Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 359

Chapter 359

Chapter 359

When Du Qiying and Lin Yurou were caught in bed after she broke through the door with one kick, not only did Du Qiying not have any intention of protecting Lin Yurou, his first reaction was also to play dumb and ask why Lin Yurou was in his bed. That response exemplified the typical behavior for a hedonistic son of rich parents.


He Cailing couldnt help laughing. Back then, she had to accept Du Qiying as her fianc because of pressures from her Master and her sect. Thus, she became resigned to her fate and made an effort to accept Du Qiying, but this time around, even if someone put a knife against her neck, she would never compromise again.

In fact, as early as the time Lin Xuanzhi was injured, she had already seen Du Qiyings true nature.

She interrogated Du Qiying, asking whether this matter was related to him. Although Du Qiying didn’t dare to admit it openly, between the lines, he oozed complacency and even imagined the wonderful scene where he became the number one person in Broken Sword Peak.

He Cailing’s heart couldn’t help but feel cold. Lin Xuanzhi was the martial brother she was closest to on Broken Sword Peak.

When He Cailing went to look for the Sect Master in anger, she discovered that even the Sect Master was vague on this matter. He merely implied that she didn’t need to know anything and that it was only proper to devote her thoughts to her fianc.

He Cailing was horrified.

He Cailing couldn’t sway Du Qiying’s mind by herself. She had never understood why Du Qiying was so supported by the Sect Master of Profound Sky Sect, Jiang Chenzi.

A bunch of evil monsters and bad characters.

The reason that He Cailing had never returned to the sect even once in recent years was because of what happened to Lin Xuanzhi. Lin Xuanzhi’s matter made her thoroughly see exactly how filthy and dirty this sect was. She was already completely disgusted with Broken Sword Peak and Profound Sky Sect, so she would rather train and gain experience alone deep in the mountains and forests than return to this place that sickened her so much.

This time, if it wasn’t for someone secretly passing some information to her, saying that Du Qiying and a female cultivator from the inner door had gotten together openly and brazenly and that she would sleep in Du Qiyings room on the 15th day of each month, He Cailing certainly wouldn’t have returned.

He Cailing did not need to find out the exact identity of the person who delivered the news to her, and she also didnt care, but she was thankful to that person from the bottom of her heart.

She had been waiting for the chance to break free from Du Qiying completely. This time, the opportunity finally arrived.


Lin Xuanzhi walked towards Yan Tianhen, who was practicing his skills.

Yan Tianhen dismissed the whip of Yin flames in his hand and ran towards Lin Xuanzhi. Dage, yesterday my Master didnt allow me to go out and join the fun. I heard from the child who came over to get spiritual plants that Lin Yurou and Du Qiying were caught in bed together by Du Qiyings fianc, and you were even called over.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, The news travels quite fast.

Yan Tianhen sighed Good news doesn’t even make it out the door, but bad news can spread for thousands of miles. Im afraid that the entire Profound Sky Sect knows about this matter right now. Dage, He Cailing used to be your Senior Martial Sister, so she shouldn’t have made things difficult for you, right?

Lin Xuanzhi tucked a strand of Yan Tianhen’s hair behind his ear. Its not like I did something wrong. How could she not distinguish between right and wrong and embarrass me indiscriminately?

Yan Tianhen was obviously relieved. Then, in the end, how was this matter handled?

I have asked Yufan to send Lin Yurou back to the Lin family today and hand her over to the Master of the Lin family to deal with according to the Lin family’s laws.

Yan Tianhen thought for a moment, If so, won’t anyone say that you are inhuman?

What Yan Tianhen cared about would always be Lin Xuanzhis reputation.

However, Lin Xuanzhi himself was able to shrug off the incident. He nonchalantly responded, It’s fine if they say that. After all, their mouths are on their face; what can I do about that? Besides, when Lin Yurou was engaging in illicit affairs with Du Qiying, she told him lots of information on me regarding what happened after I returned to the Lin family, so I’m already being kind to her by handing her over to the family for punishment.

Lin Xuanzhis whereabouts, the adventures he encountered in Sky Peak City, the people and possible allies that he met, and his close friends were all disclosed to Du Qiying by Lin Yurou. Although in Lin Xuanzhis view, Du Qiying was merely a person who couldn’t pose any threat to him even if he knew that information, nevertheless, keeping Lin Yurou in Profound Sky Sect would eventually become disastrous.

If Lin Yurou had been a bit more intelligent, she would have behaved just like Lin Zezhi after entering Profound Sky Sect, she would have been a low-key person, handling matters in a low-key manner and concentrating on cultivation instead. However, she did not have Lin Zezhis intelligence and did exactly the opposite.

Yan Tianhen thought for a moment, Then how should Du Qiying be punished?

It’s not clear yet, but Senior Martial Sister He will definitely seize this opportunity and try every method to completely break away from Du Qiying.

Indeed, she cannot marry such a person. Yan Tianhen couldnt help but shudder when he thought of Du Qiyings style of conduct that he had heard from other sources. This Du Qiying fellow already has a fianc, yet he still wants to screw around outside. He really isn’t anything good. Even if Senior Martial Sister He marries him, she’ll still regret it later.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhens indignant little face and couldnt help laughing. Senior Martial Sister He has never been an unreasonable person.

Yan Tianhen asked again, Dage, should we take advantage of this opportunity to throw stones while he’s down and get rid of Du Qiying completely?

Ever since he found out that Lin Xuanzhi was backstabbed by a group of people led by Du Qiying, Yan Tianhen had harbored resentment towards this person. Every time Broken Sword Peak sent someone to come over to Esteemed Huai Yu’s place to ask for spiritual herbs, as long as Yan Tianhen was present, he was bound to make things difficult for them before giving them the spiritual plants. Then later, when Esteemed Huai Yu found out about this, he also secretly made the fog forest more complicated and murkier whenever Broken Sword Peak sent someone over so that they would have to expend more energy when they entered.

Yan Tianhen also pettily added Du Qiying’s name to the little book of grudges in his heart. He couldnt wait to constantly pull him out and fiercely stomp on him.

Lin Xuanzhi answered airily, I have now understood that Du Qiyings unbridled arrogance must be because he has a backer we don’t know about. Although the matter this time is an opportunity, we cannot stand in the open and allow people to monitor our every move. Du Qiying suits the saying that ‘persisting in evil will bring about self-destruction’. There will be other opportunities to deal with him. Wait and see.

Although Yan Tianhen felt that it was a pity, now that Lin Xuanzhi had said so, he must have already made a surefire plan.

Yan Tianhen could only give up this great opportunity.

Dage, do you know who exactly the backer behind him is? Yan Tianhen asked with a frown.

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head. I dont know yet. I used to suspect that it was the Peak Master of Broken Sword Peak, but that doesnt make any sense.”

Why does it not make sense?

Daoist Yi Dao treated me well in the past. He once clearly stated that if Broken Sword Peak needs a Young Peak Master, it will undoubtedly be me. Lin Xuanzhi explained, A backer wouldn’t simply appear one day. Du Qiying must have encountered some opportunity to make Daoist Yi Dao have no choice but to yield.

Yan Tianhen was a little surprised, Could it be that Daoist Yi Dao treated you like that because he was forced to and was helpless?

Lin Xuanzhis eyes sank slightly. “I’m afraid it’s wealth that moved his heart. What part of ‘being forced and helpless’ can make him treat me like this?

He still remembered that when he woke up from his serious injury, Daoist Yi Dao only came to see him after waiting a long time.

At that time, the regret on Daoist Yi Dao’s face was not fake, but Lin Xuanzhi was also sure that he clearly saw a trace of relief and joy on Daoist Yi Dao’s face.

Daoist Yi Dao’s words seemed to be comforting him on the surface, but in reality, he was telling Lin Xuanzhi to resign himself to his fate between the lines. Even when he was finally expelled from Profound Sky Sect, it was also Daoist Yi Dao who opened his mouth and brought it up.

How could this be forced into helplessness?

No, it should be called being unbridled and unscrupulous.

Lin Xuanzhi wasn’t actually worried about Daoist Yi Dao. This person was narrow-minded, so it was difficult for him to ever achieve anything. Even when teaching his disciples, he always hid his own abilities and didn’t make an all-out effort to teach them. Moreover, he always looked at social status and family background when accepting disciples, relying on the backers behind these disciples to consolidate his position as Peak Master. As a result, he couldn’t get the best sprouts.

However, who was the person behind Daoist Yi Dao?

In other words, who was the person behind Du Qiying?

Lin Xuanzhi knew nothing. Even if he investigated, he still didn’t have any clues.

However, there would always be a day when the cat gets out of the bag.


Another few days passed. Lin Xuanzhi had just finished practicing his sword in the morning when he saw Lin Zezhi, who looked somewhat embarrassed as he stood waiting outside the courtyard.

Young Master. Lin Zezhi saw Lin Xuanzhi coming up and walked towards him.

Lin Xuanzhi wiped his sword while he walked towards his side, Your mother asked you to find me?

Lin Zezhi’s expression was even more embarrassed. He rubbed his nose and replied, Your guess is right. My mother sent me to find you.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him, What did your mother say? Lets hear it.

Lin Zezhi gave a bitter smile, My mother said that Lin Yurou is nevertheless still part of the Lin family’s main branch. The direct main branches in the Lin family are like peas in a pod; if one is prosperous, then all are prosperous, but if one falls, then all fall. Although Lin Yurou made the Lin family lose face, the situation is not without remedy.

Lin Xuanzhi collected the cloth for wiping the sword and entered the courtyard, Im afraid thats not what your mother actually said.

Lin Zezhi cleared his throat, The original words were not very pleasant, so I won’t say them.

When Madam Bai spoke to Lin Zezhi, she was both arrogant and bossy. First, she cursed Lin Xuanzhi for being extremely unkind, even willing to hurt his own family’s sister, so he wasn’t qualified to be the Young Master. Then she scolded Lin Zezhi for not being ambitious and being bewitched by Lin Xuanzhi.

Of course, these were just the opening notes.

The gist of Madam Bai’s strategy was to mobilize Lin Zezhis dissatisfaction and resentment towards Lin Xuanzhi and join hands with her to trip up Lin Xuanzhi to pull him down from the position of Young Master, while the other half was to intercede on Lin Yurou’s behalf.

How did the family punish Lin Yurou? Asked Lin Xuanzhi.

Although it’s an internal family affair, since it had already blown up to the point where everyone knows about it now, the Law Enforcement Hall had to step forward. Lin Zezhi followed Lin Xuanzhi as he recounted the events, Uncle Lin Bubai planned to lock Yurou in the ice prison for 10 to 15 days according to clan regulations, but due to obstructions from my mother and Yurous parents, that punishment did not pass. Lin Yurou was only locked in an ordinary prison and was forbidden from stepping foot outside. However, Uncle Bubai said that her release from prison all depended on the Young Master’s wishes. My mother asked me to come and plead for leniency for Lin Yurou in the hopes of releasing her as soon as possible.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Lin Zezhi, What do you think should be done?

Lin Zezhi thought in his heart,This truly is a trick question.

Originally, just having such a mother who wanted to oppose Lin Xuanzhi everywhere was already enough to make Lin Xuanzhi be wary of him. If he wasn’t careful and cautious right now, then he’s afraid that he would never again have an opportunity for advancement on Lin Xuanzhi’s side.