Rebirth Of The Supreme Celestial Being Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Huangfu Jin Gets Drunk

Chapter 424 – Huangfu Jin Gets Drunk

"Why do men have to drink so delicately? Thats so feminine," Huangfu Jin said discontentedly.

Lin Xuanzhi spoke indifferently, "Then lets have two jars of Spring Red Wine and a bottle of Illusory Sun as well."

"Illusory Sun? Hisss" Huangfu Jin squinted his eyes and sized up Lin Xuanzhi as he questioned in a rather suspicious tone, "Young Master Lin, that cant do ah. You can actually drink this kind of wine?"

Illusory Sun was a type of wine that was made entirely of spiritual fruits. It had a sweet and dense taste, so it was very popular among young girls. At least in Huangfu Jins opinion, not many men liked to drink Illusory Sun.

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrows. " I ordered this for my Ah Hen."

Yan Tianhen, ""


I refuse!

Although he likes sweet wine, but Didnt he also want a face ah?"

However, Lin Xuanzhis authority was so great that Yan Tianhens refusal was rejected.

Two jars of Spring Red Wine were carried over and the diameter of each jar was no less than that of a large basin.

The moment Huangfu Jin opened a jar of wine, he lifted it and poured a few mouthfuls of wine into his mouth. Even though the action was quite heroic, it still seemed to have the imposing manner and demeanor of the Huangfu familys young master.

"Refreshing!" Huangfu Jin wiped his mouth and patted the jar contentedly. "This is the type of wine that men should drink. Those kind of ordinary wine like Peach Blossom Brew, Cherishing Spring, and Catching Fish what ever the fuck are those girly wines?

Lin Xuanzhi raised his eyebrows and rebutted noncommittally, "How is it that I remember those are all wines that Leng Jixue likes to drink?"

Huangfu Jin looked at Lin Xuanzhi and sneered, "You seem to know him very well, but Leng Jixue doesnt like to drink wine. He prefers to drink tea."

With that said, he yet again poured a few more mouthfuls of wine into his mouth.

Just by looking at Huangfu Jins behavior, how could he still not understand that this person was clearly here to get drunk?

Lin Xuanzhi poured a bowl of Spring Red Wine and savored it slowly. "Young Master Huangfu, there are plenty more fish in the sea."

"Yeah, there are indeed plenty more fish in the sea." Huangfu Jin laughed twice. "I am not stupid. Since Leng Jixue is so heartless towards me, I dont intend to treat him well either. Its not like nobody likes me, so why should I bother to lower myself just for him?"

Lin Xuanzhi nodded. "Of course, its definitely for the best if you feel this way."

"Cheers!" Huangfu Jin began to chug his jar of wine.

Yan Tianhen asked, "Arent you drinking a bit too fast?"

Huangfu Jin waved his hand airily, "I, your Gege, can hold my liquor well. They say I wont fall even after thousands of cups and I dont get drunk even after tens of thousands of cups!"

Lin Xuanzhi swept his gaze over him. "How are you planning to get along with Leng Jixue?"

Huangfu Jin froze for a moment. "We will never be in contact with each other for the rest of our lives. Im avoiding him right now to save myself the trouble of being vexed. Forget it, lets not talk about him. Dont mention this kind of person and ruin the mood on such a great day."

Yan Tianhen blinked and mouthed the question to Lin Xuanzhi. "Dage, hes not already drunk, is he?"

Lin Xuanzhi shook his head slightly and gave a faint smile.

Two hours later..

"Fuck his uncle Ling Jixue ah. Who gave him the rights to treat me like this? Could it be that I am not good enough for him? Why would he cultivate the Dao of Indifference? Which imbecile came up with this method? Laozi this honourable me must cut him to death!"

Huangfu Jin thumped the table angrily. His eyes turned red as if he was about to cry, as he said bitterly, "Surely he could see that I like him so much? If he is able to, then why didnt he tell me beforehand that he had cultivated the Dao of Indifference, so I couldve stopped longing for him? Hes simply simply not human!"

Yan Tianhen looked at Huangfu Jin who was stumbling, worrying when he would fall to the ground and at the same time, nodding hastily. "Yes, he is not a good person and he even deliberately bullied you."

"Who told you to speak ill of him!" Huangfu Jin raised his head fiercely and glared at Yan Tianhen. "You are not allowed to say bad things about Ah Xue, Ah Xue is the best person in the world!"

Yan Tianhen, ".."

Okay, okay, when youre drunk, youre a big uncle and everything you say is right.

Lin Xuanzhi didnt know whether to laugh or cry. "Young Master Huangfu, why dont we just leave it at that for tonight? Its already getting late, so we might as well head back first."

Huangfu Jin shook his head and kicked the pile of seven or eight empty wine jars beside him. He said discontentedly, "Didntdidnt even drink that much! Concontinue! Waiter"

When Lin Xuanzhi witnessed his actions, he calmly changed the topic, "Why do you say that Leng Jixue is the best person in the world?"

Sure enough, Huangfu Jin was stunned and stopped yelling. For a moment, he stared at the table in a trance, then answered, "When I was young, I was small and thin, so my body was not good. My cultivation was also subpar. I was often bullied by my two elder brothers. Although my mother protected me, she doesnt have a high position in the Huangfu family and couldnt compete with the main wife, so she couldnt protect me too much."

He remained silent for a while, then continued, "Ah Xue, Ah Xue came to the Huangfu residence when I was four years old. I could see that he had a special and high status. Although my father had taken him as his adopted son, in reality, his food, clothings and expenses were more refined than anyone else in the Huangfu family. Throughout the entire Huangfu family, no one dared to bully him."

One winter, Huangfu Jin was pushed into a small frozen pond. Ling Jixue just happened to pass by and had someone to rescue him. He was then brought to Leng Jixues room to take a hot bath and change his clothes.

Leng Jixue looked at this little bean sprout, only to find that his big eyes looked watery and lovely, like black grapes, and he loved them.

Leng Jixue said, "There are many ways to stop people from bullying you."

Huangfu Jin looked at him and asked, "What ways?"

Leng Jixue patted his head. "For example, depend on a stronger person and let him be your backing."

Ever since then, with Leng Jixue as his backing, no one dared to insult Huangfu Jin.

In the end, Huangfu Jin still did not know what kind of identity or background Leng Jixue had to actually make his father revered Leng Jixue so much.

However, Leng Jixue did not live in the Huangfu residence for too long. After Leng Jixue was ten years old, he went to Sky Peak Sect and lived in the mountains most of the time, rarely returning home. As time went by, many people forgot that he was actually the adopted son of the Huangfu family.

"Enlightenment reached me late, but it nevertheless did." Huangfu Jins eyes remained red as he continued. "Since young, I never thought about being with anyone else other than him. Now that I can protect him, he doesnt need my protection at all. Sometimes, I really do hate him. Why didnt he tell me earlier or why couldnt he have hidden it from me forever? He had cultivated the Dao of Indifference himself and still wants me to follow him, cutting off all love and emotions. He truly is too selfish."

Yan Tianhen listened and felt that Huangfu Jin was very pitiful.

Leng Jixue was someone he wanted but wasnt allowed to obtain.

Just like this, Huangfu Jins long-standing beliefs and support collapsed. His feelings lost its place to settle on and became empty. Who knew where those feelings would drift off to.

After that, Huangfu Jin also said loads. Yan Tianhen always thought he would have accidentally cried, but he didnt shed a single tear until the end.

It was already midnight and Huangfu Jin was still a drunken mess.

Lin Xuanzhi pressed his forehead helplessly. "Ill carry him back while you settle the bill first."

Yan Tianhen nodded and went to settle the bill with the waiter.

The moment Lin Xuanzhi was about to carry Huangfu Jin, someone knocked on the door a few times. As soon as he opened the door, he saw both Bai Yichen and Bai Wuya at the door.

"Were here to pick someone up." Bai Yichen went straight to the point.

Lin Xuanzhi glanced at Huangfu Jin, who had slumped down into a chair and said, "Good timing. I was just wondering where I should send him."

Bai Yichen nodded. "Wuya."

Bai Wuya stepped forward and carried Huangfu Jin with great skills.

Huangfu Jin opened his eyes and glanced sideways. When he saw Bai Yichen, he was stunned. He seemed to realize that his image was not very good, so he turned and jumped from Bai Wuya.

Huangfu Jin was probably still drunk, so he could not find his balance and swayed a few times. Bai Wuya quickly supported his body. "Be careful."

Huangfu Jin waved his hand as he stared at Bai Yichen with narrowed eyes. "Why are you here?"

"Since I brought you here, naturally I shall be completely responsible for your safety. It is already so late and you still have yet to return, so I was worried and came to pick you up."

Huangfu Jins eyes were still slightly red and he was not sure whether it was due to him being drunk or him being too emotional earlier. He glared at Bai Yichen without any threat and muttered. "Mind your own business."

Bai Yichen sighed. "Dont also include yourself in your cursing."

"Bah! When suspicious folks bear gifts, they definitely have ill intentions!" Huangfu Jin said.

Lin Xuanzhi had the urge to facepalm and secretly thought, Huangfu Jin is probably still not thinking straight yet.

Bai Yichen was amused by Huangfu Jin and the corners of his lips curled up. "Ah Jin is really cute."

Huangfu Jin frowned angrily. "Dont use such disgusting words to describe me."

Bai Yichen asked, "Thenshall we go back first?"

Huangfu Jin nodded.

Before he left, he stopped and turned to Lin Xuanzhi, "After three months, I will be holding a Dao companion ceremony with Miss Bai Hesu, the eldest daughter of the Bai family. When the time comes, you are welcome to come and watch the ceremony."

Lin Xuanzhi couldnt help asking in surprise, "So soon? You have already decided?"

Huangfu Jins lips were drawn with sarcasm, "Whats there to decide? Miss Bai and I are considered as a match made in heaven. Both families are suitable for each other and the Bai family is also able to help my Huangfu family. So why not?"

"Youre going to take a wife? "After settling the bill, Yan Tianhen returned and heard what Huangfu Jin had said. He asked, dumbfounded, "But, dont you like Leng Dage?"

Huangfu Jin rubbed Yan Tianhens head. "Why did you ask so directly? Some words cant be said so bluntly."

Yan Tianhen nodded as if he understood. "So, you still like Brother Leng, but have to marry someone else?"

Huangfu Jin, ""

Lin Xuanzhi hugged Yan Tianhen and brought him to his side. "If you continue to ask more questions, Young Master Huangfu will cry."

Huangfu Jin said with a smile, "I wont cry, I will be able to let him go one day."

He waved his hand. "Well be going now."

Bai Yichen gently nodded his head to Lin Xuanzhi as Bai Wuya pushed his wheelchair and left the pub together.

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