Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Pursuers Blocking Their Way

Ch416 – Pursuers Blocking Their Way

As he spoke, Ren Fuyao remembered the news coming from Sky Peak Sect, then frowned. "Sect Master, I dont know where you got the news. You must not be bewitched and deceived by people. Perhaps"


He didnt even finish speaking before Ren Fuyao was slapped in the face, his head now facing the side.

There was a dead silence around them.

Some people couldnt help but feel a cold sweat in their hearts.

Leng Jixue couldnt bear to watch this anymore, so he came forward. "Sect Master, Young Sect Master is telling the truth."

Besides, it was too ugly for him to humiliate Ren Fuyao like so in such a public situation.

Ren Bulin took a deep breath, looked at Leng Jixue, and then said loudly, "That Twin Lotus Lamp is a treasure shared by all the cultivators in the Five Continents. I sent people to get it not for my own personal gain, but for the future of the whole Five Continents."

Huangfu Jins lips slowly curved into an ambiguous smile.

"This item is of great importance and must not be privately owned!"

Leng Jixue frowned. "But the Twin Lotus Lamp really isnt in Lin Xuanzhis hands."

"How do you know he didnt secretly put it in his bag behind your back?" A strange voice came from the crowd, and the disciples of Sky Peak Sect consciously split apart, making way for him. A young man dressed in a divining star robe came up. His face was grave and stern and his imposing manner oppressed the people, giving them the impression of arrogance as he looked down at the masses.

He held a feathered fan in his hand, but the feathers had a silvery gray metallic luster.

He said, "A few days ago, a companion star was faintly discernible on the side of Lin Xuanzhis life star, but it didnt exist before. I think there is no other possibility except that he received the Twin Lotus Lamp. Young man, dont merely look at the surface appearance for some people."

Huangfu Jin stared at the man and sized him up. "Who are you? You spoke so casually about seeing someone elses life star without even thinking things through. Who knows if you are talking nonsense or something?"

"Do not be rude!" A middle-aged cultivator came up and looked at Huangfu Jin discontentedly. "This is a recluse with great power, the prophet Esteemed Shen Ji. How can he be someone you can casually shout at?"

Huangfu Jin stared with wide eyes. "Father, how can you collude with such people?"

"Disgraceful bastard! Do you know how to talk?" City Lord Huangfu glared at him. "Arrogant and rude!"

Huangfu Jin, ""

Fuck, who exactly was the arrogant and rude one here?

Master Shen Ji said coldly, "This one surnamed Yin has never put any dust in his sight."

Leng Jixue looked at his hand and couldnt help but show a somewhat bitter smile.

He would rather have Huangfu Jin cursing and swearing at him than Huangfu Jin acting like a stranger to him.

In the end, they still became estranged.

Master Shen Ji also didnt continue arguing with Huangfu Jin either. He merely gave a light smile that contained an unknown meaning and left the same way he came.

Ren Bulin was very disappointed with Ren Fuyao and followed Master Shen Ji, who had already boarded the carriage. "What does Gentleman think should be done next?"

Sitting in the gorgeous carriage, Master Shen Ji leaned against the soft collapse and casually replied, "Keep waiting for Lin Xuanzhi to come out."

Ren Bulin frowned. "Its not good to provoke the people from Profound Sky Sect and the Yuan family."

Master Shen Ji casually toyed with the feather fan. "I have told you where the Twin Lotus Lamp is going; I am too lazy to take care of the rest. However, I am somewhat disappointed with Sect Master Rens effectiveness in handling matters. It seems that there should be other, more suitable candidates for cooperation with me in the Five Continents."

Ren Bulins expression changed and paled somewhat. He quickly promised, "Sir, rest assured, I will try my best to obtain the Twin Lotus Lamp."

Master Shen Ji commented, "Your grandson is indecisive and soft-hearted. He cannot become successful like this."

Ren Bulin spoke with slightly cold eyes, "He is still young, but you can rest assured, sir, I will teach him well."

After several days trek, Lin Xuanzhi and the others finally appeared on the edge of the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest.

Before they left the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest completely, someone came to pick them up.

In order to avoid sending too many people and attracting unnecessary attention, only two people came to meet them.

One of them was Esteemed Lan Yue, and the othermade people a little confused.

Lin Xuanzhi and the others hadnt even taken off their invisibility magic treasures yet when Esteemed Lan Yue suddenly did something to disable all the magic treasures on their persons.

The entire group was exposed, but they were not afraid when they saw their own people. Yan Tianhen rushed over. "Martial Uncle!"

Looking at Yan Tianhen, Esteemed Lan Yue nodded with a faint smile. "I havent seen you for three years, but Ah Hen has grown a lot."

Yan Tianhen couldnt help but sigh. "I didnt expect that we would remain in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest for three years."

Yin Chongyue clearly said it was only three days, but nobody expected to find that by the time they came out, three years had passed.

Esteemed Lan Yue told them, "This is not the place to talk. Lets leave as soon as possible."

Yuan Tianwen twisted his eyebrows and looked around. "Where are my dad and the others?"

Esteemed Lan Yue replied, "When your dads whereabouts were revealed, we started to play along and thought it was best to have him and Huai Yu lead those people away."

Liu Mengchen nodded. "Everyone, please follow me back to my Liu familys villa first before making other plans."

When Qing Zhu saw Liu Mengchen, he asked angrily, "Why are you here? Didnt you go to the Great Demon-Sealing Array?"

Liu Mengchen smiled at Qing Zhu. "If Zhuer wants to know, Ill tell you in detail on the way, but lets get on the road first so that your family and friends will not become anxious waiting at home."

Esteemed Lan Yue took out a magic treasure that looked like a frisbee, with a shape and design that the others had never seen before.

Esteemed Lan Yue threw the magic treasure into the sky, and it became a bowl-shaped item that could hold several people. The group jumped into the bowl-shaped thing one after another.

This frisbee was a spiritual tool Esteemed Lan Yue brought down from the Nine Lands and was called the Teal Cloud Plate, which was an auxiliary tool for traveling. Teal Cloud Plates biggest advantage was not that it was extremely fast, but that it could hide its shape and would not be easily discovered.

In such a situation where they were surrounded by pursuers hunting them down, the Teal Cloud Plate was the most suitable item to use.

After a while, the Teal Cloud Plate passed over the heads of all the people watching inside and outside the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest.

When the Teal Cloud Plate flew over a luxurious carriage, Master Shen Ji, who was originally resting in the carriage with closed eyes, actually opened his eyes, lifted the curtain on the carriage, and looked towards the sky outside.

Master Shen Ji frowned and seemed a little confused, but after observing for a moment, he nevertheless lowered the curtain.

With the help of Esteemed Lan Yue and Liu Mengchen, the group left the boundary of Qi City very smoothly.

In the end, the Teal Cloud Plates speed was still a bit too slow. When they reached a relatively safe location, Esteemed Lan Yue put the Teal Cloud Plate away.

"There is a little path that is not often taken by people when going to the Liu family from here. Although there are some detours, it is much safer compared to other paths, so we will ride our swords over from here." As Liu Mengchen spoke, he looked at them. "Can you all fly on your swords?"

Everyone nodded uniformly.

Liu Mengchen looked at the two tiger cubs acting spoiled at Yan Tianhens feet. "What breakthroughs have they made in the past three years?"

Ah Bai heard someone ask about him and immediately stood up to prove that he existed. He let out a tiger roar and suddenly turned into a handsome tiger with a pair of wide white wings. A pair of amethyst eyes were set on a somewhat fluffy face. He looked both cute and handsome.

Esteemed Lan Yue nodded with satisfaction. "It seems that Ah Bai and Hu Po have also grown up."

"They can even fly." Yan Tianhen happily held Ah Bais neck and kissed him. Ah Bai immediately showed both a shy and proud expression, which looked adorable and shocking.

They didnt say much since this place was still not very safe, so everyone immediately took out magic treasures and flew away toward the Liu family.

They originally thought the road ahead was going to be calm, but right after passing through some wilderness, a flock of indigo birds suddenly appeared in the sky. These birds were very big, with slender beaks and fierce eyes, and they looked extremely terrifying.

"Not good, its the Indigo Poison Birds!" Liu Mengchen recognized these demonic beasts with a single glance.

Esteemed Lan Yues expression changed slightly. "Everyone, dont panic. The Indigo Poison Birds weakness lies in their eyes. Everyone should concentrate on attacking their eyeballs!"

With that said, Esteemed Lan Yue stretched out a hand and gently turned his wrist, as though he was picking a flower, but one Indigo Poison Bird gave a miserable shriek as its eyeballs burst with purple-red poisonous blood. Its body tilted and fell from the air.

"Whispering Buddhas Finger?" Soul Plate exclaimed in surprise.

"Youre actually still alive." Lin Xuanzhi casually remarked.

Soul Plate replied, "Of course this Venerable is still alive. Its just that the pressure from the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest made me uncomfortable, so I was too lazy to speak."

Then Soul Plate continued, "Hurry up and get that stupid bird away from me. Its chirping all day long; I feel annoyed just from looking at it."

"Then youll have to ask that bird if he wants to!" After Lin Xuanzhi said that, he narrowed his eyes and immediately slashed his sword towards the leading Indigo Poison Bird.

The sword light shone brightly. Instead of avoiding it, the Indigo Poison Bird met it straight-on. It opened its beak and spewed a strong gust of wind towards the front. The biting and cold wind scattered Lin Xuanzhis sword Qi and included a strong smell of bad breath, which almost choked several people nearby to death.

"Urgh" Wan Yitong was the first one who couldnt stand it anymore. He dry-retched and cursed, "Fuck his ancestors. Is this stupid thing trying to choke us to death?"

While saying that, Wan Yitong rushed into the flock of Indigo Poison Birds. His whole body was wrapped in bright sword Qi and scattered the flock of birds at once.

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Yan Tianhen first threw out a palm strike to an Indigo Poison Bird that came straight at him, and when the bird ducked towards the side to avoid the Yin Flame Palm, Yan Tianhen whipped out with his flame whip, tightly wrapping it around the neck of the Indigo Poison Bird.

The Indigo Poison Birds feathers were very thick and slippery, and their skin was also rough and thick, so ordinary attacks were useless. However, Yan Tianhen merely wanted to immobilize it for the time being.

When Lin Xuanzhi saw this, he quickly stabbed towards the Indigo Poison Birds eyeballs from a distance. The Indigo Poison Bird couldnt dodge in time and was blinded when the fierce and sharp sword wind stabbed its eyeballs. It wailed in anguish and fell straight from above toward the ground.

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