Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 390

Chapter 390 A Huge Fight

Chapter 390 A Huge Fight

"Ah Jin, calm down." Leng Jixue looked at the nearly possessed Huangfu Jin and sighed, "Ah Jin, I did not expect that you already entered the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest."

"You didnt expect? Or you are absolutely unwilling to believe that I am sincere towards you?" Huangfu Jin was on the verge of crying, with a somewhat wronged tone said, "You were forced to enter Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest by others but you were not willing to tell me. In the end, did you even consider me one of your people? I am just short of digging out my heart to give to you, what else do you still want me to do?"

Leng Jixue was left speechless, he somewhat did not dare look at Huangfu Jin, his vision flickering, facing elsewhere he said, "You just ran over here like this. How should the large matters left behind be handled?"

Huangfu Jin roared, "Whoever the fuck wants to be in charge is in charge. Those people dare to get rid of you, by taking advantage of the time when I was away. Does that make them powerful? Are they not capable of acting on their own initiatives, presumptuous and arbitrary? Let them deal with the shambles, I, Huangfu Jin, doesnt give a fuck! I dont care!"

Leng Jixue looked at Huangfu Jin like a young child throwing a crazy tantrum, and could not help but have some headaches but was also moved.

"Ah Jin, this matter is not like what you think it is." Leng Jixue softly said, pressing his forehead.

"Not like I think it is, then what is it?" Huangfu Jin extremely angrily said, "They actually still deceived me, said you let me get married and have a child, and also said you would come back to be a part of my wedding receptionPei! Could they still talk more nonsense!?"

The expression in Leng Jixues pupil slightly changed, silently lowering.

Huangfu Jin was suddenly stunned when he saw this. He stared at Leng Jixue for a long time then disbelievingly stated, "Senior Martial Brother, dont tell me you seriously thought and said this way."

Leng Jixue nodded his head. "I indeed said that."


Huangfu Jin seemed he was hit stupid by a fist, "Why?"

Leng Jixue sighed. "You are not young, you are also not unclear about the situation of the Huangfu family. The only way to preserve the Huangfu Familys honor and glory is by allying with the Bai Family."

Huangfu Jins voice shook, clenching his teeth and said, "So you proposed to my dad to sacrifice me?"

Leng Jixue braced himself and said, "It is not considered a sacrifice, the Bai Familys young lady Bai Hesu is the Bai Familys Family head, Bai Yichens favored successor. The Bai Family has no Young Master, the Bai Familys Family head also once personally promised as long as you and Bai Hesu get married, he would immediately make Bai Hesu become the Young Master. The Bai Family will also do everything to help Huangfu Family, whether it is an influential family or sect, nevertheless they would give the Bai Family some face."

"So, what does the Huangfu Familys honor and glory have to do with you?" Huangfu Jin wished he could squeeze Leng Jixue to death. "In your heart is my marriage a bargaining chip that you can calculate and value as you please? The Huangfu Family only gave you a few years of food to eat and you are dead set to help this family, since I was young, other than the initial two years I bullied you, the following twenty years when have I not placed you first anywhere, be caring and attentive to you, dead set on you? Leng Jixue, I really want to dig your heart

out to see if it is really made of stone!"

Huangfu Jin felt it was extremely hard to bear, he knew Leng Jixue always considered him as a younger brother, a Junior Martial Brother, his concern and trust for him had always been unrelated to romantic love.

He could wait, he could also continue like this with Leng Jixue. He had already prepared for this long ago.

However, how can Huangfu Jin possibly accept Leng Jixue pushing him to other people for the benefit of the Huangfu Family?

No, it cant be like this, how could Leng Jixue be this kind of person?

However, if it was not this way, why would his father, his master both target the suddenly disappeared Leng Jixue?

Huangfu Jin seemed insane, sorrowful and heartbroken. He almost could not control the desire to strangle Leng Jixue.

Leng Jixues face was pale, however nevertheless, in his eyes there completely lacked any wavering. "Ah Jin, my heart is indeed made of stone. Dont continue to waste your time on me."

"It is nothing more than wanting to wait until one day, if Myriad Beasts Demonic Forests barrier opened, I could leave you some memories, thats all." Leng Jixue lightly said. "Ah Jin, I am this kind of cold-blooded and heartless person. You should also have seen through me today, from now on, you should also not waste your time and energy on me. I am not worthy of how you treat me."

Leng Jixue said, "You dont believe what you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears, to what degree are you stubborn?"

Huangfu Jins face was red with anger.

If they continue, it is reckoned that the two people could break out in a fight.

Yan Tianhen coughed twice and said, "ThatHow about we first settle the important matter first, and then we resolve your personal matters, otherwise it is useless to quarrel until the sky is dark. In addition, these surroundings are rather dangerous, we dont know when those vine people will come back."

Huangfu Jin suddenly turned around, seemingly just aware of the existence of these people.

"Why are you here?" Huangfu Jins expression was as black as coal.

"" Yan Tianhen was immediately speechless.

It was actually Duan Yuyang who cracked open the fruit, watching the scene with an expressionless face and said, "Are you going to keep fighting? I especially like watching this kind of show."

Yuan Tianwen replied, "Its better not to look."


"Not beneficial for prenatal education." Yuan Tianwen deadpanned.

Duan Yuyang: ""

Huangfu Jins expression appeared to get a bit darker.

This group of people, truly when watching a scene dont suspect the matter is important.

Leng Jixue is also not fond of letting people watch a scene, he was always dignified. If not for just now Huangfu Jins exposition was too sudden, catching him unprepared and momentarily forgetting the existence of other people, he would not let other people see this difficult situation and side of him.

Leng Jixue settled his mind and said, "Sorry for letting you see such a joke."

Huangfu Jin snorted, grasping Wenqings sword hilt, turning his line of sight to Lin Xuanzhi narrowing his eyes, then turning to Yuan Tianwen and Duan Yuyang and asked, "You came here to look for Colorful Caterpillar Grass and the Icy Heart Water Lotus?"

Duan Yuyang asked, "How do you know?"

Huangfu Jin said, "The Yuan family offered the big reward of two pieces of sparrow spirit. Who in the Five Continents does not know about this? At the previous extremely influential families alliance meeting the Yuan Familys Family Heads Madam kept saying that currently the Yuan Family doesnt have a single sparrow spirit."

Yuan Tianwen nodded. Without changing his expression he said, "Indeed there is none, those two pieces of sparrow spirit, my dad took out from his dowry, so they are definitely not under the Yuan name."

Huangfu Jin: ""

Shoving forced logic down peoples throats!

Ji Yunwei broke in to mediate, "For what reason has Young Master Huangfu come here?"

Huangfu Jin swept Leng Jixue with a glance then turned his head elsewhere.

The answer went without saying.

Lin Xuanzhi slightly raised his eyebrow, "It seems Young Master Huangfu perhaps does not know anything at all about the Great Demon-Sealing Array."

Huangfu Jin stared blankly and asked, "What Great Demon-Sealing Array?"

Leng Jixue sighed.

He kept Huangfu Jin in the dark about him coming here because he just did not want him to participate. He did not expect this, man proposes but heavens disposes; in the end, he still thought wrong.

Lin Xuanzhi revealed an expecting expression and said, "You actually dont know anything and still followed us in."

Yan Tianhen gracefully sighed and shook his head, "I ask the world: what is love? It teaches people to live and die together."

"Love really did carry away the mind. Now hes become a young rash head." Duan Yuyang clicked his tongue.

"Actually he is quite infatuated." Only Qing Zhu said a good word on his behalf.

Xiao Linfeng immediately exploited the opportunity, coming over and said to Qing Zhu, "Little Zhuzi, actually my infatuation is more extreme than his."

Qing Zhu: ""

Yan Tianhen said, "What kind of drama are you creating for yourself here!?"

Huangfu Jin: ""

Why does he feel like in those peoples eyes, they seem to see him as an idiot who doesnt understand shit?

No, what the hell happened?

Is it possible that they all have come to this Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest because it holds a secret?

After all Huangfu Jin is not actually an idiot, he immediately found everyones attitude abnormal from the hidden meanings in their words.

Huangfu Jin turned to Leng Jixue, frowned and asked, "Senior Martial Brother, in the end, why have you come here, what secret exists here?

Leng Jixue forced a bitter laugh, "This place is not suitable to stay for a long time, lets hurry and go on the road, I will reveal everything to you on the road."

Even though Huangfu Jin bore a grudge in his heart against Leng Jixue for playing with him, he was still not the kind of person whose heart only has love and hate. Huangfu Jin assessed the present situation and pushed the anger he has for Leng Jixue to the bottom of his heart for now and said with a cold face, "Lets go."

Leng Jixue looked at Lin Xuanzhi and others. "We do not have a beast."

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yan Tianhen and said, "Ah Hen, come ride with me."

Yan Tianhen was eager, he promptly jumped down from the unicorn and jumped behind Lin Xuanzhi, extending both hands to embrace his waist and stuck his face to Lin Xuanzhis shoulders. The appearance was very intimate.

Huangfu Jin upon seeing this immediately had a startled expression. "What is this situation with the two of you brothers."

Not only did Yan Tianhen not cover it up, he instead seemingly flaunted it, saying, "Me and my elder brother are together now, therefore you should keep an eye on your Senior Martial Brother and dont let him keep thinking about my elder brother."

Leng Jixue revealed an awkward smile and flipped himself on the unicorn and said to Yan Tianhen, "Im afraid you misunderstood, I do not have any inappropriate thoughts for your elder brother, I only feel as if we knew each other in a previous life, therefore my words seemed to have more intentions."

Once these words came out, Yan Tianhen and Huangfu Jin simultaneously had the urge to vomit bloodhehehehe, knew each other in a previous life, this still does not count as an inappropriate idea?

Huangfu Jin faked a smile and said, "Then Senior Martial Brother, do you and the one surnamed Lin plan to continue the predestined affinity?

Leng Jixue nodded his head. "This is possible."

Huangfu Jin grinded his teeth, turning over to sit behind Leng Jixue, burying his head in Leng Jixues shoulders and not lightly but also not harshly bit him. "Sometimes I wish I could kill you with one bite."

Leng Jixue laughed, pulling the reins of his unicorn rushed to the front saying, "How would killing me with one bite dissolve your hearts hatred? It is better to bite me to death one mouthful at a time, this is the only way for your heart to be content."

The fuck, he actually was left speechless!

Huangfu Jin: ""

Lin Xuanzhi raised his whip soon after to urge on the unicorn.

Huangfu Jin was a childish ghost, Leng Jixue also inexplicably wanted to make up affairs, however Lin Xuanzhis will to live was extremely strong.

"Ah Hen, dont misunderstand anything." Lin Xuanzhi said.

"What could I misunderstand?" Yan Tianhen blinked. "I just feel at this time, Gentleman Leng talked like this because he is angry with Young Master Huangfu. Anyways, in the future dont be attentive to him, and also, it would be good if you dont always glance at him with your eyes. Even if he has ideas about you, it is also because he is hotheaded, I just treat it like enjoying watching a play."

Lin Xuanzhi could not help but smile. "When have I always glanced at him with my eyes?"

Yan Tainhen let out a humph and said, "If you made any mistakes, correct them, if not dont make any. I actually think it would be good if the Young Master of the Huangfu Family pestered people more."

Lin Xuanzhis smile grew. "This point, you can feel greatly reassured, Huangfu Jin is not a person who gives up from casual words."

In his last life, Huangfu Jin got married to Bai Hesu and seemed to be estranged from Leng Jixue.

Everyone believed Huangfu Jin had collected his heart and became a harmonious and affectionate couple with this lady, living idly and separated from the world. However when Leng Jixues soul flew away, scattered and died without a burial site, Huangfu Jins crazy behavior made people see that he clearly never forgot the man who abandoned and hurt him.

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