Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 372

Chapter 372 Arriving At West Continent

Chapter 372 Arriving at West Continent

When Lin Xuanzhi heard this, it seemed as though hed known Feng Jingyu for the first time. He looked at him, "If he is lucky enough for his souls and spirits to return to his body someday and regain his memory, what will you do?"

Feng Jing Yu pretended to be relaxed, "I did think about these things, but there is no answer. Perhaps I would have fallen in love with other people at that time and split up with Ling Chigu. It is also possible that he will continue to return to the Nine Lands to protect his Third Prince, while I return to my West Lands to be the West Monarch, going our separate ways. Well be strangers after two lifetimes of happiness together. Who can say for sure about the future?"

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, "Its truly hard to say."

Just like how he never thought that he would put Yan Tianhen at the top of his heart around this time in his previous life.

The Dao of Heaven always liked to joke with people.

Everything that hadnt yet happened were unknowns that couldnt be predicted.

The horses and carriage sped along.

"Another 800 miles ahead will be the boundary of the West Continent." Yuan Tianwen informed.

Although it was faster to fly on their swords, in any case, it was still necessary to take care of the pregnant Duan Yuyang, so the line of people chose to go to the West Continent in a carriage drawn by winged one-horned horses.

The one-horned winged horse was a demonic beast with some intelligence. They were very difficult to domesticate, but once domesticated properly, they were excellent help.

Not only could the winged one-horned horses travel thousands of miles in a single day, but they could also fly. No matter how difficult and dangerous the road was, it still couldnt stop their tracks.

In less than a month, the party had already crossed the mainland of the Central Continent and arrived at the West Continent.

Not many people came this time. The people who came included Lin Xuanzhi, Yan Tianhen, Duan Yuyang, Yuan Tianwen, Bei Shitian, and the two reclusive family disciples Jian Yunxi and Liu Zhaoyue.

After sweeping Lin Xuanzhis yard for several months, Jian Yunxi was worn down until he had no temper left. On the other hand, Liu Zhaoyue took advantage of Lin Xuanzhi and his familys neglect of him in this period of time to tease and flirt with all the child attendants on Sinking Sword Peak who could possibly be teased. This continued until one day, when he was so bold as to unexpectedly flirt with Zhan Fengting and was carried by the collar by Hai Kuanglang, who taught him a thorough lesson. Only then did he finally settle down obediently, spending the last few days cooped up in Lin Xuanzhis courtyard, brooding.

After all, they were going to a terrifying place like the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, so Su Mo gave the entire Yuan family shadow guards to Yuan Tianwen to command, and the people who came with them were basically all Yuan family elites.

The Yuan family also had a mercenary group that it had frequent cooperation with, but after it lost three generals in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, that mercenary group stated its unwillingness to continue sending more people over, no matter what.

As for other mercenary groups, the Yuan family couldnt trust them, so they did not employ them again.

Before he left, Lin Xuanzhi did greet Qi Yun, the head of Cloud Summit mercenary group. He asked him if he would like to enter the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest together. Qi Yun did not give a verbal promise, but between the lines, he revealed that recently, he was taking assignments in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest region, so perhaps they could run into each other.

When they were about to reach the West Continent, everyone couldnt help but relax. The mad rush and weary travel had left everyone fatigued.

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Eight hundred miles away, the convoy stopped and took a rest nearby.

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Duan Yuyang looked speechless. "Ive been sitting all the way. My buttocks are aching. Cant you do any better?"

Yuan Tianwen hurriedly changed his words, "If you dont want to sit down, I will stand with you."

As soon as he said that, he stretched out his hand to help Duan Yuyang.

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes at him, feeling that Yuan Tianwen was shameful.

Liu Zhaoyue watched their funny conversation from nearby, "Even if I didnt know hes with a child before, I would have known now."

Yuan Tianwen side-eyed Liu Zhaoyue.

Yan Tianhen leaned close to Duan Yuyang, quickly reaching out his hand to touch his stomach. "Its still flat. Theres not much feeling."

Duan Yuyang also felt his stomach. "Did you really think that the baby would be conceived in ten months? Those are mortal world children. Us cultivators have to give birth according to circumstances and affinity. Some mature early, some mature late. The higher the cultivation, the more difficult it will be to conceive the baby, and the longer the pregnancy period will take."

Yan Tianhen looked like he had learned something new.

Lin Xuanzhi asked Yuan Tianwen, "When we get to the West Continent, lets go to Fenghui City to find Qing Zhu."

Yuan Tianwen agreed, "Fenghui City is right on the road we must travel. We havent seen him for a while."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. "During this period of time, he probably went to avenge his private grudge. It just so happens that his enemy is in the West Continent."

Yuan Tianwen also heard Su Mo mention Qing Zhus true form. His face became more firm, "With the presence of Elder Qing Zhu, the chances of surviving in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest are bound to be much greater."

Lin Xuanzhi laughed, "Naturally."

Hes afraid that of all the people present, no one could compare with Qing Zhus understanding of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. Qing Zhu was an expert in terms of knowledge about the terrain, climate, danger, etc. After all, he had lived in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest for many years.

Its just that

Even Lin Xuanzhi didnt know how things had been resolved between Qing Zhu and that Liu family head.

The Liu family was located at the junction of the West, North, and Central Continents and knew a lot about the West Continent. The Liu family clansmen also had considerable influence there. If the Liu family head wanted to oppose them, they would probably have difficulties along the way.

However, it doesnt make sense to think about these things now. Everything will have to wait until they meet Qing Zhu.

The line of people started talking.

Bei Shitian stood under a nearby tree, silently wiping his sword, Killing God. He did not talk to others, and in general, others also didnt take the initiative to find him.

However, Liu Zhaoyue was not an average person. He bragged about being a charming and fine young gentleman, so whenever he saw a beauty, he would go up and flirt with them.

And at this moment, Liu Zhaoyue boldly went to flirt with Bei Shitian.

Liu Zhaoyue walked to Bei Shitians side. He cocked his head and looked at Bei Shitians cold and solemn face. He blinked, "Senior Martial Brother Bei, I havent heard much from you all this way. Why dont you sit down with us and talk about interesting things?"

Bei Shitian glanced at him mildly. "I like the quiet."

So Liu Zhaoyue smiled. He already looked handsome and elegant. The smile was even more bright and beautiful.

"You like quiet, while I like liveliness. They all say that similar people repel each other while opposites attract each other. If thats the case, Senior Martial Brother Bei and I may be predestined by fate." Liu Zhaoyue succeeded in his flirts all the time. Although his words were somewhat frivolous, there were even more of his true feelings in his words. In addition, his lovable face made it hard for people to dislike him.

Bei Shitian stared fixedly at him for a moment, "Most of the people who have a predestined fate with me do not end up well."

Liu Zhaoyue thought, Dont tell me that you have a plague-like constitution?

However, he only complained in his heart for a moment, then he continued to smile, "It just so happens that most of the people who have predestined fate with me are lucky."

Bei Shitian, ""

To be honest, he still didnt want to talk to this boy very much, but Liu Zhaoyues mixture of self-confidence and some cleverness, plus his action of always coming over to tease him no matter when was just like Wan Yitong when he was young.

It was precisely because of this that Bei Shitian couldnt be callous or tough to this young man.

Bei Shitian asked lightly, "What do you want to do?"

Liu Zhaoyue blinked and smiled ambiguously, "This kind of thing becomes meaningless once you spell it out. Senior Martial Brother Bei should just take it as me talking too much and liking to talk to others when I have nothing to do."

Bei Shitian bowed his head and continued to clean his sword. "Go talk to them."

"No, I like to talk to people who talk less."

Looking at the cold-faced Bei Shitian who nevertheless always answered any question from Liu Zhaoyue, Yan Tianhen was really surprised, "Dage, isnt Senior Martial Brother Bei normally the last person who wants people to talk to him?"

In the past, even when talking to him, Bei Shitian used a few words at most, then held his sword as he turned and walked away, leaving a figure of his back. When others spoke to him, he would always be coldly dismissive.

Lin Xuanzhi thought it was somewhat interesting, "Liu Zhaoyue is not afraid of death. He flirted with Sinking Sword Peaks child attendants all the time, but now hes even bold enough to find Senior Martial Brother Bei."

Yuan Tianwen swept his eyes over that side and nodded, "Bei Shitian always gives me the feeling that he might take a sword and cut people down if hes in a bad mood. Even I dont want to get too close to him. This boy tsk tsk, not afraid of death."

Duan Yuyang asked Jian Yunxi, who was squatting beside him and didnt speak much, "You should be familiar with him?"

Jian Yunxi looked up and answered somewhat reluctantly, "Our families have contact with each other, so weve known each other longer than others."

Duan Yuyang then asked, "Has his temper always been like this?"

Jian Yunxi replied with a dark expression, "More or less. Hes always liked to flirt with good-looking people, and he never changes despite repeated admonitions."

Yan Tianhen felt that this was not very good. "Does his family not care about him? Take Du Qiying as a warning. Its easy for him to have problems if he keeps going like this."

When Du Qiying was mentioned, everyone had unfathomable expressions.

In recent years, nobody knew what kind of evil Broken Sword Peak ran into; their disciples had problems one after another. First it was Lin Xuanzhi, then Du Qiying. Broken Sword Peaks inner door was also in a hideous mess, and it was unknown how long the peak could still last like this.

Jian Yunxi thought for a moment, "Du Qiying has gone too far. Although Liu Zhaoyue likes to provoke people with a cheap mouth, his eldest brother is strict with him. Moreover, the technique he cultivates forbids him from losing his virginity as long as he is below Primary Realm. Otherwise, he will lose his cultivation and it will be greatly damaged. I think Liu Zhaoyue only dares to take oral advantage of people."

"Pfft" Duan Yuyang laughed, "All talk and no action. I thought he was an old hand playboy after all this talk, but I didnt think he would be a virgin."

Yan Tianhen also laughed, but after a while, he suddenly thought, I am also a virgin. Why should I laugh at Liu Zhaoyue?

After the crowd laughed for a moment, Yuan Tianwen mused, "Unexpectedly, Bei Shitian hasnt driven him away after so long."

The crowd nodded repeatedly.

Lin Xuanzhi commented, "Although Liu Zhaoyue, this boy, is a little frivolous, he does have some skills when talking about love."

Jian Yunxi quipped, "His skills may hurt himself sooner or later. I think Senior Martial Brother Hai gave Liu Zhaoyue too light of a lesson."

Yuan Tianwen turned his head, "What do you mean?"

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