Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Five Continents Seal

Chapter 391 Five Continents Seal

Because Lin Xuanzhi said this, Yan Tianhen also felt the same way.

After all, anyone that is spoken to about planning to marry one off to an outsider by ones beloved and still that eager to chase after them is not an average person. In addition, Leng Jixue seems to have never given false hopes to Huangfu Jin but he still keeps on fighting despite this without the thought of giving up.

However, in Lin Xuanzhis heart there was inevitably some unstableness.

The current Yan Tianhen was rather confident in his emotions, so naturally he wouldnt pay attention to Leng Jixue. However If he regains memories of his previous life, Leng Jixue will become a strike of thunder between the two of them.

Even if he really only had a friendship with Leng Jixue in his previous life, however Leng Jixue was still a thorn in breaking apart him and Yan Tianhen.

Leng Jixue had secrets, but Lin Xuanzhi was not sure if the secrets he knew were all of Leng Jixues secrets.

Lin Xuanzhi could not help but sigh in his heartas expected disasters created in the previous life, will return in this life as well.

The following ten days, the group grew stronger with all the people and without rest headed to the deepest part of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. The journey was not peaceful. They saw many mercenaries that were swallowed by vine people. Large parts of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest seemed to have corpses of cultivators everywhere.

However, strangely enough, originally the closer you are to the deepest part, there was higher possibility to encounter terrible monsters. Lin Xuanzhi and others could still be considered to be in a tranquil environment. Sometimes there are fights, but they did not need a lot of strength and could easily be settled.

Once or twice would be fine, however continuing this way forced them to think about it more.

Until one night everyone took turns to keep watch to rest on a root knot of a banyan trees root system, Lin Xuanzhi saw a faintly discernible youth in a white robe standing in the distant forest and finally confirmed his thoughts.

As expected it was Nine-Tailed Fox who came secretly to help.

Lin Xuanzhi turned to look around him, Ji Yunwei was leaning on the tree trunk sound asleep, the others were also mostly asleep.

Lin Xuanzhi softly and quietly, conveniently moved Ah Bai, who had been terribly tired these days, to under Yan Tianhens head, letting Yan Tianhen temporarily leave his thigh, using Ah Bai as a pillow.

Although Ah Bai was woken up by Lin Xuanzhis movements, it merely only opened its eyes and looked at the two people then closed its eyes again and also gave a small yawn. Its appearance was extremely cute.

Lin Xuanzhi came in front of Nine-Tailed Fox and said, "Thank you for your help these days."

Nine-Tailed Fox saw Lin Xuanzhi and unhappily said, "You still have not given up the Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi, it seems the words I told you before, you didnt take any of it to heart. I blindly tried to be a good person but I still do not know what you arranged for me in your heart."

"Naturally I have not arranged anything for you, I am somewhat grateful to you." Lin Xuanzhi lightly said. "Even if I take it to heart, I can not prevent the inevitable. I must have the Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi even if Ah Hen remembers the previous life, I am determined to obtain it."

Nine-Tailed Fox frowned, the red mark between his eyebrows in the form of a foxs tail became visibly deformed. "Do you know what will happen if you obtain the Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi?"

Nine-Tailed Fox grimly laughed and said, "Since you clearly know, why do you not take all living beings into consideration?"

"What responsibility do I have for all living beings?" Lin Xuanzhi spoke lightly, his words offending all of society, "I want to leave the Five Continents and go to the Nine Lands. Therefore I must obtain the Magic Treasure that Gathers Spiritual Qi."

Nine-Tailed Foxs narrow pupils suddenly shrank, glaring at Lin Xuanzhi and asked, "Why do you know about this, who told you?"

Lin Xuanzhi faintly hooked his lips, "You know this, why cant I?"

Nine-Tailed Fox gritted his teeth and said, "It is because I come from the Nine Lands."

"Even if you come from the Nine Lands you still should not know about this." Lin Xuanzhi used a piercing gaze that had the expression of seeing through everything at Nine-Tailed Fox and said, "For a long time the Nine Lands has had no one who knows about this Great-Demon Sealing Array, even including the Five Continents, people gradually forgot about it. Nine-Tailed Fox, perhaps you have already lived for thousands of years?"

Nine-Tailed Foxs eyes became cold. "Dont think about trying to worm information out of me!"

This Lin Xuanzhi is truly too troublesome to deal with.

However these secrets that originally should have already been buried in the dust of history, why have they become known to Lin Xuanzhi?

Lin Xuanzhi spoke lightly, "Nine-Tailed Fox, I know much more than what you think."

"What else do you know?" Nine-Tailed Fox fumed with rage and gritted his teeth.

"I also know that the Five Continents is actually a place to bury devils. This place is a devil burial ground abandoned by the gods of the Nine Lands, unless all the Great Demon-Sealing Arrays are lifted, the barrier of the Five Continents will never fade away." Lin Xuanzhi ordinarily and naturally said this.

"Why do you even know about this!" Nine-Tailed Fox had a terrified face, was scaring his small heart to death a good feeling?

Lin Xuanzhi said, "I wont tell you."

Nine-Tailed Fox: ""

Lin Xuanzhi spoke of the most hidden and impressive secrets lightly, Nine-Tailed Fox also felt he once again had the appearance of a profound mystery. It didnt make any sense. He swung his tail and said, "You are right, to undo and open the Five Continents seal is through the magical treasure, it can be assumed I dont need to say more about the other four seals."

Lin Xuanzhi paused and said in surprise, "There are four others?"

Nine-Tailed Fox felt the pain in his ass, his entire face was malevolent as he stared at Lin Xuanzhi. He grinded his teeth. "Lin. Xuan. Zhi."

Lin Xuanzhi faintly smiled. "Dont worry, dont worry, Im joking with you. I have also heard of the other four seals. One is in the far north of the North Continent inside the frozen sea, one is situated in the Central Continents Sky Peak City. One finds itself in an unknown region of the East Continent, and then one resides somewhere in the South Continent."

Nine-Tailed Foxs expression was somewhat better as he listened to him being so knowledgeable.

"However.." Lin Xuanzhi said, "Other than the northernmost part of the North Continent and the westernmost part of the West Continent, the other three places of the Great-Demon Sealing Arrays, I dont know where they are. It can be assumed that as the envoy to protect the seals, you would certainly know."

Nine-Tailed Fox licked his lips and said, "Even if I knew I absolutely would not tell you, if the venerable Devil was released it would bring chaos into the world. I absolutely will not abandon the world for your selfish interest."

Lin Xuanzhi said, "How is this my selfish interest? Those who tried to ascend in the Five Continents suffered defeat in every battle, who knows how many have died, dont tell me they are not considered part of every living being."

"A few cultivators lives or the peace in the Nine Lands, it is obvious at a glance which is more important."

"If it concerns the safety of the Nine Lands, then it matters even less to me." Lin Xuanzhis expression was dull, his tone was also dull. "It was the Nine Lands who let down my Ah Hen in the first place, I have no reason to treat them fairly. Moreover, for many years the Nine Lands Divine Clans abandoned the Five Continents. Why should I spare a thought for them?

Nine-Tailed Fox was left speechless and his face had a pain-in-the-ass kinda expression. Sure enough, it was fallacious reasoning, however he could not refute it.

He frowned and said, "Are you certain that Yan Tianhen was targeted by Ren Bulin in his last life at the direction of the Divine Clans in the Nine Lands?"

Naturally, it is not only because of this conclusion, but there were also two lives worth of Yan Tianhens turbulent childhood counted in.

If not for those Nine Continents Divine Clans chasing to kill Ah Hen, unable to tolerate his existence, all the misfortune that followed Yan Tianhen, how would it have been possible for him to experience it?

However Nine-Tailed Fox did not know and Lin Xuanzhi did not plan on telling him.

Thus Lin Xuanzhi only nodded his head, and ambiguously stated, "Nine Lands Divine Clans do not have good people."

Nine-Tailed Fox had no choice but to sigh.

He thought for a moment then suddenly stated, "Thats not right, if you have to release those devils, I should be your enemy now, why am I still talking to you? "

Lin Xuanzhi gave him a glance and said, "Dont tell me you just realized this issue?

Nine-Tailed Fox: ""

This son of a bitch! He just wants to bite all the pheasants in Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest to death.

If he admitted it, he was an idiot, if he had known earlier Lin Xuanzhi harbored such desires and set plans to mess with the Great-Demon Sealing Array, he absolutely would not take the initiative to go after him and try to exploit the matter of Yan Tianhen possibly regaining his memories and let Lin Xuanzhi retreat to avoid difficulties.

Nine-Tailed Fox felt his teeth ache and could not even swing his tail behind him. "Damn it, I need to seal the seal, isnt that too impossible?"

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Nine-Tailed Fox with sympathy. "Even if you seal this side, I will still go break the remaining four."

Nine-Tailed Fox took a deep breath and said, "Every single one of the Five Continents seals is indispensable."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, "Therefore when I undo the other four directions, I will definitely come back, in addition the Five Continents Seal should be somewhat mutually linked together. As long as one is loosened the other four must loosen. If the four directions are all already broken, even if there is only one area inside a seal, wanting to undo it is not a problem."

Nine-Tailed Fox stared at Lin Xuanzhi for a good while, "You dont know if what you are releasing is a person or a spirit."

Lin Xuanzhi lightly said, "On the bright side, you dont need to fall into slumber with the seal again and maybe you can continue your fate with Ji Yunwei and let him give birth to a nest of small fox childrenOh, thats right you come from the upper world you should know how to let a man and a male monster step over gender and race and give birth to a descendant."

"Of coursewait. Dont try to brainwash me." Nine-Tailed Fox was on guard against Lin Xuanzhi, he could not help but be vexed by himself. He narrowly avoided being led astray by Lin Xuanzhi!

Lin Xuanzhi smiled and said, "It does not matter if I release a person or a spirit, I will accept both outcomes. In addition I am willing to assume all the responsibility of the thing I release, the heavenly law does not need to place blame on anyone else."

Nine-Tailed Fox stared at Lin Xuanzhi with a complicated expression for a moment. "Do you know which Devil Venerable is sealed under the Five Continents seal?

Lin Xuanzhi slightly hooked his lips and said, "It is the one everyone believes is sealed in the heavens."

Nine-Tailed Fox cursed in his heartSon of a bitch, this kind of important matter, why does a young boy who has not even grown fur from the mortal realm know about this so clearly? This is not normal!

In the end who revealed this to Lin Xuanzhi?

However, Nine-Tailed Fox was fully aware Lin Xuanzhi would not tell him, so he also did not ask.

Finally, Nine-Tailed Fox raised both eyes carrying a playfully pondering and seductive expression and said, "I actually want to see if you can break the Western seal."

When they finished talking, Nine-Tailed Fox turned around and disappeared in front of Lin Xuanzhi.

Feng Jingyu fluttered his wings flying down from the tree and landed on Lin Xuanzhis shoulder, then said in a faint tone, "Lin Xuanzhi, I found your secret is much more than than I imagined."

Lin Xuanzhi said, "it should be more than much more."

Feng Jingyu: ""

Was it fun to tease around like this?

Feng Jingyu was filled with indefinite bewilderment, and somewhat impatiently said. "Old Lin, you actually want to undo that seal?"

Lin Xuanzhi said, "Oh, if we dont undo it how will we go to the Nine Lands?"

Feng Jingyu choked for a moment. "But I dont want to let you undo the seal."

Lin Xuanzhi replied, "I know but I must break it."

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