Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 369

Chapter 369 Magic Treasure To Attract Lightning

Chapter 369 Magic Treasure to Attract Lightning

There was no change in Lin Xuanzhis expression. He thought in his heart, so it was like this.

Only in this way could it make sense why Du Qiying could do as he pleased in Profound Sky Sect and why Daoist Yi Dao suddenly changed his bargaining chip and laid heavy treasures on Du Qiying, who was far inferior to him.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, This secret is useful.

At the very least, knowing who his greatest enemy was also a turn for the better. Hed be wary of Jiang Chenzi now and would have a better chance of winning.

Tong Le smiled, I also know where Du Qiying put your Zhige. But even if I dont help you find it, you should have a way to resonate with your sword.

Lin Xuanzhi said, Itll be more quite convenient to find with your help.

He did not tell Tong Le that the degree of agreement between him and Zhige was not as high as rumors outside believed.

The reason why hed never drawn Zhige was not because he was afraid of killing and had compassion, but because he didnt even know whether the consequences of drawing Zhige out would be something he could control.

Thats right, although Zhige was his sword and they could sense each other due to being master and spirit by contract, he had not been able to completely conquer it for so many years.

Zhige came from a very cold place in the north of the North Continent. There were sword makers who sacrificed their lives for the sword. Its birth was accompanied by blood and ice. With a character so fierce and a murderous aura so high, it was extremely difficult to tame.

When Lin Xuanzhi first grasped the sword, he knew it could not be drawn out easily. Otherwise, it could easily lead to the destruction of heaven and earth, or even bite back at its owner.

Between him and Zhige, they were always taming and balancing each other out. Their tacit understanding was almost zero except when they killed an enemy together.

Since Zhige left Lin Xuanzhi, there was a feeling of freedom from it. How could Zhige let Lin Xuanzhi find it easily?

Du Qiying hid Zhige very well. If it werent for him deeply trusting Tong Le, it would have taken some time to dig Zhige out with Lin Xuanzhis ability alone.

Since Tong Le was willing to do the work for him, why not?

Tong Le showed some spirit, Ill go to Du Qiyings room now and find Zhige. However, do you know if Du Qiying will die or survive and when would the results show?

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the closed chamber, Hmm, in less than three days, he will definitely have problems.

Tong Le narrowed his eyes. If he said that within three days, Du Qiying may find something wrong with the thunder-inducing device. Tong Le was also a craftsman, and experts didnt speak in laymans words. Dont tell me, Young Master Lin, that you could really forge a magic treasure that could attract thunder from the sky?

Since we are all colleagues, I naturally do not need to deceive you. Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, I crafted it, so naturally, it couldnt be a magic treasure to attract thunder. Attempting to attract divine lightning from the heavens will reduce ones luck and fortune.

Even if he could craft it, it was absolutely impossible to refine it just to retaliate against Du Qiying.

Tong Le asked suspiciously, Then what exactly did you craft?

I see.

In this array, Du Qiying would be attracted by the vision and coupled with some special attributes of the magic treasure itself, it would eventually lead Du Qiying to suffer a Qi deviation. This would easily ruin his cultivation.

It was just that only Lin Xuanzhi could think of adding an array in a magic treasure to confuse its user. Even if Tong Le could think of this, he wouldnt be able to really refine an illusion array and perfectly integrate it in the magic treasure without any noticeable flaws.

I didnt expect that you could also create illusion arrays. Tong Le said in a complicated mood.

Its just a small trick thats not worth mentioning. Lin Xuanzhi casually remarked.

Tong Les face changed a few times, and his heart sank. He felt regretful for having hurt Lin Xuanzhi secretly.

Lin Xuanzhi was a cultivator who was proficient in many aspects of Dao. If he had known this earlier, he would have never opposed Lin Xuanzhi in any way.

He even tried to put himself in a higher position in front of Lin Xuanzhi

How ridiculous!

Fortunately, he stopped at the precipice and repented in time. Even if Lin Xuanzhi wanted to retaliate against him, he wouldnt directly set a trap the way he did with Du Qiying to get to him.

Within the secret chamber, Du Qiyings eyes were fixed on the two magic treasures in front of him.

One was used to gather spiritual Qi and improve ones cultivation, while the other was used to attract anomalies of heaven and earth and induce lightning and thunder to hover above, but it wouldnt really strike down.

If he first improved his cultivation and waited until he was about to break through, he would activate this magic treasure to attract lightning. I think this anomaly will resound all over the world, attracting the attention of the whole Profound Sky Sect.

Du Qiying fantasized about the glory and praise he would receive in the near future, and couldnt wait to start cultivating.

The magic treasure for gathering spiritual Qi was a treasure tool. As soon as it was opened, Du Qiying felt the overwhelming and powerful spiritual Qi. He greedily collected the spiritual Qi into his body, feeling his meridians fill with it as he constantly circulated the spiritual Qi around. He wanted to improve his cultivation as soon as possible.

Two hours passed, then four hours went by

Du Qiying gradually felt that he was close to a breakthrough and flicked out a drop of blood to activate the magic treasure to attract lightning. He saw that the magic treasure exploded suddenly. Du Qiyings ear was full of thunder, far and near, and in his sight, it felt as if there actually were wisps of lightning flashing in front of him.

Du Qiyings heart beat faster and it almost jumped out of his throat.

Ah! Du Qiying roared. The capacity in his Dantian Qi Sea rapidly expanded to an incredible extent.

Du Qiying heard an explosive blast from his body and found that the size of his Dantian had been doubled!

Du Qiying was ecstatic. He broke through the third layer of the Hardened Body Stage and entered Primary Realm in the blink of an eye.

The sound of thunder grew louder and louder. At first, Du Qiying felt happy; however, after a long time, he actually felt a thunderbolt crackling and banging over his head!


A bolt of lightning struck down, Du Qiying shuddered like hed been shocked. He released a cry and realized something was wrong. Quickly, he reached for the lightning-inducing magic treasure.

However, was this magic treasure something that would deactivate whenever he wished?



Du Qiyings face was pale with fright. He rushed up and dodged, holding his head as he rolled to the corner of the secret chamber. But the lightning followed after him, sticking to him persistently. No matter where he went, it followed him everywhere and Du Qiying was scared shitless.

Go away, go away! Dont follow me, dont follow me! Du Qiying shouted. He threw palm gestures toward the sky several times, and the secret chambers stone ceiling was smashed everywhere by the fierce spiritual Qi from the palm strikes.

Du Qiying roared and sent out more palm strikes toward the sky. However, the lightning was able to penetrate his attacks without being affected and struck his head again and again.

What he didnt know was that there was actually no lightning above him, and it was still the previous roof.

Du Qiying was shivering and was struck by the lightning so many times that his heart became cold, but this was not the most important thing

Dont come again, dont come again! Du Qiying found that, in addition to the lightning-inducing magic treasure, the other one that gathers spiritual Qi was also out of order. It kept gathering the spiritual Qi of the entire Profound Sky Sect into his body, and wouldnt stop at all.

However, there was a fixed amount of spiritual Qi that could be accommodated in ones Dantian Qi Sea. After all, when the moon was full, it would wane. When the water was full, it would overflow, and right now, the amount of spiritual Qi was too much.

Du Qiying also didnt know whether he should avoid the lightning first, or manage the flow of spiritual Qi that was cramming into his body nonstop.

Du Qiyings face was red, and his skin was shaking violently because of the impact of too much spiritual Qi. His eyes were bloodshot, his skin white and red, and his eyes were almost protruding out of its socket, like a precursor of someone being possessed, about to suffer a Qi deviation.


Then a loud bang was heard as the entire chamber, which was placed on a remote mountain with sufficient spiritual Qi, was completely blown to pieces. Among the pieces of stone and wood chips, Du Qiying prostrated on the ground, limbs twitching and mouth vomiting blood. Clearly, his Dantian Qi Sea had been completely destroyed.

Du Qiying was in an extremely sorry state.

The explosion here wouldnt attract too much attention. After all, the movement wasnt too big.

Du Qiying wanted to activate the voice transmission talisman that had been thrown out of his storage bag and ask Jiang Chenzi for help. However, just as his trembling hand reached out for it, the storage bag was pinched by a clean and white hand that looked like a slender onion.

Senior Martial Brother Du, how do you feel? A light voice emerged from Lin Xuanzhis mouth, and he seemed to Du Qiying like a ghostly minister from the afterlife collecting souls.

Du Qiyings mind was all broken. He stared at Lin Xuanzhi incredulously, It was you it was you!

Lin Xuanzhi looked calm, neither sad nor happy, What about me? Its just a matter of treating others the same way they treated you. How do you feel about this unstoppable lightning? And what is it like when your Dantian Qi Sea is destroyed? Du Qiying trembled all over. No one knew whether it was from pain or anger.

Lin Xuanzhi touched the sword on his waist.

Du Qiying vomited another mouthful of blood and crawled back in fear. Dont kill me, dont kill me! Im already a useless man, dont kill me!

Lin Xuanzhis fingers gently rubbed against the hilt of his sword, Kill you and dirty my hands? I just want you to know that if you do many wrong and unjust things, you will destroy yourself. Heaven is watching peoples actions. Karmic retribution doesnt feel good, does it?

Du Qiying wept bitterly as if he regretted what hed done.

It was all my obsession, my jealousy. I couldnt accept that you were better than me. For the sake of being once under the same master, please let me go

Du Qiying curled up, then thought of something. He hurriedly added, I also married your sister.

A concubine? Lin Xuanzhi curled his lips.

Not a concubine! Not a concubine! Du Qiying shivered. When I go back, Ill promote her to be my main wife. I swear, I promise!

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but laugh sarcastically.

Once upon a time, Du Qiying, who was a romantic and handsome man, but he actually turned into this sorry mess. Truly, destiny makes fools of people.

How could he not hate Du Qiying?

The tragedy of his last life was caused by Du Qiying. His luck and fortune had been on the decline ever since he was secretly harmed by Du Qiying in Yunqi Grotto Heaven.

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