Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 349

Chapter 349

Chapter 349

After entering his room, Du Qiying locked the door from the inside and hurriedly took out the spiritual Qi-gathering device. His fingers stroked its smooth stone surface, and his heart couldn’t help racing.

Although he said that he would hand it over to Esteemed Qing Yun, how could Du Qiying not be tempted as soon as he laid his eyes upon the treasure tool?

This was a treasure toolah! A treasure tool that couldn’t be seen easily in the Five Continents!

Du Qiying really couldnt understand why his father would actually give such an important thing to Esteemed Qing Yun. After all, even if Esteemed Qing Yun respected his father very much, he still often fought against Broken Sword Peak. Recently, he had even come into frequent contact with Sinking Sword Peak, and it seemed like an alliance was in the making.

This would definitely be a great threat to the Sect Master of Profound Sky Sect, yet Jiang Chenzi actually straight-up ignored it and let it be.

At that moment, Du Qiying decided to help himself to this spiritual Qi-gathering device.

In any case, Jiang Chenzi had already entered closed-door cultivation and no one knew when exactly he would be out. Also, only he and Jiang Chenzi knew about the spiritual Qi-gathering device, so even if he had taken it for his own use, no one would know.

Even if Jiang Chenzi learned of this matter after leaving secluded cultivation, it would already be a foregone conclusion, so Jiang Chenzi would never blame him.

Du Qiying calculated his strategy well, narrowing his eyes at the colorful and shiny spiritual Qi-gathering device, thinking,If he waits for Tong Le to find the magic tool that attracts lightning and combine it with this, then he might really breakthrough to Primary Realm in one try.

When that time comes, he would like to see if Lin Xuanzhi could still be so unbridled!

On Breaking Sword Peak, Esteemed Qing Yuns closed-door cultivation was imminent.

Master will enter secluded cultivation today; this time, it bodes ill rather than well you guys should prepare yourselves mentally. Esteemed Qing Yun warned with an indifferent complexion.

Today, he had summoned all his core disciples to warn them about some important matters.

Yuan Tianwen and others frowned in succession.

Yuan Tianwen refuted, Why would Master say such inauspicious words? Master will surely succeed in the secluded cultivation this time.

Yeah, how can Master speak such nonsense? Lan Jinghe was the youngest core disciple under Esteemed Qing Yun. Right now, Master should say some auspicious words.

Their Eldest Martial Brother, Li Bubai, also looked unhappy. He looked at Esteemed Qing Yun with great disapproval, Master, if you’re not entering closed-door cultivation with victory in mind, then it’s better to think of another way and suppress your cultivation for a few years.

Although Esteemed Qing Yun had a serious face, he was actually happy in his heart.

Master has only spoken a sentence, yet you’ve all spoken so many sentences in response. You all truly are more incredible than me, the Master. Esteemed Qing Yun glared at these three disciples, Master has only spoken the truth as is. I never make any false pretenses. If I am able to find a way to suppress my cultivation for a few years, I would definitely not have chosen to enter closed-door cultivation at this critical juncture. However, I have already delayed and have reached the limit; the Dao of Heaven will not agree.

Yuan Tianwen frowned, Master, you must bring the magic treasures I gave you a few days ago with you into secluded cultivation. They can save your life.

Esteemed Qing Yun nodded. Everything you give is naturally good. Although the possibility of my survival isn’t high, I still dont want to die.

Yuan Tianwen denied with an ugly expression, Master will definitely not die.

Esteemed Qing Yun smiled, Life and death are ruled by fate, riches and honor depend on heaven. Master can rest assured after seeing my disciples getting along so well, and each disciple is able to take charge of a section.

The corners of Li Bubai’s lips silently twitched. Master, can you not say everything as if you were making funeral arrangements?

Esteemed Qing Yun repeatedly nodded, Alright, alright, then Master won’t say much more. However, after I enter secluded cultivation, you all need to be good. Everything on the peak will be decided by Tianwen. In addition, Jinghe and Bubai will assist from the side.

The three disciples all agreed, Yes.

Esteemed Qing Yun looked at Yuan Tianwen and smiled, How is your wife these days?

Yuan Tianwen’s expression relaxed slightly, Under my dad’s care, Yangyang is fine, but the poison in his body needs to be removed as soon as possible. In the near future, I may take him on a long journey.

Esteemed Qing Yun nodded, Safety comes first when traveling outside.

Yuan Tianwen assured, I will bring more people.

Esteemed Qing Yun then looked at Li Bubai and Lan Jinghe again, smiling, You two should also make the most of your time. Although cultivation is important, finding a suitable Dao companion for yourself is also an indispensable thing in life.

The corners of Lan Jinghe’s mouth twitched, Master, you shouldn’t worry about such trivial matters like ours in your esteemed old age. I am still young and dont need a Dao companion.

Esteemed Qing Yun’s face became stern. What do you mean trivial? Finding a Dao companion is of the highest priority!

Lan Jinghe curled his lips and didn’t dare to make a sound.

Esteemed Qing Yun looked at their young and immature faces, Then you guys can go down first, I still have to make some preparations.

The three disciples exchanged glances and bowed, asking to be excused.

After the three left, in the empty hall, Su Mo and Yuan Zheng came out of the adjacent room.

There was heavy concern on Su Mo’s face. He looked at Daoist Qing Yun with a frown, So you’ve resolved to enterclosed-door death cultivation? You’re not going to wait for a miraculous turn of events?

When Daoist Qing Yun was facing Su Mo and Yuan Zheng, he put away the layer of pretense on his face that hid his true emotions.

He heaved a long sigh, Its merely the difference between taking the knife earlier or later. I’m already at my limit. If I were to drag it out any further, there wouldn’t be any good outcomes. Im just worried that after I die, Breaking Sword Peak will fall into crisis. During this period of time, many disciples have already been poached by Broken Sword Peak, and the hearts of many others have all been tempted.

Yuan Zheng was rather disdainful, Look at the kinds of disciples you’ve accepted. Those people are still far inferior to my son.”

Su Mo glanced at Yuan Zheng, Besides, in your heart, your son is the best person in the entire world.

Yuan Zheng’s neck stiffened, How can that be? The best person is obviously you. Son? What’s that?

Su Mo,

Daoist Qing Yun had been friends with Su Mo for many years and had witnessed the development of Su Mo and Yuan Zheng’s entire relationship from becoming acquaintances to falling in love to getting married and then having a child. Daoist Qing Yun couldnt help but feel envious and laughed, After all these years, your feelings for each other are still so enviable.”

Yuan Zheng said proudly, Naturally. A rich and handsome husband like me who also knows how to cherish someone and has high cultivation cannot be found easily, even if you lit a lantern to search.

Su Mo looked at Yuan Zheng with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile, Shut up, you. No one will think you’re mute if you don’t talk.

So Yuan Zheng shut his mouth.

Daoist Qing Yuns gloomy mood due to his imminent closed-door death cultivation also dissipated a great deal. He looked at Su Mo, This time I will be in secluded cultivation for at least 10 years. During these 10 years, Tianwen will enter Sky Peak Sect to cultivate after the first 3 years. The remaining Bubai and Jinghe will require your care and assistance.

Su Mo studied Daoist Qing Yun’s light expression and knew that he had become indifferent to life and death.

However, even if he became indifferent to life and death, Qing Yun still worried about his disciples and this Breaking Sword Peak.

Su Mo nodded solemnly, You can rest assured that Yuan Zheng and I will definitely not allow Breaking Sword Peak to decline, even if Tianwen is no longer on it.

Yuan Zheng asked, Have you brought along all the magic treasures we gave you?

Qing Yun nodded, Everything is ready.

Yuan Zheng added, I heard people say before that the Sect Master planned to provide you with some magic treasures. Have you gone to ask him for them yet?

The Sect Master has already entered secluded cultivation the day before yesterday. Qing Yun’s face looked dim. Besides, even if he was willing to give me those magic treasures, I still wouldnt dare to use them.

Su Mo narrowed his eyes, So it’s like that.

Some secrets didn’t need to be laid bare; with just tacit understanding, he would only need to hint at something and that would already be considered too much.

Qing Yun nodded, Old friend, after this farewell, I have no idea when Ill be able to see you again. Let me look at you for a little longer.

Yuan Zheng frowned, What do you mean by looking a little longer at my wife? Why don’t you look at me a few more times? Im so handsome. Its your loss if you don’t look at me.

Bah!Narcissist, only Su Mo can stand you.

Yuan Zheng was not ashamed but proudly replied, It’s enough if my wife can stand me. Why would I want others to stand me too? They’re not married to me and dont give me children.

Su Mo couldn’t bear to look straight at him. He took a deep breath and gave Yuan Zheng’s skull a good knock.

Since Qing Yun’s secluded cultivation was near at hand, he turned and left after he finished making arrangements. In the great hall, only Su Mo and Yuan Zheng had yet to leave. Surveying the empty hall, it seemed to carry a sense of loneliness.

The expression on Yuan Zhengs face collapsed somewhat. He held Su Mos waist and put his chin on his shoulder. A moment later, he asked, Momo, is the old man really going to die?

Su Mo took Yuan Zhengs hand and whispered, Each man has his own life. He may have already seen his own death.

Yuan Zheng was silent.

Su Mo held Yuan Zheng’s hand a little tighter and softly soothed, Death is not the end of everything. It is just the beginning of a new life. Zheng Ge, I know you are reluctant to give up your clan’s elders, but you must be able to accept this matter it is time for us to start preparing for the deployment after Breaking Sword Peak.

This Esteemed Qing Yun’s surname was Yuan and he was Yuan Zhengs great-grandfather of many generations.

Yuan Zheng spoke in a muffled voice, But I feel sad.

I know, Su Mo replied, but no matter how hard it is, we won’t be able to help Esteemed Qing Yun with our current cultivation.

I feel that Im really useless. I cant do anything well. You are in charge of the familys internal and external affairs. I only know how to eat, drink, and have fun day in and day out. Im too busy enjoying myself. I can’t even raise my cultivation and cant help you with anything”

I am willing to do these things; isn’t that all for you? Moreover, your cultivation is only inferior to Qing Yuns, but it’s already enough to protect me. You are hundreds of years younger than Qing Yun. It is normal that you cannot compare with him. Su Mo patted Yuan Zheng on the back of his hand and warned, If you say that again, I will be angry.

Only then did Yuan Zheng feel a little more comfortable. He straightened up, Youre right. If I doubt myself, am I not doubting your judgment as well? My family’s Momo has always had the best insights.

Su Mo smiled, his heart was both warm and heavy.

His own cultivation was not low. Although it wasn’t comparable to Yuan Zheng’s, it wasn’t far from his. However, when you compare Duan Yuyangs cultivation with Yuan Tianwen’s, Duan Yuyang’s cultivation was nowhere near enough.

Su Mo pondered for a moment and thought to himself,It seems that the search for the antidote spiritual herbs needs to be prioritised on the agenda as soon as possible. It’s best to solve the problem thoroughly in the next two months. Otherwise, if it’s delayed any longer, I dont know what will happen.

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