Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 364

Chapter 364

Chapter 364

Translated by: Laplace

Edited by: Islanor

Much of Du Qiying’s anger dissipated, as he narrowed his eyes to think for a moment. Clenching his teeth, he asked, That craftsman. How long does he need to craft it for me?

Tong Le answered, “When I asked the previous time, he stated that he needs at most a month.”

At most one month, he could still afford to wait.

Du Qiying rolled his eyes, as he thought of that hefty price for the crafting of the magic tool. He just could not help but feel so distressed over it. However, the moment he thought of how Li Xuanzhi came unannounced today and spoke to him with that disrespectful attitude and disdainful words, he felt as if he had been slapped across his face. Anger suddenly boiled up in him.

“Okay, you will go down the mountain today and tell that person that I want him to craft a magic treasure, which can attract lightning for at least a month, as fast as possible!” Du Qiying made up his mind and his final decision.

He secretly thought:How would spending money matter to him? He has never lacked money. Most importantly, he has to improve his cultivation and at the same time make his name known. No matter what, he cannot be worse than Lin Xuanzhi.

Tong Le nodded his head, “I’ll go down the mountain and look for him right now.”

It was only then did Du Qiying’s heart feel more at ease.

Tong Le went down the mountain and went into the Hidden Tools Pavilion.

When the shopkeeper saw Tong Le, he went to welcome him with a smile, “Craftsman Tong, you have arrived? My family’s young master has been waiting for you.”

Tong Le’s mood surged for a moment, but he knew why the other party had been waiting for him. His mind began to be filled with regrets. “Thank you.”

The shopkeeper led Tong Le upstairs and then stood at the door before saying, “Young Master, craftsman Tong is here.”

A simple and elegant voice lightly resonated, “Please come in.”

The door opened on its own and the view inside had been blocked by a screen.

Tong Le calmed himself before walking in and the double door closed behind him.

Behind the screen, Tong Le could see Bai Yichen sitting on the soft couch.

Like usual, Bai Yichen had his hair bound loosely on the back of his head, he had an unhealthy pale complexion and his lips were also very pale.

When Bai Yichen saw Tong Le, he slightly smiled, “Craftsman Tong, what news did you bring?”

Tong Le took a deep breath and said “Du Qiying has lost his mind. He wants a magic treasure that can attract lightning and has even entrusted me with the down payment.”

“You did well.” Bai Yichen replied.

Tong Le’s cheeks turned slightly red.

Bai Yichen smiled and responded, “If you happen to take a fancy to any magic treasure in my Hidden Tools Pavilion, you can just take it. I have already told the shopkeeper.”

Tong Le stared at Bai Yichen and tilted his head, “Young Master Bai, may I ask you a question?”

“What is the question?” Bai Yichen said.

Tong Le asked, “Why are you painstakingly trying to please Lin Xuanzhi?”

Bai Yichen and Du Qiying don’t have any intersections, much less connections. When themysteriousYoung Master Bai had actually heard that he had been searching for a magic treasure that can attract lightning on the behalf of Du Qiying, he suddenly was willing to meet him in person. Also, he made a promise that if this matter were to be completed, he would allow Tong Le to choose a magic treasure from Hidden Tools Pavilion

It was obvious for whom Bai Yichen was so generous.

It was just that Tong Le could not understand what kind of magic Lin Xuanzhi had used to make Bai Yichen, who was always aloof from worldly affairs, do things to this degree. Could it be because Lin Xuanzhi was handsome?

But this was just a little too superficial.

Bai Yichen looked at Tong Le and smiled, as he placed the teabowl in his hands on the table. “Although I am not particularly fond of the phrase “to please”, but the words you have spoken are still consideredpretty close. The biggest mistake you have made in this lifetime was to oppose Lin Xuanzhi. However, the most fortunate thing that you have done was to leave Du Qiying’s side in the nick of time. I will tell Lin Xuanzhi to let you go.”

Tong Le seemed to have understood Bai Yichens meaning, yet it also seemed like he did not. Nevertheless, he no longer wants to have any thoughts on it.

Tong Le did not stay any longer, fearing that the longer he saw Bai Yichen, the more he would not be able to let go of him, and eventually, he would not be able to get anything.

Tong Le left Bai Yichen’s room and headed downstairs to look through the magic treasures in the Hidden Tools Pavilion. He then picked a forged engraving pen, which was made of chinese parasol tree wood, and hugged it to his chest. Sure enough the shopkeeper did not collect any money from him and even showed him out with beaming smiles.

After Tong Le had taken a few steps, he turned to look back at the fascinating Hidden Tools Pavilion that one could not seem to see its rooftop. Out of a sudden, cold terror enveloped him.

In this world, he is not the only one who knows how to stab others in the back. As compared to him, there are still loads who are even more vicious.

Originally, Tong Le seemed to have been possessed to have followed Du Qiying in bringing harm to Lin Xuanzhi, whom he had no ill feelings for. Even to the point where he was hostile towards Lin Xuanzhi without any plausible reasons. It was only when Du Qiying actually asked him for the magic treasure that could attract lightning, that he had come to realise the truth.

Heavens know that in this world, a magic treasure that attracts lightning has to be at least a spiritual level treasure.

Across the Five Continents, no such magic treasure could be found.

Du Quying was a jealous type and also unwilling to accept the truth that there were others better than him. He seemed to be so immersed in his fantasy that he was unable to extricate himself. Even though Tong Le was also jealous and infuriated when he saw that Lin Xuanzhi was better at crafting than he was, he wasn’t someone who didn’t have self-awareness. When he realized that Lin Xuanzhi was already so much better than him, Tong Le had long ago given up comparing himself with Lin Xuanzhi.

The rise of Lin Xuanzhi was unstoppable.

Unknowingly, Tong Le had stumbled upon the Hidden Tools Pavilion in his search for the magic treasure that could attract lightning. It had also been Bai Yichen who had taken the initiative to “make a business deal”. Since then, Tong Le was no longer on Du Qiying’s side anymore.

The Zhige sword was in Du Qiying’s hands and it would be impossible for Lin Xuanzhi not to know this.

Naturally, Tong Le knew how to craft the Zhige sword. However, he had scruples about Lin Xuanzhi being so powerful, whether he should take actions on the Zhige sword easily.

Looking back, it seems that his cautiousness was right.

Tong Le thought for a bit, as of right now, he had done all that he could do, so he would have nothing to do with the rest.

“Young Master Bai.” Lin Xuanzhi pushed the door open and walked towards Bai Yichen.

Bai Yichen held onto his teabowl and smiled softly at him, Its been a long time.

Lin Xuanzhi sat across from him. “I seemed to have seen you just a few days ago.”

Bai Yichen said, “There is the saying,one day apart seems like three years.”

Lin Xuanzhi was rendered somewhat speechless and looked at Bai Yichen, “You always are fond of saying these words that would make others misunderstand easily.”

Bai Yichen slightly tilted his head and said, “Whenever I tell you the truth, you always seem to consider it as a joke. This really makes me heartbroken.”

Lin Xuanzhi said indifferently, “Two days ago, I heard that Sky Peak Sect’s Leng Jixue and Huangfu Jin had been spreading rumors suggesting the marriage of two familiescould it be possible that Young Master Bai wants to follow Du Qiying’s footsteps in life?” Bai Yichen’s fingers paused.

“Truly, you never suffer a loss.” Bai Yichen was somewhat helpless.

“You clearly have no intentions towards me, why would you still instigate me deliberately?” Lin Xuanzhi asked Is it fun?

“It is fun, otherwise why would I want to tease you?” Bai Yichen was not a bit ashamed to be exposed, rather he calmly stated, “If it wasn’t for the fact that you have a face that makes people want to tease you, then why would I continuously remain unrepentant each time I saw you?”

Lin Xuanzhi: “”

He really wanted to curse someone.

In his last life, he knew that Bai Yichen was not someone good, but in this life, he really has encountered something new.

This person, in which way could he be compared to his family’s Ah Hen’s cuteness?

Bai Yichen closed the topic, since he knew there were some things that should not be pushed too far and had to have discretion.

“Du Qiying came as expected.” Bai Yichen’s lip curled into a sneer. “But also, he was very generous to give the full down payment.”

“It’s a good thing he came to you.” Lin Xuanzhi looked at the figure that Bai Yichen brought out, “The money is yours, I don’t want any of it.”

Bai Yichen raised his eyebrow, “Then I won’t refuse to be polite. It will act as hush money and the fee for dealing with the aftermath. After approximately half a month, the magic treasure will be crafted. When that time comes, it will be the time of death for Du Qiying.”

“I won’t bother you with the matter of crafting the magic treasure, I’ll do it myself.” Lin Xuanzhi said indifferently.

Bai Yichen stared at Lin Xuanzhi for a moment and smiled. “You are also not a good person.”

I never said I was a good person.

What Du Qiying owed him, he wanted to get it back with his own hands. Initially, Lin Xuanzhi thought of creating an opportunity himself, but what he didn’t expect was for Du Qiying, this moron, to take the initiative to deliver it to him.

A magic treasure that could attract lightning, this is really a good gadget that could kill people soundlessly.

Bai Yichen squeezed his bowl, “Since you already have a well thought out plan, then I will just sit back and enjoy the show.”

Within three days, Lin Yurou was brought to Profound Sky Sect by the Lin Family.

Lin Xuanzhi went forth to welcome Lin Ruhai and Madam Lin personally. The three of them all had masks of courtesy.

Lin Ruhai’s expression was not too good. His daughter has done such a disappointing and face-losing matter; as a father, even when not in public, he could not raise his head.

On the other hand, even though Lin Yufan never had any worthy accomplishments, Lin Yufan had never given Lin Ruhai any trouble.

When Lin Ruhai saw Lin Xuanzhi, he sighed. “This daughter has really been spoiled by me. I would like to say that I would absolutely not let her marry Du Qiying. It is only that the love of parents for their children knows no bounds that she has ended up in this situation. This would be considered as the best outcome for her.”

Lin Xuanzhi swept his eyes over Lin Ruhai and studied Lin Yurou, who had pretty make up on as she stared at him in self-satisfaction and did not have any signs of repentance, before lightly stating, “I had already given her a much better way out, but it was such a shame that she doesnt want it. If something happens in the future, it would be best if Fourth Uncle doesn’t push the blame onto me.”

Lin Yurou could not help walking over to say sarcastically with a smile, “Young Master worries too much. Once I, Lin Yurou, marries Du Qiying, I would definitely never have any associations with you again. Whether I were to live or die, I will not ask you for anything.”

Madam Lin also gave Lin Xuanzhi a rather cold expression and hugged Lin Yurou in her bosom, “You are getting married to Young Peak Master Du and also having his child. Your future days will never be worse than in the Lin family, unlike those thankless wretches”

“All right, shut up!” Lin Ruhai angrily said and Madam Lin then closed her mouth in embarrassment.

Lin Xuanzhi did not pay attention to it and said to Lin Zezhi who also came, “I still have other other things to do, so please bring them up the mountain for me.”

Lin Zezhi nodded and said to Lin Ruhai and others, “Uncle, Aunt, you can come with me. To enter the inner door, it requires an entrance token.”

Lin Xuanzhi quickly left on his sword, leaving only Lin Zezhi to bring a few people up the mountain.

On the mountain road, Madam Lin complained, “The mountain road is so rugged and hard to walk and this mountain top is so high, why did Young Peak Master Du not send anyone to receive us? Does he even consider us as important!”