Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Struck Down The Cliff

Chapter 397 – Struck Down the Cliff

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Xiao Linfeng, "Hero Xiao, Im afraid there are still some secrets down there that you havent told us about, right?"

Xiao Linfeng calmed down and in a rare moment of seriousness, said, "Indeed, I dont recommend us going down. I was just wondering if I should tell you everything, but I also thought that even if I told you, according to your firm attitude, it would be a waste of breath."

Could it be that there was something more?

Lin Xuanzhi said, "Since we are determined to continue, its better to tell us more about it so that well be prepared."

Xiao Linfeng nodded, "All right."

Everyone perked up their ears.

"Its really easy to go down. Just jump with your eyes closed, and when you open them again, youll find yourself on a different side of the world." Xiao Linfeng smiled, but there was some bitterness hidden inside it. "But how to get up after you jump down, is another question."

"What does that mean?" Yuan Tianwen asked.

"It means that this array is strange." Xiao Linfeng took a deep breath and recited slowly, "At least one person must die in the array and sacrifice himself to the array for the chance of a gap opening to allow others to escape. In fact, most of the enchantments that seal devils are designed like this, and you should have heard about it. If you come to the center of the array, I cant imagine how many peoples lives it would take to open this whole Great Demon-Sealing Array."

He looked around the crowd and said, "This Great Demon-Sealing Array is not a good place. Many people have been trapped in it for many years, including the past Liu Mengchen. It is lonely, quiet, and very depressing. It will drive people crazy if they stay for a long time."

Xiao Linfengs words really hit a heavy blow in everyones hearts.

Everyone glanced at each other, not speaking for a while.

Qing Zhu thought about it, "Why dont I go down? Anyhow, I used to live on this mountain. I dont know how many years I have lived alone, and I dont feel bored."

"Fuck that!" Xiao Linfeng glared at Qing Zhu. "Where are you getting the energy to blindly do this?"

Qing Zhu felt wronged and complained, "Why are you being mean to me?"

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Is Master Liu down there?"

Xiao Linfeng glanced at Lin Xuanzhi, "Im not sure. However, I have already told him how to get into the Great Demon-Sealing Array. If hes courting death, he must already be down below."

Lin Xuanzhi said lightly, "What if I want to destroy this Great Demon-Sealing Array?"

Xiao Linfeng was stunned.


He thought Lin Xuanzhi was probably joking.

Even in his heyday, hed be helpless to do anything against this Great Demon-Sealing Array. Now Lin Xuanzhi was only in the third layer of the Hardened Body Stage. How could he utter such wild thoughts?

However, Lin Xuanzhi didnt care, "I mean, if you cant get out, you should go to the center of the array to cultivate first, improve your cultivation and get some benefits."

Ji Yunwei said, "I dont have any problems with this. Maybe we can break the array."

Xiao Linfeng held his forehead and wordlessly looked at this group of young people who were not afraid of death. "All of you really dont care about the consequences."

Lin Xuanzhi smiled contemptuously in his heart, but this was not directed at the others but at the Dao of Heaven. Didnt it decide that he was the Star of Salvation?

In his previous life, even if he died, he still coincidentally obtained the chance to be born again.

The Dao of Heaven had always been both merciful and cruel to him. He hated the fate and destiny that it granted to Yan Tianhen yet also felt fortunate that the Dao of Heaven never wanted to give up on him.

To some extent, Lin Xuanzhi was fearless.

Destiny couldnt be violated. The Dao of Heaven wouldnt let him die in a place like this before he could make full use of his remaining energy.

At least, it should be in the Nine Lands.

When they were deciding how to get down safely, they suddenly heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Looking back, Lin Xuanzhi saw a line of people coming towards them, and the one in front was Ren Fuyao.

"Young Sect Master Ren." Lin Xuanzhi greeted.

When Ren Fuyao saw Lin Xuanzhi, he was obviously somewhat shocked. He asked, "It was you all who killed Sitting Mountain Ancestor and Moving Mountain Ancestor?"

He saw Leng Jixue and Huangfu Jin again and was even more surprised. "Ah Jin, Ah Xue, why are you two here?"

Huangfu Jins expression didnt look as good as he coldly responded, "Well, go back and ask your grandfather."

Ren Fuyao was stupefied. He thought of something and released a light sigh.

He said, "You shouldnt have come to this place."

Huangfu Jin answered, "Were already here. Whats the point of saying such things?"

Ren Fuyao frowned slightly, "Ah Jin, you seem to have a problem with me."

Huangfu Jin only released a cold snort and no longer paid him any attention.

Although he knew that this was not Ren Fuyaos fault, he had no other place to vent his anger. Seeing Ren Fuyao was naturally unbearable.

Meanwhile, Lin Xuanzhi was more concerned about the tall man standing beside Ren Fuyao.

The mans face couldnt be seen clearly, but he gave the feeling of a high-level cultivator.

Among Ren Fuyaos group, this man was probably the most powerful person.

"Are you all also looking for the magic treasure that gathers spiritual Qi?" The man spoke and his voice sounded hoarse, as if it had been chopped up. It was very unpleasant to the ears.

Lin Xuanzhi faintly replied, "What magic treasure that gathers spiritual Qi? We just made a mistake and arrived here."

"Ha" Mo Yan sneered and suddenly looked up at Lin Xuanzhi, "Arrogant brat!"

Before his words finished, Mo Yan had already taken action against him. Lin Xuanzhi had been prepared for it. He drew out his sword and made a move from the Teal Lotus Nine Styles, which expertly defused Mo Yans attack.

Mo Yans eyes flashed in disbelief, but Lin Xuanzhi had already landed on a protruding stone and stood with a sword.

Huangfu Jin changed his expression and stared frigidly at the guy he had never seen before.

Ren Fuyaos face also shifted. Seeing that Mo Yan was still going to do something, he forestalled him. "Mo Yan, what are you planning on doing?"

Mo Yan narrowed his eyes, "If this person isnt removed, it will become a disaster."

Yan Tianhen flew into a rage. Holding the fire whip in his hand, he shouted, "You shameless stink! Youre bullying the small by being the big one!"

Mo Yan sneered and flew up to hit Yan Tianhen as he spoke, "So what if I bully you?"

Yan Tianhen quickly rushed away, but his speed wasnt comparable to that of Mo Yan after all. He was suddenly brought to the edge of the cliff by a sharp palm wind. Lin Xuanzhis pupils shrank and he hurried to pull Yan Tianhen. However, Mo Yan threw out the same killer magic weapon, which caught Lin Xuanzhi off guard. He could only split the attack with a backhand movement of his sword while his other hand grabbed Yan Tianhens arm. They both fell down to the depths of the cliff.

When Yuan Tianwen and the others saw this, they uniformly surrounded Mo Yan. But unexpectedly, Mo Yans cultivation had managed to stay at the Profound Realm despite being in the Myriad Demonic Beasts Forest. It turned out that this group of people couldnt even touch the corner of Mo Yans clothes, and they were all swept to the bottom.

Watching all these people disappear in front of him, Ren Fu anxiously said, "Mo Yan, how dare you make your own decisions!"

Mo Yan laughed grimly, "Young Sect Master and them dont have much friendship, right?"

Ren Fuyao harshly said, "There is no friendship, but that is not an excuse for you to kill people at will. Moreover, Huangfu Jin and Leng Jixue are my people from Sky Peak Sect. What is the reason for you to beat them all down?"

"So what if I kill them?" Mo Yan said in a particularly indifferent manner, "There is only one magic treasure that gathers spiritual Qi. Is it possible that Young Sect Master is ready to divide this magic treasure equally with those people? And about those two Sky Peak Sect boys. Since they have been mixed with those people, they naturally wont join us again. It may be a disaster to keep them."

Ren Fuyao suddenly had nothing to say.

However, he couldnt stand Mo Yans behavior of killing people without saying a word. He frowned, "Lin Xuanzhi is not an ordinary person. My grandfather warned you before that if possible, you should not fight against him. His fate is extremely strong. If you cant kill him, he will definitely seek revenge."

Mo Yan was dismissive, and he couldnt help but laugh. "The longer Sect Master Ren lives, the more backward hes living life. Hes so worried about a guy who hasnt finished puberty yet. So what about Lin Xuanzhis strong fate? When he falls down, its uncertain if he can live through it. Even if he survives by chance, who knows which year itll be when he comes out?"

Ren Fuyao shook his head. "These things are hard to predict."

Although he didnt know the reason, Ren Fuyao could see that Ren Bulin was very concerned about Lin Xuanzhi. He not only wanted to win over Lin Xuanzhi, but he was also terrified of him. Ren Bulin told him that when Lin Xuanzhi comes to Sky Peak Sect, he would take Lin Xuanzhi for his own use, and his great purpose would be half completed.


Ren Fuyao narrowed his eyes. After this incident, the days of Lin Xuanzhis arrival to Sky Peak Sect may likely be far away.

Mo Yan and the rest came here after Lin Xuanzhi, so they did not hear the conversation Lin Xuanzhi and the group had, and naturally did not know that this was the entrance of the Great Demon-Sealing Array.

However, Ren Fuyao had a map with more hidden pathways and safe entrances marked on it.

So after Lin Xuanzhis group was knocked off the cliff, Ren Fuyao and his party walked towards another valley.

"Dage, its so dark here."

"Er whos pressing my stomach, Im about to throw up my meal!" Ji Yunwei cried out bitterly.

"Yangyang, how do you feel? Did you fall and bump into anything ah?" Yuan Tianwens voice was full of anxiousness.

Duan Yuyang shook his head in the dark and got up, "I didnt fall. Something protected me when I came down. Should it be made by Brother Zhu?"

Qing Zhu hummed, "It is the rattan plants that slowed down the falling speed. However, this cliff does not seem to be very high either."

They didnt fall for long. If it was roughly calculated, it may be less than a hundred meters.

"How about Xuanzhi and Ah Hen?"

"Ah Hen and I are fine." Lin Xuanzhi answered, lighting up a torch.

The fire lit up the dark place entirely. After confirming each others safety, they were relieved.

Yan Tianhen slowed down and said angrily, "That guy actually wanted to kill us all!"

Yuan Tianwen spoke up, "His cultivation was not restricted by the Myriad Demonic Beasts Forest."

"It seems that either he has an amazing magic treasure that opposes the heavens on him, or, if not, his own strength should be higher than the overall level of the Myriad Demonic Beast Forest." Lin Xuanzhi said faintly, "The latter possibility basically does not exist. It seems that he has brought a lot of treasures with him."

Yan Tianhen frowned. "Young Sect Master Ren was mixed with such kind of people."

The ice dregs on Leng Jixue had receded. Being frightened by this, he was more awake now. He stood beside Huangfu Jin, whose expression was pinched, and said, "I have seen the man next to Young Sect Master Ren."

Huangfu Jin asked, "Who is he?"

Leng Jixue said, "His name is Mo Yan, and he is a friend of Sect Master Ren. I once saw the Sect Master invite him to visit the sect, but I only saw him once. I dont know what Mo Yan does and what skills he has."

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