Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 410

Chapter 410 Night Of Twin Moons 6

Chapter 410 – Night of Twin Moons (6)

At the gate of the City Lords mansion, a one-day feast was held for guests as they arrived. A long table was carried on the shoulders of strong men and was neatly placed in the square. The endless table was filled with spirit fruits and wine, its overwhelming aroma arousing the peoples appetite.

Yan Tianhen, who had not had a meal for a long time, couldnt help but swallow his saliva. He tugged on Lin Xuanzhis sleeve, "Dage, I want to eat."

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "Dont you think this meal is really similar to the last meal someone eats before being beheaded?"

Duan Yuyang reacted, "The way you describe it Fuck, it makes me lose all my appetite."

Lin Xuanzhi touched Yan Tianhens head, "So, its best not to eat it."

Leng Jixue picked up a fruit with a smile and rebutted, "But even if you dont eat it, wont it still be the final meal?"

Lin Xuanzhi: ""

Yan Tianhen: ""

Just when Leng Jixue was about to put it in his mouth, the food was quickly snatched away by Huangfu Jin.

"Dont just randomly eat food. How would you know whether its poisonous or not?" Huangfu Jin asked with a dark face.

Leng Jixue smiled, "Ah, since Ah Jin wont let me eat it, then I wont eat it."

Huangfu Jin glared at him and remained silent.

Actually, Leng Jixue was just making a joke to ease the atmosphere. It was impossible for him to actually eat something in this Great Demonic Array. Who would know what it was made of?

Soon, night came again.

History repeated itself continuously and Lin Xuanzhi once again witnessed the process of Twin Moons City being completely destroyed from the height of its glory overnight.

Looking at the Twin Moons City from all directions, it was completely ablaze with flames everywhere, causing everyones moods to be heavier than the first time they saw it.

However, the fire in the Twin Moons City could not burn them and the blades of the Black and White Crow Guards could not hurt them and vice versa.

They could neither save nor help anyone and this feeling of helplessness was almost overwhelming.

Despite that, this time, Lin Xuanzhi chose to leave the City Lords mansion on the day Twin Moons City became ashes and made his way to the city gate to guard it.

He wanted to verify one thing.

Three days later, at the same time, a man, who was dressed in black robes with gold lining and a jade crown, was riding a horse and had a sword on him. He then broke through the invisible barrier of the city gate and rushed over.

Most of the time, Yuan Tianwen was still able to maintain his image as the son of a noble family. However, when he watched the invaders slaughter innocent people, he felt genuine resentment and anger for his inability to do anything.

Huangfu Jin looked at Yuan Tianwen and said, "Calm down. Anyways, even if we can kill those people, history still wont be changed. The Twin Moons City has already disappeared, so everything here is just an illusion."

"But even if you know it is an illusion, youd still want to change it." Qing Zhu sighed, "That pitiful child, to always be living in the memories of the destroyed Twin Moons City."

Ren Fuyao came over, but he was also a little disappointed. "As compared to them, we are really lucky."

"I really want to cut those bastards to pieces!" Xiao Linfeng pierced his sword through the ground heavily, feeling helpless and depressed.

Xiao Linfeng had always been a chivalrous man with tender feelings. When he was a mortal, he would always punish evil and promote good, as well as wanting to redress the injustice of the world. To have seen such a nasty and despicable thing, his mood was naturally complicated, but there was also nothing he could do.

Qing Zhu patted Xiao Linfeng on the shoulder comfortingly, "We cant change the past."

Leng Jixue looked up and said, "It is not necessarily impossible to change."

Huangfu Jin questioned, "How so?"

Leng Jixue thought for a moment and explained, "I know that there is a magic treasure in this world that is called Revert World Mirror. This is a treasure of Hongmeng from the pre ancient times. Whoever has taken it, he would then be able to go back in time and restart everything all over again."

Wan Yitong became interested, "Ive also heard of this magic treasure, but it only exists in legends. It is rumored that the Revert World Mirror has always been in the hands of the Xuan family, but it is unknown when it had been lost."

Duan Yuyang said, "This is rare."

Yan Tianhen sighed, "If I have this Revert World Mirror, I must go back to the time before the Twin Moons City was destroyed."

Leng Jixue smiled, "Ah Hen is certainly a kind-hearted person."

Yan Tianhen did not explain, but he thought sourly and unhappily, Who told City Lord Yin to stir up trouble for others randomly and even cursed an innocent person like him right before his death.

If it werent for his damn constitution, at this moment, he might still have a complete family.

After a moment of irrelevant remarks, the topic finally circled back to the most important thing at the present.

"So, what do all of you think?" Ren Fuyao asked.

"Our cultivation, when we are in this city, is equivalent to nothing and we also cant reach a breakthrough. I seriously cant figure out what Yin Chongyues obsession is." Leng Jixue frowned with some worry.

"Could this be the destruction of the city?" Yuan Tianwen pondered, "However, we have tried our best to prevent Yan Chi from destroying the city, but unfortunately there was not the slightest effect at all."

Xiao Linfeng touched his chin and added, "When it comes to obsession, besides revenge, it would be love. Could it be possible that his obsession is Xuan Lou?"

"But if Xuan Lou doesnt come, what can we do about it?" Huangfu Jin asked.

Yan Tianhen looked at Lin Xuanzhi, blinking his eyes, "Dage, you havent said much since the beginning. What are you thinking about?"

All eyes fell on Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzh swept his eyes over the crowd and said slowly, "I have an idea, but I am not sure whether it is feasible. However, based on the information we have now, it is worth a try."

When they met Little Monkey again, Yin Chongyue stood in front of them and smiled, "You all have only two more chances. In another seven days, it will be the Night of Twin Moons. In reality, there isnt anything you guys can do about it. Isnt it better outside? Why do you all insist on coming here to court death?"

Lin Xuanzhi just looked at Yin Chongyue and said, "Young City Lord Yin, there are still seven days to your birthday. The Yan family will send someone to slaughter the city. Why dont you tell your father to send someone to Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital and ask for help now?"

Yin Chongyues expression changed slightly.

Yin Chongyue replied lightly, "Its not necessary."

He initially thought that Lin Xuanzhi would continue to persuade him, but when he saw Lin Xuanzhi nodding thoughtfully, he continued "Speaking of it, its really unnecessary."

Yin Chongyue frowned, then turned around and walked away with the ball in his arms. His back did not look as light as before. Perhaps, it was because he was too lazy to tease Lin Xuanzhi and the others any further.

After Yin Chongyue left, Yan Tianhen said sadly to Lin Xuanzhi, "Dage, is your method feasible? This is a matter where a false step could lead to eternal regret, so it must be considered thoroughly."

Lin Xuanzhi smiled, "I just asked him whether he wants to ask for help, but he said it was not necessary, so I can, all the more, confirm what he is thinking. Just watch."

Ji Yunwei stroked his chin, "I still think its not very reliable."

Leng Jixue said, "But there arent any better solutions, so we have to give it a go."

Throughout these short seven days, they did nothing else but to explore and play in the city everyday. As a matter of fact, even though Yin Chongyues mind was hard to guess and his behavior was strange, the Twin Moons City in this illusion was truly beautiful. Not only the natural scenery, but the repaired buildings, floral and landscapes had a unique flavor.

Yin Chongyue wanted to watch Lin Xuanzhi and his friends mill about in the city like headless flies. They should be anxious about the upcoming dilemma of never leaving, but instead, this group of daring and fearless guys were playing around like fish to water in his illusion.

Although Yin Chongyue was a little upset, in the end he was still inevitably amused.

Well anyways, these people will be staying here to play with him in the future.

With a blink of an eye, it was July 15th.

Yin Chongyue stood on the balcony and saw Yan Tianhen and the others standing together with the common people. However, he did not see Lin Xuanzhi, who looked very similar to Xuan Lou.

Yin Chongyue did not know why but he unexpectedly jumped down and walked to Yan Tianhen to ask, "Hey boy, wheres Lin Xuanzhi?"

Yan Tianhen reached out his hand and patted Yin Chongyues head, "My name is Yan Tianhen, not hey. My Dage has other things to do, so he has been away for a while."

Yin Chongyue: "" How audacious, you actually dared to touch this Venerables head!

Yin Chongyue just glanced coldly at Yan Tianhen and flicked his sleeve as he turned around to leave. He even said coolly, "In just a few more days, all of you will be trapped here forever."

"It is also possible that we will see the light of day with you." Yan Tianhen replied with a good temper and a smile.

Yin Chongyue grinned back strangely and turned his head to stare at Yan Tianhen for a while, "That might also be possible, so I wish you good luck."

Yan Tianhen replied, "You ought to wish us good luck."

Yin Chongyue quickened his pace, as he walked forward. With a wave of his sleeves, he flew to the gate tower, in a manner that was as light as a feather. Meanwhile Yin Feng, who stood beside him in the gate tower, did not seem to have any idea when his son had left.

The joy of the Night of Twin Moons symbolised the deepest respect and worship the people in Twin Moons City held for the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital.

Therefore, the festival was huge and prosperous. Anyone who had seen it would be able to see the splendor of the prosperous Myriad Dao Era.

However, once overturned, it could not be undone again.

Midnight was approaching.

The Black and White Crow Guards broke through the door and paved the road with white bones. They reached the City Lords mansion, unimpeded.

Then, the same conversation repeated once more.

Yan Chi shamelessly asked Yin Feng for Yin Chongyue, but Yin Feng refused. Yin Feng attacked Yan Chi, but Yan Chi won with just a strike.

Yin Chongyue stood at the top of the city wall, dressed in red. He gazed afar and hooked his lips in mockery.

He did not make a move, but there was yet another him who jumped down from the city wall instead of his current self and walked towards Yan Chi.

That child begged for mercy from the cruel executioner. He was even willing to become his human furnace and he would never again yearn for that beautiful, bygone dream of becoming Xuan Lous Dao companion.

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