Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Night Of Twin Moons 3

Chapter 407 – Night of Twin Moons (3)

Nonetheless, Wan Yitong furrowed his brows, "This City Lord Yin is a bit too daring. Azure Dragon and Phoenix are masters of the Western and Northern Lands. They actually dared to directly use the original appearances of these rulers in these fireworks. This is the highest form of disrespect, so if they were to offend them, they would have to be wary whether theyre able to bear the consequences."

Bei Shitian replied, "If one were to be able to get their consent, it might just be possible."

Wan Yitong curled his lips. "Do you think it is possible for the North Sovereign and West Phoenix to agree?"

Bei Shitian said faintly, "If the time was right and the matter between Twin Moons City and the Empress of Heaven turns out to be true, this Young City Lord would definitely have the rights to have West Phoenix and the Northern Sovereign consent to this matter. City Lord Yin doesnt seem like someone who is ignorant. Come to think of it, if Master Xuan were to ask, it might not be some impossible matter."

It had to be said that City Lord Yin truly dotes on that young son of his.

The fireworks, which were decorated with auspicious symbols such as the dragon and the phoenix, had taken an incenses worth of time to scatter and disappear. In replacement were the continuous and unbreaking pictures of nature. From a distance, lofty mountains and flowing rivers amidst the vast cloudy sky could be seen. The sight was absolutely magnificent and extraordinary.

Even Wan Yitong and Bei Shitian, who came from the Nine Lands, were already staring in awe at the sight.

"My dear, the financial resources of Twin Moons Citys City Lord really shouldnt be underestimated." Wan Yitong bared his teeth and stated, "For this set of fireworks, without hundreds of high-grade spirit stones, Im afraid it cant be created."

Bei Shitian lowered his eyes and responded, "This is the most prosperous time of the Myriad Dao Era."

The fireworks were set off at an extremely high position, so even though Lin Xuanzhi and others were standing at the city gate, they could still see it clearly, much better than if they were watching it in the inner city.

Lin Xuanzhi and the others simply found a resting pavilion near the city gate to enjoy the beautiful sight. After all, although it was an illusion, beautiful scenery such as this was hard to come by.

The entire sky above Twin Moons City was bright with fireworks and brilliant starlight.

After an unknown amount of time, the darkness fell and the statue-like guards at the city gate finally began to go about shutting the city gate.

Just then, a woman wearing splendid clothes landed and walked to the guards. "The Young City Lord has an order. Dont close the city gate tonight."

One of the guards asked, "Why?"

The splendidly dressed woman smiled and replied, "Young City Lord wants to wait for the royalty from Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital. His Majesty notified that he will be arriving by 11pm, to attend the birthday feast. So for tonight, we will have to trouble all of you to wait a bit longer."

The guards nodded, "Ok."

The well-dressed woman turned and left.

Lin Xuanzhi and the others had heard and understood this conversation clearly.

Wan Yitong commented, "Right now, I really want to know whether Emperor Xuan will come."

Lin Xuanzhi stared at the city gate and said faintly, "I dont think he will come."

Wan Yitong was surprised. "Why do you say that?"

Lin Xuanzhi mentioned lightly, "Intuition."

Wan Yitong: ".."

Could he be anymore unreasonable?

Duan Yuyang lifted his head and watched the moon in the sky.

The moon had already reached the middle of the sky and its color was a noble pale purple. It looked like a very auspicious sign.

"Tonight is the Night of Twin Moons." Duan Yuyang asked puzzledly, "But why do I only see one moon? Shouldnt twin moons mean that there would be two moons?"

Wan Yitong also looked at the moon for a while. "This Twin Moons City has long become taboo and has already been buried in the sand. The Night of Twin Moons, who would actually be able to figure out where it came from."

Bet Shitian replied, "I know."

Wan Yitong looked towards Bet Shitian.

BeI Shitian continued, "Since the ancient times, there has always been something strange happening in this city. No one knows why all the lakes and water surfaces in the city could never reflect the shadow of the moon in the sky. Only once every eight years on July 15, the moon in the sky turns purple and it was only then would the river in the city be able to reflect the moons shadow. This is the origin of the twin moons."

"So that is why there is a container filled with water in those peoples hands?" Duan Yuyang suddenly realized.

Wan Yitong glanced at Bet Shitian and asked, "How do you know?"

Bet Shitian answered, "We have been in the city for three months already. Have you never even inquired about the origin of this citys name?"

Wan Yitong, ".."

The others, ".."

They really have not asked.

Very good. Bet Shitian was excellent.

Lin Xuanzhi found a wide leaf from some unknown place and it was filled with some water. He pointed to the moons reflection in the water and said in amazement, "I just discovered out that no matter where I stand in the Twin Moons City, as long as there is water, the moon will be reflected. The angle also doesnt seem to matter."

Surprised, they all, one by one, went to try it and found that it was sure enough correct.

The moon in the water still remained the same. Even if the water had indefinite shapes, the moon would never change.

The midnight bell rang and todays feast of Twin Moons has reached its climax.

Coincidentally, Lin Xuanzhi looked towards the city gate. With just this glance, he saw a group of white robed men, who were riding demonic beasts, rushing in.

That group of white robed men wore masks on their faces and held weapons in their hands. After entering the door, they had beheaded all the city gate guards. Lin Xuanzhi got up abruptly and almost all the warm blood in his body seemed to have been splashed by frost he seemed to have anticipated something.

Hundreds of white robed masked men rushed in. They were ghostly silent and killed without mercy when they saw people, like a group of cold-blooded weapons.

After a moment, this group of people disappeared in everyones line of sight.

The city gate was deadly still and the body parts of these guards were strewn all over the place, even the blood had merged into a pool, which reflected the skys full moon that was covered with a layer of blood colored fog.

All of this happened too quickly, it was so fast that even Lin Xuanzhi and the others could not even react unilateral masscuring by crushing power.

After a moment, they looked at the remains and blood on the ground and could not help but gasp.

"What..what exactly is going on?" Wan Yitong stared in horror.

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes and looked at the city gate. "Lets follow and take a look."

Yan Tianhen was frightened, covering his chest with his hands. "Those people, they actually killed so many people! Who who exactly are they? "

"They might be Yan Chis people." Lin Xuanzhi looked intensely at Yan Tianhen and continued, "Tonight might just become the night where Twin Moons City disappears." Yan Tianhen was rendered stunned.

This was an unparalleled unilateral massacre. All those white robed cultivators were all expert killers, who had killed all the citizens, who had stopped before them, ruthlessly whether they were male or female, old or young.

By the time Lin Xuanzhi had rushed to the City Lords mansion, the long street heading towards there had already been wet with blood. Sounds of wailing resonated endlessly, causing people to feel shocked and their hearts to palpitate.

However, Lin Xuanzhi couldnt save anyone. He realised that all his attacks were like air to those white-robed people. They could not hurt him and he couldnt hurt them.

It was naturally the same for the others as well.

They were not locals, so just because they were outsiders, their every move was incapable of having the slightest effect on the people involved.

Yan Tianhen stamped his feet with anger. With red eyes, he could only watch the white-robed mens unilateral slaughter, yet not be able to do anything about it.

In the end, those white-robed people slaughtered their way to the City Lords mansion.

In the watchtower of the City Lords mansion, City Lord Yin watched as the mansion was completely filled with white robed cultivators.

The leader said, "Yin Feng, this is the last chance I will give you. If you dont hand over Yin Chongyue, today I will massacre your city and let the tens of thousands people in your city be buried with you!"

City Lord Yins eyes were red and were seemingly about to break apart in anger. He held his pair of halberds in his hands and shouted loudly, "Yan Chi! Your Yan family have the ambitions of wild wolves and bully others intolerably!"

Yan Chi laughed and said wildly, "Yin Feng, after tonight, no one in this city will survive and a big fire will burn Twin Moons City to ashes. All these crimes will then be buried. Who else will know that this is the doing of the Yan family?"

"You!" City Lord Yin nearly vomited blood. Holding a halberd, he flew down from the city wall and leapt into a fight with Yan Chi.

When Yan Chi was making his first move, Lin Xuanzhi already knew that Yin Feng would definitely lose.

The disparity of power was too great. It was the difference between the Earth Realm and Profound Realm.

Yin Feng flew out after being punched by Yan Chi and slammed heavily against the wall of the City Lords mansion, narrowly avoiding creating a hole.

Suddenly, a crying voice resonated across the mansion. A group of masked people dressed in black could be seen and they were actually pressing a group of common people who were tied up tightly to the front courtyard of the City Lords mansion.

Those common people were forced to kneel and their eyes were full of panic and fear.

"City Lord, save us!"

No one knew who cried out, but the others began to shout one after another.

Yin Feng spat a mouthful of blood and fell from the wall, kneeling on the ground on one knee. His body trembled, as he looked up at Yan Chi and shouted with hatred, "Yan Chi, my son and the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital have a marriage engagement. He will be coming back to attend the childs birthday feast tonight. You better think carefully!"

"Ha, ha, ha!" Yan Chi threw his head back and laughed into the sky, "Are you actually still waiting for Xuan Jiuxiao to save your Twin Moons City? In what capacity have you invited him here? Your sons future husband? Yin Feng, you have lived for so many years, how could you not understand? Xuan Jiuxiao is born to be one of the overlords and the only heir to the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital. Why would he care about your Twin Moons Citys legend of the Empress? He had only taken a fancy to Yin Chongyues Yin extreme Yin furnace constitution, just like me I just want Yin Chongyues body! "

Yin Feng vomited yet another mouthful of blood and was obviously very furious.

Yan Chi then narrowed his eyes and questioned, "Are you aware of what Xuan Jiuxiao was doing today? Today happens to be my sisters birthday as well, so he is naturally at my Yan family, meticulously caring for my sister. Yin Feng, instead of letting your son be an imperial concubine, why not let him marry me as my wife? I can promise that once my cultivation reaches the Sky Realm and I have become the number one person in the present age, I will let your Yin Family become a new Divine clan!"

"In your dreams!" Yin Feng roared in rage and yet again rushed towards Yan Chi.

His fists ignited with sharp winds and smashed the green slates on the ground into pieces. At a speed that was hard for the naked eye to catch, his fists smashed towards Yin Chis face with such majestic demeanor.

However, he was still no match for Yan Chi.

With little effort, Yan Chi pointed lightly with his finger and eliminated Yin Fengs attacks. With a backhand, he smashed all the bones in Yin Fengs whole body into bits.

Yin Feng let out a heartrending scream, then flew out and rolled a couple of times on the ground. After that, he could never get up ever again.

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