Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 362

Chapter 362

Chapter 362

Translated by: Laplace

Edited by: Islanor

Lin Xuanzhi, contrary to expectations, was indifferent and even faintly thought it was quite amusing.

“Du Qiying is not a good match, marrying him won’t have a good ending.” Lin Xuanzhi said.

Lin Zezhi revealed a helpless expression. So long as it was an individual who could see, they could tell what kind of trash Du Qiying was. The facade of a handsome beau, that he had on previously, had already been thoroughly exposed. If Lin Zezhi and Lin Yurou were to exchange places, he would have chosen to raise the child alone than pick Du Qiying.

However, Lin Yurou did not think so.

“If she wants to keep the child, I can make the decision to add him to the Lin family tree.” Lin Xuanzhi gave Lin Yurou one last thing in regards to kinship and told Lin Zezhi, “Tell her my original words and first watch to see what they would choose.”

“Okay.” Lin Zezhi said.

Lin Zezhi’s meaning was obvious, he actually was unwilling to see Lin Yurou be married to Du Qiying and jump into the living hell. He was willing to accept Lin Yurou’s child as a member of the Lin household, so the child could enjoy the treatment of being from Lin family’s main lineage from now on.

If Lin Yurou was sensible and farsighted, she would certainly raise her son wholeheartedly and with great care, in order to have him take advantage of the Lin family’s resources and become someone successful.

Lin Xuanzhi had never denied the accuracy of the saying the mother’s value increases as her son’s position rises, but only the premise is the son is actually valuable?

In the evening, Lin Zezhi went to look for Lin Xuanzhi again.

From his somewhat embarrassed expression, Lin Xuanzhi knew the answer he received.

“Lin Yurou her attitude is very resolute. She does not wish to be trapped in the Lin Family for a lifetime. She still wants to return to the Profound Sky Sect.”

If that was the case, then Lin Xuanzhi would not say anymore. Although he was aware that even if Lin Yurou were to be married to Du Qiying, she would never have the chance of becoming a disciple of Profound Sky Sect ever again.

“You can reply to the family.” Lin Xuanzhi said, “For Du Qiying’s side, I will go and talk to him personally. There is just one additional condition: If she chooses to marry Du Qiying, Lin Yurou will no longer be considered as a part of my Lin family.”

Lin Zezhi furrowed his eyebrows, feeling somewhat puzzled. “Why? Young Master, our Lin Family has not had this precedent of no longer being Lin Family after getting married.”

Lin Xuanzhi flatly replied, “Du Qiying has killed and seized my treasure. Also, I have a blood feud with him, so I certainlywill not let him get away.”

Lin Zezhi was stunned, “I understand.”

In the cultivation world of the Five Continents, both strength and birth origin were regarded as highly important things. If a woman from a well-regarded large family gets married grandly, she would naturally still be regarded as a member of that family and the family would properly give them the protection they deserve.

In the case of Lin Yurou, she would still be regarded as a member of the family after she gets married. However, Lin Yurou’s mistake lies in that she insists on marrying Du Qiying who has had a quarrel with and was also an enemy of Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi already offered Lin Yurou an alternative route, but she was the one who did not choose it, so Lin Xuanzhi would also not be polite.

Letting Lin Yurou marry Du Qiying would be the last thing he could do for Lin Yurou. From then on, Lin Yurou, whether she lives or dies, would be unrelated to him and to the entire Lin Family.

After explaining everything, Lin Zezhi was on his way back and had been walking along the mountainous road. He could not help but sigh and think to himself: Before, he had his [tn content=”eyes obscured by a single leaf”]A chinese idiom meaning having your vision blocked by a small thing and not being able to see the bigger picture.[/tn].” and actually thought Lin Yurou was a smart but unassuming girl from a large family. Unexpectedly, thinking back now, Lin Yurou was actually such a stupid woman.

Lin Xuanzhi went to Broken Sword Peak.

He did not try to be secretive, but instead he strutted up the mountain. Numerous disciples had seen him, some bold disciples greeted Lin Xuanzhi with a smile.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at these familiar faces and responded back one by one.

At the inner gate, He Cailing, who had heard the news, came forth to welcome them.

He Cailing wore a set of rather plain taoist robes. When she saw Lin Xuanzhi, she smiled and said, “Previously, I even said when I would go to Sinking Sword Peak to look for Huarong. Who would have thought that you had come here on your own.”

Lin Xuanzhi faintly smiled, “Naturally, I am here to visit Senior Martial Sister personally. It wouldn’t be right for the Senior Martial Sister to come look for me.”

“I haven’t seen you in a few years, and you are even better at smooth talking now as compared to before.” He Cailing puffed angrily.

They talked and laughed all the way into the inner gate. When they arrived inside He Cailing’s cave dwelling, she changed the subject and asked, “You never go to a temple for no reason. Is there anything important that you come here today for?

Lin Xuanzhi said “Nothing escapes from the Senior Martial Sister, I indeed came today because of one matter.”

He Cailing replied, “Let’s hear it.”

Lin Xuanzhi said, “Lin Yanrou is pregnant, she says it is Du Qiying’s.”

He Cailing raised her eyebrows in surprise and soon after sneered, “That sister of yours. Don’t tell me she wants to marry Du Qiying, that absolutely disgraceful thing?”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, “Thats exactly what she intends to do.”

He Cailing stared at Lin Xuanzhi, You are pushing your sister into a fire pit.

Lin Xuanzhi replied in an indifferent tone, I have already found a way out for her, but she firmly insists on following the path that leads to her own destruction. How can I help her?

You might as well just lock her up.

Lin Xuanzhis eyes were slightly cold, Before she had been certainly locked, but in recent days, she is already pregnant. If I were to be unreasonable again and if something happens to her, I will be blamed.

He Cailing thought for a moment, That’s true.

He Cailing herself was born in a large family, though she was not at the family all year round, but she has seen many fights in the internal residence. If she thought about it, Lin Xuanzhi’s young master position wasn’t actually as stable or secure as Yuan Tianwen’s, so he would naturally have to be a little more careful and cautious.

“Senior Martial Sister, I have to tell you about this matter first, to prevent you from misunderstanding me.”

He Cailing leered at Lin Xuanzhi, “What can I misunderstand about you? I currently do not have any relationship with Du Qiying. As for my family, they have already managed everything, so no one will try to force me to marry Du Qiying. In less than two days, I will be going elsewhere for training and will not be back for several years. Whether Du Qiying is dead or alive, his weddings or funerals, it is none of my business.”

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, “Senior Martial Sister has finally escaped from the abyss of suffering, and be on your own.”

He Cailing smiled, “It is considered a good thing.”

Lin Xuanzhi spoke with He Cailing for a bit, then needed to go look for Du Qiying.

He Cailing waved her hand, “You just can go by yourself. If you really can’t, then just go find Master. Although Du Qiying is not a good thing, he values his reputation very much. Under threats and inducements, the possibility of him agreeing to marry your sister is quite high.”

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes, “Even if he is unwilling, there would be no chances for him to disagree.”

He Cailing sneered, Of course he’s unwilling.

At the beginning, Du Qiying merely took a fancy to her family background. It’s just that although Lin Yurou was a member of the Lin Family’s main household, her relationship with Lin Xuanzhi was not good. In the Lin Family, she was in no position to speak out, so Du Qiying was merely just playing around with her. Why would he be willing to marry her?

However, Lin Xuanzhi was not easy to bully. Even if Du Qiying was unwilling to marry, he would certainly use all means to pressure him into marrying.

You just want to play around casually, how can there be such good things in this world?

Du Qiying’s right eyelid had started to twitch since early in the morning. He kept having the feeling that something bad was going to happen.

Ever since the matter of him and Lin Yurou had been exposed, his luck had been continuously going downhill. Not only did his Master avoid meeting with him, even Tong Le, who used to be at his side like a dog, could not be invited out for quite some time.

Du Qiying was infuriated and he did not know where to vent his anger. He kept cursing He Cailing in his heart, as she was unkind in dealing with the matter and not leaving him with any face. This caused all the disciples of Broken Sword Peak to distance themselves from him.

Du Qiying couldnt help but think, if it werent for his fathers closed-door cultivation and Master being a cowardly and overcautious person, how would he end up in such an embarrassing situation?

Du Qiying just kicked to send a stone flying when a child announced that Lin Xuanzhi would be coming over.

“Lin Xuanzhi?” Du Qiying looked displeased, “Why did he come to look for me?”

The boy shook his head, “I don’t know, he didn’t say.”

Du Qiying rolled his eyes, “Let him in.”

After the youth left, Du Qiying got up to hide the Zhige sword that was hanging on the wall.

Lin Xuanzhi walked over in a set of clothes that was as white as snow, giving him an appearance of an immortal. As compared to a few years back, he has become more matured and charismatic.

Du Qiying narrowed his eyes, sat down on his chair and said, “Junior Martial Brother Lin, what brings you here?”

Lin Xuanzhi did not sit down, merely stood in front of him, and carried on discussing, “Perhaps Senior Martial Brother Du’s memory is not good, but to forget that just a few days ago you have just made a big joke on my Lin family’s Lin Yurou?”

Lin Yurou was a sore point for Du Qiying. Even though he had enticed numerous Junior Martial Brothers and Junior Martial Sisters in the past, none of them made him lose face to this extent.

Du Qiying immediately became angry. He clenched his fist and insincerely smiled at Lin Xuanzhi. “Junior Martial Brother Lin, I am a man, so at most she is only a loose fling. However, that younger sister of yours has already been turned into a slut by the rumors.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded his head. “That’s true. In this world, when it comes to the matter of men and women, they are always much more tolerable towards men than women. However, my Lin Family is not easy to bully. Since you have defiled Lin Yurou’s body, then you will just have to take up responsibility for this.”

Du Qiying stared blankly, he did not expect Lin Xuanzhi to actually come to his doorstep to make him take responsibility.

Du Qiying’s expression changed several times, finally he made an extremely funny expression and said “You think your Lin Family is worth attaching importance to me? What kind of thing is Lin Yurou? Is she even worth anything for me to take responsibility? Lin Xuanzhi, I, Du Qiying, am a straightforward person who does not speak insinuations. In my heart, Lin Yurou doesn’t even deserve to carry my shoe. If it wasn’t for somewhat good looking and stupidity, I wouldnt even have looked at her twice.

Lin Xuanzhi did not mind and said “I would also not let my Lin Family have any connection with you if it wasn’t because Lin Yurou conceived your child.”

Du Qiying’s eyes widened, before standing up and said, “What did you say? She is pregnant? Impossible, its definitely not mine. I would not give her a seed!

Lin Xuanzhi hooked his lips in a bitter smile, “You seriously think Lin Yurou is a girl from a wealthy family who is ignorant about the world and also someone whom you can just attract by hooking your finger and casually toy around with as you please? Firstly, she is not a prostitute; secondly, she is not like Senior Martial Sister He who is the sort of female cultivator who just wholeheartedly cutivates and is not well versed in personal matters back at the residence. If she follows you to bed, how would she not have a card up her sleeve? Du Qiying, you are the biggest fool.”

Du Qiying’s entire body seemed to be emptied of strength and slumped onto his chair with a bang before he muttered, “Impossible This is absolutely impossible.”

Having a child involved karmic cause and effect. In concerns to any cultivator, they would not easily let an infant be stranded outside, otherwise it is very likely they would fall into the path of demonic cultivation.

Even more, without any children, it could only be said to be a casual romance, but to impregnate a woman from a large family