Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Magic Treasure That Gathers Spiritual Qi

Ch379 Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi

However, it was only a seal, after all, it did not completely kill off the sealed Divine Devil. There would not be any chance of seeing the daylight throughout the tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of millions of years. Due to coincidental chance encounters and being in the right place at the right time, the seals of some Divine Devil had loosen, which had allowed them to break through their seals and then return to the world again. That was why those almighty splendid talents from the Myriad Dao Era improved on the Great Demon-Sealing Array.

They buried the Divine Devil Venerable in the place where Spiritual Qi is the thinnest, in addition placing a Magic Weapon that Scattered Spiritual Qi in the eye of the array, making Spiritual Qi in the array increasingly sparse until it disappeared. In the past, even if he was a major devil in the Sky Realm, his cultivation would have already been reduced by half, because he was in the Great Demon-Sealing Array. Without being able to replenish it with Spiritual Qi, the barely remaining cultivation would gradually also be used up. As a result, even if the sealed devils were to break the array in the future, they would no longer be strong enough to be the cultivators opponents. Eventually, the overwhelming majority of the sealed devils would then be killed in the array when they had exhausted their cultivations.

"You are right." Yuan Tianwen also nodded thoughtfully and said, "It is not normal to have such abundant Spiritual Qi inside a Great Demon-Sealing Array."

The amount of Spiritual Qi should be reduced to a level that was able to maintain normal cultivation, without being lowered to a point where one would not consider it as normal. Since the Magic Weapon that Scatters Spiritual Qi was created in the post-Myriad Dao Era and was then perfectly combined with the array afterwards, there had been no Great Demon-Sealing Array that did not include a Magic Weapon that Scatters Spiritual Qi.

However, the Great Demon-Sealing Array that Liu Mengchen came across in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest had unexpectedly allowed him to advance his cultivation instead and also break through to the Profound Realm in one stroke

Everyone looked towards Liu Mengchen.

Liu Mengchen raised his eyebrows slightly, "I dont know what was the magic treasure that Divine Devil Venerable had with him that was capable of resisting the Magic Weapon that Scatters Spiritual Qi, or if there was something wrong with this array. Anyway, I did also sense that the Spiritual Qi in there was rather rich. The speed of my cultivation was also like a thousand miles a day. Even so, the Divine Devil Venerable had never revealed any secrets of the Great Demon-Sealing Array until he let me go."

Yan Tianhen stated, "It does seem like this Divine Devil Venerable is really mysterious, since he has avoided talking about it. It might just be that he knows the reason."

Liu Mengchen nodded, "I also thought the same way."

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Have you never gone back since you left?"

Liu Mengchen felt that although Lin Xuanzhi was young, there were reasons as to why he was capable enough to become the young master of the Lin family. Every question he asked was on point.

"Of course, I have gone back." Liu Mengchens eyes lowered, "However, no matter how I looked for it, I couldnt find the valley for many years afterwards, let alone the Great Demon-Sealing Array. If it werent for the fact that my cultivation had improved so much and my family can prove that I have been away from the family for fifteen years, I would have doubted everything I have experienced and think it was only a dream of Nanke."

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Could it be that the Great Demon-Sealing Array had vanished baselessly?"

Liu Mengchen replied, "Thus far, I still have yet to find the answer at this point."

Yuan Tianwen asked Liu Mengchen, "Family Head Liu, how did you guess Myriad Beasts Demonic Forests barrier is related to the loosening of the Great Demon-Sealing Array?"

Liu Mengchen concisely and comprehensively replied, "Intuition."

Even so, Liu Mengchen feared that Qing Zhu might misunderstand something and looked at him. However, Qing Zhus line of sight did not stay on him, but instead, he had been looking at Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen with an expression of affection. This made Liu Mengchens heart both sour and relieved.

"I have already told you the secret that I have hidden for many years." Liu Mengchen said to Lin Xuanzhi, "These two friends are going to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest in search of the Colorful Caterpillar Grass and Icy Heart Water Lotus. While this friend should be going there to gain experience. As for youwhy are you going?"

Lin Xuanzhi unperturbed stated, "Me? Mine would be roughly a combination of the previous two."

Liu Mengchen lifted his lips slightly, "Lin Young Friend, you are certainly not honest."

Lin Xuanzhi also smiled lightly, "Things that are not honest, it seems that Family Head Liu had also done quite a lot of them many years ago. I still have no idea how to talk to Family Head Liu about the matter of Serene Herb Manor."

Upon mentioning the Serene Herb Manor, the somewhat good look on Qing Zhu, which was difficult to come by, turned cloudy again. In Liu Mengchens heart, he cursed Lin Xuanzhi and his fathers behavior, without changing the expression on his face, as he said, "The matter of Serene Herb Manor was indeed something I originally had been too impulsive about. Later after Lin Zhans accident, I gave up blocking the Serene Herb Manor. However, I went into seclusion too suddenly and did not have time to explain myself, to the extent Serene Herb Manor became the appearance it had later."

Liu Mengchen looked towards Qing Zhu, "If Zhuer isnt happy, he can come to me and ask for compensation, I will compensate you ten times for the damages of the Serene Herb Manor."

Qing Zhu indifferently stated, "You can talk with my familys young master about compensation."

Liu Mengchen gently and softly smiled. "If he talks to me, the compensation will be doubled."

Lin Xuanzhi lightly glanced at Liu Mengchens seemingly young and elegant face and thought in his heart that his person is truly really shameless.

The more Liu Mengchen wanted to coerce Qing Zhu, the more Lin Xuanzhi didnt want to let him.

"If this is the case, then lets still stay with the original price for compensation." Lin Xuanzhi said.

Liu Mengchen was also not concerned. Just as he was about to reply, he saw Qing Zhu rushed in to interrupt, "Ill talk to you about the matter of Serene Herb Manor, and in accordance, compensation is ten times the price. You said it, you cant go back on your word!"

.Liu Mengchens smile deepened and he nodded. "A gentlemans word."

Qing Zhu sarcastically replied, "Your mouth is full of lies and you still dare to call yourself a gentleman. I really need to wash my ears."

Liu Mengchen had a bitter smile, "Zhuer, the past was my fault, but from now on, I will never deceive you."

Qing Zhu lightly said, "I cant accept it."

The others watched the dialogue between Qing Zhu and Liu Mengchen. All of them minding their own business imagined watching a big dog blooddrama, but the contents they were imagining were completely different.

Yuan Tianwen arranged a total of five rooms, one for Duan Yuyang and him, one for Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, while the other three each got a room alone. After everyone gathered to talk about the circumstances of Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, they separated to go back to their rooms and rest to prepare for the day after tomorrows movement.

Qing Zhu and the two surnamed Yuan and Duan after returning to their room came back again.

"Is the magic tool here reliable?" Yuan Tianwen asked.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the magic treasure that creates short term barriers that was put next to the door and answered, "It is considered reliable, it is a magic tool left behind by my father. Liu Mengchen should not have the ability to penetrate this one and listen to what we are saying."

Qing Zhu thought for a moment, "Nonetheless be careful, Liu Mengchen left seclusion this time with his cultivation already reaching the peak of the Return Origin Stage of the Profound Realm. Magic tools may not be capable enough to obstruct him from knowing."

Lin Xuanzhi smiled. "Then we can only ask him to be a gentleman!"

Qing Zhu spat, "If he is a gentleman then in this world no vile people exist."

Yan Tianhen nodded. "Yes, when I saw Liu Family Head before, he still did not have this appearance, he was too good at disguising and even daddy was fooled by him. We cant treat him lightly."

Nowadays, Liu Mengchen had incessantly been treating them with good intentions, completely unlike an aloft and remote family head of a reclusive family. Even lightly telling them a secret he hidden for many years.

However, because Liu Mengchens status and behavior were not consistent and in addition many years ago he already deceived Qing Zhu and Lin Zhan, as well as ruthlessly laid his hands against Serene Herb Manor, therefore Lin Xuanzhis people no matter what do not have any trust in him.

Duan Yuyang said, "Lets not talk about Liu Mengchen, Xuanzhi, What important matter did you want to talk about that you hurriedly called us together?"

Originally everyone had separated back to their rooms to rest, but they were called by Lin Xuanzhis summoning bell. Only then did they one by one secretly come back.

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the magic treasure that creates barriers and said in a somewhat dignified tone, "To tell the truth, I seriously have other reasons for going to Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest this time."

After a pause, Lin Xuanzhi said, "In the deepest part of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, there is a rather high-level Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi. I dont know exactly what level it is, but I am certain if you can cultivate near it, your cultivation will fly a thousand miles in a day, bringing great benefits!"

"There is still such a good thing?" Yuan Tianwen asked in surprise.

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, "I originally thought that the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forests barrier appeared because of the soon-to-be birth of the Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi leading to changes of Spiritual Qi. However, after listening to what Liu Mengchen said, I could not help but suspect that the location of the Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi is precisely in the Great Demon-Sealing Array."

"How is that possible?" Duan Yuyang was endlessly astounded. The cores for Great Demon-Sealing Arrays were Magic Weapons that Scatter Spiritual Qi; he had never heard of a situation where a Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi was put in instead.

Is this to seal or to raise devils?

Lin Xuanzhi confronted everyones hesitations, explaining, "The Great Demon-Sealing Array is actually a sealing barrier. Even if there is no Magic Weapon that Scatters Spiritual Qi placed specially in the core of the array, the barrier has no exchange of Spiritual Qi with the outside, and the Spiritual Qi will naturally become weaker and weaker."

As long as there was enough time, the devil clan would always be in the Great Demon-Sealing Array, their power becoming weaker and weaker, their cultivation becoming lower and lower, until one day even their soul flesh is completely depleted.

The Great Demon-Sealing Array inside the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, so the Spiritual Qi was abundant, as such it had not only not lowered Liu Mengchens cultivation but instead it was capable of supporting his numerous years of cultivation and letting his cultivation fly a thousand miles a day. It must be because there was a magic treasure that can resist Spiritual Qi dispelling.

Several of the rest of the people one by one, showed a thoughtful expression.

After a moment, Yan Tianhen grasped his fist excitedly, "Its a deal. After we find the Colorful Caterpillar Grass and Icy Heart Water Lotus, well go find the Great Demon-Sealing Array. Lets go collect the Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi into the pocket together!"

Duan Yuyang could not help laughing at Yan Tianhens appearance full of enthusiasm, "Okay, but we need to guard our mouths about this matter and we can not just randomly and freely talk about it and let people know. Otherwise, there certainly will be more people competing with us."

Yuan Tianwen also repeatedly nodded. If a Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Q exists, and if it can make cultivation fly a thousand miles in a day, naturally, he will be tempted to try it out.

Lin Xuanzhi told everyone about his plan to enter the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest and deployment program. After several more discussions, they had scattered one after another.

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