Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 404

Chapter 404 City Of Twin Moons 4

Chapter 404 – City of Twin Moons (4)

"Yuyang Gege, think on the bright side. Maybe, when we all become Earth Realm powerhouses, this illusion will no longer be able to trap us." Yan Tianhen said optimistically.

Huangfu Jin remarked, "Your ambition is not small."

Yan Tianhen replied, "A man must be a little ambitious."

"Pfft" Wan Yitong almost choked. He smiled and said, "Ah Hen actually said that he is a man. How old are you?"

Yan Tianhen was a little unhappy. "I will be fifteen years old after the New Year. Now Im fourteen."

Wan Yitong was stunned. "Youre so big already?"

Lin Xuanzhi was also surprised. He couldnt help staring at Yan Tianhen for a while longer.

Even though he was with Yan Tianhen every day, Lin Xuanzhi didnt realize that Ah Hen had grown so much. Even the outline of his face had changed.

Lin Xuanzhi stood up. "Come, Ah Hen, compare heights with Dage."

Yan Tianhen stood beside Lin Xuanzhi and held his head high as he puffed out his chest.n.

"Up to your shoulder." Duan Yuyang clicked his tongue. "Indeed, hes grown taller. In my memory, Ah Hen could only reach your chest. In a flash, more than a year had passed."

Yan Tianhen was a little disappointed. "Only this tall ah."

Lin Xuanzhi rubbed his head. "You will grow taller. You are only fourteen years old. Whats the hurry?"

"Thats true."

Everyone found joy in sorrow, and the days passed by quickly.

However, they hadnt made much progress in other aspects apart from cultivation. The civilians here were always talking about the Little City Lords birthday, the inns were always full, and the gates of the City Lords mansion never opened for themno matter who Lin Xuanzhi claimed to be.

One day in the second month, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen met an unexpected person on the streets.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Where are Mo Yan and the others now?"

Ren Fuyao answered with a bitter smile, "Not long after Mo Yan came, he thought about breaking into the City Lords mansion by force, but he was arrested by the troops in the mansion. I tried every means to go to the prison to see him but wasnt successful at all. I couldnt leave this Twin Moons City, so I had to look for information on the streets every day to see if I can make any progress."

When he heard that Mo Yan had been arrested by City Lord Yin, Yan Tianhen couldnt help feeling like this was to everyones satisfaction. He laughed for a while. "This Mo Yan is really arrogant. He doesnt know that there will always be someone better. This time, he ran into a hard nail. Id like to see if he still dares to be so arrogant in the future!"

Ren Fuyao also knew that Mo Yan had a bad personality and even offended Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen, so he could only smile awkwardly.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "How long have you all been here?"

Ren Fuyao replied, "Its been more than a month."

Lin Xuanzhi then inquired, "Have you guys ever visited the City Lords mansion?"

Ren Fuyao nodded. "Of course we did. However, for some reason, the City Lord recognized me as someone else and insisted that I had come to seize the treasure. He even greeted me with swords. I never went there again."

It was enough to experience the feeling of being shot at by hundreds of soldiers just once; there was no need for a second time.

Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen exchanged glances with each other. They couldnt help but feel lucky at the same timefortunately, they had been polite ever since they entered the city, and there wasnt anyone in the group who liked to stir things up. Otherwise, they likely wouldnt be able to make any progress after that.

Ren Fuyao looked at Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen. "When did you all come here? Did you find a way to leave?"

Yan Tianhen curled his lips. "If we could leave, we would have left long ago. Why would we still wait here?"

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Young Sect Master Ren, where are you living recently?"

Ren Fuyaos face showed faint embarrassment. "The inns here only accept spirit stones. Where would I get spirit stones to give them? I could only find an open space in the citys outskirts and set up camp. Where do you guys live?"

Yan Tianhen said, "We found a pavilion in the city and rest there every day."

Since everyones treatment was similar, no one laughed at anyone.

Ren Fuyao pondered for a moment and proposed, "Since we are all trapped here, why dont we work together and exchange useful information? Perhaps we can leave here as soon as possible."

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Young Sect Master Ren, how many subordinates do you have there?"

Ren Fuyao answered, "Except for three of my subordinates who died in the arrest at the City Lords mansion and Mo Yan, who is being held in prison, the remaining 21 people are available."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. "Why dont Young Sect Master Ren come with us? Lets sit together and talk about our recent gains."

Naturally, Ren Fuyao was extremely happy with this. After all, he was only one person, and more than half of the other 21 subordinates were Mo Yans people. Moreover, not only did those people not listen to his command, but they also urged him to rescue Mo Yan every day. Who knows how many strange things there are in this city, and whenever that City Lord with a bad temper saw them, he would order his troops to take their formations in order to bring Ren Fuyaos group to justice. Ren Fuyao was not an idiot. Why would he go and court death?

Whats more, along the way here, Ren Fuyao didnt like Mo Yans behavior at all, but because his cultivation wasnt as good as Mo Yans, he had no right to speak. Now that Mo Yan had been caught, Ren Fuyao hadnt even finished rejoicing in secret, so how could he even think about saving Mo Yan?

Therefore, Ren Fuyao made a prompt decision and immediately followed Lin Xuanzhi to their lodgings.

The several people present didnt have a good expression when they saw Ren Fuyao.

If it werent for their great fortune, they would have become vengeful ghosts underneath a cliff a long time ago.

Huangfu Jin sneered first, "Young Sect Master Ren, its truly a small world. Xuanzhi really has a good temper; he actually didnt tie you up."

Leng Jixue looked at Ren Fuyao and sighed in the end.

In their hearts, how could they not have complaints about Ren Fuyao? Even if Ren Fuyao was helpless and didnt have a choice, back then, he did indeed stand on Mo Yans side.

Ji Yunwei also couldnt help mocking, "Young Sect Master Ren, it cant be that something happened to Mo Yan, so you decided to settle for the next best thing and turn to us, right?"

Lin Xuanzhi, ""

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When had Ren Fuyao ever fallen into such a situation before? He couldnt help but feel his face burning. "Im sorry, everyone. Last time was indeed my fault. I cant ask everyone to let bygones be bygones. Its just that I cannot make up for it given the current situation."

"Its impossible if you want me to cooperate with that Mo Yan." Huangfu Jin had a firm attitude.

"If Mo Yan was still here, I wouldnt have this opportunity to cooperate with you either." Ren Fuyao couldnt help but smile wryly. "Mo Yan has already been captured in the citys prison. Im afraid he wont be able to come out anytime soon."

Ji Yunwei showed an epiphany. "I actually guessed right."

Ren Fuyao, ""

Duan Yuyang laughed happily, very relieved. "Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction. Mo Yan deserves it!"

Yuan Tianwen looked at Duan Yuyang and smiled indulgently.

Although some of these people still rejected Ren Fuyao, when all was said and done, those things were caused by Mo Yan. Furthermore, they were all unscathed right now. In addition, the information Ren Fuyao had was indeed more than their own. Thus, after saying some more mocking words to vent their anger, they just forgot about the past wrongs. Speaking of which, although Ren Fuyao had gained no information ever since his group entered this Twin Moons City because Mo Yan courted death, what Lin Xuanzhi wanted to know from him were the events that occurred before entering the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest.

"Young Sect Master Ren, I really want to know right now, what is your goal in coming to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest this time?" Lin Xuanzhi didnt beat around the bush but asked directly.

Ren Fuyao sighed. "If you had asked me this question before, I would not have spoken, but now..To tell you the truth, it was my grandfather who asked me to come to the far west of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest with Mo Yan. In name, it was to find out what was wrong with the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, but in reality, it was for us to come here and find a magic treasure, which is a kind of spiritual Qi-gathering magic treasure."

After that, Ren Fuyao looked up at the faces of Lin Xuanzhi and others. He paused before commenting, "You guys are not surprised at all. Is it possible that all of you also know"

He knew the answer just by looking at their expressions. Ren Fuyao frowned. "But where did you all learn about this?"

Yan Tianhen blinked. "We heard about it by accident. Do you know that reclusive Liu family in the West Continent? Its the master of the Liu family who told us."

The others nodded in unison.

In any case, Master Liu is not here, so he can take all the blame.

Hearing this, Ren Fuyao nodded. "If the information came from him, that would be normal. After all, the Liu family is also a reclusive family who came down from the Nine Lands."

"However, Master Liu may not necessarily be able to casually guess this kind of information that has been sealed away for many years." Lin Xuanzhi brought up.

Ren Fuyao smiled. "Young Master Lin, are you not speaking like a layman? Reclusive families are the Nine Lands emissaries. They naturally have a way to contact the Upper Realm. The Upper Realm contains countless secrets. There must be people who know about the secret of a trifling Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest."

Lin Xuanzhi heard something strange. "I dont know if Young Sect Master Ren has heard about this, but the Five Continents have already been enshrouded in a barrier. Over the years, all the cultivators who tried to ascend have died. No one can leave."

Ren Fuyao couldnt help sighing in his heart. Lin Xuanzhi even knew the details about this matter. It seemed that he still underestimated Lin Xuanzhi too much.

"The people inside cant leave, but the people outside can enter." Ren Fuyao narrowed his eyes. "The Liu and Jian families have never had much contact with the outside world, so I dont know if there are visitors from the Nine Lands on their side, but my grandfather learned this information from a newcomer from the Nine Lands."

Since the Nine Lands newcomer had an Earth Realm cultivation, originally, when he entered the Five Continents, he forcibly suppressed his cultivation to the peak of Profound Realm, so it was impossible for him to enter the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. Ren Bulin was also unwilling to leave the sect, so he sent Ren Fuyao, who had always been the most convenient to use, to come here in search of the treasure together with Mo Yan. However, Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhens focus was on the newcomer from the Nine Lands.

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