Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Night Of Twin Moons 4

Chapter 408 – Night of Twin Moons (4)

"Daddy!" A young and tender voice cried out, filled with horror. A child dressed in a bright red robe could be seen stumbling as he rushed over wildly.

He wore a golden jade crown and held a purple rattan ball in his hands. With a somewhat dazed and panic-stricken expression on his white little face, he ran out of the City Lords mansion.

Behind him, a woman dressed in palace attire chased after him while shouting, "Young Master, come back quickly!"

Yan Chis expression changed.

Those behind him wanted to capture Yin Chongyue, but were stopped by Yan Chi when he raised his hand.

"It really is him." Duan Yuyang looked at the child with a tear-streaked face and unconsciously felt a pain in his heart.

That child is really Little Monkey.

Yin Chongyue knelt on the ground, clutching Yin Fengs neck as he cried, continuously screaming for his father.

The purple rattan ball in his hands fell to the side, appearing to be sad and lonely.

A hoarse sound came from Yin Fengs throat, "Run .. Quickly run.."

"I dont want to!" Yin Chongyue cried and shook his head, "I want daddy, I dont want to run."

Yin Chongyue took a deep breath and stood up. Although he was still young, he was already showing a hint of a young city lords courage.

He looked at Yan Chi, "You just want me to go with you. Ill follow with you, but let everyone in my Twin Moons City go."

"If you were this obedient before your father made a move, then I would still be willing to promise you." Yan Chi sneered, "Unfortunately, I am not in a good mood right now. You are at my mercy, so you arent qualified to negotiate with me."

With that, Yan Chi stretched his hand and used his power to pull Yin Chongyue into his outstretched palm.

Yan Chi used his hand to strangle Yin Chongyues neck and leaned over to lick his face. "The body of the extreme Yin furnace constitution is certainly delicious, its a pity that its a little too small. This young master wont be able to enjoy it thoroughly. However, to be able to train this body for a couple more years, that should be sufficient."

The moment Yan Chi finished speaking, he raised his hand and lowered it down at a fast speed. It seemed as if those men in black had received some command. Unexpectedly, they started slaughtering those innocent people who were on their knees.

"Yan Chi!" Yin Feng roared and gnashed his teeth, resenting. "On this day, in the name of Twin Moons City, I, Yin Feng, curse you that sooner or later, your Yan family will suffer retribution! Someone with the same extreme Yin furnace constitution, like my son, will appear amongst the descendants of your Yan family and he will face twice the sufferings that my son endured today!

All the citizens of my Twin Moons City who died a wrongful death will be turned into ferocious ghosts and they will fight with your Yan family till the end!"


Yin Feng let out a final bellow that was filled with endless hatred and pain, before he stopped breathing entirely.

On the other hand, Duan Yuyang gasped and turned abruptly to look at Yan Tianhen.

Yan Tianhen started to go limp. With his sharp eyes and agile hands, Lin Xuanzhi quickly held Yan Tianhen in his arms.

A line of blood flowed out from the corner of Yin Chongyues mouth. "Even if I were to die, I wont fall into your hands."

Yan Chi froze and abruptly pried Yin Chongyues mouth open, only to see gush after gush of blood flowed out. Yin Chongyue had actually exploded his own Dantian and swallowed poison, in order to cut off all possibilities of survival.

Yan Chis expression changed instantly and screamed out in rage. It was the sort of extreme anger when ones efforts had gone down the drain.

In a burst of rage, he had lost all reasoning and literally tore Yin Chongyue apart with his bare hands, then threw him on the ground as if he was throwing garbage.

Yan Chi turned around and roared, "Slaughter everything in this city and even fowls and dogs are not to be spared! I want the entire Yin family to disappear completely from this world!"


Duan Yuyang retched into his hands, while Yuan Tianwen had him in his arms, constantly patting his back.

Even though they were spectators, they had experienced it firsthand, deeply immersed in this tragic history.

Yan Tianhen felt cold all over, his lips were trembling, as his eyes stared at Yin Feng, who had already taken his last breath, without blinking.

Lin Xuanzhis face turned ghastly pale. If it was not for the fact that Yin Feng was already dead, he was itching to go over and shatter his bones into dust Yin Fengs curse, eventually a portion of it would fall on Yan Tianhen!

Throughout his both lifetimes, he had always thought Yan Tianhens constitution was the cause of an unexpected turn of events since it was impossible to predict everything. Unexpectedly, this was actually related to the curse of Twin Moons Citys City Lord!


Fires were set ablaze from all directions, reflecting in Lin Xuanzhis pupils, which looked as if his eyes had shot two bolts of rage fire.

Wan Yitong couldnt help but gasp and murmured, "Fourteen years ago, the half-blood divine devil, who was born into the Yan Family, had a natural furnace constitution. This really is.. The cycle of karma, appropriate retribution, tit for tat."

"How is this tit for tat?" Bei Shitian frowned, "Its unreasonable for Yan Chis sins to be repaid by his descendants."

Leng Jixue sighed and explained, "Its only natural for a child to pay off his fathers debts. It also depends on the luck of the descendants. Twin Moon City is a strange place. The magnetic field here is very odd, also so many people had died overnight. In addition, with the place being razed by hellish flames, I am afraid that it will create devils."

The large fire burned for three days and three nights.

Originally a prosperous and peaceful city, but now it had completely become a ghost city with the smell of burning.

However, what was surprising was that when they returned to the City Lords mansion three days later, they could see a barefoot child, who was dressed in a red robe and had a jade like complexion, shaking his leg as he sat on the high wall of the City Lords mansion, looking at the devastated city with a relaxed expression.

"Little Monkey?" Yan Tianhen asked in surprise, "Didnt he die?"

"He has certainly died." Lin Xuanzhi looked at Yin Chongyue, "Im not sure if this is an illusion or a ghost."

Little Monkey looked over in their direction.

He then threw a ball downwards.

The purple rattan ball bounced and landed next to Lin Xuanzhi.

Yan Tianhen immediately tensed up and looked at the purple rattan ball as if watching a bomb.

However, Lin Xuanzhi only paused and bent down to pick up the ball.

He flew up, landed beside Little Monkey to pass the ball to him.

Yin Chongyue took the ball and smiled at Lin Xuanzhi, "Both of you are very similar to each other."

"How are we similar?" Lin Xuanzhi asked.

"Similar aura, similar appearance and similar temperament." Yin Chongyue smiled and his dimples appeared, "When I first saw you, I thought he returned."

Lin Xuanzhi paused and didnt know how to answer.

Yin Chongyue looked down at the bloody rattan ball in his hand and murmured, "Why didnt he come?"

Why didnt Xuan Lou come?

Lin Xuanzhi certainly was not able to give him an answer.

"If he had come, would Daddy not have to die? Would those innocent people in the city not have to die as well? Would I not become something that is neither a human nor a ghost?" Yin Chongyue suddenly shed tears and the bloody tears fell on the back of his hand, drop by drop, which made people feel heartache.

"Why did he break his promise? That liar. "

"He clearly told me that he would protect me for a lifetime."

"He said he would marry me once I grew up."

"But Im dead."

"I can never leave the Twin Moons City again."

"I will never see him again."

Lin Xuanzhi felt that Yin Chongyue was very pitiful.

"However.." Yin Chongyue suddenly raised his head, looked at Lin Xuanzhi and smiled. His appearance was very strange. "All of you cant leave either. Once you enter Twin Moons City, you can never leave again, so all of you will remain here and keep me company."

Lin Xuanzhi: ".."

There was a line of curses but he was not sure if it was proper to say!

He was really blind. He had actually felt compassionate when it came to Yin Chongyue.

Only Heaven knows whether the current Yin Chongyue was a person or a ghost!

"Dage!" Yan Tianhens sharp voice nearly pierced Lin Xuanzhis eardrum.

Lin Xuanzhis soul returned abruptly and his brain started to ache, as if he had been hit by an incantation.

"Did you use a confusion spell on me?" Lin Xuanzhi frowned slightly and looked at Yin Chongyue who still had the appearance of a child.

Yin Chongyue tilted his head and smiled, "Why, you are very powerful! If it was others, they would have already thrown themselves on me, but you are completely indifferent."

Lin Xuanzhis eyes lowered slightly and asked, "Yin Chongyue, could it be you are the person who is sealed under the large array?"

Yin Chongyues smile remained unchanged and looked at Lin Xuanzhi, "So what if its me and so what if it isnt? Anyways, you guys wont be able to break this large array and save yourselves."

Lin Xuanzhi spoke faintly, "Dont you want to leave this big array?"

Yin Chongyue laughed and answered, "In this world, Im the only one who is able to trap myself. For this array to be able to create Twin Moons City, the reason lies in my obsession, which is too deep. All these are created from my feelings and thoughts, so if you arent able to break my obsession, then you wont be able to leave this Twin Moons City.

I know why you people come here and I dont mind all of you cultivating in the array, but.. The duration that you can cultivate depends on your fortune."

After he finished speaking, Yin Chongyue waved his sleeves and Lin Xuanzhi fell from the wall lightly.

He continued to gaze afar at an unknown place, rocking his feet back and forth and an innocent smile appeared on his face.

"Dage, why were you just staring at him in a daze earlier?" Yan Tianhen frowned and asked with some discontent..

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head and replied, "I just want to understand him."

Yuan Tianwen asked, "How long do we need to stay here? Twin Moons City has already been destroyed. I dont know whats next since we are uncertain whether there are any hints."

Xiao Linfeng said, "Im not sure if you guys have realized that the spiritual Qi in this city is getting stronger."

Ren Fuyao nodded, "Thats right, but currently there is a problem that I have to tell everyone."

"What problem?" Leng Jixue asked.

Ren Fuyao looked solemn and explained, "Yesterday, one of my subordinates had advanced to the Primary Realm, but I didnt expect that for some unknown reason, he was killed by an explosion. Moreover, he was not the only one who exploded during the process of advancement. Right now, I suspect that if one advances their cultivation in this large array, Im afraid that they could be pressured directly by this large array and then explode, leading to their deaths."

At the moment, Lin Xuanzhi and the others were already on the verge of advancing. It was just because they dare not make a move rashly, so they had yet to advance..

According to what Ren Fuyao said, they were all the more glad that they had chosen their actions carefully.

Ji Yunweis cultivation was now hovering on the edge of Hardened Body State third layer. He couldnt help scratching his head in distress, "Indeed, being too powerful is also a burden."

Huangfu Jin, ".."

Qing Zhu said, "Although we cant be certain whether it is related to the large array or not, I would rather believe it does rather than not. We should continue to be careful."

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