Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 363

Chapter 363

Chapter 363

Translated by: Laplace

Edited by: Islanor

One could imagine that if Du Qiying didn’t marry Lin Yurou, be it the Lin family or the elders of Profound Sky Sect, no one would let him off easily.

Virtuous behavior was greatly emphasized in the cultivation world. If one’s morality was not good, the higher the cultivation, the greater a threat he would be to the human world.

For Du Qiying to be labeled as a casanova was not too bad, however if he were to be known as a heartless man who was unwilling to take up the responsibility of impregnating someone, it would be impossible for him to be part of the Sky Peak Sect’s referral list that will be collated in three years’ time.

Even with the status of a Sect Master, Jiang Chenzi, however, was not the only person with power in the Profound Sky Sect. The Peak Masters and elders of the other three peaks have all kept a close watch on him. Previously, numerous elders in Profound Sky Sect were already very dissatisfied with Jiang Chenzi as he had used schemes to cover up the matters of Lin Xuanzhi. This time, if he were to insist on standing up for Du Qiying and if the Lin family were to make an uproar about this matter again, it would probably end badly for everyone.

Du Qiying bowed his head and thought things through clearly. At that moment, he seemed to have become smarter and knew that the child in Lin Yurou had already decided matters.

Du Qiying felt very conflicted inside his heart, however there was nothing he could do about it.

Du Qiying took a deep breath and glared at Lin Xuanzhi. He then said coldly, “I can marry her, but she is not to be my main wife. Lin Yurou is just a slut who causally fools around with men, so she is not qualified to become my wife.”

“You aren’t any better.” Lin Xuanzhi revealed an expression of utter disdain. “Do as you please. The date should be set soon, or else her baby bump may start showing. I’m afraid that would damage Senior Martial Brother’s reputation.”

Du Qiying gritted his teeth in fury as he smiled and said, “That depends on when you will send Lin Yurou up the mountain.”

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, “She will be sent over in a few days’ time. Even though she will not be your main wife, Senior Martial Brother Du should not neglect her, after all the Lin family is a well respected and prestigious family.”

Du Qiying has already been vomiting blood in his heart, but he had to forcefully maintain his smile and said. “Naturally. I am still not that bad since I do have some resolution. I will announce it to everyone, you can be rest assured about this.”

Lin Xuanzhi nodded his head with satisfaction. “If this is the case, I will not bother Senior Martial Brother Du anymore.”

Before leaving, Lin Xuanzhi glanced back at Du Qiying, and said with profound meaning, “Senior Martial Brother Du, how is it that these two years, since I have left, your cultivation hasn’t advanced much? I have no idea if it’s due to Senior Martial Brother neglecting your daily training or you have reached a bottleneck. If theres anything you dont understand, I welcome Senior Martial Brother to come to me for advice. After all, I was able to attract a lightning tribulation when I was advancing my cultivation.”

Du Qiying, “”

Really fucking bold!

Mentioning the pot that doesn’t boil!

He truly hated how Lin Xuanzhi acted as if everything under the heavens was trash.

Lin Xuanzhi actually dared to mock his weak cultivation?

Damn it, Lin Xuanzhi had also relied on magic treasures to raise his own cultivation, so what is there to be so proud of?

After Lin Xuanzhi left, Du Qiying trashed his room completely in a fit of anger, even the table had been flipped over on the ground with a kick.

The moment the boys outside had heard the sounds coming from inside the house, they could not help but feel their hearts pounding with fear and wished they could run to somewhere far away to hide.

Once Du Qiying was done venting, four hours had already passed.

Du Qiying kept a somber expression on his face, as if water could be wringed out. He sat on the ground and looked down to think for a short while. He stood up shakily and took out his sword to fly towards Thousand Hammer Peak.

On Thousand Hammer Peak, Tong Le was currently crafting magic treasures.

With a loudbangsound, the door to Tong Le’s secret crafting chamber was kicked inwards from the outside.

All of a sudden, the magic treasure in Tong Les hand was burnt and it looked like a piece of black charcoal, causing him to feel so distressed that he really wanted to weep.

Just when Tong Le wanted to get angry, he suddenly saw Du Qiying walking fiercely towards him from the door.

Disgust flickered in his heart, as Tong Le stood up with a look of surprise on his face, “Why did Senior Martial Brother think to come here and in such a hurry as well? Is there any important matter?

“Damn it, stop putting on an act.” Du Qiying grabbed Tong Le by the neck and gritted his teeth. “Tong Le, have you been living comfortably and at ease these days? Laozi had been tricked by Lin Xuanzhi, and yet you are still crafting your tools here?

Tong Le was deeply shocked and pushed Du Qiying’s hand off before he said patiently, “How did Lin Xuanzhi offend Senior Martial Brother again? These days, Master assigned me the task of crafting tools. This is why I did not go find Senior Martial Brother, so Senior Martial Brother, please don’t misunderstand.”

What kind of joke is this? Currently, Du Qiying was obviously not very normal, so even if he really intended to distance himself from Du Qiying, without provoking trouble, it would still be impossible to tell him the whole truth!

Since it had come to this, Tong Le had secretly prepared a magic tool. Once Du Qiyang actually had intentions to kill him, at that point of time, he would then make other plans.

Du Qiying narrowed his eyes and stared closely at Tong Le. “In the beginning, it was you who told me to get close to Lin Yunrou to find out more information about Lin Xuanzhi. Come to think of it, this plan of yours is really stupid.”

Tong Le felt wronged in his heart, who the hell told you to bring her to your bed?

Its all my fault. Tong Le aggrievedly said as he reached out his hands to take hold of Du Qiying’s arm. How did Lin Xuanzhi offend Senior Martial Brother again? Tell me and I’ll help you think of something.

Du Qiying saw him softening up and started to loosen his grip. He then said with a sullen face, Lin Yurou is pregnant. Lin Xuanzhi wants me to take responsibility for her.

Tong Le was shocked, What? How is she pregnant? You two were only together for

Tong Le repressed his words, as he was rendered stunned and full of contempt Du Qiying was actually with Lin Yurou way before then.

These two were really destined to be together.

Du Qiying also felt like he had somewhat lost face, so he unhappily glanced at Tong Le, What are you excited about? Who let that woman be so easy to get?

Tong Le composed himself, “Do you want her to marry you as your main wife?”

Du Qiying spat, “How is that possible? It is only for the sake of the child in her belly that I am giving her the status of a concubine.”

Tong Le thought for a moment and smiled, Thinking of it this way, it is actually a good thing. After all, you are going to have your own child.

Du Qiyings complexion eased a bit. Having a child was naturally a good thing, but it was better if the child’s mother did not live for too long.

Tong Le continued, Senior Martial Brother Du, is it possible Lin Xuanzhi is angry with you?

Du Qiying’s expression turned for the worst again, “He actually dares to humiliate my cultivation! In the past when he was in Broken Sword Peak, he kept suppressing me everywhere and also excluded me. Now that he is longer at Broken Sword Peak, he is still the same as before, damn it! If it wasn’t for the fact that he now has an extremely good reputation at Sinking Sword Peak, how would he dare to treat me like this? What bullshit favored son of the heavens? Who knows what the hell is that lightning that he had attracted?”

Tong Le looked at the almost deranged Du Qiying, “Senior Martial Brother, the last time you asked me to search for a magic tool that attracts lightning, I already have some ideas.”

Du Qiying appeared distressed and grabbed Tong Les arm to say, Where is it?

Tong Le said, I asked one of my Junior Martial Brothers to help me search for it. He said he found a shop that could make custom-made magical tools. The craftsmen in the shop are very reliable. They can not only make magic treasures to draw lightning and change the weather, but could also gather spiritual Qi. It is just that the price is a little expensive.

Du Qiying took a deep breath and his heart was pounding heavily. What is money, is that store really reliable? Quickly introduce the craftsman to me.

Tong Le thought for a moment, “Senior Martial Brother, there’s no need to rush. That craftsman normally does not come out to meet people easily. All in all, he has some temper.”

Du Qiying could not resist and asked, “Then how does he take orders?”

Tong Le said, “After receiving the order, the craftsman will then set out to prepare the crafting. The duration of the crafting time will be then calculated based on the difficulty of the task. After he finishes crafting, he will directly hand over the magic treasure to the employer. Once the employer gets the magic weapon, they will first pay him half of the price. After confirming that the magic weapon is exactly as imagined, then they would pay the other half.

Du Qiying thought to himself:This is naturally good. This way, the risk he takes on will become much smaller. Even if that magic treasure has slight discrepancies from what he imagined, it will not go beyond the limits of what he’s willing to tolerate.

Du Qiying asked, How much does it cost to craft the magic treasure?

Tong Le made a gesture, “This price.”

Du Qiying was surprised, “This is daylight robbery!”

Tong Le was visibly embarrassed, “ThisI can’t do anything about it either.”

Du Qiying thought with a clouded face, “This craftman. How do you confirm that he definitely has that ability?”

Tong Le said, To be honest, this craftsman is one of the craftsmen in the Hidden Tools Pavillion.

“Hidden Tools Pavillion?” Du Qiying frowned, “When it comes to Hidden Tools Pavillion, you are more familiar than me. Don’t you know that Hidden Tools Pavillion’s real owner is Bai family’s Bai Yichen?”

This matter had been massive news that came out at the Hundred Families’ Gathering in Sky Peak City.

The fact that Hidden Tools Pavillon was actually the private business of the Bai family’s young master had rendered so many people astounded. Thus, the Hidden Tools Pavillon’s business had spread like wildfire and brought it up a level.

There is no way not to, who let the Bai Family have such a widespread reputation?

Tong Le nodded. A trace of regret flashed through his eyes. It is indeed Bai Yichen.

If it wasn’t Bai Yichen, he would have made plans to entice the other party, but since it was the Bai Familys young master, Tong Le didn’t even need to think and had chosen to retreat.

The light of fluorescence and that of the sun and moon exists in two different worlds. There is simply no chance of exchanging light

Du Qiying’s expression was not very good and stared at Tong Le, “Tong Le, do you not know that it has been widely acknowledged that Lin Xuanzhi and Bai Yichen have a close friendship and also some ambiguous relations? You even found a shop of someone that he is so close with. What is the meaning of this?”

Tong Le knew he would ask this question, so he smiled, “Senior Martial Brother Du, you are thinking too much. Let’s not talk about whether Lin Xuanzhi and Bai Yichen have that kind of relationship, well even if they do, that does not represent all the craftsmen in the Hidden Tools Pavillion will be affiliated with Lin Xuanzhi.

“What does this mean?

“The craftsman I found is one who takes private jobs.” Tong Le feigned a mysterious smile. “How would working for a master let you earn money quicker than on your own? Senior Martial Brother Du wanted a magic treasure that can attract lightning, but it is inconvenient for you to show up personally, so you sent me. The craftsman was also unwilling to appear and had sent his disciple to do business. This way, no one knows who the other party is, is that not to everyone’s satisfaction? Besides, when it comes to taking up private jobs, the craftsman is more cautious than we are, so how could he let others find out? So if I were to say, this private deal is still very safe.”