Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Night Of Twin Moons 2

Chapter 406 – Night of Twin Moons (2)

Ren Fuyao was too late to stop it. There was a flash of light, the cultivator had already been cut in half through his waist, and his blood made a gushing noise and sprayed all around. His legs were still running forward, and his eyes were wide and round, as he stared at his lower body rushing to the gate. Just as it was about to exit the city gate, something unknown smashed him into minced meat turning into dust soon after, not leaving a trace behind.

"Bang" With a sound half of his body fell on the floor.

The scene was deathly still.

The people behind Ren Fuyao who were originally restless, were all overwhelmed with horror, no longer daring to act blindly.

After a moment, Huangfu Jin opened his mouth, "Young Master Lin, your swordplay is quite good, did you happen to see who acted?"

Lin Xuanzhi said, "No matter how good my swordplay is, its only at the third layer of the Hardened Body Stage, if you, who has already entered the Primary Realm, was not able to see it clearly, then I naturally would not have been able to clearly see it as well."


It is not known who gulped.

This scene really was extremely terrible.

The cultivator who boldly courted death rashly, served once again as proof of Lin Xuanzhis thoughts, that there is not a single person in Twin Moons City who could be challenged by them.

If they wanted to leave, they would have to find another method.

However, the silver lining in their misfortune was that after killing someone, those guards didnt pay attention to what had just been done, and they faced each other remaining fully concentrated with a meaning of "If you dont look for a fight, I wont pay attention to you.".

Seeing that the city gate could be considered impossible to leave from, Lin Xuanzhi had no choice but to find the next best plan, which was to go to the City Lords mansion to have a look.

However, at this moment, an unknown ball woven by Purple rattans tumbled next to Lin Xuanzhis feet.

Lin Xuanzhi followed the direction that the ball rolled over from and saw a child wearing a big red robe.

He looked exactly like the Little Monkey they had been looking for all these days. They had not even managed to see a trace of his shadow.

Several eyes uniformly fell on Little Monkey, for a moment no one spoke, as if they were afraid to scare away the child.

Nonetheless, Yan Tianhen spoke first. He picked up the ball and waved at Little Monkey, showing a mouthful of white teeth and smiling, "Hey, long time no see."

Little Monkey beamed and walked over, "Long time no see, you actually havent left Twin Moons City. Are you perhaps invited to attend the birthday feast of the Young City Lord?"

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The mistress of the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital?

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Where did this rumor come from?

Lin Xuanzhi and the others were shocked, especially Wan Yitong and Bei Shitian, they had the feeling of going to the opera in the past, when they were in Nine Lands, they only knew that the Nine Great Divine Clans and a quasi-divine clan were striving for the ruling position of the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital every year. They simply had never heard of a time when a person had been designated as the empress since birth.

Wan Yitong couldnt help but roast him, "To actually dare to say these words, if Twin Moons City is not exterminated, who else would be exterminated? That is the seat of the Empress of Heaven, once someone sits on it, who knows how much it will advance the succession rights of that Empresss entire familys disciples. The Yin Family. How can the other Divine Clans not put them under surveillance?"

Bei Shitian said, "You should speak less."

Wan Yitong blankly stared and became aware that Little Monkey was looking at him.

Little Monkey smiled, showing two dimples on his cheeks and said, "Big brother, what are you saying? Why cant I understand?"

Wan Yitong had some trouble speaking for a moment, and after a pause, he resisted his temper and patiently said, "Little brother, although I dont know who you are, but if you have the connections, go tell City Lord Yin that this rumor from Twin Moons City will bring death and calamity to this city."

The smile on Little Monkeys face disappeared, and his expression became rather strange and complex. He stared at Wan Yitong and said, "Older Brother, for you to say these kinds of words only now, its already too late."

Wan Yitong: ""

How is it too late?

Why is it too late?

And also why was it so strange when this sentence comes out of the mouth of a child?

After Little Monkey said the phrase "too late", he looked out toward the gate and surveyed the scene, with his beautiful black and white eyes full of eager anticipation, as if waiting for someone to come.

Lin Xuanzhi walked next to Little Monkey and said, "Your Brother Lou hasnt come yet?"

Little Monkey was full of hope and said, "He will come. Brother Lou promised me that he will definitely come today."

Lin Xuanzhi paused for a moment and said, "He will come."

Little Monkey smiled towards Lin Xuanzhi and waved his hand at him. "The birthday feast of Young City Lord is about to start, I also have to leave."

He also reminded, "Today, the city is lively, nonetheless the city gate is quiet. You guys should stay here, itll be harder to get separated."

After he finished speaking, Little Monkey opened his legs and ran away.

Ren Fuyao sent his subordinates to follow him, but after a short time, his subordinates came back with a dark expression and reported, "That child I dont know what kind of strange thing he is. We just followed him for one block, and he disappeared into thin air."

Disappeared into thin air?

Duan Qiyang couldnt help but think of what happened outside the city gate. He shuddered, "Say, is that boy a ghost?"

Yuan Tianwen immediately had the urge to draw his sword and chop down people, but he heard Xiao Linfeng say, "Even if he is a ghost, he has never harmed anyone. Besides, this boy does not seem to possess an ordinary identity. He is the only one who can talk to us now normally."

Lin Xuanzhi said thoughtfully, "He is very likely to be the real master of this city."

Once those words were said everyone breathed in a chill.

This place is a Great-Demon Sealing Array. If that boy was the master of Twin Moons City, if one speculated a little, then who would Little Monkey be?

"I have a suspicion.." Leng Jixue frowned.

Lin Xuanzhi said, "I suspect it, too."

Yan Tianhen said, "Is it possible that Little Monkey is the sealed Divine Devil Venerable? But he is obviously still nothing more than a child. "

"It is not only that." Lin Xuanzhi lowered his eyes slightly and said, "Since we entered the city, everyone has been bringing up one person, that is, the Young City Lord. And according to the news we got, the Young City Lord was supposed to be celebrating his eighth birthday, just now that childs age, by coincidence, seems to be a match. There is one more point .. "

His eyes slowly swept past Wan Yitong and Bei Shitian and spoke, "Originally of the five Divine Emperors who sealed the Divine Devil, besides the West Phoenix Feng Jiushao, South Emperor Yun Shuijian, North Emperor Longyao Canghai, and Northeast Spiritual Emperor Rong Qinghan, there should be another emperor."

Wan Yitongs eyes were bright. "The person you are talking about is the last master of Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital that was surnamed Xuan, his name is Xuan Jiuxiao. But what are you suddenly bringing them up for?"

Lin Xuanzhi slightly narrowed his eyes and said, "Xuan Jiuxiao, single character Lou."

Wan Yitong suddenly stared with wide eyes, revealing an unbelievable expression.

"Are you saying-" Bei Shitian couldnt help but be emotionally moved.

"That is exactly what I am saying." Lin Xuanzhi looked towards the wide-open city gate and said, "Using this citys time period to look, the only person that matches the background of this city is Xuan Lou."

"Sss-" Wan Yitong sucked in air, staring at Lin Xuanzhi in disbelief, and said, "Young Martial Brother, you are too daring when speculating. How can the emperor possibly have connections with this small Twin Moons City? Moreover, you cant just rely on one Brother Lou to force a connection with the Monarch. Besides, this seal is in Five Continents, not Nine Lands. As we all know, the Divine Devil sealed by the five emperors has been chopped up into five, had his soul separated, and buried in the most secret and hard-to-find places in the Nine Lands. How can he appear here?".

Ridiculous, ridiculous, really too ridiculous.

Wan Yitong comes from Nine Lands, so he naturally has a distant sense of worship for the emperors from legends in the Nine Lands. When he was in Nine Lands, he had not come across anything related to them. Naturally, he would never have been able to believe that in a small world, he was able to meet a Great Demon Sealing Array sealed by their own hands.

But several other people who were originally from the Five continents were able to more easily accept Lin Xuanzhis guesses.

Xiao Linfeng touched his chin and said thoughtfully, "Although I have never heard of these things, I think what you said is very reasonable."

Wan Yitong: ".."

Hey, big brother, why are you foolishly butting in here?

Huangfu Jin thought for a moment and said, "If you only say the names, it might be possible."

Ren Fuyao slightly frowned and pondered for a moment. "If it is this way, it makes sense. The two people who came from Nine Lands did their best to make me come here to get the treasure. If you think about this large array at the Heaven Realm, only those with abilities at the Heaven Realm can make this."

Wan Yitongs expression was rarely solemn. "If this is the case, the so-called Five Continents seal is actually a fake and not sealing someone from the Five Continents? And the true Divine Devil Venerable is actually sealed in the Five Continents?"

Its not that Wan Yitong didnt guess at other Divine Devil Venerables, but because as far as he knows, there is only one Divine Devil Venerable personally sealed by Xuan Jiuxiao.

"This is hard to confirm." Lin Xuanzhi said, "Since at the time, when the Five Emperors sealed the Divine Devil, they were able to split the Divine Devil Venerable into five places and neatly seal them, so there is the possibility that it was divided into more. Maybe a Great Demon Sealing array was formed this way."

Wan Yitong thought for a long time, but still shook his head and said, "Not possible. I still dont believe this guess. Lets not talk about whether the child is the Young City Lord or not. Even if he is, he doesnt necessarily know Emperor Xuan."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded and said, "Of course, it is also possible that I guessed wrong. After all, everything today has just been a guess."

Leng Jixue said, "Then lets continue to look, maybe this important day will give us a few clues."

There was a vast crowd in Twin Moons City. The City Lords mansion began to set off fireworks.

This kind of fireworks was probably specially made, with many cultivators spiritual Qi added, and was very loud. There were nebulae and sunset clouds, and scenes of fairies flying.

As night arrived, the sound of music rose in the city, bringing a somewhat stylish, vast, and an artistic mood in the distance.

This was a serene city. Although most of the people here did not have a high cultivation, the people were honest, the houses were not locked at night, and every family was full of happiness.

Yan Tianhen stared without blinking at the Phoenix and Azure Dragon fireworks flying in the sky, and said with envy, "Its really beautiful."

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