Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 360

Chapter 360

Chapter 360

Translated by: Laplace

Lin Zezhi thought it out very clearly.

Originally he had his mother who wished to oppose Lin Xuanzhi no matter what. That was enough to make Lin Xuanzhi fear him. If he wasn’t careful about what he did, he was scared that his relationship with Lin Xuanzhi already wouldn’t improve any further.

Therefore Lin Zezhi frowned andbitterly and resentfullystated, “I did not expect Sister Yurou to be such a messy person, making this matter public to the entire Profound City, even the other families in Qing City have already heard about it. This has greatly influenced the reputation of the Lin family, naturally we can not handle this lightly, only through putting her in confinement and making her reflect on her mistakes can it be resolved.”

“Are you saying that she might as well go to the Ice Prison?” Lin Zezhi raised his eyebrow.

Lin Zezhi paused and answered, “The Ice Prison seems too harsh, although she did do something wrong, she does not deserve to die.”

Once a person entered the Ice Prison, if they didn’t die, they would still be injured. Even if they came out alive, their cultivation would still be completely destroyed. In this life, they would never be able to continue to cultivate again. The people imprisoned there were all extremely vicious and wicked.

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a moment, “Since you pleaded sympathy for her, I temporarily won’t ask for more. However, exemption from death is not escape from punishment, let her stay in prison first.

With her parents, Madam Bai, and Third Elder backing her, even in the Lin familys private prison, Lin Yurou would not suffer much.

Only, one could only imagine Lin Xuanzhi’s mood so much of his information was divulged to Du Qiying for no reason.

Therefore he hoped that Lin Yurou could reflect properly in prison and at least know her mistakes.

Receiving a reply, Lin Zezhi now knew Lin Xuanzhi’s thoughts on this matter. “Then I will tell my mother your reply.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “On Madam Bai’s side, if she has anything they do not understand, have her come to me directly.”

Lin Zezhi agreed.

Lin Xuanzhi then asked, “When you entered Breaking Sword Peak, have you had the chance to raise your cultivation level? How have your senior and junior martial brothers been treating you?”

Lin Zezhi let out a smile “The atmosphere on Breaking Sword Peak is very good, all the senior and junior martial brothers wholeheartedly focus on practicing the sword. There are no distractions, in this environment, I could be at ease after rushing too fast for a while. My cultivation level has risen quite a bit.” Lin Xuanzhi originally let Lin Zezhi enter Breaking Sword Peak, first because he wanted to know whether or not Lin Zezhi would be shaken and side with Madam Bai if Lin Zezhi was no longer under Lin Xuanzhi’s surveillance. Secondly, the cultivation atmosphere at Breaking Sword Peak was the best out of the Three Peaks.

Sinking Sword Peak was too loose and arbitrary and Broken Sword Peak had too many messy schemes in the peak and they did not have much-required practice.

Lin Xuanzhi faintly smiled, “That is good, you can fully concentrate on practice, no need to pay attention to any of the other tasks.”

Lin Zezhi nodded his head, half bowing, “Many thanks, Young Master.”

“You can go ahead.”

Lin Zezhi retired with permission.

A shadow floated down from the tree.

Lin Xuanzhi raised his head and looked up at Wan Yitong, who had been hidden in the tree for an unknown length of time but had not been discovered by anyone. He smiled, “Younger Senior Martial Brother, how is the view from the tree?”

Wan Yitong smiled, “Naturally there is no comparison to below. I did not expect that you have such great skill in managing people.”

Wan Yitong had heard that the Lin family had a fierce internal fight back then, but now it seemed that Lin Xuanzhi was already the one in first place.

Lin Xuanzhi faintly smiled, “Everyone surrenders to the strong. Since I can make the Lin family greater than before, for what reason would they not accept me?”

Wan Yitong rolled his eyes. “I heard that you gave quite a bit of monthly allowance to the disciples of your family that entered Profound Sky Sect.”

“Senior Martial Brother is indeed really well informed.”

Wan Yitong clicked his tongue “You indeed have astyle in spending money, at the end of the month, tens of thousands of gold are sent out. The Lin family disciples in Profound Sky Sect now walk lightly with ease and are generous as hell.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and said nothing.

At the start, he raised the monthly allowance to an amount considered extraordinary for the family, firstly to encourage the disciples to intensify their training and improve their cultivation levels. Secondly to let people see the Lin family’s financial resources and enhance the influence of the Lin family.

A large family would inevitably have an inseparable relationship with their financial resources. The Lin family suddenly went from a third-class family to a first-class family, the speed of which was too fast, so they were not completely accepted by the other first-class families. However, showing their financial resources was a shortcut to quickly make first-class families accept the Lin family.

Wan Yitong blinked his eyes. “I heard from Master that at the start of next month you plan to go to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest.”

Lin Xuanzhi answered, “I do intend to do that.”

Wan Yitong grinned, “I also plan to go there to experience it once, leave a seat for your Senior Martial Brother. You won’t refuse me, will you?”

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, “If Senior Martial Brother is willing, I would naturally welcome you.”

Wan Yitong patted Lin Xuanzhi’s shoulder, “I have reserved a place first, if that Bei Shitian guy also wants to come with you, you must not take him.”

Lin Xuanzhi, “”

Lin Xuanzhi’s expression was somewhat unpredictable.

Wan Yitong suddenly had a bad feeling. “What is the matter?”

Lin Xuanzhi replied, “Senior Martial Brother Bei approached me a few days before and said that Master let him accompany us to get experience from the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest.”

Wan Yitong, “”

He had the feeling of being hit on the head by a hammer.

“How is it possible that Master nominated him by name to go? Master never cares whether or not we go out to train.” Wan Yitong’s face was incredulous, he simply could not believe it.

“However, it was definitely Master who spoke.” Lin Xuanzhi gave Wan Yitong a look of wanting to help but not being able to. “Probably Master found that the murderous aura on Senior Martial Brother Bei was too heavy, it just coincidentally happened that Bei Shitian recently also planned to leave the sect doors, so Master thought that if I were to keep him company the situation would be better.”

In any case, when Bei Shitian traveled together with Lin Xuanzhi and people of the same level, he was bound to be apprehensive and exercise more restraint. If there is anything wrong, then Lin Xuanzhi could find out in time. Having someone to care for him was much better than Bei Shitian being alone and randomly going places.

Although Esteemed Lan Yue usually didn’t have many interactions with his disciples, that was due to his nature, but this didn’t mean that he did not care about his disciples.

Wan Yitong was obviously not happy. He pursed his mouth, “It’s annoying that he beat me to it again. Well, because he is going with you, I won’t go.”

Lin Xuanzhi brought up, “Actually, we are going to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest with a mission. With the help of Senior Martial Brother Bei and Younger Senior Martial Brother, the probability of success is higher, Little Senior Martial Brother might as well think about it more.”

Wan Yitong looked at Lin Xuanzhi, “Are Yuan Tianwen and his sweetheart also going?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. “The two of them are certain to go together.”

Wan Yitong frowned, “The two of them are not afraid of death, Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is that dangerous, are you not afraid of entering but not being able to leave?”

“These things have all been thought about. Only it is best to not drag on because of the toxins in Duan Yuyang’s body; otherwise, there is a likely chance that the poison will suddenly erupt when giving birth, leading to unpredictable consequences. It is because the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is dangerous and we are not sure when we can leave it that Duan Yuyang wanted to come with us so that as soon as we get the two antidotes, he can immediately refine them and take them in time.”

Wan Yitong sighed, “It’s really hard for him. He even has to use this method ofconfronting death and fighting to live.”

Lin Xuanzhi was also somewhat helpless. “This also can’t be helped, the Yuan family already raised the price of employment to two sparrow spirits. However, none of the cultivators that accepted the mission have returned yet. The Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest seems to have a barrier around it. Even if someone above the Calcified Bones Stage of Primary Realm entered, their cultivation would still be suppressed down to the Calcified Bones Stage. And those above the Profound Realm simply cannot enter.”

The matter regarding the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest had already gotten the attention of many cultivators. A few large families and clans had sent people to take a look at the situation. If necessary, it was possible for them to join forces and send people to explore the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. Naturally, Wan Yitong had heard about it.

Wan Yitong considered it for a moment, “Since there is a lack of people then I will also come. In any case, I am also considered one of the Four Swords of Profound Sky, I can certainly be of help.”

Lin Xuanzhi cupped his hands, “Many thanks to Senior Martial Brother.”

Wan Yitong waved his hand, “We are fellow disciples of the same Master, no need for thanks. However this matter must be kept a secret, don’t let that Bei Shitian guy know beforehand.”

Lin Xuanzhi did not ask about the reason, only nodding his head in agreement

Wan Yitong hummed an unknown tune and headed to his own courtyard.

All of a sudden his footsteps paused, the Beixi sword at his waist stabbed behind him in an instant.

Two slender fingers gently clasped the body of the sword like a butterfly kiss.

Wan Yitong stared into a pair of cold eyes.

Wan Yitong was slightly stunned, promptly withdrawing his sword inserting it into its sheath. Staring at Bei Shitian, he asked coldly, “Why did you sneak attack me?”

Bei Shitian opened his mouth, “Don’t go to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest.”

Wan Yitong was startled then his face darkened. “You actually dared to follow me?”

Bei Shitian could not help but be surprised, “I did not follow you.”

“Then how did you know that I just went to find Junior Martial Brother to talk about the matter of going to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest together?” Wan Yitong blurted without thinking.

Bei Shitian’s expression changed slightly. “So you really want to go!”

Wan Yitong, “”

Wait, did he accidentally expose something?

Wan Yitong gave Bei Shitian a cold glance, “Why is it your business where I go?”

Bei Shitian followed behind Wan Yitong, staring at his side profile, “Throughout these years, wherever I go, it is certain that you will follow. This time Teacher wants me to go with Junior Martial Brother to get experience and I know you would surely use any method to follow.”

“Fuck!” Wan Yitong paused, feeling ashamed and panicked. He harshly kicked a stone near him, “Don’t flatter yourself, you annoy me to hell, how is it possible that I will follow you wherever you go? I am not that familiar with you, stop sticking gold onto your face.”

“You know it in your heart.”

Wan Yitong was restless. “I said I did not follow you, it just happened that it was on my way.”

“I will not argue with you about this, there is no reason to.” Bei Shitian was more reasonable and calm, his expression has not changed even a bit. He said lightly, “Only this time, don’t go to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest.”

“Why?” Wan Yitong stared at him.

“If you don’t come, I will treat the times you followed me as merely conveniently by chance.” Bei Shitian looked him in the face. “If you go, I will treat it as if you still have feelings for me.”