Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Past Lifes Relationships

Chapter 393 Past Lifes Relationships

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Xiao Linfeng couldnt help but raise his hand and rubbed Qing Zhus head. "Little Bamboo, what if Liu Mengchen was dead?"

Qing Zhu froze and looked at Xiao Linfeng abruptly, "Its impossible for him to die."

Xiao Linfeng asked, "Why is it impossible?"

Qing Zhu was unable to come up with a reason, but the moment he imagined a living person like Liu Mengchen to just die like that, he did not know why he felt such pain in his heart, as if it had been pricked by needles. It felt so awful, worse than when he had learnt that Liu Mengchen betrayed him.

"He cant die." Qing Zhu shook his head, "He mustnt die."

Xiao Linfeng raised the corners of his lip and asked, "Then what if I died?"

Qing Zhu froze again. A moment later, he asked, "You also mustnt die. You already have my spiritual core, so how can you die?"

Xiao Linfeng initially wanted to express that he was very touched, but Qing Zhu continued, "However, if you were to return my spiritual core back to me, then you can go die if you wished to. In any case, my spiritual core must first be returned."

Xiao Linfeng: ""

Xiao Linfeng let out a bitter laugh, "Little Bamboo, how are you so heartless? During this period of time, Ive been so good to you. You actually cant wait for me to die."

Qing Zhus face darkened, "I had previously heard Liu Mengchen say that you were almost dead by the time he had used a spiritual core to save you. If it wasnt for me removing the spiritual core out of your abdomen, you would have died as well. Could it be that what you had said, that you will return me the spiritual core, previously was a lie?"

Xiao Linfeng clutched his chest, pretending to be heartbroken. "Im really so sad."

Qing Zhu curled his lip and kicked a small stone under his feet, "Youre unwilling to return it to me and also still lying constantly. Theres not much of a difference between you and Liu Mengchen."

Xiao Linfeng informed, "Theres a major difference between him and I. He is someone who seems to be polite to everyone on the surface, but in fact, he is completely black-hearted. Whereas, for me, I am the same both inside and outside."

"Shamelessly the same both inside and out?" Qing Zhu asked.

Xiao Linfeng: ""

He realised that during this period of time, Qing Zhu has become more and more spiteful.

Xiao Linfeng changed the subject and asked, "Little Bamboo, are you willing to return home and have a look?"

Qing Zhus expression changed and stared warily at Xiao Linfeng. "How did you know that my home is nearby?"

Xiao Linfeng looked at his appearance and couldnt help smiling. "I dont only just know that your home is nearby, but also know which Inquiring Immortals Grass you are, that has transformed into the current form."

Qing Zhu instantly filled with astonishment and surprise, as he stared at Xiao Linfeng. He frowned and asked, "Who on earth are you?"

Xiao Linfeng just smiled with some lingering cheekiness, but he did not answer.

Qing Zhu felt increasingly puzzled. The area where he lived was at the deepest part of the hidden area in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, which was also surrounded by barriers. During that time, if it was not for him running out of the barrier himself, it would have been impossible for Lin Zhan to see him.

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Xiao Linfeng shook his head and asked: "How could I deceive you? Small Bamboo, tell me, isnt your true form an Inquiring Immortal Grass, which has a long purple stem that has thin dark purple vines intertwining on it, has cream-coloured flowers that have 18 petals and were seemingly transparent?"

Qing Zhu was startled and blurted out: "How do you know?"

Xiao Linfeng smiled secretively, "It seems that I am right."

Qing Zhu was thrown into confusion. When he looked at Xiao Linfeng again, the look in his eyes had changed.

"Thats impossible, how is that even possible?" Qing Zhu shook his head, "I have never left that barrier for so many years. Other than myself, I have never seen anyone else. I have never seen you before and also shouldnt have seen you before."

Xiao Linfeng rubbed Qing Zhus head, "In this world, other than myself, there is one more person who has seen your true form and knows who you are."

"Who?" Qing Zhu became more horrified.

"Liu Mengchen." Xiao Linfeng stated lightly.

Qing Zhu had already been rendered speechless.

Everything had just seemed to feel ridiculous to him. He could not help but think, could it be that Im dreaming?

Qing Zhu grasped onto Xiao Linfengs clothes, "If you dont clear things up today, I wont let you go. Based on your current strength, you are still no match for me."

Xiao Linfeng blinked, "Little Bamboo is the most powerful. During the time in the barrier, you were the best looking and the tallest Inquiring Immortals Grass."

Qing Zhus eyes suddenly became red and asked, "You really knew me in the past?"

Xiao Linfeng paused slightly and did not know whether to laugh or to cry, "Why are you so emotional? I naturally recognised you and I have even watered you. I had been taking care of you since you were a seedling. I still thought you liked to drink morning dew. I would never have guessed that you actually liked to eat chicken drumstick."

Qing Zhu blushed slightly and asked, "I like to eat everything, but why do I not have any impression of you?"

Xiao Linfeng explained, "Thats because you were still a seedling when I was cultivating. When I left the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, you had yet to gain any intelligence. By the time you had gained human form, I had already entered the reincarnation cycle. You see, we had been continuously missing each other, but I was born before you did, so I know you, but you dont know me."

Qing Zhus feelings for Xiao Linfeng had changed. Suddenly, he felt that this person, who was using his spiritual core, was not that annoying.

Qing Zhu had some vague memories. When he was still ignorant and had not gained intelligence, there was always a voice around him which always asked, "How is it still so small?"

"It has already been a few hundred years and you have only grown an inch taller."

"Ah, little tiny one, when will you grow up?"

"If not, Ill help you transform."

"Give todays dew a try, does it taste good? Brother had specially gathered this dew for you."

However, after the voice had disappeared one day, Qing Zhu had not heard it for a long time.

He could feel the wind outside, smell the fragrance of the earth, taste the freshness and sweetness of the dew and also hear the chirping sounds of small birds and the sounds of the butterflies fluttering wings. However, he could not see the outside world.

He did not know the person who constantly talked to him. But before he himself was consciously aware of it, he had already gotten used to the voice that was always chattering at his ear.

That voice, he had not heard it for many years.

But he still felt that sometime after, he seemed to have heard it again.

However, Qing Zhu could not recall the slightest bit of it.

"You are the one who fed me dew." Qing Zhus eyes bore into Xiao Linfeng, feeling very excited.

"Its far more than feeding you dew." Xiao Linfeng smiled wilfully, "I had also chased away countless beasts that wanted to covet you. Also, I had kept you safe for so many years, including the barrier around the Inquiring Immortals Grass, I had also reinforced it."

Qing Zhus impression of Xiao Linfeng has nearly changed, because throughout the long years of the spiritual grass growth, Qing Zhu always regarded that voice as his companion and family.

"You used to have gratitude towards me." Qing Zhu looked anxiously at Xiao Linfeng. "Why did you leave afterwards?"

Xiao Linfeng thought for a bit and frowned. "I cant really remember, but I faintly remember that I left because I wanted to go outside to see the world. After leaving, it had been a hundred years."

Qing Zhu said sourly, "The outside world is so interesting, so you must have already forgotten me. Thats why you had never returned."

Xiao Linfeng froze for a moment and then he smiled, "No matter how good the outside world is, its also just a small matter. Afterwards, I thought the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest was much better so I returned."

Qing Zhu said, "But I have never seen you again until I transformed."

Xiao Linfeng unfolded his hands and said helplessly: "Thats because I got lost and couldnt find the way home. By the time I found the barrier, Little Bamboo had already disappeared."

Qing Zhus eyes became slightly redder and said fretfully, "After I had transformed, I specifictly went to search for you, but I had no idea how you looked like or where you were. So I couldnt find you at all. Later, Young Master Zhan gave me a chicken drumstick and I had thought of you who first gave me dew, so that was why I was willing to follow him. I used to think that he was you. "

Xiao Linfeng couldnt help but smile wider and pinch Qing Zhus face. "Little Bamboo, why are you so cute?"

Qing Zhu asked, "When you saw me previously, why did you not tell me this? If you had told me sooner, I wouldnt I wouldnt have hated you for taking my spiritual core. "

Xiao Linfengs mood became complicated and explained, "Little Bamboo, it was only after I had entered the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest that I had remembered the past."

"The.. past." Qing Zhu paused and moved his lips, "Thats right, you should not be a mortal. You mentioned that you had reincarnated for numerous lifetimes. For that particular lifetime, how did you die?"

Xiao Linfeng heaved a sigh and said slowly, "Its a long story so lets not talk about it for now."

Qing Zhu: ".."

Alright, since Xiao Linfeng did not want to talk about it, so he would also stop asking questions.

Qing Zhu rubbed his hands somewhat happily and went up to pull Xiao Linfengs sleeve, his face lit up with happiness, "Elder brother Linfeng, no matter what happened in the past life, you have finally returned now. From now on, youll follow me. If I have food on the table, Ill never let you starve. What do you say?"

Xiao Linfeng smiled, "Naturally, thats good."

Qing Zhu stated briskly, "I dont want the spiritual core anymore. Since youre taking care of it carefully, then just treat it as taking care of it for me. Anyways, my spiritual core is one of a plant spirit, so I am able to regenerate another one. In another few hundred years time, I would then be able to raise a second one. There is no harm in doing so."

Xiao Linfeng paused for a moment, "You are so kind and innocent. What should I do if theres no one to look after you?"

Qing Zhu pulled a long face, "Im already no idea how many hundreds of years old. I dont need anyone to take care of me."

Xiao Linfeng asked, "Could you have forgotten about Liu Mengchen deceiving you?"

Upon hearing Liu Mengchens name, Qing Zhu pursed his mouth, but he had quickly reverted back to normal again.

He looked at Xiao Linfeng and answered, "Elder Brother Linfeng, I had originally hated him to death and thought that he was someone who had treated me the worst in the world. However, looking at it right now, it seemed that he had done me a favour, so I also dont hate him so much temporarily."

Xiao Linfeng immediately felt grieved yet calm. In the end, he let out a long sigh and remained silent.

While walking, Qing Zhu was in front while Xiao Linfeng followed after him goofily.

When they returned, both of them were laughing and talking, Qing Zhu was even pulling Xiao Linfeng sleeve. They seemed to look very intimate.

A bunch of people were so surprised that their jaws nearly dropped, especially Huangfu Jin, who had been consistently unsuccessful when it came to love, looked at Xiao Linfeng rather differently.

Yan Tianhun was originally distributing pills to everyone. The moment he saw them, he had loosen his grip and all the pills fell onto the floor.

Yan Tianhun opened his mouth and asked, "Elder brother Bamboo, why are you suddenly in such a good relationship with him?"

Good question!

Everyone had similar thoughts in their hearts.

It was rare for Qing Zhu to unfurrow his brows and smiled, "He is my elder brother."

Yan Tianhen: "huh?"

Lin Xuanzhi was somewhat absentminded and asked, "Elder brother Bamboo, what exactly happened?"

Xiao Linfeng opened his mouth, "This is a long story "

"Then you still have to make it clear to me." Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrows and scrutinised Xiao Linfeng, as if he was looking at a trafficker who had swindled small children.

Knowing that Lin Xuanzhi was not easy to fool, so Xiao Linfeng said simply, "I knew Xiao Zhuzi before he became a plant spirit and I also have a deep relationship with him."

Lin Xuanzhi frowned and asked, "Chivalrous Xiao, I presume you should be a mortal? "

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