Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Too Horrible To Look At

Chapter 367 Too Horrible to Look At

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, There are indeed plenty, so I want to take them out and sell them.

Yan Tianhen made an ah sound and said, Then Ill put them in a storage bag and bring them out. Today, Ill sell them down the mountain. I cant stand so many of them.

These white and fat worms were springing up and down in the black soil, and looking at them made Yan Tianhen feel pins and needles over his body.

Lin Xuanzhi answered, Okay.

Yan Tianhen, who originally wanted to harvest spiritual plants, estimated the number of grass-swallowing worms and decided to pack them first.

So many grass-swallowing worms were completely beyond the capacity of this field, and their number of offspring kept multiplying. The spaces spiritual field could not afford them at all.

Although grass-swallowing worms only ate weeds, they couldnt see the weeds now. Who knows if theyll eat the spiritual plants on a whim one day?

Considering this, Yan Tianhen couldnt help but feel a little heartache in advance and quickly began to catch the grass-swallowing worms.

A little while later, Yan Tianhen caught a bag full of grass-swallowing worms. Seeing that the number of grass-swallowing worms in the spiritual planting field had reduced to only six per field, he left the space contentedly.

Before long, Feng Jingyu and Ling Chigu came back with their spoils.

While they were on the hunting peak, Ling Chigu had hunted a lot of demonic beasts and absorbed their residual cultivation and Yin Qi inside their bodies. Therefore, his Yin Qi appeared heavier, but his cultivation had also greatly increased at the same time.

The most important thing was that Ling Chigu, who once had some uncoordinated limbs, became completely flexible now. If it werent for Ling Chigus inability to speak and a pair of irises that were pure black, he could pass off as an ordinary person.

Yan Tianhen noticed and was very excited.

Feng Jingyu gave Lin Xuanzhi several small demonic beasts and their cores, Im really tired of this mountain. Its all low-level demonic beasts here, and even the beast core is only so small. Its not enough to pick with my teeth. Its useless for me to eat this stuff, so I might as well have you use it.

Lin Xuanzhi took these demonic beasts and their cores to craft a magic weapon one day. They could also absorb the power inside. Although Feng Jingyu looked down on it, this was a good thing for human cultivators.

Not all demonic beasts could condense a core.

Yan Tianhen was thoughtful, It seems if you want something, you have to go to a special training place.

Lin Xuanzhi replied, Indeed, the location chosen by a sect is always the safest place. Even if there are demonic beasts here, they wont be too strong.

This is the difference between the Nine Lands and the Five Continents. Feng Jingyu explained, If it were placed in the Nine Lands, you rabbits who grow up in sheltered homes would have died many times. There are numerous sects in the Nine Lands. Most of them are located in ancient ruins, battlefields, or places with good fortune, most of which are not safe. The sects of the Five Continents are in contrast to that.

Feng Jingyu scornfully replied, Accidents happen when accidents happen. A sect is not the place to raise children. Besides, there are so many cultivators in the Nine Lands. If one is dead, theyll be replaced by another, so the sects arent afraid of collapsing from lack of people.

Lin Xuanzhi,

Yan Tianhen felt that he had more goosebumps.

Nine Lands, what a terrible place that is.

Human life is too cheap. Yan Tianhen couldnt help thinking.

Feng Jingyu laughed, There are also valuable ones, such as yours. If you reach the Nine Lands this time, youll definitely find that the price on your life is the highest on the reward list, and its been like that for many years. Its estimated that no matter how many years pass, as long as there are no big criminals and evil people who could destroy heaven and earth, your ranking will continue to transcend far ahead.

Yan Tianhen,

Should he feel honored?

Lin Xuanzhi gave Feng Jingyu a dissatisfied look, What are you doing scaring Ah Hen? Even if Ah Hen goes to the Nine Lands now, no one knows who he is.

Feng Jingyu replied, Thats hard to say. Ah Hens face is very distinctive. If you let knowledgeable people see it, they will know instantly that his body has a seal array that is opposite to his attributes. In addition, they could tell that he ate supplementary pills and that the Dao attainment of the person who sealed him is extremely high. Naturally, it will attract the attention of others. Thus, could his identity really be too hard to find?

What you said is quite reasonable. Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly and thought deeply, It seems that the toxin and array in Ah Hens body needs to be solved as soon as possible.

He had already found the heart blood of someone with pure Yang energy. Then he had to find several other things that had enough Yang energy, so it could replace the array and pill, as well as stabilize the vigorous Yin Qi in Yan Tianhens body.

However, the pill was easy to deal with. It was the array that Lin Xuanzhi felt was a little tricky.

In order to untie the knot, the person who did it must untie it himself. Feng Jingyu said with profound meaning, You wont be able to solve it completely even if you tried; you will still have to wait until he goes to the Nine Lands, finds his dad whom we dont even know whether hes alive or dead, and locate his other unlucky father too. Its better to solve the array in his body together.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but click his tongue, The two of them are needed to undo the seal?

Feng Jingyu nodded, Do you really think that you, the son of a Divine Devil who has been carrying Yin Qi since birth, could be sealed so thoroughly by You Ming alone? You Ming has the ability, but his own attribute is Yin, so sealing will make things even worse for you. Back then, when he asked me to find someone to help seal you, he also asked that person to have sufficient skill and a strict mouth. After thinking about it, I decided to find Yan Zhonghua to do it. Its just that at that time that You Ming and Yan Zhonghua were fighting fiercely. If Yan Zhonghua had appeared in front of You Ming, You Ming would have slapped me to death. Therefore, Yan Zhonghua disguised himself.

Yan Tianhen didnt know how to make complaints about these two people. He had a feeling that the two men had made things very complicated.

However, Yan Tianhen was also willing to listen to their past. After all, he needed to learn from them so that he and his Dage could resolutely avoid following their ways.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, Yan Zhonghua didnt take the chance to bring Ah Hen back?

According to what was pointed out to him, it was Yan Zhonghuas killing order that led You Ming to flee with Yan Tianhen. If Yan Zhonghua found Ah Hen, how could he let him go so easily?

Feng Jingyu sighed, I can tell that youve never been a father. How can a father easily kill his own child? I dont know how the killing order was issued at the beginning, but Yan Zhonghuas temperament wasnt like a person who could be ruthless to his own child. He sealed Ah Hen and left without saying a word.

Yan Tianhen asked, Whats his character like?

Feng Jingyu was silent for a moment, then said, Yan Zhonghua, how can I say it? Its not easy to describe.

Yan Tianhen was curious, What do you mean its not easy?

Feng Jingyu coughed softly, Although he is a little old-fashioned and conservative in his work, hes a really decent and jade-like young master of a corrupt world. He is kind, upright, honest and a gentleman damn it, anyways, all the good words you can think of can be used on him.

Yan Tianhen was dumbfounded, Ah?

Lin Xuanzhi also felt it was a bit strange.

Feng Jingyu now thought it was quite a mystery.

Such a good man. I dont know many people like him. Although I have a good relationship with You Ming, I still feel that Yan Zhonghua definitely lost a lot when he married You Ming. Feng Jingyu was saddened and continued, Yan Zhonghua could have gone with the wind his whole life, married a proper monarch of the Nine Lands, and had a normal baby, reigning as the supreme emperor of the Royal Heavenly Capital, but he just had to be enchanted by You Ming, this great devil who loved a world in chaos. Look at him. Now he has lost his throne of emperor, his wife has run away, and his son has been gifted to someone else. He became the joke of the Nine Lands. How miserable it is!

Yan Tianhen listened, but his heart didnt feel very pleasant. He said, When you put it like that, its really miserable.

Not only was it miserable, but it could also be said to be too horrible to look at.

Feng Jingyu nodded heavily, full of sympathy, Sometimes, I cant help but feel sad for Yan Zhonghua. Say, he is such a good person, but he is blind as hell. He was fooled by You Ming who knows how many times and he doesnt know how to repent.

Yan Tianhen,

Lin Xuanzhi,

The hell was fooled who knows how many times?

Yan Tianhen suddenly thought of something, When You Ming was in the Nine Lands, was his name You Ming?

Feng Jingyu nodded, Yes ah, his master used to say that the name wasnt good, but he wouldnt change it no matter what.

Whats his senior martial brothers name? Yan Tianhen asked again.

His senior martial brother is called Feng Jingyu suddenly stopped talking. He squinted suspiciously at Yan Tianhen, How do you know he has a senior martial brother?

Yan Tianhen,

He couldnt say that Esteemed Huai Yus disguise had been exposed, could he?

Yan Tianhen responded quickly, You said it before.

Feng Jingyu asked doubtfully, Did I say that? Why dont I remember?

Lin Xuanzhi mediated the situation, Maybe Uncle Mo said it.

Feng Jingyu inwardly thought that it really wasnt because of his big mouth. He rolled his eyes, That old fox, how could he say everything?

Yan Tianhen somewhat awkwardly apologized to Su Mo in his heart.

He also didnt mean to let Su Mo take the blame, but he was afraid that once Feng Jingyu knew Esteemed Huai Yu was Demon Venerable You Ming, Feng Jingyu would then excitedly and accidentally expose the fact that Yan Tianhen already knew he was You Ming.

Yan Tianhen still didnt want to have any development beyond the master and disciple relationship with Esteemed Huai Yu, although it was strange to say so.

Feng Jingyu showed that he was unwilling to mention the people in the Nine Lands. He subtly ridiculed You Ming in front of Yan Tianhen and left it at that.

Huai Yu, who was eating fruit in the forest, sneezed several times in succession. He couldnt help touching his chin, and his eyes rolled, Damn it, who dares speak ill of Laozi behind his back without fear of death?

Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi naturally returned empty-handed.

However, Esteemed Huai Yu hadnt held much hope. Just as Lin Xuanzhi thought, they couldnt find a peach tree by chance. If they found a peach tree one after another, it was clear that there was a problem.

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