she wished that everyone would know that she had boarded the big ship known as Du Qiying. Dage, those people’s words are pretty unpleasant; should we find a way to change the topic?

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help laughing. He didn’t expect that Yan Tianhen was still concerned about such things. Ive left Lin Yurou’s affairs to Yufan to worry about. As for the great number of rumors, they cant be stopped at all. However, Lin Yurou is not worthy of sympathy either. She made all the choices herself. She is not young now and should know the bottom line regarding right and wrong.

Yan Tianhen nodded, then smiled suddenly as he tilted his head, Im not worried about Lin Yurou’s matters. In the beginning, she wasn’t very good to Dage either, so why would I care about her? I’m just afraid that if her reputation suffers and she does something she shouldnt, she’ll pull Dage down as well.

Lin Xuanzhis heart warmed and he spoke softly, This is unlikely. Yufan is very swift and decisive in handling matters. He will find someone who can return and control Du Qiying as soon as possible.”

During this period of time, Yan Tianhen had heard Lin Xuanzhi mention Lin Yufan several times. He couldnt help remarking sourly, Dage, what do you think of Yufan Gege?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, Naturally, he’s not bad. Otherwise, I wouldnt have given Wishing Lane to him.

Wishing Lane is of great importance and has an exceedingly high status. It seems that Dage really trusts Yufan Gege.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen thoughtfully, Ah Hen, why is it that the more I listen to these words, the more I feel that something’s off about them?

Yan Tianhen acted stupidly as he stared blankly. Something’s off? How can that be?

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and pinched Yan Tianhens face affectionately. Dont eat vinegar anymore. No matter how much I trust him, it still won’t compare to my trust in my family’s Ah Hen. Besides, if I have any ideas about him, how can I bear to send him out to handle so many matters? I really wish I can lock the little thing in my heart by my side all the time.

Yan Tianhen couldnt stop himself from breaking out into a big smile. He rushed over to hug Lin Xuanzhi, Dage, I’m not doubting you. I just feel that I didn’t do anything for you, so I feel a little uneasy.

Youve already earned so much money and left it all to me to pay my debts. How can that be called ‘you didn’t do anything for me’? Lin Xuanzhi was happy but also found it funny.

When Lin Xuanzhi mentioned making money, Yan Tianhen came to his senses immediately. He pushed aside Lin Xuanzhi, his eyes shining, Dage, I wont talk to you anymore. Im going to take advantage of this time to refine more medicinal pills. This way, the debt can be paid back as soon as possible.

Lin Xuanzhi watched Yan Tianhen’s back view, as he ran and disappeared in the dense fog forest. He couldnt help sighing he really shot himself in the foot this time.

On the way down the mountain, Du Qiyings expression was extremely ugly, and he seemed to be on the verge of exploding in anger.

Lin Yurou also had a full face of embarrassment. She was mercilessly ridiculed by Lin Xuanzhi in front of Du Qiying. Naturally, she felt very flustered and her face was flushed with shame.

She felt very wronged. Her aptitude was obviously not bad, but she was deliberately embarrassed by Lin Xuanzhi everywhere. Not only did he mercilessly deprive her of the chance to become an inner-door disciple, but he even ridiculed her opportunity to enter the inner door the opportunity that she had obtained with much difficulty through remarkably good fortune and her abilities.

After walking for a while, Du Qiying remembered that there was another person beside him.

Du Qiying said sharply, It seems that your relationship with Lin Xuanzhi is not so good either.

Lin Yurou was particularly embarrassed. I used to have a good relationship with him, but somehow, ever since he became the Lin family’s Young Master, he became notably indifferent to his family.

Du Qiying narrowed his eyes, As a Young Master, not only did he not help a member of the Lin family’s main branch, but he also deliberately made cutting remarks about you. I really dont know what your Lin family’s elders will think if they knew.”

Lin Yurou’s eyes twinkled as if inspired by Du Qiyings words.

Lin Yurou bit her lower lip and murmured in her heart,When she returns to her room, she will find a way to tell the elders in the clan about this matter. Although Lin Xuanzhi is the Young Master with the support of the Fifth Elder, she also has the Third Elder’s help.

Speaking of which, Madam Bai and her mother have always had a good relationship.

Du Qiying swept a glance at Lin Yurou. He felt that this woman was especially stupid and also extremely greedy. However, this small face and figure weren’t too bad, and she was also very obedient. Most importantly, she was very easy to control. He only needed to say a few nice words of love and spend some money to buy some items, and just like that, he had her wrapped around his finger.

However, Du Qiying didn’t completely want to trip Lin Xuanzhi up through Lin Yurou. Even if he harbored this thought at the beginning and deliberately approached Lin Yurou, right now he could thoroughly see that Lin Xuanzhi didnt put Lin Yurou in his eyes at all and was very wary of her, so there was no chance of Lin Yurou successfully backstabbing Lin Xuanzhi.

Even so, Du Qiying thought,Since he has already spent so much effort and money on Lin Yurou, he cant just get no benefits from it all.

Du Qiying was extremely lecherous. Even though he already had a fianc, the number of lovers around him had never decreased. Many inner-door disciples had ambiguous relationships with him, among which Thousand Hammer Peaks Tong Le was the one who’d been with him the longest.

In any case, He Cailing usually wasn’t in the sect. She was wholeheartedly focused on cultivation and had no desire to pay attention to Du Qiying. Therefore, He Cailing had no idea about Du Qiying’s affairs.

So Du Qiying began to indulge himself.