Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Brothers Chatting Freely

Chapter 376 Brothers Chatting Freely

"It can not be considered as him forcing me, I stayed behind voluntarily." Qing Zhu deemphasized it, his expression dull. "He promised me if I stay with the Liu Family for this period of time then when the time comes he will come with me to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest."

Lin Xuanzhi blankly stared, "Elder Brother Qing Zhu, there is no need for you to do this. If you are not willing no one would need to worry, just ignore him."

Qing Zhu smiled. "I am not some sacrifice either, after all nowadays he has no wish to do anything to me. Not only that, me and him are considered to be mutually exploiting each other, he went to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest before and it was not entirely because of me, that is the reason why we are even."

Yan Tianhen did not know what he should say. He thought for a moment. "Elder Brother Qing Zhu, currently Liu Mengchen is in the peak of the Return Origin stage of the Profound Realm, however because of his cultivation he can not enter the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest."

As far as Yan Tianhen knew, currently only cultivators under Profound Realm could enter Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest and inside the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, everyones cultivation will be suppressed to be at the Calcified Bones stage of the Primary Realm.

Qing Zhu waved his hand nonetheless. "You dont understand the Liu Family, it is not often recognized that the most powerful part of the Liu family is actually that they can disguise cultivation as they please, just like Liu Mengchen back then. He was clearly already in the Profound Realms Return Origin stage at that time but he could pretend to be a cultivator without any cultivation level, even Young Master Zhan and I could not tell. Liu Mengchen could easily be a mere Primary Realm cultivator."

Yan Tianhen could not help but nod. "Yes, furthermore his skill in changing his appearance easily is quite impressive. I remember last time I saw him, he was nothing like this appearance. It can be said that his face completely lacks any distinguishing features. Even now I already can not remember his appearance.

Qing Zhu coldly replied, "People of the Liu Family will constantly cheat others, dont trust them too much, including that Liu Zhaoyue."

It seemed that getting revenge was perhaps not possible. Lin Xuanzhi also didnt want Qing Zhu and Liu Mengchen to have even more deterioration in their relationship. The possibility of suffering a double loss after trying to trick him would do more harm than good.

Lin Xuanzhi said, "This matter should not be delayed, tomorrow we intend to set out for Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, I do not know if Liu Mengchen will let us pass."

Qing Zhu replied, "Not letting us pass is out of the question. He, himself, has gone to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest for long periods in a few short months for who knows how many times. It is assumed that he has a lot he cares about in that place."

Liu Mengchen also allowed Qing Zhu to go with him to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest to look at what happened, only Qing Zhu stuck to his words and insisted on waiting until Lin Xuanzhi and his people arrived.

Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly and asked, "What reason does he have to repeatedly enter Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest?"

Qing Zhu shook his head, "I am also not clear about this part, only that it definitely has something to do with the barrier of Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest."

Lin Xuanzhi thought for a while, "This is inevitable, as far as I know, all the extremely influential families of the West Continent have already begun to send people to investigate Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest."

Qing Zhu replied, "The West Continent guards the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest very tightly. If there is unrest they do not know what the consequences will create, so naturally West Continents influential families care about it very much."

Yan Tianhen tilted his head. "Sooner or later we will investigate it."

Liu Zhaoyue anxiously looked at Liu Mengchen with expectations and said, "Eldest brother, If I had known earlier that during this period of time you would leave seclusion, I certainly would not have run around everywhere outside."

These words of his were not half-hearted rather, they were his genuine and sincere thoughts.

Liu Mengchen lightly said, "I already knew about the entire development of this matter, it was someone in the family that incited you to go out and get experience."

Liu Zhaoyue nodded his head, "Elder Hong said that even Jian Familys Young Master went alone to the East Continent to become a disciple and learn. As the Young Master of the Liu Family, I also shouldnt fall behind others. In addition, they told me many things concerning the barrier of the Five Continents, I also felt that we really should go find people to ask and get all the information."

Liu Mengchen raised his hand and pressed against Liu Zhaoyues head, saying, "In the future when I am not there, dont listen to anyones words. Ah Yue, the hearts of people are dangerous, do you know how many times you would have died during the time you left to get experience if I had not sent shadow guards to your side to help you resolve many inconveniences?"

Liu Zhaoyue turned pale, clearly unaware of this. "How could this be possible?"

Liu Mengchen turned towards Liu Zhaoyues beautiful face. "I have already dealt with many people who incited you."

Liu Zhaoyue blankly stared, immediately understanding in his heart.

Liu Zhaoyue lowered his eyes, "It seems like some people can not stand to see Eldest Brother be the head of the Liu Family. Eldest Brother should be careful by all means."

Liu Mengchen was unconcerned. "The Head of the Family is not something that can just be given to whoever wants it, nowadays in the family, my cultivation is the highest, and my authority runs the deepest. If they want to crawl up its better if they cultivate a hundred more years."

Liu Zhaoyue could not help but smile, "A hundred years, during that time you cant say for sure if those people havent turned into dirt. However, Eldest Brother you are this impressive, even now I still dont know how old you already are."

Liu Mengchen thought for a bit and said, "Even I dont clearly remember it."

Liu Zhaoyue brought up, "Eldest Brother, this sister in law, in the end what exactly is going on with them? Why have I never heard you bring it up before?"

"Furthermore sister in law seems to be a person on Lin Xuanzhis side, how did you get involved with them?"

Liu Mengchen said, "These things are all events of the past that were stored away for many years. Its hard to explain, however, I will only tell you that Qing Zhu is my wife, you should respect him a bit more."

Liu Zhaoyue licked his lips, thinking that his eldest brothers movements were indeed fast enough, and stuck out his tongue. With lingering concerns he said, "Eldest Brother, your wifes temper is not really good, but his cultivation is amazing. He seems to have some complaints about me, one look at me and he seizes the rattan to whip me, scaring me to death."

"You called him sister in law in public in front of everyone, so he was shy." Liu Mengchen earnestly spouted nonsense. "In the future, privately and discreetly call him that and he wont whip you."

Liu Zhaoyue nodded his head, believing it to be the truth.

Liu Zhaoyue was extremely interested in his new sister in law, asking all sorts of questions and pulling Liu Mengchen along, wishing to clearly understand everything about this sister in law.

Liu Zhaoyues childish nature was exposed in front of Liu Mengchen. Naturally, Liu Mengchen was also willing to talk with Liu Zhaoyue about things relating to Qing Zhu. The two of them spoke for a long time, however, Liu Mengchen did not talk about the period of time he met Qing Zhu, when he concealed his identity, merely saying that he previously did something unforgivable to Qing Zhu, which he still holds in his heart.

After listening to this Liu Zhaoyue, hesitated for a moment, then in a quiet voice said, "Elder Brother, is it because of that Lin Feng person?"

Liu Mengchen paused and said, "Why do you think so?"

Liu Zhaoyue said, "You always were in the mortal world looking for that person. I always thought Eldest Brother liked him and wanted to be together with him."

Liu Mengchen didnt speak.

Liu Zhaoyue asked again, "Eldest Brother, did you find him?"

Liu Mengchen said, "I found him."

Liu Zhaoyue replied, "Eldest Brother, then do you still like him?"

Liu Mengchen looked at Liu Zhaoyue, "I have set my mind on Qing Zhu."

Liu Zhaoyues eyes filled with worry. "Is it because Eldest Brother feels that you have failed him and you wish to be good to him to make it up to him, or is it because you seriously like him and you want to be together with him?"

Liu Mengchen faintly replied, "Naturally it is because I like him."

Liu Zhaoyue shook his head, "Eldest Brother, I understand you, you are a very single-minded person. As long as you like a person you will not change them lightly. Tell me, have you done something very unforgivable to sister in law?"

Liu Mengchen had a complicated expression, looking at his still underaged younger brother. "Ah Yue, there are many things that are not the way you think. The things experienced between me and Qing Zhu are quite complicated, although I have done something unforgivable to him, nonetheless, it is not because of regret that I want to be together with him."

Liu Zhaoyue said to Liu Mengchen, "Eldest Brother, since you said this much, I can be relieved."

Liu Mengchen could not help lightly smiling, "What are you relieved for?"

Liu Zhaoyue smiled mischievously, "Only sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity, I still understand this principle."

Liu Mengchen said, "Your reputation of being loose however has been in the Liu Family for a long time. I hear that when you were in the Profound Sky Sect you did not even let go of the servants."

"It was all just me playing around." Liu Zhaoyue deadpanned, "I like excitement, I also like beauties, even more than that I like having the kind beauties that accompany me in being lively. I just want to have fun together with them, thats all, finding some interesting people by myself. It is not me wanting to be together with them."

Liu Zhaoyue believes himself to be a person with a lot of moral principles, he teases people but never crosses the line. He is willing to spend money on and consider these little beauties but he actually only seeks these people to accompany him. Further interactions and communications do not exist.

Although Liu Mengchen is demanding with his younger brother when it comes to cultivation but in other aspects, Liu Mengchen is unconditionally a warm, caring mother like existence. There are also times where he excessively spoiled Liu Zhaoyue.

Liu Zhaoyue stretched himself, "Still, its comfortable at home."

Liu Mengchen said, "This time you returned home, together with Young Master Jian, just be at peace for this period of time. The Jian Family also is aware of the news that all of you came to the West Continent and allowed me to take care of the Young Master on behalf of them."

All of a sudden Liu Zhaoyue stood up, "Eldest Brother, I do not care whether or not Jian Yunxi wants to stay inside the house, however, I have already decided to go to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest together with Lin Xuanzhi and the others to get experience."

Liu Mengchen glanced at him, "What kind of excitement are you trying to gather? Currently, Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is rather dangerous. It would be better if you just obediently stay at home."

Liu Zhaoyue did not quit and said, "Its because it is dangerous that I am willing to go. Eldest Brother, did you not also say that Lin Xuanzhi is a born genius second to none, following him, I will be affected by his fortune and it is unlikely an accident will happen easily."

"Being a born genius second to none does not represent that he will not get injuries or he will not die." Liu Mengchen lightly said, "If you want to get experience, I will have people accompany you to another more suitable place to get experience. Currently, Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is easy to enter but may lack a way out. I have previously entered several times and do not dare stay long out of fear that once you are not careful you will not be able to come back. I do not dare to further investigate the interior of the forest.Your cultivation is not enough; I cannot feel at ease."

Liu Zhaoyue blinked and stated, "Eldest Brother, it turns out you have already been to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest."

Liu Mengchen nodded, "Otherwise, why did you think I left secluded cultivation ahead of time?"

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