Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 401

Chapter 401 City Of Twin Moons 1

Chapter 401 – City of Twin Moons (1)

In any case, since they had already entered, they must continue onwards.

Moreover, the appearance of the vine demon people reminded everyone once again that there were many dangers here, so they had to be careful.

Fortunately, there was only one wide road to walk on in this forest, so the group of people went straight along the road paved with dead leaves without any other thoughts.

It didnt take long for Lin Xuanzhi and the others to meet a wave of attacks by vine demon people. Fortunately, the monsters cultivations were not high, but they were just a little difficult to deal with. Soon, all the vine demon people had been eliminated.

They walked for some more, and everyone felt their visions blur for a second. When their pupils refocused, the scenery in front of them had actually changed into a city.

The city wall looked extremely shabby. Under the glow of the setting sun, the ruined walls felt lonely and silent, as if, without knowing it, this city had already stood tall and upright for ten thousand years.

The city appeared hazy in the mist that lingered around it, and only a rough outline could be seen. The city gates were half-open, and old, dried-up green vines climbed up the doors, completely covering the gates.

From time to time, laughter came from the city, which seemed to simultaneously be both far away and close to ones ear, lingering around the group of people.

Needless to say, anyone could feel the strangeness in this place.

Even if they didnt discuss whether or not there should be such a city here whose era couldnt be discerned, the sound and atmosphere alone were enough to make peoples hair stand on end.

No one spoke for a moment.

A moment later, Lin Xuanzhi broke the silence, "Shall we go in and take a look?"

Yan Tianhen tugged on the corner of Lin Xuanzhi clothes and swallowed. "Dage, why do I feel that the atmosphere here is a bit sinister?"

Duan Yuyang also rubbed the goosebumps on his arm. "Yeah, why do I also feel that there is someone who keeps blowing cool air on my ear?"

Yan Tianhen turned his head and glanced at Duan Yuyang. When he saw a few strands of Duan Yuyangs hair floating around, his eyes widened and he spoke in a dry voice, "Yuyang Gege, dont move, you must not move."

Duan Yuyang immediately tensed up.

Yuan Tianwen also realized the abnormality. He reacted fast and slashed the place beside Duan Yuyangs ear with his sword. Duan Yuyangs hair fell down from its floating state.

"Jiejiejiejiejiejie" A burst of strange laughter full of Yin Qi came from near them and traveled far away, toward the city over there.

"Fuck!" Duan Yuyang patted his chest, his face full of fright. "What the fuck is this thing? Did you guys see anything?"

Leng Jixue also looked pale. He shook his head. "I couldnt see anything."

Huangfu Jin had a grave expression as well. "I didnt see it either. I suspect that either the thing can become invisible, or its a ghost."

Duan Yuyangs expression immediately darkened as hot rage burned in him. "Fuck, he played such a good hand. If he dares to come back, Ill let him come but never leave again!"

Yuan Tianwen appeased, "Dont be angry, dont be angry. It wont be good if your anger harms your body."

Yan Tianhen scratched his head and looked towards Lin Xuanzhi. There were quite a few doubts in his heart. For example, he had a Mingyin constitution. According to logic, it held far more Yin Qi than Duan Yuyangs constitution. Thus, it was easier to attract unclean things. Why didnt the ghost come to him?

Wan Yitong glanced at Bei Shitian. "Then, are we still going to enter ah?"

"Of course we enter." Bei Shitian didnt even glance sideways as he held his sword. "Ill go in first and see the situation."

Lin Xuanzhi looked at the people around him. "Lets also follow."

There was obviously something strange about this city, but it wasnt like they could just go home at this time just because they couldnt see through the strange occurrences.

As soon as they entered the city, the city gate made a creaking sound. However, the scene inside was really unimaginable.

The buildings were done in an ancient style. The main street was very wide and was neatly paved with stone bricks. There were all kinds of people on the street elderly people, children, and men and women. Sounds of merchants peddling their wares, shouts, laughter, and the sound of adults disturbing children into crying all entered their ears.

Lin Xuanzhi stopped.

When he looked back at the city gate again, he found that the gate had already been closed without their knowledge, and the door that was half-destroyed had been restored to its earlier perfectly intact and brand new appearance. Even the paint on it had never chipped or fallen off.

Everyone clicked their tongues in wonder.

Ji Yunwei looked around. "Is the interior of this city another barrier?"

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head as he answered, "I dont know, but it seems like an illusion."

Huangfu Jin took out a magic treasure and threw it into the air. The magic treasure hovered in the air for a moment as it spun around, then returned to Huangfu Jins hands.

Huangfu Jin looked at the magic treasure shaped like a crystal ball, which had turned red. "Its indeed an illusion. Moreover, the level of this illusion array is far above the level we can resist. Im afraid its already reached Celestial Level."

Everyone couldnt help but gasp at the same time. Ordinary illusion arrays were merely used to trap people. The ones with higher levels could make people fall into an illusion. However, someone who could use illusions to create an entire city full of people so lifelike that the group couldnt see any flaws at all was definitely not an ordinary powerhouse.

Thats true how can a person who could use the Great Demon-Sealing Array to form the barrier around the Five Continents be an ordinary person?

MoreoverCelestial Level, this was indeed a deadly height.

Just then, a bouncing ball landed in front of Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi bent down and picked up the ball.

The feeling was the same as holding a real ball.

This ball was made of blue rattan, with some delicate leaves laced into it. It could be seen that these rattans were by no means commonplace material in fact, they werent stained with dust at all, and the color and luster were as bright as before.

"Big Brother, where did you guys come from?" A child whose height only reached Lin Xuanzhis waist tilted his head as he looked up at Lin Xuanzhi and curiously asked.

This child was very clever and delicate, with plump baby fat on his little face. He looked very lovable.

Lin Xuanzhi handed the ball to him. "We are from the outside."

The child giggled for a while. "You guys are not the first people from the outside."

Lin Xuans heart trembled, and he asked, "When did the other outsiders arrive?"

The child answered, "People came over yesterday, but as soon as they entered, it seemed that they were looking for something and made a mess of the city. It was so annoying."

People who came yesterday?

Ji Yunwei coughed lightly. Showing a good-natured and amiable appearance, he said, "What are those people like?"

The child tilted his head. "There was a large group, all dressed in white. It looked like they were attending a funeral."

It didnt look like this was Ren Fuyaos group of people.

Then where in the world did Ren Fuyao and the others go?

"Little Brother, whats your name ah?" Yan Tianhen squatted down and blinked at the child.

The child stared at Yan Tianhens face for a while, showing an innocent smile and saying, "Big Bro, youre so beautiful. My name is Little Monkey."

"Little Monkey?" Yan Tianhen laughed twice, then reached out and rubbed Little Monkeys head. "What an interesting name."

Little Monkey smiled proudly. "It was a big brother passing by here who gave me this name. He said that Im like a mischievous little monkey, so its perfect to call me Little Monkey."

"Big brother?" Yan Tianhen was confused. "What big brother?"

Little Monkey laughed. "Its Xiao Lou Gege. Hes an immortal and is very incredible. He said that when he comes to find me next time, he will take me with him! Thats why Im at this gate every day, waiting for him to come back!"

Yan Tianhens heart inexplicably felt a little stifled. "Your Lou Gege, where did he go?"

Little Monkey looked down. "Lou Gege said he had something very important to do, but he promised me that he would definitely come and take me away."

When Little Monkey finished talking, he waved to them. "Goodbye, Im going off to play!"

"Wait." Yuan Tianwen stopped Little Monkey and asked, "Little Brother, whats the name of this city?"

Little Monkey replied, "Its called Twin Moons City."

"Twin Moons City?" Wan Yitong and Bei Shitians expressions uniformly changed.

"Have you two heard of such a place?" Huangfu Jin asked.

"Of course, Ive heard of it ever since I was a child." Wan Yitong narrowed his eyes. "This place is a famous ghost city in the Nine Lands legends."

Ji Yunwei asked, "Why is it called a ghost city?"

Bei Shitian answered, "Because the tens of thousands of people living in this city, old and young, were all killed overnight, and Twin Moons City was also burned to ashes by fire. This happened thousands of years ago."

"Overnight?" Duan Yuyang sucked in a cold breath. "Who in the world did this wicked thing? They actually massacred an entire city!"

Wan Yitong looked at Bei Shitian. "Thats why this place is also a taboo in the Nine Lands that people cannot mention."

"Why is it taboo?" Lin Xuanzhi wondered.

"Because the family that slaughtered everyone in the city is now the ruler of the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital." A faint smile that seemed to be full of mockery and ridicule appeared on Bei Shitians face.

Yuan Tianwen furrowed his brows. Indeed, this kind of thing was sensitive and difficult to mention.

Huangfu Jin stared at Bei Shitian. "Why are you so clear on this matter that originated from the Nine Lands?"

Bei Shitian glanced at him. "Why should I tell you?"

Huangfu Jin, ""

Thats a good point.

Lin Xuanzhi secretly pinched Yan Tianhens hand. Yan Tianhen grinned at him, signaling that he didnt put it in his heart at all.

That made sense if one thought about it. Yan Tianhen had never thought of himself as part of the Royal Heavenly Capitals Yan family, let alone what vile deeds the Yan family had once done.

Duan Yuyang couldnt help but click his tongue. "How deep a hatred this must be, to actually massacre all the inhabitants in the city."

Tens of thousands of people ah. How many vengeful ghosts must that be?

"There wasnt much deep hatred, but its just that the then-City Lord of Twin Moons City had a supreme treasure in his house that was said to be able to control all of the Nine Lands. The Yan family was tempted and went to the Twin Moons City City Lords home to borrow it."

When Wan Yitong said "borrow", he emphasized the word and showed an expression of disdain. "That City Lord was also a man with backbone. He was unwilling to give it, no matter what. You can imagine what happened next."

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