Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 350

Chapter 350

Chapter 350

A few days later, Esteemed Huai Yu still had not returned from his trip. However, Feng Jingyu rushed into the fog forest with red eyes. He had wandered around the forest aimlessly and was now hopelessly totally lost. It was only a short while later, Yan Tianhen found him and fished him out of the fog forest. Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but rub Feng Jingyu’s head when he looked at all of the sweat-soaked feathers standing up on his head while a fierce expression was on his face. Maomao, who bullied you?

Feng Jingyu shrieked, Ling Chigu cannot be found. He’s missing. I dont know who took him away!

Feng Jingyu flew on top of Yan Tianhen’s head and grabbed his hair, Quickly follow me down the mountain to find Ah Gu. Hurry up!

Hearing this, Yan Tianhen touched his nose guiltily, About that Ah Gu was taken up the mountain by me and my Dage.

Feng Jingyu, Ah?

Feng Jingyu loosened his hold on Yan Tianhens hair and the ruffled strands laid back down. He flew back to face Yan Tianhen and stared at him incredulously, Have you ever thought about the consequences of doing this?

Yan Tianhen touched his nose, I know I’m a little too bold, but my Dage said that the most dangerous place is also the safest.”

No!” Feng Jingyu flapped his wing on Yan Tianhens forehead and cried out with his child-like voice, “You made a mistake by not telling this king in advance! You’ve really scared me half to death!”

Yan Tianhen,

Feng Jingyu demanded impatiently, Take me to see Ah Gu quickly!

Yan Tianhen pointed to the back mountain, He’s over there. Ill go with you.”

Hurry up!

Yan Tianhen, whose body was as light as a swallow, flew towards the opposite side with Feng Jingyu.

Feng Jingyu looked at Yan Tianhen in surprise, You’ve actually learned how to tread thin air and ride the wind in just a few months?

To walk freely in the air without relying on external forces was a feat that others could only achieve once they had reached a certain level of cultivation. Feng Jingyu benefited from the innate ability of the bird clan, while Lin Xuanzhi had to rely on his sword and magic treasures. On the other hand, Yan Tianhen, at this very moment, didn’t rely on anything to fly.

Yan Tianhen laughed, How could it be so easy to learn? I got some flying talismans from my Yuyang Ge, so I could get off the ground.”

Feng Jingyu said thoughtfully, Duan Yuyang is really quite talented in making talismans.

Yan Tianhen nodded, Of course. Every talisman crafted by Yuyang Ge is of high quality. In the past, my cultivation wasn’t high and my Dage was also in poor health. After being bullied, Yuyang Ge would always use all sorts of talismans he had crafted to stand up for me sneakily!”

Feng Jingyu clicked his tongue, Fortunately he’s mostly a disabled person, otherwise, this boy would have been a force to be reckoned with.”

Yan Tianhen replied, What you’ve just said, I don’t like to hear that. How is Yuyang Ge a disabled person? After a while, we will go to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest to help him find an antidote. Once he has consumed it, Yuyang Ge will return to normal!

Feng Jingyu smiled, If the antidote was so easy to find, Su Mo wouldn’t have offered a reward of a sparrow spirit.

Recently, Yan Tianhen had been on the mountain every day, so he had no idea what had happened at the bottom of the mountain.

But this didn’t prevent him from knowing what a sparrow spirit was.

Yan Tianhen looked at Feng Jingyu in surprise. Uncle Mo even offered a sparrow spirit as a reward?

Yes, now all of Five Continents know about this. Give him both the Icy Heart Water Lotus and Colorful Caterpillar Grass in exchange for a sparrow spirit. Feng Jingyu couldnt help but admire, Duan Yuyang, this boy, said he has bad luck? It should be that he has to first bear hardships before being able to enjoy comforts. Not only is his husband so attentive to him, but his husbands family also dote on him as if he were their own son. A stingy person like Su Mo was willing to give away a whole sparrow spirit for him.

Yan Tianhens ear twitched, How is Uncle Mo stingy?

Feng Jingyu rolled his eyes, He’s only like that towards you all. In the beginning, across all of Nine Lands, take a look for yourself, who has never been swindled by him? Otherwise, how do you think it was possible for the Yuan family to be able to suddenly become a commercial magnate within a few decades?

Yan Tianhen looked at Feng Jingyus face that had a trace of nostalgia and depression, so he couldn’t help but ask, Maomao, did you get swindled by him too?

I didlike hell I did! Feng Jingyu was reluctant to admit a mistake. Even if he had indeed been swindled by Su Mo, he would never admit it!

It was probably because Su Mo had not seen his young form before, so even if Feng Jingyu flew several times in front of him, Su Mo couldn’t recognize him. This made him feel depressed since he had helped Su Mo a lot in the beginning when he was in the Nine Lands.

However, Feng Jingyu was also greatly relieved by this. There were only a handful of people in this world who had seen his young form which allowed him to wander around the Five Continents without any scruples.

In the blink of an eye, they had reached the opposite peak. From a distance, Feng Jingyu could hear the roar of an agitated animal. Then two fairly young tiger growls rang out one after the other. Thunder rumbled, lightning flashed and a lot of Yin Qi burst out from somewhere in the forest.

Feng Jingyu immediately flew towards that direction.

In the hunting forest, Ah Bai and Hu Po, who were heartlessly released here by Yan Tianhen, were following Ling Chigu. They were attacking simultaneously on both sides of a demonic rhinoceros beast which had a body of spikes, thick skin with a black and seemingly impenetrable luster, trying to target its blind spots. Around them, there were already two other kinds of demonic beasts lying dead around them. Claw marks could be seen on the ground and even traces of scorch marks as well. The scene looked very dreadful.

Ling Chigu was holding a piece of bamboo that was about the same length as a red tasselled spear in his hand. He had a stony and fierce facial expression on his face, as well as a strong aura of death on his body. The moment when he struck with his spear in hand, it seemed as if he was possessing the courage and strength of a grand army of a thousand.

The demonic rhinoceros beast was stabbed in the eyes by Ling Chigu and immediately released a furious cry. The beast then had a furious expression and glared at Ling Chigu. If looks could kill, he would be dead right now. Enduring the burning pain, the beast, with its entire body in flames, rushed towards Ling Chigu, most likely with the intentions of dying together with him.

Feng Jingyu chirped and wanted to open his mouth to spew out fire. However, Yan Tianhen quickly reached out and grabbed him in his hands.

Feng Jingyu could not even spurt out a mouthful flame and ended up belching instead. The flame bubbled up in his mouth and dissipated.

What are you doing! Feng Jingyu was dissatisfied.

What areyoudoing?!” Yan Tianhen was even more upset, Do you want to burn down this mountain completely?

He wilted and chirped pitifully. Last time, I just woke up so I couldn’t control myself well.

As they were talking, Ling Chigu, with the great force of an army of a thousand, had used the bamboo to cut through the rhinoceros head and nailed it to the ground.

The rhinoceros cried several times in grief and indignation before gradually losing breath.

Ling Chigu just stared at the scene emotionlessly, as if life and death could not even affect him.

Yan Tianhen was silent for a moment, and his heart trembled with lingering fear, Ah Gu is really powerful.

Feng Jingyus mood was complicated, This isn’t anything. You should have seen him on the battlefield when he was still the general of the Ling family. He had been in such high and vigorous spirits.

Yan Tianhen looked at Feng Jingyu with profound meaning, It seems that you have seen it before.

Feng Jingyu ignored Yan Tianhen and flew towards Ling Chigus shoulder.

Ling Chigu seemed to have felt something. He actually raised the hand that wasn’t carrying the bamboo and gently pressed on Feng Jingyus back.

This harmonious scene let Yan Tianhen see that there was some kind of unspeakable feelings between them as if this person and bird were born to stand together like this.

Feng Jingyu said, During this period of time, I will stay here with Ah Gu to train. However, youd best not tell your master about the existence of Ah Gu.

Yan Tianhen frowned, Why?

Feng Jingyu said, While I was gone, I investigated the identity of Esteemed Huai Yu. I always thought that he was of some dubious background. Since a long time ago, Esteemed Huai Yu is already an elder of Profound Sky Sect and his appearance also seems to match. However, during the most recent decade, he began to act oddly and insisted on staying in Broken Sword Peak to enter secluded cultivation. Even though Esteemed Lan Yue has long been an elder of Profound Sky Sect for a long time, it was only after Esteemed Huai Yu went up Broken Sword Peak that he admitted that Esteemed Huai Yu was his younger martial brother; only then did they have more contact with each other. Moreover, from what I know, Esteemed Huai Yu was only a spiritual planter who was capable of raising spiritual herbs, and he’s not an alchemist, let alone an array master!

Yan Tianhen touched his chin and thought for a moment. He looked at Feng Jingyu, These pieces of news, are they reliable?

Feng Jingyu nodded, They certainly are reliable.

Yan Tianhen ruminated over what Feng Jingyu had said, and said thoughtfully, If it’s true, then it is a little odd.

Feng Jingyu continued, Therefore, you should take some precautions against him. Don’t be misguided by his actions of being nice to you and just gullibly let him determine everything. In this world, other than your parents, those who treat you well definitely means that they want something from you. It’s alright if you expose yourself. If you reveal the existence of this idiot, Ling Chigu, then this might not end well.”

Yan Tianhen stared at Feng Jingyu, Maomao, you have reminded me so much, in fact, it’s just to avoid Ah Gu from being discovered, right?”

Feng Jingyu stubbornly denied, Whether this fool has been discovered or not, how is it related to this king? This king is worried that you will make people suspect for no reason!

Like as if Yan Tianhen will believe him.

Feng Jingyu could see that Yan Tianhen didnt trust him, so he didnt explain any further. He just stared at Yan Tianhen for a moment with a pair of round and beautiful eyes, You’re the one who is in charge of the contract. Have you had any improvements lately?

Yan Tianhens eyes brightened. He stretched his hand out towards a tree that was a distance away from him.

The towering tree had actually been burned by a dark blue fire.

Feng Jingyu’s face changed. He flew to the tree and stared speechlessly at the burned hole for a long time.

Yan Tianhen noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with Feng Jingyu. He walked up to him and touched his own nose, Do you think this skill is a little weak? At most, I can improve to this level. However, I have also discovered a new skill now. Although this skill is called Yin Flame Palm, I can completely control the Yin Flame Qi and transform it into weapons. My best transformation at the moment is the Yin Flame Whip. As for transforming into other forms, I’m currently exploring it. According to my present findings, a soft object like a whip is the easiest to transform.

Feng Jingyu looked at Yan Tianhen with awe, Who told you this skill is called Yin Flame Palm?

Yan Tianhen answered, I met a Ghost Masked Man on the road previously. He insisted that I be his apprentice and also gave me this set of Yin Flame Palm. In my pool of knowledge, the name of this set of skills is Yin Flame Palm.