Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 421

Chapter 421 Life Stars Fortunes And Disasters

Chapter 421 – Life Stars Fortunes and Disasters

Seeing this, Esteemed Lan Yue smiled faintly, "What the prophets did is really unkind. However, knowing the fortunes and disasters, prosperity and decline, has been the mission of the prophets family from ancient times. Speaking of which, besides Lin Zhan, Im afraid I was the first person in the world to know that he was pregnant. Its just that I didnt have much contact with Lin Zhan, and it was too late to tell him about the prophecy. I had to find ways to completely block your life star from under the prophet familys eyes, so that others cant find it."

Now, it seemed that Esteemed Lan Yue had done it.

He protected Lin Xuanzhis 20 years of peaceful existence.

Looking at Esteemed Lan Yue with respect, Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help feeling moved, "Master, your cultivation level was compromised when you were protecting my life, right?"

How could the fate star be hidden so easily?

Especially for a fate star that had been noticed by many prophets; how could it be so simple to use ones own power to cover the sun and the sky and go against the heavens?

In Lin Xuanzhis view, Esteemed Lan Yues cultivation was still unfathomable, but Lin Xuanzhi could still use his knowledge of the consequences of opposing heaven to speculate the price that Esteemed Lan Yue paid for going against the heavens.

Esteemed Lan Yue said indifferently, "This is what I should do. The things done by the prophets are not kind. There are many things in this world that shouldnt have been said and cant be said. However, the prophet family who divined the secrets of heaven had let people know in advance. As a result, many troubles were caused for no reason. Xuanzhi, everything is destined according to the heavens. If you dont say it and I dont say it, no one will know about it, and the result is bound to happen. However, if it is known in advance"

Esteemed Lan Yue shook his head.

If I knew that you would become a stumbling block for me in the future, why wouldnt I choose to kill you when you were still weak?

Just like Yin Chongyue.

His existence was as noble and transcendent as the Lord of the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital and he was prophesied to be the Empress of the divine clans.

Then, thinking about it another way, wouldnt the person who obtained him be able to become the Lord of the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital?

Wasnt this shocking prophecy the biggest reason why Yin Chongyue became a prey to be chased?

Buddha said: certain truths cannot be revealed.

For thousands of years, the prophet family only ever deduced misfortunes and blessings while resolving catastrophes.

The prophet family was a transcendent existence among the Nine Lands realms. The rankings of the Divine Clans were always changing. However, the prophet family had never participated in it. The reason was that no one was willing to become their enemy. The prophet family did not need to be ranked to gain their sense of identity.

But the premise of transcendence was impartiality and absolute neutrality.

However, in later years, more and more people wanted to rely on the natural opportunities and talents of the prophet clan to seek personal gain for themselves, maybe for some political achievements, and at times in exchange for some benefits. In short, the prophet familys descendants, who should never step foot into the political world, betrayed that rule and now had different leaders they were loyal to.

Esteemed Lan Yues eyes became somewhat complicated. He looked at the little apprentice with melting eyes and sighed lightly, "Xuanzhi, you are so wise and smart; many things cant escape your eyes. Since you can see it, I might as well tell you a few more matters. You are not the first person to be fated as the Star of Salvation. There were three before you. One was the Heavenly Venerable who created the world, another was the Lord of the Purple Emperors Heavenly Capital who ended the first Great Immortal-Demon War, and the other was your ancestor Xuan Jiuxiao. They all had one thing in common all of them once held the supreme throne."

Lin Xuanzhis eyes sank.

Esteemed Lan Yue nodded.

Lin Xuanzhi took a deep breath, and his heart throbbed. Although his expression didnt seem to have changed, an uproar had already occurred in his heart.

Now, the person sitting in that position was the Yan family.

If the Yan family were to know that there was a Star of Salvation in the Xuan Clan who could snatch their position, he was afraid that he would be removed or be killed by any means.

Yin Chongyues experience was vivid.

Reappearing in his mind over and over again.

Lin Xuanzhi clenched his fist that was hidden in his sleeve. "Master, what was the original complete prophecy?"

After watching Lin Xuanzhi for a moment, Esteemed Lan Yue said softly, "At the beginning, before you were born, the prophet family had already released a prophecy the next Star of Salvation will be Xuan Wushes eldest son."

An indescribable anger surged into his heart, Lin Xuanzhis fists creaked, and he gritted his teeth. "Does the prophet family still want face?"

This was clearly aimed at Xuan Wushe!

This was clearly pushing Xuan Wushe and the entire Xuan clan to the cusp of the storm.

What do those in power fear the most?

To have someone covet their position.

Even today, the heirs of the nine Divine Clans all have the right to inherit the position as the Crown Prince of the Royal Heavenly Capital. However, the person who ultimately sat in that position had always been the Yan family.

That prophecy had already violated a big taboo.

"No wonder No wonder Xuan Wushe wanted to marry a wife and have children." Lin Xuanzhi suddenly realized, and his disgust and dissatisfaction with that person suddenly lessened a little bit.

Esteemed Lan Yue sighed, "I really dont know how Xuan Wushe thought about it. Its just that Xuan Wushe knew the original prophecy about your fate. Apart from the Yan family, only Xuan Wushe knew it. At that time, he thought that the Yan family wanted to cause trouble for him. He probably didnt expect that Lin Zhan was already pregnant with you, and your fate was really the Star of Salvation speaking of which, the prophet familys actions merely pushed the boat along the current."

How could the Yan family let such news spread out?

At first, Xuan Wushe listened to it as a joke, and it wasnt until Esteemed Lan Yue came to his door to tell him that the deduction was correct, that Xuan Wushes perception really changed.

The Yan family had a hundred ways to kill Lin Zhan and the unborn child.

Xuan Wushe certainly didnt want to see this happen.

You guys are keeping an eye on my eldest son?

Good, then I will marry a great family and see if your Yan family really dares to fight against the two big families and attack my eldest son.

Xuan Wushe was prideful throughout his life. He never compromised or bowed his head for anything and would rather break than bend. When someone provoked him, he would return that thricefold. However, when Esteemed Lan Yue told him that this fate was determined by heaven, in the end, Xuan Wushe decided to endure it at that time, the Xuan family had some troubles. The familys matriarch applied a lot of pressure and found Lin Zhan displeasing to her eye everywhere she looked, plus some other miscellaneous troublesome things..

Nobody knew whether Xuan Wushe regretted not telling Lin Zhan about these plans.

Lin Xuanzhi could not detect Xuan Wushes thoughts, but he could imagine Lin Zhans despair.

Esteemed Lan Yue looked at Lin Xuanzhis face that was sixty or seventy percent similar to Xuan Wushe, and said, "You should be fortunate that the number of people who have seen Xuan Wushes true appearance can be counted on two hands, and Yin Xinghan is not amongst them."

Lin Xuanzhi touched his face and asked, "How long can my fate star remain hidden?"

"Its hard to say. My attainments in divination are higher than Yin Xinghans. I naturally have the confidence to deceive him, but Yin Xinghan will not stop until he hits the wall; he will not shed tears until he sees the coffin. He always uses crooked ways to achieve his goals. Ill try to hide it from him for as long as possible."

Lin Xuanzhi nodded thoughtfully.

In his previous life, until the end, when he was besieged and chased to death, he still didnt understand why his former colleagues would kill him.

Now it seemed that it was because his fate had been exposed.

The person who exposed it was naturally Yin Xinghan.

It seemed that Yin Xinghan really couldnt be allowed to remain.

"Dage." Yan Tianhen saw Lin Xuanzhi coming back covered in dew. He rubbed his eyes and got up from the bed.

Lin Xuanzhi walked over and pressed Yan Tianhen back on the bed, saying, "Go back to sleep."

Yan Tianhen hugged Lin Xuanzhis neck and mumbled, "Why did you come back so late? My master said, Martial Uncle asked for you to have a talk?"

"En." Lin Xuanzhi said, "We talked about life stars."

Yan Tianhens sleepiness disappeared by half. He opened his eyes wide and looked at Lin Xuanzhi, "What about the life star?"

Although Lin Xuanzhi didnt want to worry Yan Tianhen, after thinking about it for a while, he still told Yan Tianhen everything that he discussed with Esteemed Lan Yue.

After listening to his Dage, Yan Tianhen was naturally surprised.

However, he immediately said with alacrity, "Based on what the prophet family said, Dage, you are the one who will sit on that throne in the Royal Heavenly Capital in the future. I knew that Dage is not an ordinary person, youre amazing."

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help laughing. He stretched out his hand and scratched Yan Tianhens straight nose, "Does Ah Hen want Big Brother to sit in that position?"

Yan Tianhen stuck out his tongue. "Probably not. Isnt there a saying, the higher you are, the lonelier you are? I only hope that I can live like an immortal couple with my Dage, carefree and happy. I dont care about that stupid position. However, if Dage is interested in this, I will naturally give Dage my full support."

Lin Xuanzhis heart was extremely warmed and smiled gently. "Ah Hen can rest assured. In my opinion, the struggle for power is the most boring thing."

Yan Tianhen said with a smile, "Its the same as what I think."

Lin Xuanzhi blinked. "Actually, there is another thing that I didnt tell you because I couldnt confirm it before."

Yan Tianhen curiously asked, "What is it?"

"The Twin Lotus Lamp is indeed in my hands."

Yan Tianhen, ""

In the soul plate, Yan Tianhen was shocked by the scenery as soon as he rushed in.

There were only a few acres of land before, but now one could see a pool of water, a forest, and a small house. The mountains were faintly visible in the distance. The scene looked like a small world.

Ling Chigu was soaking in the pool water, with only his expressionless head poking out and facing this side. Feng Jingyu was casually laying on a huge lotus leaf, enjoying the sight of the beauty bathing, looking very happy.

Upon seeing this, Yan Tianhen instantly became jealous. He rushed to the lake and said to Feng Jingyu, "You really know how to enjoy yourself."

Feng Jingyu glanced at Yan Tianhen and said leisurely, "Your pocket dimension is quite good. It is very suitable for me and Ah Gu."

Yan Tianhen swept his eyes around, frowned, and said, "The spiritual Qi in this place became a lot richer."

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