Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 357

Chapter 357

Chapter 357

Martial Uncle seems to enjoy eating spiritual fruits. Lin Xuanzhi stood up, took out two juicy honey peaches from his storage bag, and handed them to Esteemed Huai Yu. I found these two fruits by chance on the hunting peak. After eating them, my entire body felt comfortable. It seems that there is a lot of spiritual Qi in them. Martial Uncle might as well give them a try.

Esteemed Huai Yu saw that these spiritual peaches looked lovely and tender, with thin skin and generous content inside. Looking from the outside, he could see the crystal-like content inside at first glance. He immediately accepted the peaches and didn’t even wash them. He also didn’t worry about them being poisoned, bringing it to his mouth and taking a bite. As soon as he bit down, the sweet juice overflowed into his entire mouth. The peach meat tasted like aloe vera soaked in some ice water and was extremely refreshing.

More importantly, when Esteemed Huai Yu finished eating the two peaches, he actually found that his abdomen felt slightly warm, and the extremely tiny Qi blockages in his veins and meridians had dissolved partially!

Esteemed Huai Yu’s expression changed slightly. At most, he had only eaten this kind of spiritual fruit in the Nine Lands’ Royal Heavenly Capital; he had never eaten any spiritual peach that took effect this fast outside of the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital!

Esteemed Huai Yu immediately asked, Where did you pick this spiritual peach from?

Lin Xuanzhi answered, I chanced upon it on the hunting peak, it’s a bit deep into the mountain. I have already marked the location on the hunting peak. If Martial Uncle wants to look for this peach, he can just follow the mark.

Esteemed Huai Yu lamented, Don’t you know how to pick up the tree and carry it over? What if all the peaches have been eaten by demonic beasts during this time?

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, Martial Uncle, dont worry. I have put a lot of beast-repelling powder and defensive equipment around the location. Demonic beasts won’t be able to get in for the time being.

Esteemed Huai Yu was in a hurry to move the peach tree over, so he didn’t waste any more time talking with Lin Xuanzhi. He immediately rode the clouds and flew towards the hunting peak.

After Esteemed Huai Yu left, Yan Tianhen gazed at his disappearing figure and sighed with emotion, What an energetic person.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and looked at Yan Tianhen. You said before that you wanted to confirm something. Are you sure now?

Yan Tianhen tilted his head and stared at Lin Xuanzhi. I’m 90% sure, but I can’t be entirely certain.

Lin Xuanzhi continued to gaze at him.

There are some matters that one can’t be sure of unless they are clearly stated.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his face, Dage, don’t you think that my master truly cares about me very much? Even if other people’s masters don’t hide away their own skills and techniques, they still won’t be so eager to give all their secret manuals to their disciples as soon as they meet, but my master taught me the entirety of that Profound Book of Poisons all at once. Moreover, he had only one sparrow spirit on him and still gave it to me without thinking.”

A yellow-orange sparrow spirit could no longer be described by the word “precious”. He’s afraid that even in the entire Five Continents, not many people would have seen a sparrow spirit of this color before.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, So, what did you discover?

Yan Tianhen answered with a rather calm expression, In the past two days when I was taking care of Master, he frequently muttered a name in his sleep. At first, I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Later I listened carefully right beside his lips and found out that the two characters he was muttering were ‘Zhong Hua’.

Zhong Hua? Lin Xuanzhi was slightly shocked, Yan Zhonghua?

I dont know if its him. I don’t even know if it was those two characters that he was muttering. Yan Tianhen shook his head, But I’ve been thinking how many people in this world are called Zhonghua? If the Zhonghua he spoke of is the one that I know of, then how many people in this world will keep thinking about Yan Zhonghua like this?

Once you eliminate all the impossible, the rest is possible.

Lin Xuanzhis mood was quite complicated. He naturally knew that Esteemed Huai Yus identity was extraordinary and already had many guesses in that regard. However, no matter how bold he was, he never would have guessed that Esteemed Huai Yu might actually be Demon Venerable You Ming.

In his previous life, he had never seen Demon Venerable You Ming, but it was not clear to him whether Ah Hen had any contact with Demon Venerable You Ming.

But now that he thought about it, the reason Ah Hen suddenly became so powerful later on was probably because he met You Ming.

However, Lin Xuanzhi didnt know about this matter even until his death.

Even when he died, Demon Venerable You Ming still never appeared in front of him.

He also didn’t know what role Ah Hen played in all this.

Lin Xuanzhis thoughts suddenly clicked and he gazed at Yan Tianhens small face, which overlapped with the one from his memory. It’s very possible that he is Demon Venerable You Ming.

Yan Tianhen nodded, I think so too. If that’s the case, then Im afraid that the Ghost Masked Man is also him. There’s probably no need for us to hide Ah Gu in the soul plate’s space. I think he already knew about Ah Gu’s existence. After all, he was the one who gave me that Gu worm.”

Ah Hen, then how do you feel about him?

Yan Tianhen shook his head and spoke with some confusion, Actually, I dont know what to think. I used to think that I should hate him very much. Who let him make me look like this and then give me to others to raise? I also hated him why did he have to give birth to me when he clearly knew his own identity as a Divine Devil, causing so much misfortune for no reason?

Yan Tianhen sniffed gently, But I think that without him, there would be no me. If he had a choice, he wouldn’t want to see me like this either in his heart. If he did not give birth to me, I wouldn’t have met Daddy and you, nor would I have seen this colorful world.

Lin Xuanzhi quietly stared at Yan Tianhen and listened as he spoke his thoughts.

My feelings for him are quite complicated. Yan Tianhen continued, I’ve only been with him for a few months, so naturally I’m not as close to him as I am to Daddy. I thought that if I met my biological father in the future, I would treat him as a stranger, a passer-by, but when I heard him muttering my name and also muttering Zhonghua in his sleep, but no one paid any attention to him or comforted him, I actually felt that he was very pitiful.

If others knew that Yan Tianhen actually felt sorry for Demon Venerable You Ming, the one who wreaked havoc in the Nine Lands and turned it upside down while causing the entire Yan family to want him dead, people who heard this would certainly feel that Yan Tianhen’s thoughts were extremely laughable.

However, Yan Tianhen truly felt that You Ming was very pitiful.

The person he loved became his enemy, and his child was also thrown to others to raise.

He was probably hiding deep guilt in his heart, so even if he stood face to face with Yan Tianhen, he didn’t dare to let the other party know that he was Yan Tianhen’s biological father.

People laughed at, jeered at, and insulted You Ming as they pleased, but who truly understood him?

Lin Xuanzhi put his hand on Yan Tianhens shoulder. What are you going to do? Do you want to take the initiative to acknowledge him or do you want me to test him for you? Or maybe, I can go to Masters side to sound out exactly what Esteemed Huai Yu thinks before we make any plans.

Yan Tianhen thought for a moment, then looked at Lin Xuanzhi. Dage, I actually dont know what to do either, so Im going to pretend that I dont know anything first and then forget about it. How I got along with him before is how I will get along with him in the future. Since he doesnt want me to know, Ill pretend that I dont know.

Can you do it?

Yan Tianhen also couldn’t guarantee that he wouldn’t reveal the fact that he knew, just as Esteemed Huai Yu never expected to expose himself in his sleep.

I will try my best. Yan Tianhen said with a wry smile, In any case, before long, we will leave for the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. At that time, I will not have to spend time with him for quite a long period of time.

Now that you have made up your mind, I wont advise any more. Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, Dont think too much, let nature take its course.”

En.” Yan Tianhen nodded. It was best to let nature take its course.

Lin Xuanzhi’s eyes lowered slightly.

No matter who Esteemed Huai Yu is, he will never allow anyone to take Ah Hen away from him.

This was his bottom line.

The next morning, Lin Xuanzhi was still practicing his sword when he was called to the meeting hall by the Zhan Fengting.

In the meeting hall, Zhan Fengtings face was a little worried, while Lin Yufan sat lightly on the guest table and leisurely sipped tea.

Lin Xuanzhi and Lin Yufan exchanged gazes.

Lin Yufan put down the teacup as he stood up and made a slight salute, Young Master, there is a matter I need to report to you.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, What do you need to come in person for?

Lin Yufan curled his lips, One incense’s worth of time ago, there were some accidents on Broken Sword Peak. He Cailing, the Eldest Martial Sister of Broken Sword Peak, heard the news from somewhere and learned that Lin Yurou and her fianc Du Qiying had gotten together, thus early in the day when there was still morning dew, she energetically slaughtered her way up the peak and unfortunately and fortunately caught Lin Yurou and Du Qiying in bed together. Originally, Eldest Martial Sister wanted to end Lin Yurou with a single strike, but I stopped her in Young Master’s name. At this time, Eldest Martial Sister asked Young Master to go visit Broken Sword Peak in person and give her an explanation.

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes, his voice cold, A disgrace and a disappointment. Ill go over right now and deal with it.

Zhan Fengting had been handling with peak affairs after he finished practicing the basic sword moves. His news network was extremely fast he had already known the mess that Lin Yurou made within the short span of one incense’s worth of time.

Zhan Fengting couldnt help frowning, He Cailings temper is notoriously bad. She has always disliked the sect’s restrictions and also has the He family as support. I’m afraid that this time, she wont let this matter go easily.

Lin Xuanzhi looked relaxed. Senior Martial Brother need not worry. Although Senior Martial Sister He has a violent temper, she is not unreasonable.

Zhan Fengting thought for a moment, I will go with you.

Thank you.

A line of people rode swords together toward Broken Sword Peak.

On the way, Lin Xuanzhi secretly transmitted his thoughts to Lin Yufan.

Lin Xuanzhi stated, Although I intended for Senior Martial Sister He to solve this matter, I did not allow you to make this matter known to everyone.”

Lin Yufan glanced at Lin Xuanzhi, I also didnt expect them to be so brazen as to indulge themselves while on the peak and even be caught red-handed by He Cailing.

This is not to be repeated.

Lin Yufan curled his lips at Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi wasnt so easy to deceive. If Lin Yufan hadnt found such a good time on purpose, Lin Yurou wouldnt have lost so much face while also implicating the Lin family’s reputation along the way.

However, Lin Xuanzhi handed over this matter to Lin Yufan, and he didnt pay much attention to it after that. Lin Xuanzhi didnt have much right to pursue the shortcomings in Lin Yufan’s treatment of this matter, but this didnt prevent Lin Xuanzhi from giving Lin Yufan a warning.

If it was only once, it was still fine, but if something similar happened in the future, then they also wouldn’t be able to recover the Lin familys face.

Soon they arrived at Broken Sword Peak.