Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Coordinated Team Battle

Chapter 395 Coordinated Team Battle

"Invisibility magic treasure." Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes and held the Zhige sword tightly.

"Little children, its all thanks to your help. Otherwise, both Moving Mountain Ancestor and I, Sitting Mountain Ancestor, probably wouldnt have been able to reach this place today." The man in a black robe said with narrowed eyes.

Moving Mountain Ancestor laughed twice and looked at them coldly, "In order to express our gratitude, today Ill let you guys leave with intact corpses."

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but ridicule, "I dont want this kind of gratitude, okay ah?!"

"Since you dont want it," said Sitting Mountain Ancestor, "then Ill just grind your bones to dust."

Lin Xuanzhi, ""

During this kind of situation, why did you say something to attract their attention?

After Moving Mountain Ancestor and Sitting Mountain Ancestor introduced themselves, the groups hearts sank.

These two were old monsters who had lived for countless years. It was said that their cultivations had reached the Profound Realm. They were two rogue cultivators who were very well-known in the Five Continents, but didnt have a good reputation.

It was due to the fact that they had done something that was regarded as a taboo for cultivators.

They worked for the royal dynasty in the mortal world and became imperial advisors. However, they had used their techniques and cultivations to stir up wars and disputes, causing harm to countless civilians.

Moreover, Sitting Mountain Ancestor even liked to eat babies. He would have people search for ten virgin boys and girls everyday for him to consume. Not only did he target ordinary children in the mortal world, but he would even target children of cultivators too.

On the other hand, Moving Mountain Ancestor was much more heinous. He liked to rape young children and massacre the inhabitants of conquered cities.

Although both of them were not demonic cultivators, the acts they performed were a hundred times crueler than that of demonic cultivators. They were also people who were already in the wanted list of the cultivation world.

However, to this day, no one had been able to apprehend these two. It would probably be due to their superb hiding skills and their strong Dao skills. Hence, no one was able to resolve this at all.

Xiao Linfengs expression changed greatly. He gnashed his teeth and asked, "Sitting Mountain Ancestor, do you still remember me?"

Sitting Mountain Ancestor looked over at Xiao Linfeng and then narrowed his eyes. "Hero Xiao, its really strange to see you here. I didnt expect you to still be alive and even became a cultivator as well"

He then swept his eyes over Qing Zhu and they began to shine with an obsessed light, "So it seems that this Inquiring Immortals Grass saved you. Hahaha, It is known that its the most difficult spiritual herb to transform into a human form, but once you have taken a bite of the transformed Inquiring Immortals Grass, once it has been cooked, even ordinary people can gain spiritual roots and cultivators cultivation will soar rapidly. Id like to have a taste!"

"Dream on!" Xiao Linfeng raised his sword and rushed towards Sitting Mountain Ancestor.

Sitting Mountain Ancestors core magic treasure was a staff. When he used his strength to pound the staff onto the ground, the earth trembled suddenly. The ground in front of Xiao Linfeng had completely turned up and both gravel and soil swept up uniformly towards Xiao Linfeng.

Xiao Linfeng swiftly waved his sword, the blade danced in the air before him as slashes covered the area.

When Moving Mountain Ancestor felt a burning pain and immediately let out a cry, before he quickly withdrew his hand.

Looking at his blistered palm and wrist, he angrily snapped, "What kind of evil trick is that? It even managed to hurt my invincible body!?"

How was that even possible?

So many years had passed and no one was even able to hurt him?

Yan Tianhen smiled proudly, "Do you think your cultivation is still at the Profound Realm? After youve entered the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, your cultivations were reduced to Primary Realm at most. Now that youre here, where you are close to the magic treasure that gathers spiritual Qi, Im afraid that your cultivation will be lowered even further, right?"

Moving Mountain Ancestor became sullen. His cultivation had indeed been forcibly suppressed to the third layer of the Hardened Body Stage.

In that case, he had no other advantages, besides his experience and magic tools, as well as his spiritual Qi which was several times greater than that of a third layer in the Hardened Body Stage. However, these were sufficient for him to kill Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen!

"So what?" Moving Mountain Ancestor changed his palm technique and his body became like a ghost as he moved to kill Yan Tianhen.

Lin Xuanzhi shouted, "Courting death!" as he flew up with his sword and used a move from Teal Lotus Nine Styles. A teal light suddenly appeared and a lotus seal flashed, forcing Moving Mountain Ancestor to retreat repeatedly.

Qing Zhu went with Xiao Linfeng to handle Sitting Mountain Ancestor, while Ji Yunwei initially wanted to use his techniques to bring in nearby demonic beasts to help the battle. However, after thinking about it, he was afraid that the demonic monsters he had brought in would not be easy to send away, so he had to give up for the time being and provide support from the sides.

Unless there was no other way, Ji Yunwei did not plan on using his final technique.

After all, once his final technique was used, there might be a chance that both his enemies and himself would both be annihilated.

In the case of Bei Shitian, the injury that he had received still had not been fully healed and the enemies did not seem like they were difficult to deal with, so he believed that both Lin Xuanzhi and Yuan Tianwen would be able to handle everything. Hence, in a moment of rarity, he just stood by and watched the show.

With the goal of protecting Leng Jixue, Huangfu Jin stood far away from the circle of battle and would only occasionally release sneak attacks behind the enemies backs with his sword or skills, which was able to restrict two enemies actions.

Ah Bai and Hu Po also joined the battle and seized the opportunity to scratch their opponents eyes. Although it was not successful, they were still able to distract the enemies and provide the others with excellent opportunities.

Duan Yuyang narrowed his eyes, but was also not idle. He then began to arrange a talisman array.

Xiao Linfeng, after all, had just become a Primary Realm cultivator and he was not skilled enough in many techniques. It was not long before he was wounded on the shoulder by Moving Mountain Ancestor.

Qing Zhus eyes turned red with anger. The moment his two hands made an upward motion from below, hundreds of purple vines sprang out from the ground, binding Sitting Mountain Ancestor, who could not avoid it.

"Like Id let you run wild in my territory?" Qing Zhu angrily shouted. He then clasped his hands together and the vines that were bound began to tighten further.

Sitting Mountain Ancestor kept struggling constantly, but the vines gradually became tighter. His body seemed to have been on the verge of being cut into pieces.

Sitting Mountain Ancestor shouted. With a bang, all the vines were torn at once, but this had caused him to consume nearly half of his cultivation.

"Good boy, it turns out you do have some abilities! Go die!" Sitting Mountain Ancestor glared at Qing Zhu, as he spread his hands wide open and a row of flames rose from behind him. With a wave of his hand, the flames were swept towards the vines on the ground, burning them in the process.

The vines were on fire and had been destroyed at an instant. Qing Zhus expression changed and disconnected all the vines immediately, but one of his fingers was still burned.

When Xiao Linfeng saw it, he immediately became angry and sneered, "You are the one who is looking for death!"

Xiao Linfeng only held a sword in his hand and flew straight for Sitting Mountain Ancestor. Sitting Mountain Ancestor swung his staff towards Xiao Linfeng and the weapons clashed together with bursts of clanging sounds.

"Ah, you cant even get close to me. How can you even hurt me?" Sitting Mountain Ancestor didnt take Xiao Linfeng seriously at all.

In his opinion, Xiao Linfengs swordsmanship was first-class among mortals, but in the eyes of cultivators, it was much slower.

Xiao Linfeng pursed his lips dangerously, "Thats not necessarily so!"

He could be seen rushing towards Sitting Mountain Ancestor, allowing the staff to be stabbed through his chest. He then directly cut the dumbfounded Sitting Mountain Ancestors throat with the sword in his hand. With a hard push, Sitting Mountain Ancestors head literally fell off his neck. Ji Yunwei was rendered stunned by this brutal scene.

Qing Zhu froze for a moment and he swept his red eyes over to Xiao Linfeng. He then rushed towards Xiao Linfeng and held up his crumbling body.

"Xiao Linfeng! Who told you to do this!?" Qing Zhu roared and immediately tried to heal him.

The staff was pulled out by Xiao Linfeng. One could only see his expression become fierce, as he was in so much pain.

Qing Zhu suddenly let out a cry and started sobbing. The area which was stabbed was right where Xiao Linfengs heart was located. Even with the help of his spiritual core, Xiao Linfengs heart had already been damaged. It would be impossible for anyone to recover.

Xiao Linfengs face quickly turned gray as his eyes slowly closed, but his mouth was still whispering comforting words, "Its alright, its going to be alright. Dont cry, little Zhuzi."

Qing Zhu cried while trying to heal him. Even though the wound stopped bleeding real quick, Xiao Linfeng never did open his eyes again.

"Sitting Mountain Ancestor!" Moving Mountain Ancestor watched his companions head being cut off. He became furious instantly as he had on a grim face of grief. In an instant, he used his cultivation method which was ten times stronger. With a strike of his palm, Lin Xuanzhi, Yuan Tianwen and Yan Tianhen were all pushed away. Lin Xuanzhi used one of his moves to return his strike. A green light shone suddenly and Moving Mountain Ancestor had been forced to a rather strange position. It was only then did Lin Xuanzhi swiftly stepped back.

Moving Mountain Ancestor wanted to follow him, but he realised that he had no clue when a magic treasure had been wrapped around him, causing his movements to be restricted.

He did not understand why Lin Xuanzhi did this it just slowed down his movements for a moment and did not cause any unnecessary harm to him.

But soon, he began to understand.

Bang, bang, bang sounds could be heard, as a burst of explosions rang one after the other. Moving Mountain Ancestor suddenly found out that he had been led into a killing array which was formed by talismans.

Duan Yuyangs cultivation was at the Hardened Body Stage, so he should not be underestimated. If it had been placed outside the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, Moving Mountain Ancestor would not have taken it seriously at all. However, at this time, Moving Mountain Ancestor, whose cultivation had been suppressed at the peak of Hardened Body Stage, simply could not dodge Duan Yuyangs attack and had taken the brunt of the explosion.

Moving Mountain Ancestors arms had been blinded in one eye and one of his arms had been blown off. He bellowed in pain and anger, threatening to turn these people into dust.

As soon as the words left his mouth, a whip lashed into the array from nowhere and pierced straight through the chest of Moving Mountain Ancestor. With a flick of his hand, his heart had been removed.

Moving Mountain Ancestors chance of survival was completely gone.

Duan Yuyang looked at Qing Zhu, who had a dark expression, "How brutal ah."

Yuan Tianwen said, "You are also quite ruthless."

Duan Yuyang, ""

Yuan Tianwen smiled briskly, "Yangyang, when did you practice this technique?"

Duan Yuyang said proudly, "Ive learnt it a long time ago. It was just that my cultivation was too low previously, so the talismans that I had crafted were also of low level. Moreover, to set up this array, it would also consume spiritual Qi, so I naturally wouldnt be able to put it to good use. But now, its all right!"

Ji Yunwei frowned and looked at Xiao Linfeng, who was lying on the ground with his eyes closed, not knowing whether he was dead or alive. He asked, "Is he"

"Not dead." Xiao Linfeng suddenly opened his eyes and rubbed the wound that had already been healed by Qing Zhu. He sighed, "Damn it, those two bastards were really shameless. They have finally been killed."

Yan Tianhen asked astonishingly, "Youre alright, even if you became like this?"

Xiao Linfengs lips raised into a smile, "Little brother, you wouldnt have known about this. My heart actually is not on the left, but on the right."

Qing Zhu walked over silently and took a long hard look at Xiao Linfeng. Without warning, he burst into a roar, "Then you just fucking pretended to die earlier?! Do you know you almost scared people to death?! Is it that fun to pretend to be dead? You can just go die now, okay?"

Xiao Linfeng raised his hands in surrender again and explained with a helpless face, "Little Zhuzi, I didnt mean to deceive you. Even if my heart wasnt pierced through, my body had still been run through by the staff. I still had to wait for my body to ease off for a while. Besides, I did also say that I was fine. Why didnt you check my breathing before concluding that I was dead?"

Qing Zhu glared at him with red eyes before turning to walk away.

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but laugh, "Lets go as well."

Yan Tianhen stated, "I want to see what good stuff they have first."

Looting treasures after killing someone was particularly common in the world of cultivators. After they had died, the soul mark left on their magic treasures would disperse as well, so these treasures would be considered as free loot.

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