Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 385

Chapter 385 The Nine Tails Vow

Chapter 385 The Nine-Tails Vow

Nine-Tailed Divine Fox thought for a moment and then responded with a voice full of contempt and disdain, "That old lecher put Yan Tianhen on a stone disk that seemed to have some kind of array inscribed on it. He was originally trying to force Yan Tianhen to have intercourse with him and was also afraid that Yan Tianhen would resist, so he fed him some unknown aphrodisiac. By all logic, Ren Bulin should have succeeded with Yan Tianhen, but in reality, he thought wrong."

Nine-Tailed Divine Fox glanced at Lin Xuanzhi and spoke quickly, "I dont know whether Yan Tianhen was affected by emotion or for some other reason, but something similar to a seal appeared on Yan Tianhens abdomen. The shape is not easy to describe, and I also cant remember it clearly. Who knows what Ren Bulin was thinking? But he actually stretched out his hand, wanting to touch the seal. However, he barely touched it, yet his finger was already burnt. He was so scared that he cut off a finger and screamed as he ran away, running and crawling."

Lin Xuanzhis face was stiff and his heart was filled with endless anguish.

That was Yan Tianhens self-defense. The array that sealed his cultivation was not fully broken, even in the end. Now that he thought about it, part of the reason was probably that Yan Tianhen himself did not want to completely break the seal in the first place because that array could protect him from assault. All those who coveted him must endure the arrays counterattack.

It turns out that all the times that Yan Tianhen spent with Lin Xuanzhi in his previous life were completely out of Yan Tianhens own volition, from beginning to end.

"Yan Tianhen started laughing hysterically after that." The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox rubbed his chin with some confusion, "He started crying after laughing and looked very pitiful. Ive always been curious about what exactly that thing on his abdomen is. Besides, Yan Tianhen doesnt look very good either, so why was Ren Bulin, that old lecher, so determined to have intercourse with him? Im afraid that his physique must be very special. I can only think of a furnace constitution."

Lin Xuanzhis eyes were cold and grave. "You know too much."

"I actually guessed right. But I have no interest in him, and I can also swear to never reveal this matter to anyone else."

When the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox saw Lin Xuanzhis dark and silent expression, he simply said, "Moreover, I know that the reason Ren Bulin spared no effort to capture Yan Tianhen must be related to the Nine Lands, but what does Yan Tianhen have to do with the Nine Lands? And how did Ren Bulin establish contact with the Nine Lands?"

Lin Xuanzhi was able to answer almost all of the Nine-Tailed Divine Foxs questions save for the last one, but he left everything unanswered.

Although the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox was somewhat disappointed, he was able to shrug it off. "I stopped you out of good intentions and wanted to help you. In the previous life, Yan Tianhen suffered all kinds of humiliation, and thoughts of leaving the world sprouted in his mind. Finally, it ended with his death as his soul scattered away. I discovered that Yan Tianhen is missing one soul and one spirit right now. People like him, whose souls are lighter than the souls of ordinary people, are more likely to remember the past when they approach the Demon-Sealing Array. I dont know whether or not Young Master Lin wants him to remember. However, you all should still try to go around the Great Demon-Sealing Array as much as possible."

Lin Xuanzhis expression was slightly heavy as he asked, "Did you recover your memory in the Great Demon-Sealing Array?"

Nine-Tailed Divine Fox nodded and wagged his tail, "Thats right, that place is very strange. Any person with an incomplete soul will remember their past lives when they get there. I was short of three souls and one spirit. It took me several days to remember, but Im afraid that Yan Tianhens memory will come back as soon as he sets foot in that place."

Lin Xuanzhi clenched his fist.

"Im also telling you this as thanks for saying some nice words on that idiots behalf in your previous life. I dont owe you anything, and the karma between us will also end here." The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox let go of the tail that he had been playing with. "Of course, if you feel that you owe me something, then take Ji Yunwei out of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest for me. This is not a place that he should visit. The Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest will soon be completely sealed off. At that time, it truly will be a situation where the people inside cannot leave and the people outside cannot enter."

Lin Xuanzhis eyes turned cold. "You know the reason?"

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox lazily answered, "Better than anyone. The Great Demon-Sealing Array loosened for some reason, and the wisp of a demons soul sealed inside is about to return to the world again. Thats why the spiritual Qi in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is so abundant. But theres no way I can let him leave here, or else the entire Five Continents will fall into his hands."

Lin Xuanzhi suddenly had a flash of lightning-fast inspiration in his mind, "Did you make the barrier here?"

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but feel complicated. It was as if he was getting to know the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox for the first time.

He had no contact with the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox in his last life. After all, when he met Ji Yunwei, the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox had already been killed. In this life, although he had fought with the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox indirectly, this was the first time they had actually communicated in person.

He originally thought that the Divine Fox clan was naturally wanton and unrestrained and loved to delude people with rumors and lies. However, he didnt expect to find that the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox was actually a responsible guardian.

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox smiled, "Dont tell that idiot about me. Just let him think that Ive gone somewhere else and will never come back to see him again."

If the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox wanted to suppress that Divine Devil Venerable inside the Great Demon-Sealing Array, then he would inevitably have to sacrifice himself to do so. The best result would be to fall into a deep slumber in the great array. In a worse scenario, both the fox and the Divine Devil would die together in mutual destruction.

However, for Ji Yunwei and the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox, either outcome would be a tragic one.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Which Divine Devil Venerable is sealed inside this Great Demon-Sealing Array?"

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox stroked his lips as he smiled, "You need to find the answer to this matter yourself."

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox finished speaking and was just ready to leave when he was stopped by Lin Xuanzhi.

"Vow, dont forget."

The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox looked speechless, but he could only hold up his fingers and face the heaven, "I vow to never reveal even the slightest about Yan Tianhens secret, or else may lightning strike me, and I will never be a fox again."

Lin Xuanzhi felt the power of the Dao of Heavens restriction and knew that the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox was sincere, so he waved his hand and let the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox go.

The outline of the tall black pine tree by Lin Xuanzhis side whose top couldnt be seen gradually became blurred and soon disappeared in front of Lin Xuanzhi.

Perhaps a secret mechanism had been triggered because the dense fog also cleared away, and the forest showed its original appearance.

Lin Xuanzhi saw the people who fell to the ground.

He ran straight to Yan Tianhen, who was fast asleep against the trunk of the tree. He touched him and was relieved after making sure he was okay.

Soon after, Yuan Tianwen and the others woke up one after another.

"Liu Mengchen and Xiao Linfeng are missing." Lin Xuanzhi informed the party, "When I woke up, they were gone."

Qing Zhus expression looked blue and he looked around. "Its fine that way. As for you guys, does anything feel off with your bodies?"

Duan Yuyang was about to shake his head when he suddenly found that there seemed to be something in his hand.

Duan Yuyang looked intently and couldnt help but be shocked, "What is this?"

Following Duan Yuyangs raised hand, Yan Tianhen also glanced at it. When he saw the items appearance, he couldnt help immediately exclaiming. He rushed over to take the spiritual plant and studied it carefully. He couldnt restrain his excitement, "This is the Colorful Caterpillar Grass!"

"What?" Yuan Tianwens eyes widened and he looked particularly excited.

Bei Shitian, who had been sporting an ugly expression because he had been knocked unconscious, also showed a rare different expression. He looked at the Colorful Caterpillar Grass with consternation and quickly withdrew his sight.

Duan Yuyang said incredulously, "Who on earth brought this to me? Its really rare for someone to do such a good deed yet not to leave behind their name."

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Ji Yunwei, "It may be the guardian demonic beast of this forest. He gave us a large present."

Ji Yunwei felt something and was slightly shocked. His eyes brightened as he came over, "Were you talking about Ah Jiu?"

Lin Xuanzhi nodded, "I just saw Ah Jiu."

Ji Yunweis expression was very excited.

"When you saw Ah Jiu, what did Ah Jiu say?" Ji Yunwei frowned, "Since Ah Jiu is here, why does he not want to come out to see me?"

The question "Who is Ah Jiu?" was clear on Bei Shitians face, and he looked towards Lin Xuanzhi, puzzled.

Lin Xuanzhi did not explain either, but simply replied, "Yunwei, Ah Jiu said that he didnt want you to continue to venture inside the forest. He claimed that the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is his real home and hopes that you wont come to look for him again. He also said that you dont have to worry."

Ji Yunweis face darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye. He interrupted fiercely, "Impossible. He took advantage of me and now he wants to pat his ass and leave. Where in the fucking world can you find such a convenient thing? If I dont capture him and cook a fox in eighteen ways, then I will be ashamed to face my ancestors!"

Lin Xuanzhi, ""

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, "Whatever you want. Anyhow, Ive already told you what he told me."

If the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox knew that Lin Xuanzhi used this kind of attitude to deal with the matters the fox entrusted to him, he would be very saddened and regretful.

Lin Xuanzhi, however, was thinking of another matter. Although the Nine-Tailed Divine Fox showed awe-inspiring righteousness, it was precisely because of the past life, that he blamed Ji Yunwei somewhat. But after all, everything started anew in this life, so why must he superimpose the past life on this one?

Lin Xuanzhi also held some selfishness with these thoughts. It was precisely because hed seen how crazy Ji Yunwei was in the previous life that he didnt want Ji Yunwei to lose his love even more in this life. Dont be fooled by Ji Yunweis normally graceful and elegant behavior. If someone truly offended him and made him furious to the extremes, hed beat even himself.

Dare not provoke, dare not provoke.

Ji Yunweis face was full of loss. Sometimes he muttered, "He already appeared so why didnt he talk to me?", and sometimes he would look at Lin Xuanzhi darkly and ask, "Why would Ah Jiu meet you of all people?", making Lin Xuanzhi feel a chill on the back of his neck, as though something was strange.

They planned to wait for Xiao Linfeng and Liu Mengchen in the original location. Although Qing Zhu strongly opposed it, the minority was subordinate to the majority, and his opposition had no effect.

During cross-legged meditation, Yan Tianhen scooted over to Lin Xuanzhis side.

Lin Xuanzhi was a little afraid to face Yan Tianhen. The events of his last life were always the hidden pain in his heart. The Nine-Tailed Divine Fox bluntly told him more past events that he did not know about, so that Lin Xuanzhis heart hadnt recovered until now.

Yan Tianhen was worried, "Dage, I always feel that you dont seem very happy."

Lin Xuanzhi pulled out a little smile, "How come?"

Yan Tianhen was even more worried, "Dage, if you have something, dont bottle it up in your heart and tell me, okay?"

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen with a complicated gaze and thought, If you knew how I treated you in the last life and what kind of pain and humiliation you experienced, will you still be able to say such a thing?

Lin Xuanzhi never wanted Yan Tianhen to recover his memories of his previous life. It wasnt only because he feared Yan Tianhen would hate him and leave him, but also because he didnt want Yan Tianhen to be sad again.

Lin Xuanzhi raised his hand and rubbed Yan Tianhens face lightly. "After you get the Icy Heart Water Lotus, you should leave with Duan Yuyang and them. I want to find the magic treasure that gathers spiritual Qi by myself."

Yan Tianhen was stunned. "Why? You want to send me away again, I dont want to!"

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