Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 423

Chapter 423 Selling Medicinal Pills

Chapter 423 – Selling Medicinal Pills

Since even the issue of life aspirations was raised, Bai Yichen did not intend to say anything else.

"Coming over this time, I had also brought a little friend with me." Bai Yichen paused for a moment before adding, "Please do help to bring him to his senses."

Lin Xuanzhi looked at Bai Yichen, who had a slightly wry smile on his face. "Huangfu Jin came with you?"

Bai Yichen heaved a sigh. "Yes, he did. I have no clue why he suddenly broke into the Bai familys residence to search for me and even got completely drunk at my place. As the next day I will be setting out towards the Liu familys villa, I was worried about leaving him alone in the Bai familys residence, so I just brought him along."

Lin Xuanzhi, ""

Are you sure this isnt a kidnapping?

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Bai Yichen. "You reap what you sow."

"How was I to know that he actually likes Leng Jixue" Bai Yichen looked slightly distressed and said, "Huangfu Jin, he would probably have been very traumatized by this."

With some degree of coldness, Lin Xuanzhi snapped, "What kind of mindset did you have when you look upon this matter? As an audience to watch a show? Have a good laugh at someones joke? As an outsider? But speaking of which, it seems that you are the last person who has any rights to act like this."

After getting along with Huangfu Jin for a period of time, it was obvious that although Huangfu Jin was sometimes arrogant and self-centered, he was good at heart. There was nothing wrong with him, with the exception of spending too much energy on Leng Jixue like a fool. Ever since that encounter in the Myriad Beasts Demonic Forest, the relationship between Lin Xuanzhi and Huangfu Jin had eased up considerably.

Thus, Lin Xuanzhi did not mind saying a few more words on Huangfu Jins behalf.

The moment Bai Yichen heard this, he looked at Lin Xuanzhi with a smile that was not a smile. "By the looks of it, you certainly know my secrets like the back of your hand."

"I wouldnt say like the back of my hand." Lin Xuanzhi scowled slightly and locked gazes with Bai Yichen. "Why did Leng Jixue cultivate the Dao of Indifference? Is it because he himself could only practice this Dao or did you deliberately coax him to do so?"

"This question of yours, dont you think its a little too blunt?" Bai Yichen said, "To be frank, Leng Jixue himself is a part of my soul he is merely a split soul that doesnt possess the seven emotions and six desires of a complete human. Therefore, the Dao of Indifference is the most suitable cultivation path for him."

Lin Xuanzhi narrowed his eyes. "What this meant was that in the end, you had still deliberately encouraged it."

Bai Yichen shook his head. "Your impression of me is perhaps too despicable. Twenty years ago, I had personally handed over Leng Jixue, who was no more than fourteen years old, to City Lord Huangfu to raise, in hopes that he would have kinship and family in place of me. When he was growing up, I had never intervened, not in the slightest. He is my split soul, yet he is also an independent person. Neither does he know of my existence nor does he know what his existence signifies."

If someone were to hear this, they would be very much appalled.

In ancient times, there were powerhouses who were able to use forbidden techniques to split themselves to create an entirely new person capable of experiencing life, old age, illness and death, as well as joy, anger, sorrow and happiness.

Even until the end of his previous life, he was never able to figure out Bai Yichens identity and origin.

Bai Yichen had always claimed that Lin Xuanzhi had countless hidden secrets revolving around him. Yet in Lin Xuanzhis eyes, Bai Yichen was the one with the most secrets.

However, the current Lin Xuanzhi did not have much intention of investigating these things thoroughly. What he was most concerned with was whether Bai Yichen was an enemy or a friend.

Based on the fact that Bai Yichen had stuffed him into the soul plate in their previous life and also tried his best to help him, Lin Xuanzhi would categorize Bai Yichen as a friend for the time being.

Not long after, Bai Yichen left and Lin Xuanzhi went out to look for Yan Tianhen.

To his surprise, the moment he reached the door to Yan Tianhens room, he saw Yan Tianhen was bent over while staying close to Huangfu Jin, doing something that Lin Xuanzhi had no clue of.

As he approached, he realized that Yan Tianhen was actually explaining to Huangfu Jin about the uses of the purple pill in his hand.

" Its not that Im trying to sell you this purple Gather Qi Pill. Its seriously very useful and Ive tried it myself. When your Qi has been exhausted, once you have swallowed one, it will instantly recover thirty to forty percent of your spiritual Qi. The common Gather Qi Pills, which you usually see in the market, are only able to recover ten to twenty percent and they are also harmful to your body. However, my kind tsk tsk, its completely harmless!"

Yan Tianhen continued to boast while Huangfu Jin stared at the Gather Qi Pill, clearly showing some hesitation.

Huangfu Jin asked, "For this kind of pill, how many can I take at one time?"

Yan Tianhen explained, "You can only take at most one pill at a time. If you were to take two pills, one after another, within a month, it will certainly do harm to your Dantian Qi Sea. Thats why, Young Master Huangfu, if I were to sell, Id only sell one. If you cant control your own mouth and swallow two pills, whos to say an accident wouldnt happen. When that time comes, if you were to ask me to take responsibility, I wont be able to do anything!"

Black lines appeared on Huangfu Jins forehead and he assured, "I wont hold you responsible."

Lin Xuanzhi remarked, "Ah Hen, youre selling your Gather Qi Pills to others again."

These days, Yan Tianhen had refined loads of Gather Qi Pills, to the point where the amount had completely exceeded the scope of his needs. After giving away many of them, there were still a lot left. Not wanting to waste them, Yan Tianhen then thought of ways to sell them to others.

However, Yan Tianhen had improved the effectiveness and success rate of the Gather Qi Pills. If he were to sell them outside, it would inevitably attract many peoples attention, so he could only sell them within the group.

Liu Mengchen had bought loads, but afterwards, he stopped purchasing them. He mentioned that he did not want the Liu family to overestimate their own strength during combat, just because they had the Gather Qi Pills as backing.

In a blink of an eye, Yan Tianhen once again continued to sell his products to Huangfu Jin.

When Yan Tianhen saw Lin Xuanzhi, he straightened with a smile. "Dage, this isnt called selling, but this is called sharing is caring."

Huangfu Jin held the purple pill with his fingers and looked at it for a while. Then, he asked Lin Xuanzhi, "Can this Gather Qi Pill truly raise your spiritual Qi by thirty or forty percent in an instant?"

Lin Xuanzhi answered, "Wouldnt you know after trying it yourself?"

Huangfu Jin raised his eyebrows. "Ill buy this one first."

The moment he handed the gold to Yan Tianhen, the smile on Yan Tianhens face deepened.

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help laughing and scolding Yan Tianhen in his heart, Little money grubber.

Huangfu Jin took the pill and did not put it away. Instead, he held the bottle in his hand and walked out of the villa.

After arriving at a clearing behind the house, Huangfu Jin continuously struck out a series of moves that were extremely energy-consuming. For a moment, it seemed as if the mountains and stars were shaking, even numerous stones had cracked.

If it wasnt for the fact that for the past few days, Lin Xuanzhi had long made numerous stunts of this scale, the Liu family would have thought that someone, who was unafraid of death, had broken into the Liu familys villa.

After using up all of his spiritual Qi, Huangfu Jin swallowed the purple pill.

Yan Tianhen was dumbfounded. "Dage, he actually used such an expensive pill for an experiment."

On the other hand, Lin Xuanzhi was not surprised at all. "Huangfu Jin has always been cautious. Since the purpose of these pills is life-saving, he would definitely check the authenticity in advance. Otherwise, if you were to sell fake pills, he would lose his life if he truly encountered a crisis."

Yan Tianhen curled his lips. "I have never sold any fake products."

Lin Xuanzhi laughed. "Yes, Ah Hen wont even refine fake products to begin with."

Yan Tianhen, ""

Huangfu Jin swallowed the pill. In the blink of an eye, the Dantian Qi Sea, which was originally empty, actually surged vigorously with spiritual Qi. It seemed to be drawn from the muscles, bones and blood, but there was not any discomfort at all.

Huangfu Jin clenched his fist and smashed it down on a huge boulder in front of him.

As he walked out from a distance, the massive boulder was split from the head-on smash.

Huangfu Jins eyes lit up. Once he stopped his Qi force, he walked towards Yan Tianhen and asked, "How many of these pills do you have?"

Yan Tianhen blinked his eyes. "I dont have much on hand, but if you really want, I can still refine some for you."

"I want a hundred."

Yan Tianhen shook his head, "A hundred pills are too many. Its not that I cant refine them, but you simply wont be able to use so many. Although there wont be any damage when you were to eat just one or two. However, it certainly will not do if you eat too many."

There were numerous pills, which could not be eaten too many at one go, especially such potent pills, like the Gather Qi Pill.

Huangfu Jin casted a sideways glance at Yan Tianhen. "I know what the stakes are. Ill be giving them to the rest of Huangfus family to protect their lives."

Yan Tianhen heaved a sigh of relief. "If thats the case, then its alright. However, it will take a while to refine a hundred pills, so youll have to wait."

Huangfu Jin waved his hand, "I can afford to wait, so you should go and refine it."

Having said that, Huangfu Jin hesitated for a moment before asking, "Do you have enough spiritual plants to refine the pills?"

Yan Tianhen nodded. "I have sufficient. My Dages businesses include shops that specialize in spiritual plants, so he can always get these plants for me."

The Gather Qi Pill was considered to be one of the Primary Level pills that required more spiritual plants. Hence, it was a little troublesome to refine and the success rate wasnt high.

So each time a pill had been refined successfully, five sets of spiritual plants may have been wasted.

The Gather Qi Pills refined by Yan Tianhen were either Primary Level second-class high-grade pills or top-grade pills. In Huangfu Jins opinion, it was much easier to waste materials.

However, what Huangfu Jin didnt know was that when Yan Tianhen refined pills, he had pretty much never produced any failed pills. Based on Yan Tianhens condition when he refined them, the pills were only ever divided into high-grade or top-grade ones.

Besides, due to the fact that Gather Qi Pills would eventually bring about some physical effects on the body, the pills would only be classified as second-class pills at most. In other words, even if Yan Tianhen had refined the pill to its perfect state of excellence, this kind of pills would never break through the shackles of damaging the body when one had eaten far too many, because of the natural components of the spiritual plants and the nature of the recipe.

Yan Tianhen had taken a massive order, which made him feel excited all day long.

He just could not wait to go into seclusion to refine the pills, but was pulled to a stop by Lin Xuanzhi.

Lin Xuanzhi asked, "We will be leaving the Liu family soon and Im not sure how many days we have in the future where we can live so leisurely like this. Why dont we relax and have fun today?"

"Of course!" As compared to refining pills, Yan Tianhen certainly preferred to play.

Huangfu Jin quickly nodded his head. "I also have this intention."

The group of three left the main gate and arrived at the market outside the Liu familys villa. They entered a restaurant that they have found and asked for a private room with a view of the beautiful scenery.

Lin Xuanzhi had the waiter serve some wine. At first, the waiter brought up some wine that was kept warm in jade bottles. Once Huangfu Jin saw the wine, he then waved his hand and asked him to replace it with jars of strong liquor instead.

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