Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 396

Chapter 396 The Side Of The Cliff

Chapter 396 The Side of the Cliff

Sitting Mountain Ancestor and Moving Mountain Ancestor had done numerous evil deeds for many years and were also guests of the secular dynasty. Naturally, they had garnered considerably high status over the years. Not only did Yan Tianhen and the others discover six storage bags on them, but they had also gathered countless usable things from the bags, such as tens of millions of gold pieces, two bottles of Profound level pills, and other kinds of pills that were for invigorating and supplementing the spiritual Qi, as well as healing medicines and more.

However, the rarest out of everything was a magic treasure that could hide ones body. It looked like a bracelet that could be activated when worn on the wrist.

After discussing, the gold pieces and pills would be divided equally among them, while all the spiritual plants were given to Yan Tianhen. As for the magic treasure, it was given to Lin Xuanzhi, but he would make similar magic treasures for them after he had time to study it.

They happily shared the spoils and Yan Tianhen beamed, looking overjoyed.

Anyways, since his trip here, his pocket had swelled so much— although he had not considered whether he could bring these things out alive or not.

"From now on, we have to be more careful." Lin Xuanzhi said.

"Yes." Yuan Tianwen frowned, "I didnt even realize that someone had been following us."

Ji Yunwei said, "Im not sure whether theres still anyone else following us."

Lin Xuanzhi faintly replied, "There are countless talented people in this world. "If"

Duan Yuyang looked at the mountains and asked with some embarrassment, "How can we find the seal in such a wide place ah?"

Lin Xuanzhi took out a spiritual Qi measuring plate and replied, "This thing should be of some use."

They all directed their attention on the spiritual Qi measuring plate.

"Is that okay?" Yan Tianhen asked curiously, "How is it that Ive not seen this before?"

Lin Xuanzhi answered, "This is a spiritual Qi measuring plate. Like a geomantic compass, it can detect the place with the strongest spiritual Qi and guide us to it. Compared to the earlier one, this one is more convenient and accurate."

He looked at Yan Tianhen and smiled, "Previously I wasnt sure if we would be able to get here, so I had never taken it out. Since we arrived here so successfully, I think we would be able to put this spiritual Qi measuring plate to good use."

Duan Yuyang felt curious. He took the plate that was the size of two palms in hand and found a red arrow always pointing to the west.

"Your compass isnt one that always points West, right?" Duan Yuyang laid out his doubts.

Lin Xuanzhi raised an eyebrow, "If you dont believe me, you can take out a high-grade spirit stone and give it a try."

Duan Yuyang choked and looked at Lin Xuanzhi as if he was a lunatic. Rolling his eyes, he said, "Ive only heard about high-grade spirit stones in legends. Throughout the entire Five Continents, why dont you dig one out for me to try?"

"Even Ive never seen it." Huangfu Jin also thought Lin Xuanzhi was being difficult.

It was said that spirit stones were the common currency in the Upper Realm. A low-grade spirit stone was worth millions of gold pieces, but a thousand low-grade spirit stones could only be exchanged for one high-grade spirit stone. That would be due to the fact that it contained quite a strong amount of spiritual Qi, which could be used to absorb and improve ones cultivation. From this viewpoint, it was definitely much more incredible than gold.

However, just as Duan Yuyang felt that Lin Xuanzhi was being whimsical, the arrow of the plate suddenly began to shift southwards.

Yan Tianhen turned his head and found Bei Shitian holding two pieces of crystal things in his hand while calmly looking at the pointer on the measuring plate.

After the arrow pointed at him and remained there, Bei Shitian expressionlessly said, "Oh, its really quite accurate."

Xiao Linfeng raised his eyebrows and joked, "I didnt expect that ah. This boy didnt show his special abilities throughout the journey and didnt even talk much. To think hes actually such an incredible person."

Duan Yuyang said, "Damn it, was that really a high-grade spirit stone? That was what I had just seen, wasnt it? Otherwise, the richness of spiritual Qi was simply not enough to exceed the concentration in the air."

Yuan Tianwen also felt very surprised, but he soon nodded, "It is indeed a high-grade spirit stone. Theres no problem in Xuanzhis magic treasure."

"Then lets go straight to the west now," Bei Shitian said sternly.

Although the Great Demon-Sealing Array would cause the spiritual Qi to not be detected so easily, the spot with extremely rich spiritual Qi would still remain unchanged, after all. In theory, the closer the Great Demon-Sealing Array was, the richer the spiritual Qi would be.

Lin Xuanzhi led the way with the measuring plate in hand. Not before long, they entered a valley.

Within a short time, another group of people had travelled across the lake smoothly on a boat. The moment they, who had the map in their hands, were ready to move on, they suddenly caught sight of two bodies lying on the shore.

A cultivator immediately went over to check.

"Its Sitting Mountain Ancestor and Moving Mountain Ancestor!"

"How could it be these two people?"

"Young Master, come and have a look!"

The so-called "young master" they were calling was a feminine looking boy who was very pretty. It was Ren Fuyao, whom Leng Jixue had been searching for for a long time.

Ren Fuyao came over and swept his eyes over the body. "There are sword wounds, whip marks, and burns."

"Young Master, this is definitely not done by a demonic beast." A cultivator stood beside him and spoke up in a deep voice, "Someone must have reached this area before us."

Ren Fuyao glanced at him. "Why are you panicking? Do they have a map in their hands? Moreover, do they even know the real way to enter it?"

This person kept speaking in a chatty manner, "Young Master is wise."

"Can you tell who did it?" A man, who had his face hidden with a cloak, asked with a hoarse voice.

Ren Fuyao turned to him and replied with little more respect, "This junior isnt sure for the time being."

Mo Yan glanced coldly at the dead body, "Dont worry. I dont think these two are very powerful characters. Lets continue following the map and look for the magic treasure that gathers spiritual Qi."

People couldnt help but think in their hearts — this Mo Yan, no one knew where he came from. He was really arrogant enough to regard both Sitting Mountain Ancestor and Moving Mountain Ancestor, who were really famous throughout the whole Five Continents, as mere cats and dogs.

However, when they thought about how Mo Yan had crushed those huge demonic beasts that were the size of a small mountain into meat and mud, they couldnt help but feel fear in their hearts. Looking at Mo Yan, they were more respectful.

On the other side, Lin Xuanzhi and others had walked down the valley to a cliff.

The spiritual Qi measuring plate had led them to this location before it started spinning without restraint. The speed the pointer was spinning made Duan Yuyang dizzy, so Yuan Tianwen suggested Lin Xuanzhi to temporarily put away his broken spirit plate.

After putting it away, Lin Xuanzhi looked down from the cliff and couldnt see anything below, "If I guess correctly, it should be down there."

Ji Yunwei looked at Lin Xuanzhi, "Down there? Are you kidding me? By visual inspection, it looks like its at least tens of thousands of miles away. Even if we fly by sword, we would never reach the bottom."

"The canyon is full of miasma." Qing Zhu frowned, "Im not sure what kind of powerful demonic birds there are in the air. Wed better be careful."

Yan Tianhen also nodded, "If only Maomao were here."

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at him and subtly pointed at his own head.

Yan Tianhens eyes lit up. He wanted Lin Xuanzhi to find a chance to release Feng Jingyu from the soul plate, so that he could go down and take charge. After all, among all of them, only Feng Jingyu could fly.

Xiao Linfeng, who had not spoken a word after entering the valley, now stood up and spoke, "If we jump down, we will reach the Great Demon-Sealing Array."

As soon as this remark came out, it attracted everyones attention at an instant.

"How do you know?"

"If you jump down, would you still be able to live?"

"Old Xiao, dont deceive people."

Xiao Linfeng shrugged his shoulders, "Dont look at me with those skeptical eyes. I never tell lies. One is one, two is two."

"Then how do you know?" Lin Xuanzhi asked quietly.

Xiao Linfeng smiled and touched his chin. "Naturally… I once jumped from here."

Everyone, "…"

Qing Zhu looked at Xiao Linfeng in disbelief and asked, "Why would you think to jump from this place? Could it be that you came here with suicidal thoughts and wanted to jump off the cliff?"

"Of course not. Suicide is a cowards behavior. I have a comfortable life. Why would I commit suicide?" Xiao Linfeng sweatdropped.

Qing Zhu wasnt convinced "I dont care. If you cant tell me the reason, then youre a coward in my heart."

Xiao Linfeng sighed helplessly and explained, "I spent the entirety of my last life in this Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. You dont have to ask me how I found this place because my home was near here. After I cultivated a human form, I occasionally came to this cliff to absorb the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth. I didnt expect to be sucked down by a strange force when I wasnt paying attention."

Sucked down?

You didnt jump out of your own will?

"No, wait, what were you before?" Duan Yuyang was full of curiosity.

Xiao Linfeng raised the corners of his mouth, "A good thing."

Duan Yuyang, "……"

Yan Tianhen looked at Qing Zhu.

Qing Zhu said before that Xiao Linfeng was his neighbor, so he was most likely the only one who could determine whether Xiao Linfeng was speaking the truth.

Qing Zhu nodded, "I remember this place, its definitely near my home. I still have an inkling of the way you had to take. If you go further east and break the barrier, youll see a lot of Inquiring Immortals spirit grass."

"A lot!?" Yan Tianhens eyes lit up instantly.

Qing Zhu smiled and knocked Yan Tianhens head once, "What are you thinking? Although theyre all Inquiring Immortals spirit grass, their effects are not very good. They grow very slowly and are always competing with each other. Out of all the Inquiring Immortal Spirit grass, only one plant can be used."

In those days, Qing Zhu won the battle and was able to turn into his human form.

After he left, there would be a second winner among them. Only the one that had won could be called a real Inquiring Immortals spirit grass, so they would be able to make an ordinary person gain spiritual roots and cultivate.

Well, since Xiao Linfengs words had basically been proven valid, the next step was to jump off a cliff — jump off, yeah right.

Lin Xuanzhi didnt intend to be the first person to take a bite and he naturally wouldnt let Yan Tianhen be the first either.

Duan Yuyang was a pregnant man. Although he wanted to try, Yuan Tianwen would never let him court death.

Ji Yunwei spread his hands outrightly and stated that he was afraid of death.

Bei Shitian looked at Lin Xuanzhi with a straight face, "I want to live."

Lin Xuanzhi, "……"

All right.

In that case, lets just stay put for the time being.

Instead, Qing Zhu asked Xiao Linfeng, "Brother Linfeng, since you have already gone down once, why dont you want to go down again?"

Everyone, "…"

Good question!

Xiao Linfeng burst into tears inwardly and said helplessly, "Little Zhuzi, its too cruel of you to let an injured man take the lead. Besides, its so terrible and dark down there. What should be done if it were to scare me really badly?"

Qing Zhu thought about it, "If it goes on like this, it wont do ah. We cant just reach this point, yet not have the courage to go down?"

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