Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 365

Chapter 365

Chapter 365

Lin Zezhi explained, Only core disciples can enter this mountain by sword. At the moment, I’m only an inner-door disciple, so I’m still not qualified. I’m really sorry to have put everyone to such inconvenience.

Regardless when it was, Lin Zezhi would always be polite, even if he was facing this family.

Madam Lin’s face didn’t look good as she responded, Even so my family’s Yurou will be marrying him. In the future, Yurou will be Madam Young Peak Master, who will be of a somewhat higher status than a core disciple. If you neglect her today, she will settle scores with you later.

Lin Zezhi thought it funny. Aunt, Du Qiying has said before that although he is willing to marry Yurou, she will not be his legitimate wife. She’ll only be one of his concubines.

Concubine? Madam Lin thought that she had misheard him.

Lin Zezhi nodded. It is true.

What?!” Lin Ruhai suddenly flew into a rage and clenched his fists. That Du Qiying is pushing it too far!

How could a member of the Lin family’s main branch be a concubine?

Lin Ruhai halted and urged, Come home with me now. People from the main branch of the Lin family will never be a concubine!

Lin Yurou initially was also stunned by the word concubine, but before she could throw any tantrums, she was then shocked by her fathers reactions.

It was the same for Madam Lin as well. The two of them originally wanted to make a scene, but Lin Ruhai’s attitude remained very firm and refused to let Lin Yurou continue to climb up the mountain, so they panicked

Lin Yurou’s face turned pale and her body was trembling.

Lin Zezhi also stopped to look at Lin Ruhais family, Young Master said earlier that if you all want to go back on your words now, he still can come forward and talk to Du Qiying for you.

Madam Lins heart was in turmoil. When she heard Lin Xuanzhis name, she immediately shouted angrily, Why didnt he tell us before that she’ll just be a concubine? Could it be that he is doing this on purpose to make us lose face? Lin Xuanzhi is now a man of status within the Profound Sky Sect. If he were to put in a bit of effort, he could surely let Du Qiying marry Yurou as his main wife! He definitely doesnt deserve to be the young master of the Lin family!

Aunt cant say such words so casually. No one knew when exactly Lin Yufan had arrived, but he walked over with light steps. His face was as elegant and simple as a lotus, but it held a hint of mockery.

Lin Yufan looked at the unappreciative Madam Lin and continued lightly, The young master has already given you the chance to make a choice. Not to mention, both Du Qiying and he had always been enemies, so I’m afraid that there isn’t much he can say in front of Du Qiying. Even if there wasn’t any deep hatred between them, why did Du Qiying want to marry a woman whom he regards as trash that has delivered herself to his doorstep on her own accord?”

Madam Lin boiled with rage at the ugly words and pointed her finger at Lin Yufan. She then snapped at her, You-you son of a bitch! Not only did you not help your sister, but you even dare to insult her!

Im only just telling the truth. Lin Yufans eyes grew cold. Aunt, you are still so incompetent with your words. If I’m the son of a bitch, then what is my father?

Thats enough, all of you shut up! Lin Ruhai was livid. He flicked his sleeve and said, “All of you follow me down the mountain. It doesn’t matter if you don’t marry this Du Qiying!

Madam Lin couldnt help but to bury her face in her hands and wept bitterly. She cried out what kind of sin she had done to deserve this while hugging Lin Yurou, who was sobbing endlessly.

On their way up the mountain, there had already been many people on the side who had been judging them.

Lin Zezhi felt ashamed and flustered, as he spoke to Lin Ruhai, Uncle, if you really want to go down the mountain, then lets go now.

I wont go! Lin Yurou suddenly opened her mouth and wiped her tears, as determination flickered across her eyes.

She walked up to Lin Ruhai, Dad, I have no choice now. Lin Xuanzhi bears grudges against me for being secretly unkind to him. If I were to return to the Lin house, things will definitely not turn out well for me. My cultivation path cant be cut off just like this. With Du Qiying, even if I dont have the status of a main wife, I would think that he wouldn’t cut me off from the cultivation resources within Profound Sky Sect. Whats more..

Lin Yurou looked down at her belly and said heavily, The child in my belly is also considered a bargaining chip. Even if he won’t pay attention to me, he has to look at my child. He will not mistreat the child.

Lin Ruhai stared at his daughter, who seemed to have changed, with mixed feelings. After a good long while, he finally heaved a long sigh.

He did not know why the daughter, whom he had painstakingly worked so hard to raise, had turned out to be what she is today. However, he really did regret spoiling Lin Yurou so much.

Glancing back at Lin Yufan, who had a cold, aloof expression, Lin Ruhai suddenly felt a strong sense of defeat

He had basically lost two daughters.

He really regretted how he had favoured one over the other and how he had badly mistreated Lin Yufan back then, so that it had come to this

Forget it, what’s done is done.

Since this is Lin Yurous choice, he, as a father, could only support her.

At that moment, Lin Ruhai seemed to have aged a lot. He then waved his hand. You walk down the road that you have chosen. I cant afford to lose this face, so I wont send you up the mountain. In the future, you will no longer have the Lin family’s support. The distance between Qing City and Profound City is very far away, so your mother and I will be too far away to help you. If anything comes up, you should ask your sister or the other disciples in the Lin family for help.

Lin Yurou’s eyes couldnt help but redden. Even though the Lin family was no longer her patron, her parents would always be her parents.

Dad, dont worry. Your child will surely be successful someday. Lin Yurou murmured, holding back tears.

To be successful, it’s easier said than done.” Lin Ruhai sighed again, If you can take good care of yourself, that is more than enough already.

With that, Lin Ruhai turned and walked towards the foot of the mountain.

Lin Yufan looked at the back of his father expressionlessly, The young master has already done all that he can. So I hope father won’t hate him.

Lin Ruhai’s figure froze momentarily before he nodded his head and continued to walk away.

Speaking of which, the current situation of the Lin family was already very obvious. Although Madam Bai and Third Elder still had considerable authority within the family, but with the support of Fifth Elder and Lin Xuanzhis own strength and charisma, it was enough for him to have the ability to command the Lin family.

The Lin family had long since changed.

In the end, they still went up the mountain? Lin Xuanzhi asked faintly while watering the flowers in his yard.

Lin Zezhi stood behind him and looked at his graceful and pleased movements. I went up the mountain with her. Lin Yurou was quite excited after seeing Du Qiying, but Du Qiying seemed to be somewhat impatient with her.

After a pause, Lin Zezhi sighed, Im afraid Yurou’s days after this will not be too good.

Lin Xuanzhi placed the small watering can on a flower stand nearby, This is naturally so. Du Qiyings heart is only as big as a grain of rice. He couldn’t even tolerate me back then, for a woman who had schemed to have his child, how would he be able to treat such a woman kindly?

Lin Zezhi didnt know how to answer so he could only show a helpless expression.

Lin Xuanzhi turned to look at Lin Zezhi, In a few days, I will go to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. When it comes to matters within the Lin family, if there is a need for decision-making, you will discuss and decide with Zhantian. If it is not an urgent matter, then just wait for me to return.

Lin Zezhi could not help but frown, I heard that there is a huge problem in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. Apparently all who have entered the forest, none have returned. If Young Master were to go there right now, wouldn’t you be putting yourself in danger?

Lin Xuanzhi could not help but feel relieved that Lin Zezhi looked genuinely worried for him.

In the same clan, it was easy to use violence to make the other yield, but it was extremely difficult to make them accept you willingly.

Fortunately, he was patient and Lin Zezhi was a far-sighted and wise man.

Otherwise, it would have been a hundred times more difficult for him to be the young master of the Lin family than right now.

Lin Xuanzhi said softly, I have a reason to go. Besides, the greater the danger, the more opportunities there will be. I will probably return in about one and a half year’s time.

Lin Zezhi couldnt help gasping, It will take one and a half year’s time?

Lin Xuanzhi replied, Just travelling back and forth alone, it would take almost two months. Profound City is on the east side of the East Continent while the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is on the west side of the West Continent. On top of that, the object that I’m searching for is located at the deepest part of the forest, so it’ll be very difficult to find. I might just take up countless months to search for it. If that’s the case, all in all, it would take up a year and a half.

Lin Zezhi fixed his eyes on Lin Xuanzhi, These days, many cultivators of the East Continent are going to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest in search of two rare spiritual plants, in order to claim the reward offered by the Yuan family. Would these two spiritual plants be the reason you’re going as well?

Lin Xuanzhi nodded.

Lin Zezhi’s admiration for Lin Xuanzhi grew, Young Master is indeed a man who values friendships and righteousness.

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, People should have several close friends.

Lin Zezhi was stunned and suddenly thought of his own childhood. Although he had many friends as he grew up, none of them would go to such great lengths for each other.

Lin Zezhi couldnt help but look at Lin Xuanzhi with some envy.

Treat people honestly, and they will not deceive you. Lin Xuanzhi advised, You will eventually have close friends too.

Lin Zezhi nodded with much emotion, We’ll see. I do hope I’d be lucky enough.

After a pleasant conversation, Lin Zezhi excused himself to leave. Lin Xuanzhi originally planned to enter closed-door seclusion to refine the lightning-attracting magic tool as soon as possible. However, the spiritual plants and grass-swallowing worms in the soul plate space had already matured and needed to be harvested urgently. Lin Xuanzhi then went to Broken Sword Peak to look for Yan Tianhen to discuss with him.

The moment Lin Xuanzhi stepped out of the misty forest, Yan Tianhen’s dark whip snapped straight at his face suddenly, Lin Xuanzhi lightly tapped the ground with the tip of his feet and evaded away lightly with a somersault like a flying feather.

Esteemed Huai Yu, who had been training Yan Tianhen nearby, let out a sigh of regret.

Lin Xuanzhi,

Esteemed Huai Yu walked over and rushed up to Lin Xuanzhi, You, boy, youve been coming in and out really smoothly recently.

Lin Xuanzhi landed on the ground and greeted Esteemed Haui Yu with a half-salute, All thanks to Martial Uncle going easy on me. If this magic array changes every day, I wouldn’t be able to enter so easily.

Esteemed Huai Yu raised his eyebrows, You have some talent for illusion arrays. Why dont you stop following my old-fashioned senior martial brother and come learn arrays from me?

Yan Tianhen waved his hand to make the whip, which was made of Yin Qi and spiritual Qi, disappear. He shouted Dage and rushed towards Lin Xuanzhi. At the same time, he rolled his eyes at Esteemed Huai Yu, Dont complain about Martial Uncle behind his back. Martial Uncle has done his best for you.