Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Savior Arrives

Chapter 399 – Savior Arrives

"What is big brother saying?" Qing Zhu sniffed and rubbed Xiao Linfengs palm with his head, "Now, Im really thankful to him for deceiving me. Ive been asking my familys Young Master to help me find the reincarnation of my big brother. I also came back to the Myriad Demonic Beasts Forest every year to look for a purple bamboo. However, there was nothing. I didnt expect youd be reborn as a mortal. If Liu Mengchen had told me earlier and didnt lie to me, I would have willingly given you my spiritual core."

When Qing Zhu said this, he couldnt help but feel a little uncomfortable as he pouted. He said, "Liu Mengchen, that bastard, doesnt he know what kind of person I am? Is he not well in the head? He would rather weave a lie to me from beginning to end rather than believe Im a spiritual plant that rewards both gratitude and revenge. His dog eyes are really blind."

Xiao Linfeng was amused when he listened to Qing Zhu complain about Liu Mengchen. "Its not necessarily because he doesnt trust your character."

Qing Zhu asked, "What else could it be about?"

"Maybe its because he was afraid youll find out that the person he wants to save is your dear big brother, so youll forget about him and run away with me." Xiao Linfeng said very calmly.

Yuan Tianwen and Lin Xuanzhi showed expressions of understanding at the same time. Thinking carefully, if theyd encountered the same situation, they also might have had similar worries.

Developing something was the hardest to control.

Qing Zhu was stunned. He felt that this reason wasnt acceptable.

"But you are my benefactor ah."

"In the mortal world, there are often dramas where the one who is saved pledges to marry their savior. Liu Mengchen has drifted through the mortal world for many years. It must be that he has seen and heard such scripts." Xiao Linfeng blurted out the secret suppressed in his heart, and his entire being felt a lot happier. "Little Zhuzi, when you are with him, do you often mention me?"

Qing Zhu nodded, "He first asked me where I used to live, what I did, and who I played with. I told him that the best person for me was my neighborhood big brother before Young Master Zhan and then, later, purple bamboo elder brother, but I didnt expect both of them to be you."

"Liu Mengchen knows." Xiao Linfeng smiled and continued, "At that time, he might have already started feeling jealous."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded like he knew the feeling.

Yuan Tianwen felt the same way and piped up, "When my familys Yangyang always mentions Ah Hen, I get very jealous."

Duan Yuyang glared at Yuan Tianwen.

Yan Tianhen felt as if hed been shot by association despite doing nothing, and immediately looked at Lin Xuanzhi with an innocent look on his face.

Lin Xuanzhi said, "Dont pay any attention to him."

Ji Yunwei sighed after a while, "I didnt expect there to be such entanglements between you."

Bei Shitian also seemed to feel something, and nodded silently, saying, "The debt from a past life being paid back in this life is indeed karma."

Leng Jixue sighed lightly, "I have never understood emotional matters, but I am also moved."

Huangfu Jin glanced at Leng Jixue and said with a straight face, "You just dont want to understand."

Leng Jixue gave him a gentle smile.

Huangfu Jin, ""

Damn it, this again.

Yan Tianhen let out a cry and threw himself into Lin Xuanzhis arms. "Im so touched. I suddenly feel that Liu Mengchen isnt so bad."

Xiao Linfeng blinked, "Mengchen told me that he found other entrances. If there had been no accidents, he should be in the array by now."

Where they were now could only be regarded as the edge of the array. If one wanted to enter the array, there were bound to be other suitable entrances. This was self-evident.

"Other entrances?" Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Do you know them?"

Xiao Linfeng shrugged his shoulders, "He never intended to tell me. He was even the one who sent me flying out with one hand. He asked me to leave here with Zhuer and stop coming to this ominous place. I knew what he wanted to do, so I didnt stop you from coming to the Great Demon-Sealing Array."

Qing Zhus heart trembled, "What does he want to do?"

Xiao Linfeng answered, "Mengchen is obsessed with the Great Demon-Sealing Array. Im afraid that he wants to seal this array forever, so that the devil who once sucked him here will have no chance to make trouble and harm others."

"That" Qing Zhu bit his lower lip, "What about him?"

"It is very likely that he will not survive." Xiao Linfeng explained, "Even if he lives, the chances of leaving the Great Demon-Sealing Array are very small. Closing it is to sacrifice ones life."

Qing Zhus face instantly lost color.

He never wanted to let Liu Mengchen die.

"This Master Liu is really hard to predict." Ji Yunwei said.

"He has his own persistence after all." Lin Xuanzhi added.

Yuan Tianwen took a deep breath, "So, we are really trapped here and cant get out?"

Very good, this important question was back.

Everyone couldnt help but worry.

There were quite a few pills in Yan Tianhens bottle. Basically, there was no possibility of being starved, but the problem was, in such a dark and gloomy corner, they didnt know when theyll be able to leave. Its not like they could just squander away time here, right?

After thinking about it, Qing Zhu said, "If theres no other way, should I drain my blood, and you guys leave first?"

"Dont even think about it!" Lin Xuanzhi and others said in unison.

Xiao Linfeng had a headache as he reasoned, "Younger brother, I chose that at the beginning because we had no other way out, and we were only two people. Liu Mengchen had reached the end of his limit. If we held on even longer, he might have ended up killing me after going crazy, or I would have killed him after he went crazy. There was no other choice. But now, we have so many people, how could we use such an inferior method?"

"Yes." Yan Tianhen also agreed and nodded, "We have many people and great strength. Maybe we can break this array."

Leng Jixue looked at the top and frowned slightly. "What if someone puts down a vine from above, is it feasible for us to climb up with our bare hands without using spiritual Qi?"

Just like the principle of crossing the lake: there was an enchantment over the lake, so they used a method that did not react with the enchantment.

"Thats a way." Ji Yunweis eyes brightened.

"But " Yan Tianhen started, "Who would throw down a vine?"

Everyone, ""

Fuck, why did Qing Zhu also fall down ah?

Qing Zhu tried it. But when he cast the spell, the plant was blocked by something.

Qing Zhu shook his head in disappointment.

Suddenly, there was a rustling sound in the distance. Everyone simultaneously brought out their weapons, ready to fight.

However, after a cracking sound, a young man dressed in fancy clothes fell among the crowd.

"Oh, my old waist ah! Big brother is falling to his death." A voice that was familiar to many people rang out, "Hey, fuck, what are you doing pointing your swords at me? And what about you, Yuan Tianwen, put your sword away from Honourable Me, or I wont be polite ah!"

Yan Tianhen stared wide-eyed and recognized the man by the light. He said incredulously, "Elder Martial Brother Wan? How did you get here?"

Wan Yitong gasped as he stood up, clutching his old waist. He grinned, "Im just passing by, just passing by."

Bei Shitian had been sending out chilly vibes already. The hand holding his sword was trembling uncontrollably.

"Wan Yitong! Are you out of your mind?" Bei Shitian growled. "What did you jump down for? What are you doing here? Why are you always so presumptuous and disobedient?"

Wan Yitong stuck out his tongue at Bei Shitian and hid behind Lin Xuanzhi as he poked out his head and retorted, "Im here to help my Younger Martial Brother. I didnt come for you. Besides, this Myriad Demonic Beasts Forest is not owned by your family. What right do you have to forbid me to come?"

"Am I not your Elder Senior Brother?" Bei Shitian was so angry with Wan Yitong that his liver was aching.

He didnt want to be nice to Wan Yitong, but he didnt want to see Wan Yitong suffer any harm because of him. This was the only gentleness he could give Wan Yitong, but the guy didnt understand his idea at all. In other words, even if he understood it, Wan Yitong didnt care and still did things his way!

Bei Shitian thought that this time, he could finally get rid of Wan Yitongs tail, and train alone in peace. Who the hell would have thought that he was following him again!

Wan Yitong replied with a stiff neck, "Is Master stronger or you?"

"This has nothing to do with Master!" Bei Shitian snapped, "Were my words not clear enough? I dont want to be followed by you anymore. I hate to see you in my sight. Why dont you know yourself at all?"

This was a low blow.

Wan Yitong felt uncomfortable in his heart, but he still courted his death. "Who said I was following you? I clearly followed Younger Martial Brother."

Bei Shitian wanted to capture him and beat him up.

Bei Shitians growing anger was too obvious. Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help but say a few words for Wan Yitong

"Elder Martial Brother Bei, hes here now after all. Its too late for you to pursue anything. Its better to leave it for the time being and settle accounts after we leave here."

Yan Tianhen also felt that Wan Yitong was scolded a little miserably, and said, "My Dage is right ah. Hes already down here; nothing can be done. Lets consider how to get up first, or what to do next."

Bei Shitian flung his sleeves, his chest heaving violently. He was obviously trying to quell his anger.

When Wan Yitong saw that the situation had improved, he rubbed his nose, "Im not completely useless. At least, I know where Ren Fuyaos people went."

Immediately several pairs of eyes fell on Wan Yitong.

Wan Yitong got a scare, "Why are you all looking at me like that?"

"How dare you follow those people?" Bei Shitian scolded angrily. "Could you be more daring?"

Wan Yitong curled his lips, "I have magic tools to hide my aura. They couldnt find me."

"Old Bei, lets not pursue this for the moment." Ji Yunwei coughed and asked, "Where did they go?"

Wan Yitong replied, "After circling a mountain, they walked directly towards a concave rock, and then disappeared one by one. I went and looked at it. Im afraid the rock was a cover made by an illusion. In fact, it should be the gate to some place."

Xiao Linfengs eyes showed a glimmer of understanding, "I see."

Yuan Tianwen reacted, "Thats amazing."

"Then we can also go in like that." Qing Zhu was very excited.

Huangfu Jin glanced at them, "But we have to go up first."

Yan Tianhen, who was ready to open his mouth to praise, ""

Yes, this was the biggest problem right now.

Just when everyones spirits were low, Wan Yitong said, "You should be able to go up?"

Ji Yunwei answered with a wry smile, "There is a seal here, and this moss is strange. Its extremely slippery so it cant be climbed at all. The sword and weapons cant be inserted into the rock, so we cant go out without a rope being lowered from above."

"But when I came down, I used a climbing rope." Wan Yitong pointed blankly towards the mountain behind them where a black thick rope hung on the ground, lying there quietly.

Everyone: ""

What the fuck? This was beyond imagination?

Everyone stared at Wan Yitong with renewed impressions.

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