Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 373

Chapter 373 Person From The Liu Family

Ch373 Person from the Liu Family

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but smile when he remembered Liu Zhaoyue crying for his parents as he fled to Lin Xuanzhis yard for protection and dared not go out for several days. "This boy boldly circled around Senior Martial Brother Zhan all the time a few days ago and was beaten by Senior Martial Brother Hai."

Yuan Tianwen, ""

Duan Yuyang clicked his tongue, "It seems that this boy sometimes fails to win and is hated."

"No." Lin Xuanzhi shook his head, "On the contrary, Senior Martial Brother Zhan likes Liu Zhaoyue quite a lot and plans to accept him as his disciple. Thats why he angered Senior Martial Brother Hai. Otherwise, Senior Martial Brother Hai wont care about him."

Yuan Tianwen, ""

Duan Yuyang, ""

Yuan Tianwen rubbed his chin as he spoke with profound meaning, "It seems that those of you in Sinking Sword Peak like to digest internally."

The ambiguity between Zhan Fengting and Hai Kuanglang had always existed, not to mention that Hai Kuanglang was raised single-handedly by Zhan Fengting. They were normally inseparable. Whenever someone tried to approach Zhan Fengting even a little, they would be met with Hai Kuanglangs death glare; this was a well-known thing, which was enough to make people think about their relationship.

However, no one knew about the relationship between Bei Shitian and Wan Yitong. Although Lin Xuanzhi could see a lot of clues and knew what had happened between them, he would not blather freely about other peoples private matters.

Duan Yuyang could not resist his curiosity for gossip and winked at Lin Xuanzhi. "Are those two really getting along, or are they just close martial brothers?"

Lin Xuanzhi said with a smile, "Youll have to ask the parties involved. However, I havent seen the two of them act too closely, and as for in private, I dont know about that. It is not easy to see."

Duan Yuyang rolled his eyes, "You might as well have not said anything."

Carelessly, the topic drifted away again.

After resting for an hour, the crowd got back into the carriage and headed for the border of the West Continent.

However, Liu Zhaoyue moved from the original carriage he shared with Jian Yunxi to the chariot with Bei Shitian. Even Jian Yunxi had to admire Liu Zhaoyues fearless spirit of defying life and death in order to flirt with beauties.

Along the way, Jian Yunxi already had enough of Liu Zhaoyue chatting away nonstop in his ear, and at this time he finally got peace and quiet. Although his heart felt some discomfort and contempt for Liu Zhaoyue, it was because Liu Zhaoyues behavior had made the reclusive families lose a lot of face.

Duan Yuyang had always been looking forward to seeing Bei Shitian throw Liu Zhaoyue out of the carriage. However, they never saw him being thrown out, even after they arrived in the small town on the border of the West Continent.

It was not early, so they found an inn in a small border town to rest and recuperate. They planned to set off again the next day.

Before leaving, Lin Xuanzhi even went to the innkeeper to inquire about the current situation of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. Perhaps it was because this place was too far away from the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, or because this place had more contact with the mortal world. Therefore, the innkeeper did not know anything about the Forest.

It was another three days before the crowd reached Fenghui City, which was located on the Northern part of the West Continent.

Fenghui City was the third-largest main city in the West Continent, surrounded by three secular dynasties. There were two second-rate families and five third-rate families in the city. On normal days, it was calm and peaceful.

However, in recent years, the three secular dynasties had been in constant dispute. Some royal families even secretly found Fenghui Citys Seeking Immortality School as their backing and had gotten many benefits. Therefore, the relationship between these aristocratic cultivator families was not as peaceful as it appeared on the surface, and infighting was not uncommon.

In this atmosphere, Lin Xuanzhi and others did not stand out much.

"Dage, a rabbit!" Yan Tianhen saw a round rabbit rolling up in front of him, and could not help exclaiming with pleasant surprise.

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrows slightly and used his hand to pull back Yan Tianhen, who was about to hold the little rabbit. He heard a loud bang and the round rabbit turned into a hairy hedgehog.

Yan Tianhen, ""

He wanted to swear but didnt know if he should.

"Hahaha! Were you scared!" A young man with a clear and crisp voice came running over. He was wearing a robe that was unique to West Continent cultivators and had no shoes on his feet. He kicked the hedgehog with his bare feet, and the hedgehog shrank into a ball once again and rolled onto the young mans leg.

Yan Tianhen didnt even blink once as he watched this. "Wow, how can this be?!"

The young man said joyfully, "Isnt it great?"

Yan Tianhen nodded in worship, "Its very great."

Liu Zhaoyue came over and couldnt help laughing. "Whats so great about this? This is just the nature of the Cocklebur Rat. The Cocklebur Rat has some illusion abilities and is very clingy. Its merely for playing with children."

The boy was also not angry. Instead, he saluted Liu Zhaoyue, "I havent seen you for a long time. Young Master is more handsome than before."

"Boy, do I still need you to say this kind of thing?"

When they heard this, they realized that he knew the youth.

Yuan Tianwen asked, "Who is this?"

The young man showed eight white teeth refreshingly, "My name is Fu Zisang, you can just call me Xiao Sang. I am a servant of the Liu family. I came to welcome you guys when I calculated that you had almost arrived."

Liu Zhaoyue raised his eyebrows, "You guys? Didnt you come to pick me up?"

Fu Zisang smiled, "Young Master, you should run away while the family head hasnt seen you yet. After the family head left closed-door cultivation, he found that someone incited you to run away. Until now, he was still angry because you left home without informing him. Earlier, he said that if he caught you, he would lock you in the secret chamber for a year without going out."

Liu Zhaoyue got a fright and cried in a strange voice, "When did my eldest brother leave secluded cultivation? How come I didnt know?"

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help glancing at Liu Zhaoyue.

This boy truly was the Liu family heads biological younger brother. Even Lin Xuanzhi knew that Liu Mengchen had come out of secluded cultivation a month ago, but this younger brother did not even know anything.

Jian Yunxi also could not help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

According to principle, Liu Zhaoyue should have been the first to know, but ever since he went up Sinking Sword Peak, nobody cared about him and nobody looked after him, so he went to muddle along like a duck to water. On normal days, he did not even come out of the mountain gate. Those Liu family disciples who wanted to contact Liu Zhaoyue also had no place where they could contact him. As a result, even he, a member of the Jian family, knew about such an important matter, but this boy did not know anything.

Jian Yunxi couldnt help but feel sad for Liu Mengchen.

Its really hard for him, having such an unreliable brother.

Fu Zisang shrugged and spread out his hands. "You should not let the family head know that you are indifferent to him. Otherwise, your crime will be aggravated."

Liu Zhaoyue rubbed his nose wryly, "Where is my older brother? Ill meet him."

Fu Zisang asked, "Do you really dare to see him?"

Liu Zhaoyue smiled, "After all, I havent seen him for more than two years. At the very least, I am his younger brother, so I naturally miss him very much."

Fu Zisang nodded with gratification, "It seems that you still have some conscience."

"Hey" Liu Zhaoyue thumped Fu Zisang with a fist, "How can you talk like that?"

Fu Zisang laughed.

Jian Yunxi coldly watched the two Liu family members "flirting" here.

Fu Zisang wouldnt neglect the others too much either. He quickly explained, "Young Master Lin, your familys Young Master Qing Zhu is also a guest in the Liu family right now. It is better to go to the Liu family together."

Lin Xuanzhi inquired, "Why is Qing Zhu in the Liu family?"

Fu Zisang scratched his head, "Its its a long story, but now Young Master Zhu is our guest of honor. If you guys go, you guys will certainly receive the same treatment."

Liu Zhaoyue spoke excitedly, "Go ahead, my eldest brother is seldom willing to invite others to my family on normal days. I dont think theres any fun in my family, but thats only because I am tired of looking at my familys residence. In reality, my family is quite interesting."

He didnt even need Liu Zhaoyue to say that. Since Qing Zhu was in the Liu family, Lin Xuanzhi would definitely make a trip to the Liu family.

However, before going, Lin Xuanzhi still needed to confirm with Qing Zhu.

"Just a moment." Lin Xuanzhi took out the Voice Transmission Bell and shook it with his spiritual Qi.

There is a distance limit for the Voice Transmission Bell. The shorter the distance, the better the effect. If the distance was too long, more spiritual Qi would be consumed.

When Lin Xuanzhi was as far away as the East Continent, they could only expend Voice Transmission Talismans, which were extremely expensive, so if there were no important matters, the two did not communicate very often.

However, it should be much more convenient since they were now all on the border of the West Continent.

However, Lin Xuanzhi shook the bell a few times but received no response.

Liu Zhaoyue also knew Lin Xuanzhis Voice Transmission Bell. Seeing this, he came over, "Senior Martial Brother, the bell is useless."

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him.

Liu Zhaoyue explained, "At the very least, the Liu family is a reclusive family. Reclusive families must reside in a location isolated from the world, so there is a barrier around the Liu family. It is very difficult for Taoist techniques from the outside to enter."

There was no need for Liu Zhaoyue to give an explanation. Lin Xuanzhi had already guessed this.

So he put the Voice Transmission Bell away, "How do you contact your family?"

Liu Zhaoyue took out a stack of Voice Transmission Talismans from his storage ring and stuffed them into Lin Xuanzhis hand. "Use this, but the Voice Transmission Talismans are not very easy to use. You can only say one sentence with one talisman. If you want to chat with him, youll have to use one stack at a time."

Lin Xuanzhi, "

Yan Tianhen, ""

Rich and imposing!

One Voice Transmission Talismans needed hundreds of gold. Not only did he actually carry a pile with him, but he also casually gave them away for chatting. This was a little too excessive.

Even Yuan Tianwen, who grew up in an elite family, was also moved. He had a new understanding of the reclusive families financial resources. Although he felt no pressure when using the Voice Transmission Talismans himself, he still couldnt chat casually.

Voice Transmission Talismans could be transmitted for thousands of miles in a split second. The first instant it would still be in ones own hands, but the next instant it would be in the other persons hands. After a split second, it would return to ones own hands again. Although there were requirements for space, there are very few restrictions when passing through barriers, which was sometimes more advantageous than the Voice Transmission Bell.

Lin Xuanzhi was also not at all polite. He took the Voice Transmission Talismans in his hand, took a piece of it, and poured his spiritual Qi into it. "Brother Zhuzi, why are you in the Liu family?"

Soon, Qing Zhus voice, which sounded somewhat tired and angry, rang out

he Liu family. Dont follow his men here and head straight to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest!"

Qing Zhu was probably extremely angry, so his voice sounded a bit loud.

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