Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Night Of Twin Moons 1

Chapter 405 – Night of Twin Moons (1)

Yan Tianhens eyes grew wide and spoke, "What kind of person is coming from the Nine Lands?"

Ren Fuyao thought for a bit and said, "There are two extremely powerful people, one of them can smash an entire mountain top into dust with just a single move while the other one is quite knowledgeable. No matter what it is, he can completely understand it, given some time to calculate. Its only that the second person is rather arrogant and rude, he doesnt even have the slightest bit of respect even while facing my grandfather. That person does not frequently appear, only when he has business does he take the incentive to go to my grandfather."

There was also one thing Ren Fuyao did not have the nerve to say; it could be said that Sect Master Ren listened to and obeyed everything the Nine Lands newcomer said, so much that it seemed as though his actions all had the underlying intentions of flattering and fawning over the person.

"Is it possible the second person is a prophet?" Wan Yitong stared and asked.

Bei Shitian coldly snorted. "He knows everything from the past to the present and can divine anything, I am afraid he definitely is a prophet."

Other than his master, Esteemed Lan Yue, Lin Xuanzhi does not have any favorable opinions towards prophets, not to mention a prophet that does not hesitate to hang around with his enemy.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Can you remember those twos appearances?"

Ren Fuyao nodded and replied, "I have met them several times, naturally I can remember them. If you want to know, I can draw them for you to see."

Lin Xuanzhi cupped his hands and bowed, "Thank you, weve troubled you."

In his previous life he could never confirm how in the end, Ren Bulin found out about Ah Hens secret. Now it can be assumed that it is extremely likely he met this newcomer from the upper world, and this newcomer did not have good intentions.

Furthermore, if that prophet came from the Nine Lands, he is afraid that even if he was not from an influential family of prophets, he certainly knew about the influential prophet familys heaven-shocking prophecy fourteen years ago.

Lin Xuanzhi did not necessarily know if this person was already aware of Yan Tianhen being the Star of the Devil, however, this did not obstruct Lin Xuanzhis intention to kill him!

In the past life, how did Ren Bulin know about Ah Hens secret?

Is that prophet the one who revealed it?

Lin Xuanzhi thought carefully, his eyes sinking deep into thought.

This place lacks brushes and ink, the matter of drawing was forced to be dropped.

However, the result of feeling it out, appears to not be very good.

Leng Jixue suddenly said, "But if the Sect Master has sent you to come to the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, why would he let me bring people to find you? He knows that it is impossible for me to know where you went."

Talking about this, the atmosphere was a little awkward again.

Ren Fuyao shook his head and said, "I also dont know why he sent you to find me. I was quite puzzled when I saw you and Ah Jin here."

Huangfu Jins expression was heavy, as if it was going to rain. "What else could the reason be? Sect Master Ren is good at planning. Taking advantage of this excuse, he wants to eliminate you. With your cultivation, wanting you to go through the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest alone is undoubtedly the same as sending you to your death."

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"Yes." Yan Tianhen said with some lingering fears, "If it werent for us coming in time, Im afraid its Elder Martial Brother Leng who would have become a departed spirit beneath vine people."

Leng Jixue also faintly had thought this in his heart, but he didnt understand where he had blocked Ren Bulins road.

Ren Fuyao was equally puzzled, he frowned and said, "After we go out, I will definitely find the Sect Master and ask him about this matter until I understand."

Let alone Leng Jixue, not even Ren Fuyao understood why the Sect Master was so determined to offend Leng Jixue. However, it was clear from how the Sect Master ordered Leng Jixue to lead people into the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest at such a tense time that he didnt want Leng Jixue to leave alive.

Huangfu Jin said coldly, "Youd better ask until you understand, If you dont understand, I will personally go ask. Sect Master Ren seems to have forgotten that Leng Jixue is not only a disciple of Sky Peak Sect, apart from that he is also an adopted son of my Huangfu family. Perhaps Sect Master Ren is acting like this to show off his power in front of my Huangfu family?"

Ren Fuyao touched his nose, and felt he was quite innocent but, he feared Leng Jixue might be more innocent than he was.

Huangfu Jin was famous throughout Sky Peak City for his courage and awe inspiring presence.As long as it involved his family, any matter would end up being a big thing.

It seems that Huangfu Jin is determined to get justice for Leng Jixue.

Ren Fuyao took this matter more seriously, he solemnly stated, "You can rest assured, I will keep my word. I believe that the Sect Master only did such stupid things because he listened to and believed the words of some people who wanted to sow dissension."

Lin Xuanzhi said with deep meaning, "Young Sect Master Ren, what kind of person Sect Master Ren is I assume you are more clear than we are There are some things that you should consider carefully and never break the boat and sink a ship."

Ren Fuyaos heart shook in fear and replied, "I will."

Over the years, Ren Fuyao was aware of certain things Ren Bulin had done. However, that person is his grandfather; Ren Fuyao cant go against his wishes.

With the addition of Ren Fuyao, they had more assiantace.

Lin Xuanzhi gave Ren Fuyao a rough idea of the information they got, and expressed that it was most important to find the child named "Little Monkey".

As soon as Ren Fuyao heard Lin Xuanzhis description, he knew what kind of person that Little Monkey they spoke about was. Coincidentally, the first day they entered the City of Twin Moons, there was also a child who had the same dress and appearance who talked to them.

Only, when Mo Yan saw the ball that touched his tiptoe, he kicked it and broke it, and looked with absolute impatience at the child, faintly staring at him. They basically didnt speak to the child at all.

When Lin Xuanzhi heard what was said, he sighed with sorrow, thinking that Mo Yan was unable to do anything right but was rather capable of ruining everything. When he came to the domain of other families, he was still displaying such presumptuous and atrocious behavior. He was simply courting death.

After Ren Fuyao went back, he sent his subordinates to search the entire City of Twin Moons for the ball-holding child as described by Lin Xuanzhi.

The search went on for one month. However, they didnt know whether the group of subordinates had no will to find the child, so they didnt put in any effort, or whether it was because the child was hiding somewhere and refused to come out no matter what. In any case, a month later, dozens of people still rummaged through the entire City of Twin Moons, and still didnt see a shadow of the child.

In addition to the child, the Young City Lord also became an important person.

Lin Xuanzhi went to the door of the City Lords mansion every day, but he still didnt make much of a breakthrough. However, on the day when the aforementioned Young City Lords birthday was still half a month away, when Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen tried their luck in the City Lords mansion, they finally heard different answers.

The previous conversation was exactly the same as the first conversation between Lin Xuanzhi and the City Lord, there was not a slightest difference.

However, this time, for some reason, Lin Xuanzhi suddenly mentioned the Young City Lord "City Lord Yin, in half a month, will it be the Young City Lords birthday?"

Originally, he just casually brought it up, wanting to ask why the Young City Lord was so loved by the people of Twin Moons City. He didnt expect that just as he started to talk, the complexion of City Lord Yin changed greatly "There is no need to trouble yourself to worry about that child!"

After speaking, City Lord Yin waved his hand and said, "Have him expelled out of the main gate of the city lords mansion. After that, if he sends his respects, directly throw him out. He is ambitious and a scumbag. Damn it, damn it!"

Therefore, for the first time Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen were hit by the soldiers of the City Lords mansion and thrown 26 meters away, and the soldiers of the City Lords Mansion were all glowering at them, as if they had done something extremely terrible.

Lin Xuanzhi pulled Yan Tianhen, then turned around and ran. The two young tigers ran faster than them, and in an instant their effort was already gone to smoke/dust.

When they reached a safe area, Yan Tianhen and Lin Xuanzhi looked at each other, and both had a feeling of surviving a calamity.

If nothing else, they were really a bit worried that they would be thought of as Mo Yans people by City Lord Yin, and would be directly tied up and sent into the dungeon.

Lin Xuanzhis feelings were also very clear. Although he had never really fought with any of the soldiers here, he had a faint sixth sense that if he really were to fight them, he would not really be an opponent to these people if Lin Zhan had told Lin Xuanzhi about the NPCs in games with cheat-like powers that can never be killed, Lin Xuanzhi would probably understand what was happening right now.

Some people are destined to be unkillable.

After Lin Xuanzhi and Yan Tianhen returned, they told other companions about the things that happened in the City Lords mansion, but after analyzing for half a day, they came to only one conclusion, that all the blame should be directed at the same person, and that person was the Young City Lord.

However, they couldnt even get into the main mansion, let alone meet the Young City Lord.

Moreover, although the people in this Twin Moons City always ended up mentioning the Young City Lord, no one had really seen him. Furthermore, they tossed and turned, but in the end, they were just counting the days.

For example, there are two months until the birthday of the Young City Lord.

There is one month until the birthday of Young City Lord.

There are still three days two days one day before the birthday of Young City Lord.

Today, it is the birthday of Young City Lord of Twin Moons City.

The people in the city changed their usual behavior at home, it turned out that every household was decorated with banners and hung up festive red lanterns. Moreover, Lin Xuanzhi also found with sharp eyes that a big fellow who had never changed clothes for three months actually changed into a set of pure white new clothes with no excessive folds on it.

Then observing other people, they were all this way as well.

Moreover, the thing that baffled them the most was that these people held containers filled with water, some held bowls while some others held pots.

Lin Xuanzhi and the others did not go to the City Lords mansion again today, but rather arrived at the gate of Twin Moons City, because the gate that had been closed for a long time unexpectedly opened with a loud bang, and both sides were filled with guards of the City Lords mansion.

Ji Yunwei tried to speak to the guards, but the guards were like statues, fully concentrated, expressions unchanged, looking straight ahead, and Ji Yunwei discontentedly returned.

Lin Xuanzhi and the others tried to exit the gate, but just as they took one step, they were apprehended by the guards and stopped with spears.

The guard said emotionlessly, "Today is the birthday feast of the Young City Lord, you can only enter, not leave. If you have something to do outside, wait until early morning tomorrow."

The cultivator next to Ren Fuyao had been suppressing his temper for three months, struggling while trapped here, repeatedly grinding down his natural temper, so he immediately pulled out his long sword on the spot, and screamed, "I, your grandfather, need to go out today", and ran towards the gate as fast as possible.

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