Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 374

Chapter 374 Liu Familys Mountain Villa

Chapter 374 Liu Familys Mountain Villa

Qing Zhus outspoken voice was completely heard by all the people standing beside Lin Xuanzhi, and several pairs of eyes all snapped towards Liu Zhaoyue.

Liu Zhaoyue, ""

"What is the situation?" Liu Zhaoyues face was also full of confusion. He spread out his hands innocently, "I also dont know whats going on. My eldest brother is quite decent. If there is no reason, he would never do such a thing that offends public morals like snatching away a civilian!"

Jian Yunxi couldnt help twitching the corners of his mouth, "Can you stop babbling? No one said it was snatching away civilians, but it seems that your eldest brother did detain the person inside the Liu family. "

Liu Zhaoyue felt a little embarrassed and smiled guiltily at Lin Xuanzhi twice, "This is a misunderstanding. It must be a misunderstanding. Why dont we go back together and see whats going on?"

When Lin Xuanzhi saw that Liu Zhaoyue looked as if he did not know about all this, he asked suspiciously, "Before, did you know who Qing Zhu is?"

Liu Zhaoyue shook his head in confusion, "I have only recently heard of this name. My eldest brother has never mentioned it before. I also dont know if he and my eldest brother have any past together."

Lin Xuanzhis face was slightly gloomy.

Qing Zhu and Liu Mengchen had been together for so long, but Liu Mengchens family members had no idea of his existence just who did Liu Mengchen regard Qing Zhu as?

Liu Zhaoyue saw that the situation wasnt good, so he added, "Senior Martial Brother Lin, there may be some misunderstanding. Why dont we do this? Lets go back and find out the situation first. If its not something important, I will persuade my eldest brother. Speaking of which, my eldest brother loves me the most. He will certainly listen to what I say."

"No need." Lin Zuanzhi said, "If it is not a matter of urgency, the Liu familys head wouldnt have detained Qing Zhu. Instead, I will go and see for myself exactly how Qing Zhu provoked him for the Liu family head to do such a thing."

Liu Zhaoyues heart skipped a beat as he thought, This is bad.

Lin Xuanzhi had a white face and a dark heart. Liu Zhaoyue had already felt that during this period of time.

Now he was still under Lin Xuanzhis control, and he had a spot on the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest exploration team, but his eldest brother actually wanted to detain Lin Xuanzhis person. Didnt this mean that he had to find ways to guard against Lin Xuanzhi making life difficult for him?

Liu Zhaoyue secretly rolled his eyes all the way on the road.

Thus, along the way, for once in a blue moon, Liu Zhaoyue became a turtle hiding in his shell as he stopped chirping about his existence and tried his best to make people forget him.

Fu Zisang was also quite embarrassed, but his embarrassment was not shown on his face. He was still all smiles and very easy going as he explained to the party the local conditions and customs of the West Continents Fenghui City. He also played with the Cocklebur Rat, causing Yan Tianhens eyeballs to spin.

Ah Bai and Hu Po also seemed to have arrived in heaven. These two tiger cubs had never seen so many demonic beasts on the street. They would stop walking whenever they saw a beautiful demonic beast.

When Ah Bai saw a leopard with shiny fur, he couldnt help but go over to greet it. However, the leopard shouted at him and threw Ah Bai out, which made everyone laugh.

The West Continents forests were vastly different from the East Continents. Yan Tianhen used to listen to Lin Zhan tell him about different plants and trees, but he had never seen them with his own eyes. At this time, he was immediately attracted to the sight and kept explaining to Lin Xuanzhi what kinds of trees there were and what effects they had. He knew all about them.

Fu Zisang could not help giving Yan Tianhen another glance, "This younger brother knows a lot. Few people in the East Continent can recognize so many trees in the West Continent."

Yan Tianhen smiled shyly, "My Daddy told me all this."

Fu Zisang obviously knew who Yan Tianhens dad was. He thought of something and nodded. "Mr. Lin is truly a very powerful person."

Yan Tianhen looked at Fu Zisang, "Do you know my father?"

Fu Zisang laughed, "Hey, Lin Zhan is quite famous in the Five Continents. Who doesnt know of him?"

Lin Xuanzhi also raised his eyebrows slightly, "What does that mean?"

Fu Zisang was slightly surprised, "Dont you guys know that Mr. Lins businesses are spread all over the Five Continents, that he has a wide range of acquaintances, became famous in his youth, and has outstanding talent?"

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen looked at each other.

To be honest, they really didnt know these.

Fu Zisang clapped his head, "Its been too long; Ive forgotten that Mr. Lin is a low-key person and has never used his own name for those businesses that he runs abroad. If it werent for the Liu familys extensive and reliable sources of information, Im afraid I still wouldnt know who is the owner behind those powerful businesses."

Liu Zhaoyue became interested, "Could they all be Lin Zhans?"

Fu Zisang glanced at Yuan Tianwen and folded his hands behind his head, "Its hard to say. Back then, East Lin and West Su was a strong alliance, I dont know how to distinguish those businesses from each other."

A few pairs of eyes fell on Yuan Tianwen.

Yuan Tianwen hurriedly looked at Duan Yuyang and explained, "Yangyang, you have to believe me. I have told you about all the businesses I know. It was absolutely because my father definitely didnt tell me the rest that I didnt tell you about them."

Duan Yuyang smiled a smile that didnt reach his eyes, "Did I say anything? I dont have any interest in your businesses, okay?"

Liu Zhaoyue tsked, "A henpecked husband, henpecked husband! This is the first time Ive ever seen a live one."

Jian Yunxi glanced sideways at Liu Zhaoyue, "Dont tell me that your Liu family doesnt have a henpecked husband?"

Liu Zhaoyue proudly spoke, "Our Liu family men are definitely the main pillars of the family. Their statuses are very high. How can they be controlled by their wives?"

"Dont say it too early," Jian Yunxi warned.

Liu Zhaoyue laughed, "Your Jian family is famous for having henpecked husbands everywhere, right?"

"There is no such thing," Jian Yunxi refuted with a dark expression.

Duan Yuyang listened to this and was somewhat unhappy. "Whats wrong with henpecked husbands? Do you have any prejudice against henpecked husbands?"

Liu Zhaoyue shook his head repeatedly, "I dare not, Im looking at the people, not at the matters. Young Master Yuan is a true man who loves his wife with an indomitable spirit. But if Jian Yunxi tried the same thing, he would only be an idiot."

Jian Yunxi glared at Liu Zhaoyue and was too lazy to dispute with him.

Fu Zisang looked at this and smiled, "Its been a long time since I saw Young Master Jian. I dont know how your father has been recently?"

"Neither good nor bad," Jian Yunxi answered.

"This is a good thing."

Jian Yunxis face was light as he nodded reservedly.

The crowd walked peacefully to the Liu familys barrier. Fu Zisang threw out a token and made a hand seal. In front of him, the gray mist suddenly dispersed into clean, indistinctly visible little houses on the rolling mountain ranges not far away.

"Welcome to the Liu familys mountain villa." Fu Zisang touched the thorn of the Cocklebur Rat with a bright smile.

The people in the Liu familys mountain villa were different from those in Fenghui City outside. It can even be said that their clothes and outfits were entirely different from the styles of the whole Five Continents.

The Five Continents had a simple style. The plainer and more elegant that someone looked, the more they seemed to have the temperament of a real master. Therefore, most cultivators robes were refined very simply.

However, the people in the Liu familys mountain villa, even casual servants, were dressed somewhat more prosperously than the ordinary cultivators outside. Although the clothes were still a few thin layers, there were all kinds of complicated patterns and embroidered pearls and jewels on them, as though they were all dressed up in costumes.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help looking.

"Dage, their clothes are so complicated." Yan Tianhen whispered as he tugged on Lin Xuanzhis hand.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and explained, "The reclusive families have retained the Nine Lands style. The royal sovereigns in the Nine Lands generally advocate luxury."

Fu Zisang turned his face and looked at Lin Xuanzhi with a smile, "Young Master Lin seems to know a lot about the royal vassals of the Nine Lands. At the beginning, the Nine Lands were indeed extravagant and decadent. It is inevitable that the Liu family members continued their previous style. Most of them were dressed up in their best clothes. Its just that after so many years have passed, our ties with the Nine Lands have been cut off. Now, who knows exactly what kind of fashion is the rage in the Nine Lands."

Lin Xuanzhi thought, In reality, the style of the Nine Lands is still the same after hundreds of years.

As soon as Liu Zhaoyue entered the Liu familys mountain villa, he was eager to go see his eldest brother. He did not forget to wink at Bei Shitian and asked him if he would like to meet with him and was, within expectations, rejected by Bei Shitian.

Along the way, people from the Liu familys mountain villa who saw Liu Zhaoyue all took the initiative to salute him, and their manners were different from those of the Five Continents. At first, when the party saw the first one, they still felt novel, but when they walked down the road and saw dozens of people, the novelty disappeared.

Bei Shitians expression looked very ugly the entire time, and his thin lips were closed tightly into a line, probably because he saw the shadow of the Nine Lands here, so he inevitably remembered the sad and cruel past.

However, the people who had always cared the most about him werent here, so no one noticed his discomfort.

There were hundreds of miles of peach trees and thousands of miles of fertile land here. The air was fresh and the spiritual Qi was abundant. There was a good fragrance mixed with medicine and flowers everywhere. One could also see the streets and houses lined up on both sides of the neat, paved roads. Looking around, it looked like a small independant city.

They looked ahead at the tallest and most solemn building at the end of the road and couldnt help but sigh with emotion in their hearts its no wonder that the Liu family could isolate themselves from the world and still feel at ease. They turned out to be a local tyrant.

If they were in the Liu familys place they would not want to leave this paradise either!

"Here we are." Standing in front of the highest palace-style building in the villa, Fu Zisang spoke to the party, "This is the residence of the Liu clans main branch."

Duan Yuyang couldnt help clicking his tongue, "How many people are in the Liu familys main branch?"

Fu Zisang answered, "All things considered, right now there are temporarily 63 people."

"For the time being?" Duan Yuyang inclined an eye towards him.

Fu Zisang nodded, "If the family takes a wife in a few days, or if they have a baby, there will naturally be several more."

When he said this, Fu Zisang also looked at Lin Xuanzhi with profound meaning.

Lin Xuanzhi, ""

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Where is Qing Zhu?"

"You can see him when you enter the door."

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