Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 387

Chapter 387 A Blessing In Disguise

Ch387 A Blessing in Disguise

Not long after, before it was completely dark, Yuan Seven refined the potion.

Yuan Seven took the bowl of black medicine that looked ominous and walked to Duan Yuyang, meticulously speaking in a monotone, "Madam, the medicine has been refined. You can use it now."

Duan Yuyang wanted to stretch out his hand and pick it up, but Yuan Tianwen took it first.

Yuan Tianwen looked at the medicine for a while and took out a bottle from his storage bag, pouring part of the medicine into the bottle.

The pill inside the bottle dissolved into the potion within a few moments, and the potion also turned a clear color. It smelled sweet and clear, making people feel comfortable.

"What is this?" Yan Tianhen asked curiously.

"Its a poison pill made from the toxins in Yangyangs body and some other herbs." Yuan Tianwen was very cautious. "I never trust giving these kinds of edible things to Yangyang without testing them first."

Yan Tianhen nodded, "Its better to be careful."

Even if it was an antidote personally refined by Yuan Tianwen himself, he still couldnt rest assured until hed tested it.

Only after theyd waited some more and didnt see any other reactions did Yuan Tianwen hand Duan Yuyang the medicine, with his heart at ease.

Yuan Tianwen looked at Duan Yuyang, "Yangyang, I also dont know if youll have any adverse reactions after drinking this bowl of medicine. However, dont be afraid. I still have some life-saving medicinal pills here and wont let anything happen to you."

Duan Yuyang was much more relaxed and calm compared with Yuan Tianwens nervousness.

He side-eyed Yuan Tianwen, "Cant you think more optimistically?"

Before Yuan Tianwen could speak, Duan Yuyang swallowed all the medicine in the bowl.

"Fuck!" Duan Yuyang clutched his neck. His face looked like he couldnt endure anymore; he almost spat it out.

Yuan Tianwen simply didnt know what to do with his hands and feet. His eyes widened into circles as he stared at Duan Yuyang without blinking for fear that he would have any adverse reactions.

Duan Yuyang strongly resisted the urge to spit out the medicine, and his expression was slightly ferocious. His face turned blue, white, and black, and the color of his lips gradually deepened, as if hed been poisoned.

Yan Tianhen couldnt help sweating in worry.

Duan Yuyang broke out in a cold sweat and shivered uncontrollably. His appearance looked very frightening, but at this moment, no one could help him. He could only endure the calamity on his own.

Yuan Tianwen hated the Duan family couple more and more. He took Duan Yuyang in his arms bridal style and, with several leaps, jumped onto the tree and disappeared into the forest.

Lin Xuanzhi explained, "He has been poisoned for quite a long time. If he wants to neutralize the problem all at once, then Im afraid that the toxin will not be completely eliminated unless he suffers some hardships."

Bei Shitian had a face of indifference, thinking in his heart, Theyre really making a fuss over nothing. When he was in the Nine Lands, it wasnt like he hadnt seen detoxification scenes crueler and more terrible than this one. Some of those people were in so much pain they cut off their own arms, while others smashed their heads against the wall. Now thats called "drenched with blood" and "extremely disturbing". Duan Yuyangs case is still considered mild; what is there to worry about? Plus one can tell at first glance that the antidote has no problems. At most, hell just have to suffer a little hardship.

However, an unspeakable and indescribable feeling rose in his heart as Bei Shitian thought of Yuan Tianwens extremely worried expression earlier. He couldnt help but think of a scene from the Nine Lands before.

That year, he went out with Wan Yitong for training and met the Wan familys enemies on the road. He fought desperately to protect Wan Yitongs retreat. However, he was heavily poisoned by the other party and nearly died several times.

After being rescued by the Wan familys guards, who had arrived just in time, he was in a coma for a long time, unaware of the passage of time.

Wan Yitong was so scared that he stayed by Bei Shitians bed every day and used all the sparrow spirits he had hidden away to dispel the poison for him, for fear that the tiniest bad thing would happen to him.

He was ill in bed for a whole year, and Wan Yitong accompanied him for an entire year, never leaving during this period. Even when Wan Yitongs closest sister got married, he did not send her off because of the long journey.

However, time flew; things have remained the same, but the people have changed. Who would have thought of such an ugly future?

Bei Shitian forced himself to come back from his memory. He could no longer yearn for the past because he was not qualified to receive this ordinary happiness again.

Nobody knew where Yuan Tianwen took Duan Yuyang. Although Lin Xuanzhi and the others did not chase after them, the Yuan familys shadow guards had to follow and protect them.

On the morning of the following day, the group of people who had a nights rest in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest had just woken up when they saw Yuan Tianwen beaming as he held Duan Yuyangs hand, making their way over from the depths of the forest.

Lin Xuanzhis eyes rested on Duan Yuyang for a moment. He raised his eyebrows slightly, "Congratulations."

Duan Yuyang also smiled brightly, "This time, I could only neutralize the poison so quickly due to all of you. I, Duan Yuyang, thank everyone in advance. I will properly thank you again after we leave here."

Yan Tianhen smiled, "Why are you polite to us? The fact that you were able to remove the poison is already the best news."

Feng Jingyu flew around Duan Yuyang twice, chirping two times in surprise.

Bei Shitian had also discovered the change in Duan Yuyang,

Duan Yuyang couldnt help rubbing his face, "Yeah, I didnt expect that after removing the poison, my cultivation actually directly rushed to the fifth layer of Foundation Stage. In passing, I also took the Hardened Body Pill that Ah Hen gave me. Right now, I have successfully broken through the Hardened Body Stage!"

Qing Zhu was very surprised. "How did your cultivation rise so fast? I remember that you were only in the Refining Qi Stage yesterday."

Yuan Tianwen said proudly, "This is the advantage of my Yuan familys Butterfly Transformation Dual Cultivation. This is a dual cultivation technique. Originally, after I had intercourse with Yangyang, his cultivation would be nurtured by me, and my cultivation would also be nurtured by him. We are one with each other and share in the joys and sorrows. We should have walked synchronously, but Yangyangs body was originally held back by poison, which had a direct impact on the improvement of his cultivation. However, right now, his toxins have been completely removed, and the beauty of the Butterfly Transformation Dual Cultivation is naturally reflected."

"I see." Lin Xuanzhi said thoughtfully.

"This can be considered a blessing in disguise." Qing Zhu smiled.

Xiao Linfeng was originally a chivalrous swordsman who traveled all over the cultivation world. He was usually the most enthusiastic about appreciating all the wonderful and strange techniques in the world. This Butterfly Transformation Dual Cultivation was the first one of its kind that he had ever seen, so he couldnt help asking a few more questions.

Xiao Linfeng asked, "If a person has someone elses spiritual core in his body, can these two people find a suitable dual cultivation skill?"

Everyone uniformly looked towards Qing Zhu.

Qing Zhu paused, then immediately became angry from embarrassment, kicking Xiao Linfeng hard with one foot. "Who wants to dual-cultivate with you? When we leave the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, hurry up and return my spiritual core to me as soon as possible, or else Ill gut you!"

Xiao Linfeng suddenly looked innocent, "Little Zhuzi, I didnt refer to you by name. What are you thinking of all the time in that little head of yours?"

"You!" Qing Zhu blushed angrily, "Who doesnt know that you were talking about me? Youre the one whose brain is full of filth!"

Xiao Linfeng was not angry either. He smiled, "Your face is very red, its really cute."

Qing Zhu, ""

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Xiao Linfeng and thought, It seems that Xiao Linfeng is an old hand with being shameless and thick-skinned. Someone like Qing Zhu Gege, who is so simple, will definitely not be his opponent.


The way Xiao Linfeng looked at Qing Zhu and his attitude towards Qing Zhu were worth pondering.

Lin Xuanzhi had never been very optimistic about Liu Mengchen because this man was too much of a liar. Who knows whether he will turn against his friends in the next instant? However, this Xiao Linfeng was like a gentleman well, okay, although this "gentleman" was always teasing Qing Zhu with words.

However, he only ever teased Qing Zhu and always treated others with courtesy, didnt he?

If it was Xiao Linfeng, it could also be considered.

Of course, it all depended on Qing Zhus intentions.

Yan Tianhen looked at Duan Yuyang with some worry, "Brother Yuyang, you advanced your cultivation to such a high level all of a sudden, and you also ate the Hardened Body Pill, which will inevitably cause your cultivation to be unstable. You should be careful."

There were drawbacks to advancing too fast. One could tell a thing or two just by looking at Lin Xuanzhi, Yuan Tianwen, and the others, who had been suppressing their cultivation and had been reluctant to break through the Primary Realm.

Duan Yuyang, however, smiled dismissively, "I am different from you guys. Although my cultivation had always stayed at the same level, I have never relaxed when actually cultivating. Moreover, I am cultivating the talisman path, not the sword path. Naturally, the higher my cultivation, the thicker my spiritual Qi will be, and the higher the level of the talismans I refine. There is no harm."

Talisman cultivators were also different from others. When talisman cultivators refined talismans, they relied on how well the refiner could integrate the spiritual Qi of heaven, earth, and their own bodies into the talisman, so it only required a higher level of mastery through a comprehensive study of surrounding areas. There werent any big requirements for other areas.

Lin Xuanzhi and others all remarked that Duan Yuyang met a blessing in disguise, especially Yuan Tianwen. Now that he had both a wife and child, and his wife could also continue to dual-cultivate with him while getting double the cultivation, it could be said that they were winners in life.

Although everyone was happy at the moment that an important objective in coming to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest had been achieved, they still needed to continue to do something more important.

Lin Xuanzhi had also made a magic treasure to roughly measure the concentration of spiritual Qi these days.

He looked at the magic treasure, which was shaped like a pagoda, "Today, the spiritual Qi in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest is somewhat stronger than the previous days, and the speed is also accelerating."

The pagoda-shaped magic treasure was completely black on the outside, but if Lin Xuanzhi poured his spiritual Qi into it and made contact with the outside worlds spiritual Qi, then the spiritual Qi would be reflected on the surface of the magic treasure.

The denser the spiritual Qi, the more floors on the pagoda that would be lit up. The pagoda had a total of 99 floors. Yesterday, it was 13. Today, it had already reached 17 floors. This speed was truly "rising every day".

Qing Zhu commented, "It seems that we have to step up our efforts."

As a result, the group of people no longer stayed there. Yuan Tianwens subordinates led the winged unicorns over, and everyone got onto their mounts, hurriedly galloping towards the direction Qing Zhu pointed to.

Not long after, as soon as they came to a slightly open area, they heard the sound of fighting from afar.

Yuan Tianwen stopped his horse and observed the front. "It seems that there is a demonic beast causing mischief. Should we go around or take a look?"

Qing Zhu led the horse over, "That direction is the only path for us to reach the Great Demon-Sealing Array. Except for the original route we took, the north and south sides are all bogged down by muddy and deep marshes. The demonic beasts in it are unknown and difficult to deal with."

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen, "It seems that we will need to be chivalrous and rush to the rescue."

Xiao Linfeng burst out laughing twice, "My favorite pastime is to draw my sword to help others fight injustice."

Qing Zhu ridiculed, "I think you like to butt in and create trouble."

Xiao Linfeng looked at Qing Zhu, "Indeed, Little Zhuzi knows me well."

Qing Zhu, ""

Qing Zhu took the lead in whisking his whip and urging his mount to hurtle forward, followed by Xiao Linfeng with a big smile, wanton and unrestrained. He was very happy.

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