Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 418

Chapter 418 Huai Yu Gets Angry

Chapter 418 – Huai Yu Gets Angry

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After talking and laughing for a while, Yuan Tianwen took Duan Yuyang to rest in the house that Liu Mengchen sent someone over in advance to arrange.

Liu Mengchen looked around, and his eyes finally fell on the Qing Zhu. "I have some matters to say to Zhuer first."

Qing Zhu glanced at him. "What do we have to say to each other? No."

At the same time, Liu Zhaoyue ran out from somewhere and was very excited to see Lin Xuanzhi and the others. "My god, you all finally came out safely. Before that, so many rumors said that you guys died in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest. I thought I would never see all of you again, and I was sad for a long time!"

Yan Tianhen looked at his happy little face and couldnt help saying, "We didnt know each other that well before. I didnt expect you to care so much about us."

Liu Zhaoyue said, "Haha, this young master wasnt worried about you. I was worried about my sister-in-law. If anything happens to my sister-in-law, Im afraid my Dage will take things too hard and off himself. Then, wont all the Liu familys work fall on me?"

Yan Tianhen, ""

Other people, ""

He truly is my biological brother, Liu Mengchen couldnt help but think.

Qing Zhu became angry from embarrassment. "You little brat, you talk nonsense at an early age. Who is your sister-in-law?"

"You, of course." Liu Mengchens face was full of smiles. "Alright, I just wanted to inform you about this matter. I dont accept refutations or rebuttals. If you have any other opinions about this, we can talk slowly in private."

Qing Zhu, ""

Qing Zhus heart didnt feel good, so a foot ferociously stepped on Liu Mengchens shoe, leaving behind a dusty footprint.

Liu Mengchen grabbed Qing Zhu, hugging him in his arms. He gave two candid laughs as he held Qing Zhu with one hand and flew into the air. Nobody knew where he was going to take Qing Zhu. Qing Zhu struggled twice, only to find that he couldnt escape, so he could only go with Liu Mengchen.

Xiao Linfeng arched his eyebrows. "Bullying my brother right in front of me ah. Nope, I have to follow and take a look. I cant let Liu Mengchen, this boy, go too far."

After Xiao Linfeng left, Wan Yitong also smiled while pulling Bei Shitians wrist. "Master, Ill leave first with Bei Shixiong to practice kindness and love towards one another and deepen the bonds between martial brothers. You, in your esteemed old age, can do whatever you want. Dont miss me too much."

Bei Shitian shook off Wan Yitongs hand and coldly said, "Dont grope about." He left Wan Yitong with a silhouette of his back.

Along the journey, Wan Yitongs face had been cultivated to be ultra super thick, so this small act of face-slapping was simply ineffectual. He shrugged his shoulders, full of dismissiveness, and cried out affectionately, "Bei Shixiong, wait for me," while jumping and bouncing towards Bei Shitian.

Wan Yitong caught up with Bei Shitian. "Ill say, why wont you give me any face in front of Master?"

Bei Shitian countered, "Why dont you give yourself some face? If you dont provoke me, how can I have the opportunity to slap your face?"

Bei Shitian stared at Wan Yitong with cold eyes. "Ive already said that you dont have to waste time on me. Its not appropriate to use the words unromantic and insensitive on me."

Wan Yitongs shoulder slumped down. He took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. "Bei Shitian, the reason I keep on making a fool of myself in front of you is because Im afraid of what will happen to you, if I cant persevere any longer one day."

"Whether you persevere or not what does that have to do with me?" Bei Shitian didnt understand him.

Wan Yitong retracted his gaze and looked straight at Bei Shitian. "It pains me to think that no one will love you as much as I do."

Wan Yitong pointed to his heart. "My heart aches for you."

Bei Shitian suddenly clenched his fist.

He suddenly felt extremely pained, but he didnt know where it came from. The feeling made his heart and nose sting, as though he was about to cry.

Its just that Wan Yitong didnt give him the chance to continue with a stinging heart or nose.

Wan Yitong said indifferently, "Forget it, just think of this as me speaking nonsense. Actually, I pulled you away just now because I can see that Master has something to say to Youngest Martial Brother."

Bei Shitian paused for a while before slowly saying, "Im not such an unperceptive person."

"You are if I say so."

"Suit yourself."

It was another fruitless conversation.

Over there, the people were almost gone. There were only three people Esteemed Lan Yue, Lin Xuanzhi, and Yan Tianhen left on the empty land There were also two tiger cubs who, although they looked more grown up, still didnt grow any brains at all. The tiger cubs were still happily playing nonstop.

Lin Xuanzhi gazed expressionlessly at Esteemed Lan Yue.

He was waiting for Esteemed Lan Yue to speak.

Esteemed Lan Yue looked at him and showed an awkward expression several times, as if he wanted to speak but hesitated each time.

Just when Lin Xuanzhi was guessing how Esteemed Lan Yue would explain it all to him, Esteemed Lan Yue raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder. He spoke meaningful and heartfelt words, "Your Master is a little tired, you should go rest as well. If you have anything to say, you can think about saying it after youve calmed down."

Lin Xuanzhis heart suddenly cursed. Before he could speak, he saw Esteemed Lan Yue run away, calm and composed.


For the first time, Lin Xuanzhi showed a trace of anger in his heart for Esteemed Lan Yue.

Yan Tianhen also noticed this unfriendly tension and tried to ease Lin Xuanzhis mood. "Dage, the weather is quite good today."

As soon as his words fell, a muffled thunder broke out in the sky.

Yan Tianhen, ""

Thats fucking embarrassing.

Even the Heavens were against him.

Lin Xuanzhi hooked an arm around Yan Tianshens shoulder. "Lets go. Weve run here all the way in worry. Lets get some rest too. Im afraid there will be tough battles in the future."

The two peoples living quarters were together. They didnt know if Liu Mengchen was intentional or not, but he even prepared only one bed.

Yan Tianhen took off his outer robe and only wore his inner garments. He took the quilt and rolled into the bed. Ah Bai originally wanted to jump onto the bed, but Lin Xuanzhi quickly lifted him by the scruff of his neck and threw him into the cradle bed prepared specifically for the tiger cub.

Ah Bai let out two "Ao wu"s and tried to jump onto the bed, but one look from Lin Xuanzhi frightened him so much that he shrunk behind Hu Po Why are you being so fierce?

This tiger didnt provoke you?

Lin Xuanzhi had always been quite silent; including when faced with Yan Tianhen, he also spoke a lot less.

Lin Xuanzhi laid down beside Yan Tianhen. After a long while, Yan Tianhen opened his eyes and watched Lin Xuanzhi.

He found that Lin Xuanzhis pair of black eyes, whose expression couldnt be seen, was staring straight at the top of the curtain. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Yan Tianhen simply scooted beside Lin Xuanzhi and held his arm. "Dage, are you in a bad mood?"

Lin Xuanzhis line of sight shifted towards Yan Tianhens neck.

No trace of that scratch from before could be seen thanks to Masters medicine, which was so rare that one couldnt afford it even if they had a thousand gold. However, whenever Yin Xinghans blow back then flashed through Lin Xuanzhis mind, he felt powerless, filled with an indescribable anxiety and impatience the disparity in power between them was clear at a glance.

Yan Tianhen couldnt bear to see the depression on Lin Xuanzhis face.

However, Yan Tianhen couldnt help but feel happy. He leaned over and kissed Lin Xuanzhis face while holding his neck. "Dage, smile for me."

Although Lin Xuanzhi was still depressed, he still couldnt help but smile.

Yan Tianhen giggled foolishly.

Lin Xuanzhi smiled for a while, then sighed. "I will kill that nuisance of a Master Shen Ji sooner or later."

Yan Tianhen nodded. "En, kill him."

Lin Xuanzhi, ""

Before long, a loud voice outside woke Yan Tianhen.

He looked to the side; Lin Xuanzhis side was already empty. It wasnt warm at all to his touch. It seemed that he had been gone for a long time.

Yan Tianhen put on his clothes and jumped out of bed, running outside.

Outside, Esteemed Huai Yu and Su Mo had returned.

Esteemed Huai Yus expression was full of wretchedness, his bad mood written all over his face. He was currently clutching a tree in the yard, constantly picking off the leaves on it. The leaves that had already been picked off were all over the floor.

Esteemed Lan Yue stood next to Esteemed Huai Yu and seemed to be trying to persuade him in an even-tempered manner.

Su Mo spoke to Lin Xuanzhi in a low voice with a solemn expression, and Lin Xuanzhis brows grew tighter and tighter

"Dage." Yan Tianhen ran up. "Master, Uncle Mo, youre all back."

When Esteemed Huai Yu saw Yan Tianhen, he stopped picking off leaves, and his expression was no longer ugly. However, he was still rude. "You still know to leave the forest ah. I havent heard from you for three years. I even thought you indulged in pleasure so much that you forgot your home and responsibilities."

Yan Tianhen said, "I really cant be blamed for this. Who let that Yin Chongyue be so dishonest? He said that he would lend us the Twin Lotus Lamp for three days. Who knew that his three days were actually three years on the outside!"

"Yin Chongyue, where did Yin Chongyue come from?" Esteemed Huai Yu sneered and glared at Lin Xuanzhi. "If I had known that you were going for that Twin Lotus Lamp, Laozi would never have allowed Ah Hen to go with you!"

When Lin Xuanzhi faced Esteemed Huai Yu, it was hard for him to speak. After all, apart from the fact that he was Ah Hens Master, he should also be Ah Hens dad although it didnt seem like Ah Hen would acknowledge him as his dad.

Yan Tianhen rubbed his nose. "You guys know everything?"

Esteemed Huai Yu replied angrily, "Your Dage confessed everything."

When he spoke of this matter, Esteemed Huai Yu became angry again and pointed to the tip of Lin Xuanzhis nose as he cursed, "Brat, you really dont know how high the sky is or how thick the earth is. Not even I would dare to break into that Great Demon-Sealing Array. How capable do you think you are? Can you ensure that you can enter and leave in one piece, huh?"

"Master, you cant say that." Yan Tianhen explained hastily, "Look, didnt we come out safely? Moreover, we also got a lot of benefits from the Twin Lotus Lamp. I am already in the Primary Realm now. If this were outside, how long would it have taken me to cultivate to this point ah?"

"You shut up!" Esteemed Huai Yu scolded, "Youve already been sold, yet youre still helping the sellers count the money. Are you stupid? Are you a fool?"

Yan Tianhen shook his head. "Not stupid."

Esteemed Huai Yu was so angry he smiled. "The Twin Lotus Lamp indeed brought you benefits. I admit that you all safely left the great array. I also admit that its a good ending, but do you really think you only obtained benefits?"

Esteemed Huai Yu raised his voice, "Are you all not the ones being pursued and hunted down right now? Are you guys not the ones under siege? Are you not the ones everyones watching right now? Is it that hard to keep a low profile? Ah?"

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